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"Just this once, Meredith," Jeannie said, straightening his collar. "Can't you humour me just this once?"

"There is humouring," Rodney said, trying and failing to get free, "and there is indulging psychosis. You've been in suburbia too long. You've gone all Stepford on me!"

"There is nothing unusual," Jeannie said, mouth a forbidding, McKay-ish line, "in wanting a nice, family photo for our holiday cards. Is there?"

She turned and looked at Kaleb, John and Madison for confirmation. "Is there?"

John and Kaleb—who had both been appropriately cowed when they had tried to protest the wearing of holiday sweaters—shook their heads meekly. The bells on their sweaters jingled faintly.

"Thank you," Jeannie said sweetly. She set the camera on a timer and ran a hand over her curls to smooth them. "Now sit, smile, and say cheese."

Rodney huffed and sat, knowing when he was beaten. "Where are some evil, Earth-destroying robots when you need them?"

In the end, they all agreed that a holiday card showing Jeannie cuffing her brother upside the head was, in fact, quite festive, and John and Kaleb sneaked off to get very, very drunk.