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"We need to talk."

His cold blue eyes bore deep into my soul. I squirmed uncomfortably under his intense gaze.

"Really? About what?" Her uncaring eyes pierced through my heart.

I looked away. I knew this was coming.

"About us." I whispered. The words resonated through me, striking strangely familiar cords. I vaguely remembered having this conversation with someone else. But now the roles had been reversed...

Us... There was never an 'us.'

She snorted. "There is no us."

"Really?" He had whispered. He closed the distance between our lips.

"I love you."

He hadn't said that to me though.

She turned away from me. My heart leapt into my throat. She couldn't reject me... "Is that so?"

I rolled out of the way. I wanted his touch. I wanted his kiss but I couldn't allow myself.

I grabbed her arms and pulled her into my embrace. "I love you." I repeated myself ardently. I sealed that proclamation with a passionate kiss.

"What do you want me to say? That I love you? That I hate you?" I felt his harsh breath against my face.

She pulled away from me. "I don't." She started to walk away but I grabbed onto her wrist. I couldn't let her go just yet.

His hands were so warm...

"Why can't you be honest with yourself? I know you feel the same way about me as I do about you!"

Funny... He had said the same thing to me.

"I am being honest..." Her quiet reply was almost lost to the rough seaside breeze. She pulled her hand out of my loose grip. I could only watch with a heavy heart as she vanished into the sunset.

I wasn't willing to be honest with him, with myself, about these feelings... Why couldn't I have been honest?

"And CUT! That's a wrap, people. We're done for the day." The director lowered his chair to the sandy beach.

The entire crew breathed a sigh of relief. They began to pack up the set. It had been a long day. The unusually strong winds had almost canceled today's work. I thanked one of the go-for's as he handed me a towel. I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

My co-star, the beautiful and 'damn sexy' Jennifer Adams, appeared at my side. Her golden hair shimmered under the setting California sun. She took a giant gulp from her water bottle. "What a day, huh Joey?"

I responded with a broad smile. "Well, we're almost done. We have just five more scenes to shoot."

She groaned. "You really are new to the biz, kid. That's gonna take us at least another two months with Director 'I-have-a-stick-up-my-ass'."

"I heard that, Jennifer!" The nasal voice of our director echoed through the set. Everyone winced visibly. You didn't want to incur the wrath of Matthew B. Jamerson.

"You know I'm just kidding, Matt." She laughed and turned back to me. "Seriously though, he's a great director, even if he has permanent PMS."

I chuckled slightly. She was always like that. "I wonder how you even manage to get these roles with that mouth of yours."

She winked at me with those pretty blue cauliflower eyes of her. My heart ached as I remembered another pair of beautiful blue eyes, as deep as the ocean before me. "I'm beautiful and sexy. They know they need me if they wanna sell any tickets." She tossed her empty water bottle to one of the crew members. "Well, see ya kid. I'm gonna go home and have a nice relaxing bath."

I waved goodbye as she vanished into her trailer. I made my way toward my own. The various crew greeted me along the way. I returned their greetings with good humor. My trailer was quite large and comfortable but then again, I was one of the stars of the movie. I collapsed onto the huge green couch and stared at the ceiling. Never would I have thought I would end up acting. Hell, I still wasn't over the fact that I had been 'discovered' and propelled into stardom so fast.

I sat up and looked at the magazines on the coffee table. Times... I wasn't in the mood for the never-ending debate on America's foreign policies. People... Nope. Didn't feel like reading about a bunch of snobby celebrities that I already had to deal with. I settled for the latest issue of Fortune magazine. I was definitely looking for a good company to invest in now that the dough was coming in.

Dear Lord... I was finally beginning to think like an American.

I flipped idly through the pages of the magazine, scanning through some of the latest technological innovations featured.

A bold title caught my attention. Well, more specifically, the words "Kaiba Corporations" caught my attention. I sighed as I laid the magazine on the table. I should have been more honest...