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Slow Me Down for a Minute

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When the doorbell rang, it was the last thing Magnus had been expecting.

He had settled into his nightly routine, finding potion ingredients he needed for and running through his list of clients, glancing through books he might need to perform the rituals that were being asked of him the next day. He wasn’t expecting any visitors. He was expecting a quiet night in the warm light of the loft, a glass of whiskey paired with a book as he wound himself down towards sleep. He was expecting to hear the door later that evening, possibly some giggling and behoove the post date high that had made him agree to allowing Jace to live in his guest room. Then he expected to fall asleep, laid out under his blankets, a soft night breeze brushing his bare skin and dreams pressing into in behind his eyes.

So the doorbell jostled him, the routine he was expecting suddenly rearranging as he stepped back and frowned. It wasn’t unusual for people to call at many hours of the night. Sometimes Downworlders needed help, other times there would be some pressing problem the Shadowhunters needed assistance with. Other times it was something less life or death. A friend would show up calling in for a drink or someone in the building misplacing something or running out of something else.

Magnus stood there in his study for a moment frowning and then he stepped forward, the tassel at his side swinging as he walked to the door and pulled it open, wondering what exactly this could be. But that was quickly answered by the sight of Alec standing there in the doorway watching him with his chin tilted down just slightly. And with that, Magnus relaxed because Alec at his door was so much better than so many other options he had imagined and he felt a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Hey." he started with, his smile soft. But as Alec stepped closer, glancing around the loft in a way that seemed worried and distracted, Magnus’s frown returned. Suddenly he was worrying that something was wrong or something had happened.

“Are you okay?” He asked, pulling his hand back as Alec stepped inside and then reaching back out to close the door.

“I— yeah,” Alec started, nodding, a half smile on his lips. But Magnus’s frown didn’t disappear because that expression wasn’t one he could place. Alec seemed nervous, agitated possibly, maybe excited and Magnus couldn’t think why that would be. Before he could voice this though, Alec spoke again just as the sound of the door closing echoed through the loft.

“Is Jace here?” He asked, furtive, his eyes dancing towards the guest room and then back to Magnus again. He was standing close but not that close, this look on his eyes that reminded Magnus of the look that had been in his eyes when they were standing on the terrace in Paris, the skyline lighting them up and their fingers curled together. Behind all of the distracted nervousness, Magnus caught something burning in his eyes that looked like the way Magnus had felt after they broke that kiss and he was thinking about getting a room and forgetting about New York for a while.

“No, he left hours ago,” Magnus said, still feeling puzzled by this. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder if he knew exactly what was happening. And the minute those words fell from his lips it felt like the air got just a little bit thicker.

They were standing there in the entryway, the warm light brushing over them, close but not that close and Magnus watched as Alec’s posture relaxed. Alec’s gaze was half lidded and as he stared at Magnus, the atmosphere was changing. Magnus’s skin felt funny and his gaze dipped to Alec’s mouth as his tongue pushed out over his lower lip in a way that slow way that demanded Magnus’s attention.

Alec pressed his lips together then, stepping forward and all of the air seemed to catch, too thick for Magnus to pull into his lungs as he watched Alec slowly raise a hand. Magnus’s eyelids dipped as those fingers slid over his exposed forearm, a little smile pulling at his lips at the touch. He let his gaze slide down Alec’s body then flit back up, tipping his chin up as they watched each other in the warm light.

“What is it?” Magnus asked, although now he was sure he knew. His voice was thick with it already, something tugging in the heat that was blossoming between them just from the way Alec was looking at him and the way Magnus knew he was staring right back.

“I was— I was just thinking,” Alec said then, more space between them disappearing until they were nearly pressed together, but not quite, his fingers sliding down to curl into Magnus’s palm. “We could, you know, take the next step.”

Just like that the tension air seemed to burst, cold reality washing over Magnus in it’s wake. This was what he had expected, the tension and all of these feelings building between them to exactly this point. But somehow when Alec said that, it was like a jump start to the rational part of his mind. The discussion of past relationships still felt far too present between them and he had been worried that it would push it to this point.

There was something that felt strangely right, but there was so much that was worrying. It was confusing, muddled up in Magnus’s mind. Those kisses on the terrace, in the living room, on the balcony, the slow way their mouths had moved and Alec’s fingers curled in his shirt, there was this undercurrent of want that was rolling between the both of them and he knew that.

Knowing that didn’t stop him from frowning, even as their fingers slotted together. He stared at Alec, dragging a thumb over one of his knuckles and breathed in slow, watching Alec’s expression flicker with uncertainty.

“You mean the sex step?” Magnus asked, wanting to clarify, reaching up with his other hand to press his fingers against Alecs side, close to his ribs.

“Yeah,” There was that breathless quality to Alec’s voice, that huskiness that had been thick on Magnus’s voice was well. It made a little shiver roll through him. But that didn’t stop the cool truth of Magnus’s worries from bubbling to the surface. It was a contrast to all of this thick warmth. It was harsh clarity and Magnus’s eyes fell shut, breathing out slow and heavy.

“What’s wrong?” Alec asked, worry pulling at his brows, his free hand sinking into the junction of Magnus’s elbow. It was such a soft touch that Magnus couldn’t help a soft smile as he opened his eyes and stared at Alec. But that didn’t stop his frown from returning.

The look on Alec’s face was so honest and now concerned, his lips parted and worry wrinkling his forehead. Magnus’s chest felt strange, his smile a bit cracked and he felt utterly conflicted. He wasn’t even sure how to put it into words.

“Alexander, I don’t want my experience to make it feel like we have to rush into this,” The words came out slowly, chosen carefully as he slid his hand up and then back down Alec’s side. He glanced away as he tried to think of how to word it, tried to filter through his feelings. It was a strange mix of wanting and feeling full of tense trepidation. “It’s rare that I’ve ever felt this way about someone. And I’m afraid if we rush into this... that I may lose you.”

Saying it lifted a weight off his chest. It felt like this worry had been hanging in Magnus’s mind for weeks. This was the one hurdle they hadn’t passed and he wanted to think they had a while to deal with it, but it had just been looming there. Every single time Magnus thought about it he felt vulnerable and strange, uncertain. It was a kind of vulnerability he didn’t know how to deal with. A terrifying worry that all of his feelings could be crushed so easily and that this relationship that had become such a beautiful positive thing in his life, in both of their lives hopefully, could be so fleeting.

That possibility ached. His eyebrows pulled together and he dropped his gaze, letting his hand fall from Alec’s side and pulling away, not too far but just enough. When he looked at Alec though, the look on his face wasn’t one he had expected. It was worried and sympathetic and before Magnus could open his mouth to say another word, Alec’s hand was pressing into his arm, gentle and firm, like an anchor.

“Magnus, You’re not going to lose me,” There was a painful kind of honesty there, something spoken straight from Alec’s chest. It was a kind of honesty that struck Magnus in that moment, even though he knew Alec couldn’t know if that was true.

Alec paused then, to think presumably, dropping his gaze, his brows pulled together. He seemed unsure of how to word what he was going to say. Magnus’s breath felt caged in his chest, each breath shallow. He took solace in the cool fingertips bracketing his arm.

“How many people you’ve been with has nothing to do with my decision. Please know that. I just... I want you. I’ve never felt more comfortable and I’ve never felt so much. I want this. I’m ready and I want this, with you. When you’re ready too.” Alec finished, and then let out a heavy breath, his eyes searching Magnus’s face.

Magnus was silent, breathing in slowly and staring at him, taking that in. The determined look in his eyes, on his face, it was so painfully and beautifully Alec that Magnus almost wanted to laugh. Not a bad laugh at all, a happy and fond one, full of all of those feelings that had woven their way into his bones when it came to this man. The emotion and the sentiment were stirring up so many feelings that were washing over Magnus like a wave. It broke in a small smile as it brushed through him, watching the way Alec was looking at him like he was the very center of the universe.

Silence echoed out for a moment, maybe two and they stood there, tethered to each other at the hand and the arm, Magnus’s eyes dipping down Alec’s chest and then back up. With every passing second, all of that worry was starting to slowly drip away. There was still that feeling of standing on a precipice, that feeling of standing at the edge of the world and being so fucking uncertain. They could do this and never come back from it. There was one thing that was certain though, that affirmation had sunk into Magnus’s bones and what was left was what he couldn’t deny.

“I want this too,” Magnus said it quietly, his voice dipping a bit as he dragged his tongue over his lips. “I keep thinking about how much I want this and how much I want you.”

He felt the way the confession hit Alec, a little shiver, his breath catching and when he looked at him he watched a small smile tug at his mouth. Magnus returned it and watched as Alec’s eyebrows raised slightly.

“I’ve been thinking about it too. I...” He started and then Magnus watched him trail off, soft huffed laughter caught around his mouth as he glanced away, his lips twitching.

“You what?” Magnus asked. He closed the space between them then, sliding a hand to Alec’s lower back. It was a simple, comfortable thing but it felt charged in this moment, despite the soft laughter. When Alec finally looked at him, there was embarrassment look on his face, fighting a smile, his thumb dragging over Magnus’s bicep.

“I talked to Izzy just now,” Alec said with a half shrug, his shoulders slightly shaking with more laughter. “I just— I didn’t know when the right time was. So I thought if I talked to her she could... you know help. I felt out of my depth.” Magnus watched Alec’s cheeks going red and he felt warmth burn in his chest again, quiet laughter of his own threatening to bubble up. But he pushed it down, letting go of Alec’s hand to reach up, pressing cupping his chin and raising his head so they were eye to eye.

“Alexander, you’re not the only one who feels vulnerable,” he whispered, emotion thick on every single word. It felt in that moment like it was putting them right back where they needed to be. Knowing that this was new for both of them. Because every single time was new. Intimacy would always be new. It would always be a conversation.

Alec’s shoulders relaxed, his eyes going so much softer. They stared at each other for a moment, each beat of Magnus’s heart seeming to thicken the air again, pulling them back to the charged space they had fallen into on all of their dates. They’d fallen into this feeling here in the loft, out in the world, so many places where everything suddenly just felt intense and present. They were in this charged space where their bodies were saying one thing, and one thing only.

I want you so badly.

Magnus swallowed, eyes dipping to Alec’s mouth. He watched as those lips parted and then he didn’t really think about it, he just did exactly what he wanted. He pressed closer, fingers still holding Alec’s chin, and he kissed him.

They had gotten lost in so many kisses recently. Soft hello kisses and slow deep kisses that tasted like wine, teasing kisses that were run through with laughter and kisses of solid affirmation. The goodbye kisses were always the ones that felt the most tempting. It was as though the very fact that they were pulling away from each other was acting like a magnet and making them both burn. They both needed something, and they needed it right then and the fact that they were not going to see each other for hours was too much. Those kisses would get so slow and hot, the press of their tongues setting Magnus alight and that slow hungry way Alec’s fingers would sink into his stomach making him want everything.

This kiss was like one of their goodbye kisses. It should have been a hello kiss, but it wasn’t. It felt melted, Alec’s warm damp lips parted, his tongue hot and wet and so god damn good as Magnus searched it out. The hint of Alec’s stubble was catching and dragging against Magnus’s goatee as their chins pressed together. Magnus kept catching Alec’s full lower lip between his own, then their mouths would part again, a hint of tongue breath huffed against cheeks, as that slow drag of lips started up once more. with every passing moment it was getting deeper and Magnus knew exactly where this was headed.

He wasn’t sure when it happened but soon enough he was pressing Alec up against something solid. Their breath had started coming in slow heavy pants, his fingers curling into Alec’s hair and there had been some rational thought to walking them back but it wasn’t focused at all until Alec’s back collided with a wall. The moan it pulled from him, half lost between their mouths reverberated through Magnus’s body and it seemed to push through the haze of his mind for a moment, making him realize that he was getting completely lost in this. Pressure was pulling between his legs as he got hard and he wasn’t thinking clearly anymore.

In that moment of clarity, he forced himself to pull back slowly, pressing kisses around the edge of Alec’s mouth, then down over his jaw before he dragged his nose over his cheek. Alec was chasing his mouth, his breathing heavy, his fingertips pressing into magnus’s stomach in a way that was so damn hot. It was making it so hard not to just fall into this.

“I really... really want you,” Magnus’s voice felt deep even to his own ears, thick and low. He felt Alec’s fingertips respond to it, pressing just a little bit deeper. In the shadow just out of reach of the lamplight, Alec was staring at him with those hazel eyes looking almost liquid, tipping his chin up to drag their lips together, his hips pushing up all needy, making it clear he was getting hard too.

“I really, really want you,” Alec echoed, more breathless but his voice just as thick if not thicker. There was a broken edge to it, making it feel like he was nearly begging and Magnus shivered, eyelids dipping as he tried to take a moment to make sure this felt right.

And god it did. It did, not just because of how it felt and tasted. It felt right because Alec’s words were still burning in his mind, still rolling under his skin. It could still not work out but god it felt like it was going to, and it felt more than anything like they were both here for each other. Not because they wanted this alone, but because this thing had been growing between them since the first moment they met. He breathed in slow, closing his eyes and pushing his face and his nose against Alec’s cheek, breathing him in shakily for a second.

“Then let’s do this." he breathed, turning his head just enough to kiss at the corner of Alec’s mouth.

Alec released a heavy breath, turning into the kisses, their lips catching as he nodded just enough.

“Please,” The word was muffled between their lips.

It wasn’t quite stumbling but it wasn’t elegant, how they made their way back towards the bedroom. They kept pausing for kisses and Magnus thought absently that it was a miracle one of his vases hadn’t hit the floor as they sloppily navigated. But soon enough Alec was walking him back into the bedroom, their lips not touching for a painfully cold moment.

Magnus was breathing heavy as he watched Alec pull at his jacket, shucking it off and letting it drop to the floor. He reached out then, needy, grabbing at Alec’s belt and tugging him closer, but the momentum of Alec stepping closer nearly tumbled them back and straight into one of the lamps. It was a miracle that didn’t happen. Instead they were standing, wobbly, sharing more hungry kisses that were just as slow and hot and deep. At some point Alec’s mouth slid away and Magnus’s eyes fell shut, those hot lips and his wet tongue traveling down his jaw and lower, searing into his neck. The throbbing heat that had bloomed earlier when they were making out by the door bloomed, his cock full, that pressure pulling heavy in his balls as he got more and more desperate for something, for more. That need was pulsing in his veins.

It only got worse as Alec mouthed lower down his neck, his fingertips pressing into Magnus’s back, needy little noises pushed into sensitive skin. Each sound rolled through him and he shuddered, tugging Alec with him until he found the bed and sat down hard, pulling Alec into his lap. Alec did so willingly, sinking down and pressing close until their bodies were flush, his needy hips searching out what they both desperately needed right then.

“Oh fuck,” Magnus heard himself gasp when their hips pushed together, because he could fucking feel it. Alec was just as painfully hard as he was, the hot full heat of his cock pushing against Magnus’s. Even through the layers of their clothing it was sweet fucking relief, friction he had been needing since the very moment they started kissing.

“Magnus,” Alec’s voice sounded broken, pulling his head back, licking at his lips. Magnus had been sliding his hands up over Alec’s thighs, sinking his fingers into the flesh of his ass. But what was better was feeling how Alec responded to every single touch. Magnus paused though when Alec pulled back, staring at him there in the low light of the bedroom.

Alec looked as wrecked as Magnus felt, his lips swollen, his mouth red, eyes wet and hazy and desperately needy. Magnus could feel his fingers sinking into his back, but still the expression on Alec’s face was one that needed to be addressed, he seemed to be unsure despite all of the desperateness that was tingeing every one of their kisses.

“What is it?” Magnus asked, concerned, letting go of Alec’s ass with one hand to reach up and curl his fingers into the nap of his neck. His cock was throbbing painfully and they really at the very least needed to get their pants off even if they weren’t going to do anything, but concern trumped all of that.

“I just... I want this,” Alec seemed determined to affirm that. “I just don’t— I don’t know anything. I don’t know what I’m supposed to expect or what we’re supposed to do. I don’t— I’ve read some things but I don’t know— I don’t know what I want and—”

Magnus’s brows furrowed and he shook his head, concern shifting to worry as he slid that hand from the nape of his neck down over Alec’s jaw. That touch seemed to quiet Alec’s mind, his eyelids falling shut, and his breath going shallow and slow.

“It’s alright,” Magnus breathed, leaning in to push his mouth against Alec’s cheek. Alec pressed into the kiss, shifting his hips and that friction made them both pause for a moment, breath catching and then a little huff of laughter spilling from Magnus’s chest. “Let’s just start with something simple. Being naked together, touching each other. Just learning to touch each other. It’s alright if it’s overwhelming.”

Each word was said quietly against Alec’s skin and he felt the way Alec relaxed, all of the tension that had suddenly appeared in his shoulders falling away. Under his lips, Magnus felt Alec nod slightly, raising his chin and searching out another kiss. Magnus turned his head and gave it to him.

This was a slower one, softer, still just as damp and hot but more full of feeling. It felt grounded and deep, and Alec was pouring emotion into it. Magnus hummed, keeping their lips pressed close and spoke again.

“Remember, this is new for us both. This is new for me too. Every single time is new. Learning each other, that’s what this is about. And feeling good." he breathed, then he pulled back, watching Alec. “Do you feel good?” He asked.

Alec stared at him, hazel eyes half lidded and Magnus watched as he swallowed, a little bit of a smile tugging at his lips. Then he leaned in, and Magnus’s eyelids dipped as Alec kissed at his cheek, down and around his goatee, their facial hair catching and dragging here and there.

“I feel good. Do you?” Alec’s words were hot, whispered so close to Magnus’s neck and Magnus shivered, sliding the hand that had been on Alec’s ass up his back.

“So good, Alexander.”

With the soft light burning between them, Magnus slid his hands around Alec’s sides, pushing them up under that his shirt and leaning back to stare at him as they started to undress each other. He watched those hazel eyes burn as he pushed the fabric up, exposing more of Alec’s skin, pale and covered with so much thick dark body hair. He only dropped his gaze when he got to his pecs, dragging his thumbs up over the ridge of them to just barely brush over Alec’s nipples. It was beautiful, the way Alec reacted, the low noise it pulled from his throat and the way his hips jerked forward. His eyes got hazier and Magnus smiled, leaning back in to kiss him once, and then again. Then he tugged the shirt up, peeling it off of Alec’s arms and letting it drop onto the floor by the side of the bed.

It had barely hit the floor when Alec’s determined fingers came up, sliding over Magnus’s chest. The touch made him shiver, his eyes still glued to Alec’s naked torso. He wanted nothing more than to appreciate it, but he understood Alec’s impatience. He hummed, pressing his palms into Alec’s thighs and glancing down as Alec started to undo the buttons of his henley. But he couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at how his necklaces kept getting in the way, tangling up in Alec’s fingers and making him fumble. He raised his hand, sparks curling around his fingers with the intention of getting rid of his jewelry but Alec tutted, reaching up to gently curl his fingers around his wrist.

“No I want to do this." he whispered. It took a moment for Magnus to realize Alec was concerned that he was going to take off his entire shirt. Chuckling again, he leaned in to peck Alec’s lips.

“Just the necklaces and rings. I promise.” Each word was whispered into Alec’s mouth and Alec relaxed, letting his soft grasp on Magnus’s wrist relax and fall away. Magnus smiled and snapped his fingers, a flash of blue engulfing his hand and with that, all of his jewelry was gone, banished back to the cases where it belonged. The necklaces were out of Alec’s way and his fingers were free of rings, everything else remaining intact.

Alec seemed to like this, a soft grin on his face as he finished the job of unbuttoning the few buttons there were. it didn’t unbutton all the way down, just to the mid chest but Magnus watched when Alec got to the bottom, pulling the collar open and dropping his head down. He didn’t realize what Alec was doing until his hot damp mouth was pressing against Magnus’s skin. It sent a shock of heat through Magnus’s body, his cock reacting and he breathed in slow, sliding a hand up Alec’s bare chest. It almost felt silly, to have a kiss like that send such a shock through his body, but it felt so god damn good. It got even worse when Alec began kissing a slow line up over his collarbone and up his neck, the feeling making Magnus shiver. As he did it, Alec’s hands came down and started to pull the shirt off.

The hot slow kisses stopped when the shirt reached the top of Magnus’s chest, then Alec pulled back and they tugged it up and off. It was a strange contrast, from hot neck kisses that made the world feel like it was so fucking hazy and far away, to fabric dragging up past his face. But it was worth it when the shirt was dropped off the edge of the bed. It was so fucking worth it to tug Alec closer and finally, finally feel skin against skin. It was so damn worth it to kiss him deep, drag his fingers up Alec’s back, enjoy the feeling of body hair under his fingertips and feeling Alec’s fingers search his own warm, naked skin.

That kiss was so deep and hungry, neediness seeming to burn up through the both of them and Magnus hummed, swallowing a deep desperate moan as those big, shaky hands started sliding up over his stomach. Alec seemed to be losing himself in this. Every touch was slow and reverent, making Magnus shiver with every shift of his fingertips.

“You... you feel so good,” Alec gasped, shivering and Magnus smiled against his lips, his own hands dragging over Alec’s skin just with just as much need.

“Trust me, Alexander." he replied, his voice just as breathless and sounding just as ruined. “You feel so damn good.”

It took a while for them to feel satisfied with that, Magnus’s thumbs dragging up through Alec’s stomach and chest hair, learning the way his muscles tensed under his hands and enjoying how sensitive his nipples seemed. Alec’s fingers kept dragging and slowly rubbing up over each muscle and Magnus felt a burst of fondness at the way Alec seemed to get more and more turned on and worked up with every single touch. But with every passing moment the uncomfortable throbbing of being hard was getting more and more annoying, so he broke the thousandth deep kiss and gently pushed at Alec.

“Stand up, let me get your pants off, handsome." he breathed, his voice feeling and sounding rough. Alec seemed reluctant for a second and then he slid back, hand sliding off of Magnus’s chest and a bashful smile on his lips. Magnus reached up, intent on starting to work at Alec’s belt, but before he could Alec’s fingers gently curled around his forearms, tugging at him.

“Let’s do it together,” Alec suggested, eyebrows raising. He looked so tender in that moment, certainly not wanting all of the focus to be on him. Magnus smiled and nodded, happy to oblige.

Standing up was a head rush and a painful reminder of just how hard he was and just how uncomfortable that was in jeans. He breathed out heavy, thankful when Alec’s fingers started working at his belt, eagerly doing the same. A few kisses were traded, amidst quiet laughter and then Magnus dropped his gaze as he popped the bottom of Alec’s jeans and slid a hand down over the zipper.

It seemed to roll through Alec like a wave, a sharp intake of breath, his body pressing closer. They stared at each other for a hot slow minute and then Magnus’s eyelids drooped as Alec caught his mouth hard, his fingers working at the button to Magnus’s jeans, fingers dragging over his cock. The friction and the press of those fingers made him shudder, lips parting, a deep noise pulled from this throat. Heat bloomed underneath his skin and he panted into the kiss, trying to calm himself.

“I really... really need these off,” Magnus whispered, his voice cracking with near laughter and Alec chuckled low into his mouth.

“I know the feeling,” Alec replied, words reverberating between their mouths. Then before Magnus could say much of anything else Alec dropped his gaze and pushed his fingers under Magnus’s waistband and the top of his boxers. It felt almost like slow motion as he started to push them down. Every shift of the fabric was a sweet kind of friction but nearly unbearable and Magnus watched as Alec gently worked them slow, until finally his cock sprung free.

When it happened, Magnus let out a heavy breath, eyelids dipping. It was a relief but at the same time it was torture, his cock now free in the cooler air of the room, thick and hard, damp with pre-cum and begging for attention. He felt Alec’s breath catch, a little noise rolling up his throat and he tipped his head up, pushing his nose against Alec’s cheek, watching him.

Alec was staring down at his cock with this look on his face that made Magnus feel lightheaded. His eyes were so hazy, lips parted and wet, and there was emotion stirring, something needy but also deeply appreciative. Magnus hummed, tipping his chin up to kiss at Alec’s jaw.

“Hey,” he whispered, reaching up to tip Alec’s chin up slightly again, to make him look at him. Alec did, the look on his face desperate and painfully sweet. “May I take your pants off?” Magnus asked, a soft smile on his lips.

The question seemed to register for Alec slow, like he was lost for a second, then he nodded and returned the smile slow, coming back to the present. Magnus definitely understood that. Breathing in slowly he kissed him, a soft momentary kiss before he reached down towards Alec’s pants.

Pushing his fingertips underneath the waistband of his jeans and his boxers, he took his time dragging them down, carefully, his eyes glued to the action as they tugged them away from his cock and finally let it free. Alec’s dick was red and needy looking, wet at the tip and it bounced, standing at attention. Magnus freed his balls too, and then stared for a moment, each breath feeling thick in his chest. It made him shiver, made him want so many god damn things and he was sure Alec did too.

For now, he didn’t do anything, just raised his gaze, pressing closer, pushing their bodies together and finally catching Alec’s mouth in a kiss. The kiss made them melt, both of them moaning at the feeling of their cocks trapped between their warm skin. Their sounds mingled, needy and deep as they enjoyed each other’s mouths for a few more moments.

Soon enough, pants were shucked off and stepped out of, no longer needed. Then Magnus tugged Alec towards him, sitting back on the bed against the cushions and pulling Alec closer until he was straddling his hips. The warm light dripped between their naked chests, catching on the wetness at the tip of their dicks and Magnus smiled at the way Alec was panting, at the way he was staring.

Everything was foggy and distant, but this was crisp sharp focus, at the forefront of everything. This was beautiful. This was perfect. Magnus tugged Alec a little bit closer, licking his lips and snapping his fingers to coat his hand with lube.

“I think for tonight." he started, reaching down to gently curl his fingers around Alec’s cock at the base. The touch made Alec’s mouth fall open, eyes closing as he pressed his face into Magnus’s cheek. “We should just touch each other. Get used to each other’s hands. Is that alright?” He finished, each word whispered so close to Alec’s lips. Alec’s cock was hard and hot, and it felt so fucking good and heavy in Magnus’s palm.

“That’s— that’s perfect. You’re.. god Magnus,” Alec gasped, each word choked as he pushed his hips into Magnus’s hand. But before he seemed to really get lost in it he pulled back, working to swallow and holding up his hand.

“I want to touch you too,” he breathed, making warmth flood Magnus’s chest as he nodded, a smile pulling at his lips. He snapped the fingers of his free hand, and Alec sighed as his palm and fingers were slicked with lube. Magnus stared at Alec, watching his face as those hazel eyes shifted down. Then all of his focus was sucked straight out of him when Alec’s fingers curled around his cock. Alec’s hand was big and different, warm lube making it feel so fucking good and Magnus moaned pressing up to catch Alec’s mouth as he started to work his fist over his cock.

They both did, picking up a slow slightly stuttered rhythm together. Their kisses were broken, some missed and some catching in the middle, gasping into each other’s mouths and trailing off when one of them did something good. Magnus tried to keep things slow, taking his time, paying attention to every little thing he did that made Alec tense or slow or made his mouth go slack. They kept kissing through all of it, messy ruined kisses, neither of them all that focused, pausing to pant in the middle of them.

It took no time at all until Magnus could feel it, feel that Alec was getting so damn close so fast. Every little movement he made was getting erratic, his inexperience and sensitivity showing in the sweetest way. Magnus hummed, pulling back and stared at him, using his free hand to still Alec’s wrist, working his fist over Alec’s cock a little faster, wanting to savor making Alec cum for the first time.

“Look at me, handsome,” he breathed, staring at Alec whose hips were stuttering, eyebrows pulled together, his cock twitching and his balls tight, so desperately close to coming. “Tell me what to do, I want to make you cum for me.”

Alec let out a deep hungry moan, pressing in to kiss half focused at Magnus’s mouth as he rocked his hips. Magnus obliged, kissing him back, matching every one of Alec’s desperate kisses.

“J—just like that. Oh my god, Magnus fuck, just like that,” Alec’s voice was broken, deep and stuttered, and suddenly the kisses stopped, trailing off as Alec lost all focus. Magnus’s eyelids dipped feeling the way Alec’s orgasm started to build and peak. He could feel the way Alec’s body was tightening up, and then without much warning at all, Alec shuddered forward, moaning Magnus’s name as his cock jerked and he came between them. Magnus felt Alec’s hot cum spilling over his first and forearm, some of it hitting his chest and it made heat roll through him.

“Fuck,” Magnus breathed, his own eyelids falling shut. He could feel Alec wilting, slumping against his chest, panting, his cock softening in Magnus’s palm as he started to come down. Alec’s hand was still slick and warm around Magnus’s dick, still painfully hard and nowhere near as close. But Magnus waited, patiently listening to Alec’s breathing even out.

He turned his head, kissing over Alec’s cheeks and up towards his forehead, feeling his sweaty skin and listening to the heavy shudder of his breathing.

“Good?” Magnus whispered, grinning against Alec’s skin and Alec shuddered, a soft laugh caught against Magnus’s skin as he nodded his head.

“Fuck, so good,” he breathed. His voice sounded broken, almost as though he was nearly on the verge of tears.

Magnus kept his eyes closed, trying to school his breathing and ignore the near painful throbbing of his cock, but just as he was going to say something, Alec seemed to regain his focus. He turned his head their mouths melting together as he kissed Magnus deep. It was a hot warm surge of tongue and lips and Magnus moaned, drinking it up.

Then he groaned deep as Alec’s hand started to move again. It was lacking finesse at first, each stroke a little off because he was no doubt feeling like he didn’t have any bones in any part of his body, but soon enough he started to focus and Magnus lost himself in it.

It was good.

God it was good. It wasn’t the most perfect hand job he’d ever received in his life but where Alec’s inexperience faltered, his determination shone. Magnus let himself fall into it, enjoying each stroke, sinking into the sweet beautiful friction of finally finally getting exactly what he wanted. Soon enough Alec pulled back from the kisses that had turned into nothing but breathing in each other’s mouths and Magnus stared at him, hazy and unfocused.

“Is this good? Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want, Magnus,” he breathed and just that alone had Magnus’s cock twitching, a wave of pleasure surging through him.

“Fuck, Alexander." he panted. “Faster, a little faster. Turn your wrist just— Oh fuck.”

He groaned and then pushed up, catching Alec’s mouth hard and Alec hummed against his lips as they kissed and Alec worked him closer and closer. It took a few minutes, a couple more directions but soon enough Magnus felt that pressure building, that heat getting worse, threatening to overwhelm him as he pushed his hips into Alec’s hand. Then it hit him hard, white surging through his brain as the pleasure of it hit him. He came, cock jerking as he spilled cum over Alec’s fist and his hips.

All of the energy in his body bled out, leaving nothing but that humming pleasantness, making him feel like he was melting into the sheets, his chest heaving and Alec’s weight solid and so fucking good. When his breathing calmed down and he blinked his eyes open everything was hazy save for Alec’s face. He looked so hazy and blissed out, and Magnus hummed, smiling lazily because that was exactly how he felt. Everything felt like warm dripping honey and he dragged his dry hand up Alec’s back, tugging him closer. Alec’s mouth collided lazily with his cheek, searching for his lips.

Magnus didn’t bother with anything else, he just kissed Alec, reaching up to snap his fingers, cleaning the mess between them with a little burst of blue magic. Then he sunk into this, rolling them on their sides and tugging Alec closer so he could entwine their legs.

“That was...” Alec started, the two words lost in between their mouths.

“It was pretty good,” Magnus murmured, chuckling, a grin pulling at his lips as he kissed down over Alec’s jaw and lower towards his neck, each kiss lazy and unfocused because all he was anymore was sleepy.

“That was amazing,” Alec breathed, right against Magnus’s shoulder.

There, in the warm light of the bedroom, Magnus smiled against the dark rune on Alec’s neck and pressed him even closer. The worry of losing this was still sitting in the back of his mind, but it was faint and distant now as Alec molded his body closer, tucking his face against Magnus’s shoulder and kissing softly at his skin. It was hard to feel anything but good in this moment, hard to feel anything but pure happiness. Not just from the orgasm but because there was a soft familiarity about this, about Alec that seemed to be pooling in Magnus’s very bones.

In the warm light he breathed out slow, kissing his way back up Alec’s neck and over his jaw and his temple, and for the first time in a very long time, he let himself think about eternity.