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Secrets And Mischief

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‘Send the girl.’ The head maid, Arian, said to the group of women gathered around the table.

‘No, we can’t. She’s only a child.’ One of the older maids, Freyja, said.

‘She is of age now.’ A younger maid snapped at her.

‘Only by a day.’ The older maid said with a frown.

‘Enough! We send her, unless one of you would like to volunteer for today’s duties?’ Arian said as she slammed her hand down on the table to get their attention.

The group of maids all looked at each other, waiting to see if anyone else would volunteer. But no one came forward.

‘That’s what I thought. She needs to learn… We all have to take our fair share of the dark Prince’s ruthlessness. It’s time she started.’

‘Vic, are you in here?’ Arian asked as she entered one of the guest’s chambers that Victoria was cleaning.

‘Yes?’ Victoria asked as she came out of the bathroom with her cleaning things in hand.

‘We are relocating you for today. Sally is taking over here.’ Arian said as she motioned for the young girl to follow her.

‘Oh, ok.’ Victoria said as she followed along.

It was Victoria’s second week working in the house of Odin. She was really pleased to find a job in the wonderful golden palace. Even if it was being a maid, it was an honour to be amongst royalty. Her parents were proud of her, even if a bit sad that she had to move out.

Victoria hadn’t asked Arian where she was being relocated to for the day. She just followed her quietly down the halls. But she couldn’t help but notice some other maids and servants looking at her pitifully, with looks of sorrow on their faces.

‘Um… Arian, where am I being relocated to?’ Victoria asked, nervously.

But her question was soon answered as Arian came to a halt outside of Prince Loki’s chambers. Victoria felt her stomach drop and she felt like she was going to throw up.

Everyone knew of Loki’s tendencies with the maids. Even Odin, Frigga and Thor knew, but there was nothing they could do about it. Loki did what he wanted. And if he wanted to have sex with every maid, then he would. There was no stopping him and none of them ever dared to say no to him. He was royalty after all, even if the workers did call him by the nickname the dark Prince.

They had all had their fair share of dealing with Loki. He was cruel, ruthless and merciless. He had a very sadistic side to him. However, he always made sure the maids enjoyed it. Even if they didn’t want to. It was one of the many ways that he loved to fuck with their minds.

He was the god of mischief after all.

Loki could have had whores to his room instead to sate his needs, but he left them to Thor. There was no fun having sex with those that were always willing and he had to pay for. He enjoyed seeing the terror in all the maids and servants eyes whenever he passed by them in the corridors. His favorite game was being out of his chambers while the maid cleaned, thinking they were getting a day off from his advances. Then he would return just as they were finishing up, their luck running out.

‘I am sorry, Vic. But we all have to have our fair share. Perhaps he might go easier on you with you… Being so young.’ Arian looked regretful as she gave the young girl a pat on the shoulder and left.

Victoria couldn’t believe it. She knew that everyone else had been attacked by Loki. More than once. But she hoped they would give her a little longer to adjust before throwing her to the lion.

She took a deep breath and gathered her courage up before knocking timidly on the door. She was relieved when there was no response.

Pushing the large golden doors open, she stepped inside while holding her breath. She leaned back against the doors and looked around the large room. As expected his chambers were very lush, just like the other royals chambers. But Loki’s were lavished in green and black colours, with hints of gold here and there.

‘Hello?’ She squeaked out, to check whether he was in or not.

To her relief, there was no response. So she quickly got to work and started off with his en suite. To her surprise, there wasn’t a lot to clean or tidy up. It seemed that Loki was a very tidy and clean Prince. Unlike his brother, Thor. Whose room always looked like a bomb had hit it.

Victoria moved on to his chambers and was quickly dusting down his shelves that held many books. She noticed a lot of them were about seidr. She shivered as she thought to all the rumours she had heard about Loki and his seidr. He was really knowledgeable with it and powerful, even enemies knew about his tricks. He wasn’t someone to be messed with and everyone knew it.

She was being careful, but suddenly a book fell from one of the shelves and landed on the floor, making her jump. She quickly bent over to pick it up, when she noticed the book had opened on a page that was showing some very lewd pictures of sexual positions between a man and woman.

Quickly closing the book and putting it back in its place, she tried to ignore the slight blush that had crept up her neck and spread over her cheeks.

Pushing the images out of her mind, she carried on with her cleaning. Her heart was racing as she was getting closer and closer to being finished. She hoped and prayed that she would get away with it without Loki coming back.

Her hands were shaking as she picked up all of her cleaning things and darted for the door. She just got outside and was about to head back to the maids quarters, when Loki suddenly appeared right beside her, making her cry out in shock.

His lips curled into a wicked grin as he looked down at her. She had never been that close to Loki before, he was so tall and intimidating. The look on his face and his smirk was terrifying.

She said nothing as she turned around and bolted down the corridor, away from him as fast as her legs would carry her.

Loki watched the little doe run away from him in amusement.

Oh yes. She was going to be a lot of fun. He thought.

Unknown to her, he had been in his chambers when Arian had brought her there. He heard their little exchange outside and simply hidden himself with his illusions. He was surprised to see that the maids had surrendered the young maid to him so soon. They must be desperate, he had thought.

Her arrival in his home had not went unheard by Loki. News travelled very quickly, especially with a lot of the maids being gossips. They could never keep a secret even if their lives depended on it.

After seeing Victoria’s reaction to his mere presence, he knew that she was going to be a lot of fun for him. No one had ever ran away from him before. If she ran from him, she would most definitely put up a struggle.

He was sure of it.

Arian held another meeting with all the maids, apart from Victoria, that same evening.

‘I have just had a request from the dark Prince.’ Arian started, her voice low.

There was a quiet murmur between all of the maids, worry filled the room.

‘He has requested that Victoria becomes his personal maid, from now on… She is to see to his chambers on a daily basis until further notice.’ Arian said.

There was instant relief within the room. The maids all relieved that it meant they would have a break, for a while at least. Apart from Freyja, she felt bad for the young girl. Knowing that Loki’s request would only mean torture and distress for the young girl.

‘I am going to tell her the news now. But you must all be extra kind to her. We all know what she no doubt went through today, and will have to for the foreseeable future.’ Arian said with a sigh as she looked at Freyja, who nodded to her in agreement.

Victoria looked up from her book as Arian and Freyja entered the maid’s quarters. She greeted them as normal, but was uncertain as they walked over to her bunk. The both of them looked incredibly guilty.

‘Is anything the matter?’ Victoria asked as she put her book down.

‘We have some news… You’ve been requested for a slightly higher job. You will get extra pay…’ Arian started.

Victoria’s hopes rose for a moment, but then sank again from the look that the two older maids still had on their faces.

‘What is it?’ Victoria asked impatiently.

‘You are to be Loki’s personal, and only, maid now. You will report to his chambers daily. He said he was impressed with your work and he requested for you personally.’ Arian told her softly as Freyja reached out and held the young girls hand.

‘What? Please, no. There must be some mistake.’ Victoria said in a panic.

‘It is no mistake, Vic. I’m so sorry.’ Arian said genuinely.

‘Did he… Did he take you today?’ Freyja asked cautiously.

‘No. He wasn’t there… Until the end when I was just leaving. But I… I ran from him.’ Victoria said as she looked down nervously at her hands in her lap.

‘Oh, my child. That is the worst thing you could do. Prince Loki, he loves a challenge. It is best with him to just let him get it over with. Chances are he would forget about you. But if you put up a fight, or make things more… Thrilling… For him. Well, then he will keep going after you. It’s like a game to him, you see.’ Freyja explained to her.

‘But I wasn’t just going to let him. I can’t!’

‘I know, dear. I know. But all of that only fuels him on more. I am so, so sorry.’ Freyja said softly.