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Time for change

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England sighed heavily as he rested his head against the headpiece of his chair. The flight had been long but he would soon be arriving at his destination in not too short a time. One of the benefits of being a nation was being able to sit in first class. You didn't have to deal with screaming children or annoying passengers and just enjoy your flight.

It was Christmas time all over the world, everyone was celebrating the season of peace and love. Enjoying that another year had ended and a new one had begun once again. Usually he would either spend it alone or at another one of America's bloody parties. Not that he hated going, but America always tended to go over the top with every single one.

This year he was going to Japan's for Christmas for a change of culture and yet still able to enjoy some peace and quiet. Like himself, Japan tended to enjoy the quiet. He had booked not only Christmas but new years in order to enjoy a good few weeks with the Asian male. He was ready to absorb and understand a new festive culture.

The amazing thing about relationships between nations was being able to understand and experience different cultures between nations. To learn and grow together as one. In all honesty, he had been harbouring romantic feelings towards the other male for some time. His gentle shyness and pure heart striking a chord with the British male.

They shared a kindred spirit and had more in common than people would believe. From their love of the supernatural, to mythology to their love of tea. They shared a lot of hobbies and interests too. Allowing them to understand others in a way that not many could above them as an individual.

Japan stood in the meeting area from the airport quietly checking his watch and pulling at his scarf. He was both excited, nervous and rather cold from the temperature. He was meeting the British male at Narita Airport, his main airport in Tokyo. He had taken a taxi here which had been very stressful given the traffic and he had shamefully yelled at them.

He would never usually act in such a way and would just wait patiently until he reached his destination. But he had acted accordingly due to wanting to meet Arthur on time before his flight arrived. But he had just been so eager to get there on time and not leave the Brit waiting. It would be very bad manners given his culture. So, he had been sure to be here to meet him.

As the pool of arrivals entered the room he scanned very head for a familiar looking British nation but ended up not being able to find him. He waited patiently his eyes darting in hope of spotting him. Eventually he spotted a blonde mail appearing in the arrival area. He looked rather worn out and somewhat worried, but still as presentable and gentlemanly as ever.

He was wearing a thick brown coat with his bags in hand. No doubt he was still semi jet lagged from the journey, which was understandable given the time difference. "Kon'nichiwa Arthur-san, over here!" he called loudly so the blonde male would hear him. The latter heard his voice and smiled walking over the Japanese male bags in hand.

"Hello Japan. I apologize if I made you wait too long. The flight was rather weary" England apologized politely. It had been quite a hassle to get through flight control. He had made sure to change the time on his phone upon landing to the correct time of the country. He didn't want to be behind after all, it would only be a bother later.

Japan shook his head "Not at all. I got here a short time ago myself" he explained. In fact he was right on time which proved to be a great relief. It seems they had both been as eager to see the other as they themselves had been. They truly were such children inside, impatient and eager to see someone they cared about.

England then looked relieved but shifted awkwardly. This was only his second time coming to Japan's country personally, aside from meetings (which he never counted as an official trip). He didn't really know what to do now, were they going back to his place? I mean he didn't mind exploring but he was rather tired and he wouldn't be able to stay awake.

Japan then saw the British male's expression and awkwardness smiling. "I hope you don't mind. I booked a hotel for one night and tomorrow morning. I knew ahead that you would be worn out" he explained. He had made sure to do so in advance, then they would have breakfast and head back to his house so England could unpack and relax. He didn't want to rush England given he had just arrived.

The time difference between here and his country was rather large. It would take England at least a day and some good night's rest to be able to fully adjust to his countries time difference. He didn't want to force him to look around or go out after such a long journey. Besides they had plenty of time given he was staying a few weeks.

England blinked and then shook his head, it was often helpful that like himself Japan was often prepared. He only wished the likes of America could be so as well. "Please lead the way" he said gratefully. He was used to being out in the countryside areas than he city so this was rather new to him.

England dropped his bags wearily and sighed as they entered the hotel room. He cricked his back a little adjusting his joints again, sitting down for so long and carrying such heavy bags was anything but good for the joints. Immortal life did come with its setbacks after all, it wasn't as great as people believed it to be.

Japan closed the door behind them and hung up his coat on a nearby hook. All of his things aside from what had needed were back at his home. Besides, the hotel would provide the basics. Since they were only staying one night for England to recover and leaving in the morning they wouldn't need much anyway.

England then turned apologetically to the other male, he knew he was Japan's guest but he still felt bad at leaving him alone with his own company aside from his exhaustion. But the effects of the flight were now starting to hit him hard and his body was starting to remind him of how much he needed to rest.

"I do hope it's not a bother Japan. But I feel I may need to retire, the flight has all but drained me" England apologized reluctantly. He had come all this way here to spend time with him but exhaustion was a problem. But then again, he did love a good nap when he had the time to relax, it was rather refreshing.

Japan smiled and laughed to himself. As always England was always worried about acting like the gentleman, even when he himself was the one who was in need of care. "England-san. You have no need to apologize. I reserved this hotel knowing you would be worn out. The time difference does take time to get used to" he explained kindly.

He often found it quite amusing and admirable how England put other people before himself. Whether or not he was acting like a Tsundere or a gentleman. He always wore his heart on his sleeve and could never act selfishly towards others, it just wasn't in his nature to act in such a way as a person.

England blushed shyly and shifted, it was honestly so refreshing to have someone who understood. To not get whined at by someone like America would about being lame. "Thank you Kiku. Again, I am so grateful for you letting me spend the festive season with you" he said gratefully. He couldn't think of anyone better than to spend the festive season with.

Japan then smiled warmly at the male, his expression nothing but loving. Another thing he appreciated was how England's culture was mainly installed with manners and being polite to strangers or others. Though not all his people were very pleasant, they did not reflect the personality of the entire Englishman's citizens.

England then retired to their room. He had to say he did enjoy coming to visit Japan, it was always such a refreshing visit and he never felt rushed or forced to go where the host wanted like he would with America. He could just go at his own pace and enjoy spending time with the latter. Taking time to enjoy his holiday, instead of being rushed or dragged around like he would with America.

Japan gazed quietly as he watched the British male sleep peacefully on his bed. His body wrapped in the sheets and one arm rested underneath his pillow for support. Soft breathing sounds escaping his lips and his body curled into fetal position. His physical sleeping position showing how emotional the Brit really was deep down.

England had certainly been more worn out than he appeared and Japan was very impressed by his stamina. Being able to keep himself composed and appear normal despite being so exhausted. His brown eyes filled with affection and wonder as he looked upon the sleeping blonde. Though he could rarely take the time to appreciate it for long, England was a very attractive male.

His messy blonde hair, his shining green eyes, those lovely lashes that caressed his cheeks as he slept. His soft rosy cheeks as lovely as the flowers in his garden and those pout lips of his. Though Japan did well to conserve his feelings, he indeed had an intense crush on the British male and had done for some time. His gentle heart, stubbornness and good nature winning him over.

Suddenly his phone rang loudly causing him to jump in surprise at the unexpected phone call. The British male moaned sleepily, not enjoying the disturbance from his sleep. Japan quickly hurried from the room not wanting to wake England but also annoyed at being torn from watching him sleep. Seriously, of all the times to call someone.

"YO Japan! What's up my brotha?!" America called in his usual enthusiastic tone down the phone. If there was one thing America was bad at, it was always volume control. Never knowing when to keep his voice down. It was a good thing Japan had chosen to leave the room when he had.

Japan sighed heavily, though America was a seemingly decent man. He acted an awful lot like a kid, despite being many centuries old as a nation. It was rather surprising. "Good evening America-san. May I ask why you have called me" he asked curiously. He had been hoping to take a shower and then retire to bed himself before tomorrow.

"I was wanting to know if you wanna spend an awesome Christmas with your favourite hero? We should totally hang out Y'know! There's gonna be eggnog and a rocking party!" America boasted excitedly. He never half assed Christmas, it was about going all out and making sure that you had the best house and looking awesome. He never got any of these weird traditions at all.

Japan internally shuddered as memories of spending Christmas with the American came rushing back to him. He always tended to find his parties so overwhelming and noisy. He then took a deep breath and sighed "Forgive me America-san. But I already made plans this Christmas and new year's. However, I look forwards to seeing you after" he apologized.

America then whined in complaint upon hearing these words. He had really hoped to show off his Christmas skills with Japan and show him just how the season should be celebrated. "Geez you too?! England said the same thing when I asked him. Is everybody busy?" he whined miserably. How come everyone had plans instead of wanting to hang out with him?

Japan stiffened and a shiver ran down his back. Was America onto them? If he found out he may come over here and try to join them. God, he didn't want that, then he wouldn't be able to spend time with England. It would just be too awkward with America here and England would be left in a bad mood too.

"Oh well. It's cool I can always ask Canada. That guy never has anything going on. See ya!" America replied and then hung up the phone as quickly as he had called. leaving the Japanese male rather confused and yet at the same time rather glad their conversation had been so short.

Japan then hung up and sighed a breath of relief. That had truly been too close for comfort. However, he worried about that reply. Sometimes America could be unintentionally perceptive without meaning to be.