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The Songs

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They saw him coming from a long way off. He was walking in a straight line across the plain, making no attempt to conceal where he had come from. They watched him coming, from the half-built walls of their fortress, identifying him by his stature and his walk as one of their own, and when he came closer, they recognized who he was. By the time he had almost reached the foot of the hill, they still did not know what to do.

Ordinarily, Huntress might have been expected to spot him first. But she had been down by the stream to water the horses, on the southern slope of the hill, and so she missed the moment when he first appeared on the horizon altogether. When she came back up, she noticed the others were being strangely quiet, but could not immediately work out what the reason might be.

It was only when she went up to Celvandil to report that she followed his gaze and said, in surprise: 'There's someone coming!'

They had not seen anybody besides each other for a span of a month, not since Maglor's latest messenger had left again.

Celvandil looked at her briefly, as she spoke, then directed his gaze back at the approaching stranger. He did not immediately reply. Celvandil was not, usually, very chatty, but neither impolite nor this taciturn.

With a deepening sense of something wrong, Huntress observed: 'He's coming from the direction of Angband.'

Then, as still nobody replied and her words echoed in the silence, she felt embarrassed at stating the obvious. She must be missing something--something that the rest of them, the Noldor, knew.

Finally, Naurthoniel--Narye--said in a strained voice: `It is Targlin.'