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All the cards.

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Klaus woke up to incessant sound of someone snoring. A frown made itself home on Klaus' face despite the fact he hadn't even opened his eyes.

Instead of reacting to the fact Klaus knew he hadn't slept with a woman or even a man last night so that left someone truly, utterly insane (or suicidal, Klaus amended in afterthought) had climbed into his bed. Because the warm body with a heartbeat didn't fit the size of his daughter who had climbed into his bed, on rare occasions, seeking comfort from nightmares.

Slowly Klaus opened his eyes to see a face he hadn't seen in years. Normally he wouldn't have remembered the faces of witches and warlocks he had bedded in the past for he had indeed slept with many after realizing he play them like a harp (a skill that Klaus did not actually acquire in his many centuries he has lived) if he offered sex along with occasional , meticulous planed, thrown in false acts and facts of personal intimacy.

Klaus could, and never would, forget anything - not even the smallest detail- of the night that had taken a thousand years to arrive.

The witch in his bed was Greta. A young impressible witch that had been easy to lure away from her family that had been in service of Elijah. Soft spoken words, thousand years of experience in the bed, freedom (that had been nothing more than an illusion) that her father had never given her.

All to easy in the end.

It was like her father had wanted his daughter to be snatched up by those with less than good intentions.

Klaus shook his head from the idiocy of men to focus on the fact Greta had been dead. Had been so for years because of the most annoying Salvatore had snapped her neck. So what exactly was she doing in his bed alive?

Klaus slipped out from the covers of the bed that had not been the one he fell asleep in last night.

Not caring to clothe himself Klaus looked around the room that was giving him a sense - what did the modern adolescent call it?

A sense of deja voo. Albeit a distant feeling of the French word.

Frowning to himself in concreted thought a Klaus tried to place the room (a hotel room if he had to guess).

It wasn't until his eyes landed on a box that it came back, that it was all began to peace together.

Despite the preposterous realization Klaus couldn't help the shiver of thrill, of pure unadulterated delightment that came upon his body.

Oh the things he could do if this was true...

First his curse, how would he handle it? To be brutally honest Klaus hatred for the most recent doppelgänger was something that bested his hatred of Katherina who he had hunted for five hundred years.

The two reasons why Elena had been mercy that she was undeserving of was because she was the best friend of Caroline and Elijah, despite all his zealous speeches for never falling for another Petrova doppelgänger, had a "soft spot" (read soft spot here as: wanting to get in her knickers) for the girl that had murdered Kol, Finn, and had plotted to kill all of them.

Honestly they said he was the delusional one...

Sighing to himself Klaus ran a hand into his hair.

As much as he hated the idea he could take a page out of Elijah's book and make a deal that would not only insure breaking the curse but would get him all (or in this case whom) he desired.

He would have to tell Elijah about his lie of the fate of their siblings along with figure out how the self righteous and hypocritical Mystic Falls gang had found Mikael so he could kill a third time before he would undagger his siblings.

He would not make the mistake of turning Tyler Lockwood into a hybrid, his first born of the species this time around.

Nor would he allow Elena to be turnt into vampire that had ensured the race for the cure that had lead to the murder of his brother along with thousands of vampires from Kol's line. Which frankly was more murder than all of his family combined had done during their time in Mystic Falls.

He would be there for Caroline and make sure to sink his claws (to woo, to seduce, to bring about a relationship that would be untainted for Klaus was not a fool - he would never repeat a mistake) into her before the Lockwood boy did.

Watch out Mystic Falls Klaus was coming and this time he surely did hold all the cards.