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To Court a Monster: Hannibal Edition

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The man behind him was grunting loud enough to wake the dead, entire frame heaving as he pounded into the smaller body.

"Fuck, you - look at you." The man gasped, stumbling over his words as his Boston accent thickened. From where he was grasping the dirty sink, Ezra Graham made sure to give a quiet, want filled moan as he glanced demurely up at the nameless truck driver via the mirror. The man groaned at it, hands digging into wide, almost feminine hips as he slammed inside one last, violent time, releasing with a loud moan. He pulled out shortly, spinning the smaller man around pressing a heated kiss to pliant lips.

"Wasn't sure you'd want an old man like me. I mean," Ezra said softly as they pulled away, biting his bottom lip in faux nerves, "I'm pushing sixty."

...give or take several, several decades.

The man grinned wolfishly, a hand coming up to caress Ezra's well maintained beard. "If I wanted a little boy I'd a picked up a whore. You're beautiful, baby."

"That's not what my ex thought. He," Ezra looked away mournfully, "he left me for someone younger. I'm on my way up to Virginia to tell our boy now."

The man in front of him glowered, face furious and alight with righteous indignation. A meaty, muscled arm wrapped tightly around his waist, a comforting kiss pressed against his lips as he ground a thigh against Ezra's still present erection.

"He's an idiot to leave someone like you." A light bite was pressed against his throat. "Let me get you off, sweet thing."

Ezra moaned, arching wantonly into the touch, before sliding his hands down to pump the limp, damp member. "Want you inside me again - want to ride you."

"Jesus," the man rasped, growing hard again as Ezra worked his cock skillfully into another erection, "how the fuck are you real? Haven't been able to get hard again so quick since I was a kid."

"Mm, let me ride you, please?"

The driver nearly fell as he scrambled to lay himself flat on the tile floor. Ezra wasted no time in mounting him, moaning egregiously as he slid down on the hard length. It didn't take them long, the man under him face turning bright red with passion as Ezra rode him fiercely, head thrown back as he bounced. A hand clasped his cock, pumping it shakily as they both rocketed towards completion.

It wasn’t enough – was hardly ever enough with a human – but it would have to be. The smaller man reached behind himself, roughly shoving three fingers alongside the pumping cock. The reaction was immediate. Ezra cried out, entire body arching as he came, clamping down on the dick and fingers inside him. The trucker let out a shout, hands flying about in desperation before settling once more on too wide hips.

"Oh, sweetheart." He moaned. "You're so tight; like you're gripping me inside." Rough hands ran down his front in a gentle pet.

"I like to keep my muscles in shape." Ezra said breathlessly, grinning down at him. The man was pretty enough for a human – with russet hair and bright, clear green eyes and a wide, muscled body that lay out so wonderfully below him.

"Damn, I can see that.” The man gave a shaky laugh. “You said you were going up to Virginia, yeah? Maybe – maybe, I could go with you." The driver said hopefully, hands stroking a warm line against Ezra’s hips.

"But...your job?"

"I hate it."

Ezra leaned forward, resting all his weight on the man's front as eager arms wrapped around him. He stroked his hands over a sweaty neck, thumbs playing with the large Adam's apple. "And your wife?"

"Hate her, too. Got this job to get away from her. Look," green eyes stared up at him, serious and beautiful, "I know this is crazy. We just met and we just – Christ, in a rest stop bathroom - but I've never met anyone like you. You''re perfect. Like…like you were made for me. It’s gotta be fate, us meeting like this! What are the chances you'd have a flat in the middle of nowhere and find me? I want to - I want to take care of you. Want to be good for you, baby."

Ezra gave him a soft smile. "You'd really just give up everything to be with me?"

"In a heartbeat."

"Your poor wife."


The sound of a neck snapping filled the small space, the fragile bones breaking cleanly. The body under him spasmed once and then went limp. “I despise cheaters.”

Ezra lifted his hips, sliding off the limp dick, and stretched, precariously keeping himself balanced and off the dirty floor as he pulled his discarded pants to him. He dressed quickly; he did have a schedule to keep after all. He lugged the larger body easily over his shoulder, walking without fear to his car. The rest stop was abandoned at this time of night and was so rural that there were no cameras. Besides, he'd checked.

He'd only just set the body in the trunk, shoving it down into the false bottom between another body and his spar tire, when his cell phone rang. Ezra felt his whole face light up at the personalized ringtone.

"Will! It so late, bunny, what are you doing up? You should be in bed."

"I'm thirty, Daddy, stop trying to give me bed times."

He let out a short laugh at his son's annoyed answer. "I'm always going to give you bedtimes. How are you feeling?"

There was a strained sigh. "Moody. And uncomfortable; no matter how I lay I can’t get comfortable. And it's so damn hot all the time."

"I see. Hot flashes already. Pre-Change heats are the worst in that sense. Goodness, I remember those. Of course back then we didn't have air conditioning; I practically had to be naked to survive."

"And you walked to school uphill both ways." Will grumbled dryly.

Ezra shook his head as he shut trunk. "I can't believe my baby boy’s finally going through the Change. Do you have enough to eat?"

"I still have that dry stuff from your last visit and some stuff in the deep freezer."

Ezra frowned as he started the car. His baby had always struggled with hunting, something he blamed on Will's sire entirely. "Will, you really need to start eating better. You can’t live on jerky and freezer burn."

"I'm not having this conversation again, Daddy."

The older Graham tched. "Well, no matter. I've got something fresh."

"...are you going to be here soon?" The fragile insecurity in his baby's voice broke his heart.

"Soon," he promised gently. "By the time you're done with class tomorrow. I'm very proud of you, William. I love you."

"I love you, too, Daddy. Be careful driving."

As he put the car in drive, Ezra wondered not for the first time if he'd allowed Will leave the nest too soon. He himself had been with his parents well into his forties before venturing off alone. But his William had always been such a willful child and Ezra had found it hard to say no to him. Their nature was a hard one to deny, with deeply rooted instincts, and if Will had truly felt it was time for him to leave there was little Ezra could have done to stop him.

Still, having his only child so far away from him was a challenge for Ezra. As a Submissive of his species, all he wanted was his family close. But his mate’s abandonment of them had left a deep scar on both Grahams. Abandonment was so utterly unheard of for their kind that it was…well, life ending for them both.

With their odd aging patterns it was difficult for their kind to stay in one place and they needed to move every decade or so to keep suspicions down. But when his mate had left – with most of their life savings – Ezra had been forced to buy a remote property in Nowhere, Louisiana with what little he’d left and settle. He survived easy enough, his affinity with all things mechanical leading to him having a fairly successful repair business. Skills that he’d gathered throughout his life (greying his hair slowly through dye, growing a beard, dressing just out of style, walking hunched) had allowed him to stay longer then he usually did.

But they were creatures meant to be on the move, especially in youth, and Will had wanted more than a backwards, empty fishing village on the edge of the bayous.

Who was Ezra to deny him that freedom?

Still, Ezra feared he should have at the very least gone with Will. His boy was just not mature enough to handle living on his own, not with his hang ups about killing humans. He truly had no idea why, but his baby boy had the hardest time viewing humans as the prey they were, which was…well…ridiculous, really. As a Roux-Ga-Roux, Will would require human flesh for as long as he lived, doubly so now that he was about to become an adult. As it was his boy would eat anything he was brought – Will wasn’t suicidal, apparently – and so Ezra visited every few months and restocked his supplies.

But that was something he could only do for so long.

Will needed to begin hunting but Ezra knew his son wouldn’t listen to him. He’d try – try harder than he had before, because as an adult (especially a newly turned one) Will’s heats would take a harsh demand on his body and he would need more food than ever before to survive them. At a hundred, he was nearly in the last stage of his life span, and there was no way Ezra could go meet whatever gods ruled over their kind with the knowledge that he’d left his baby boy alone and defenseless.

No, what Ezra needed to do was find his son a mate.

It would be difficult. The Roux-Ga-Roux was a dying breed even in the old countries and were far more sparse here in the New World. But Ezra refused to be intimidated. If they left a big enough calling card, surely someone would come. Now he just needed the right kind of stock – it would have to be perfectly done, beautiful and controlled, naturally, to attract the right kind of mate for his bunny. Something clean, something well-polished enough to really kick up a fuss.

As if on cue, his head lights cut across a figure walking down the highway, gas can in hand. Ezra pulled over, rolling down the window as the human approached. He was a tall man, older, with short cropped greying hair and in BDU’s – military. Most likely from the base nearby. Someone important by the copious amounts of bells and whistles on his shoulder.

Someone who’d be noticed missing immediately.

The human gave him a rueful grin as he leaned into the car. “I didn’t think anyone actually still stopped anymore, but boy am I glad you did. Think you can give me a ride up the road a few miles? There’s a gas station nearby and I need to get back to base.”

Ezra gave him his kindest smile, leaning over to unlock the door, mind already alight with possibilities. “Sure thing, soldier. Hop on in.”