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Right Timing

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It has been a long time since he went to Hoenn, Brock thinks, six years ago when he was still sixteen years old. Since his being accepted in Pokemon Medical School four years ago he had done so much studying, so much that sometimes he felt information was coming out of his ears. Even flirting sometimes took too much energy now, which he conserved for sleeping and studying and maybe eating. Maybe he was getting older.

He loved it, though he missed traveling with his friends. Even though he had made some friends in medical school, going to class together was different from getting into the scrapes he and Ash had used to get into.

This time, since he had done well during his apprenticeship in Johto he was invited to have one in Hoenn. His teachers had advised him to go, since it would be a great opportunity to get to see and treat Pokemon not normally found in the Kanto and Johto region. When he had called Ash, the boy had congratulated him.

“Hey, you should call up May and Max, since you’re going to Hoenn! I think you haven’t seen them for as long as I have, you know! Not since the Wallace Cup for May, and Max when we said goodbye in Hoenn all those years ago!”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

He had called the Normal Pokemon Gym in Hoenn; May had happily congratulated him and invited him to visit, especially since the city his apprenticeship would be in was not too far from Petalburg City.

“It’ll be great to see you again, Brock! Especially since I’m here right now and Max plans to come home for a visit soon,” she said before ending the call.

So here he was, waiting at the Pokemon Square of the City he was to have his apprenticeship in.


Brock knows he falls in love easily, after years of chasing so many girls both while traveling with Ash and even in his new career as a medical student (he had gotten used to the evaluations of the teachers in his earlier years about his falling in love easily with his patients’ owners, yet such didn’t affect his drive to give them the very best care he could give), but there were always certain girls he felt, knew subconsciously, were off limits. There was Misty, maybe because she was so independent, so driven, but more of he was aware long before she was that she cared for Ash. There was Dawn, who was a good friend but whom he never saw as anything more, maybe partly because he felt she was too young for him. And there was May, who was earnest and honest and cute, but back then when they were traveling Brock thought that her heart would turn to Drew, her rival, or even Ash, and also that maybe he felt she was too young for him too.

With those thoughts in mind, he wonders why his heart is pounding when May hugs him cheerfully.


 “I was so happy to hear from you! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were planning to be a doctor! I had to hear from Ash, of all people!”

He scratched his head. “Actually, not many people really know, just Ash and Dawn and my family. I’ve pretty much been busy studying all these years, as well as having an apprenticeship in Johto.”

“I think it’s great,” added May, stepping back a little. “I mean, you were always the best of all of us at taking care of Pokemon, and you were always able to connect with even the hardest of them!”

“Thanks,” he said, his heart pounding still as he realizes all over again that May, the girl he and Ash had taught so much about Pokemon, had grown up.

“Anyway, have you seen the doctor you’re apprenticing with?”

“No, I don’t know where he lives. I should probably go see him right now.”

“Don’t worry, where exactly does he live or work? I can help you!” She reaches for the paper Brock has with the address scribbled down and smiles up at him. “I know where this is, come, let’s go, Brock!” She takes his hand and they run, Brock struck speechless by how small her hand is in his and how her hair gently catches the light of the sun.