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somewhere along the way.

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“You know, I don’t think I will ever get tired of national parks.”

Whatever residual annoyance leftover from Allison and Lydia’s morning argument over the day’s schedule drains from Allison at Lydia’s words. Even though they haven’t exchanged a word on their nine mile hike so far, Allison pushes all the negative thoughts to the back of her mind to share this moment with Lydia. The sun is starting to set on the other side of the valley, casting a beautiful golden light over the trees, rivers, and plants below them.

Allison walks up behind where Lydia stands with her hands on her hips, looking out into the distance. Allison hugs Lydia from behind, wrapping her arms around her stomach. She rests her head on Lydia’s shoulder, whispers in her ear,

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I mean Yosemite National Park is our, what? Eight national park in the past three weeks? And not a single one has disappointed me.”

“Each one beautiful in their own way.”

“Yeah… yeah they are.”

“Just like you.”

Allison replies before planting a kiss on Lydia’s cheek. Lydia turns her neck to look into Allison’s face, a rare soft expression on her face that only happens when she realizes she was wrong.

“I’m sorry I tried to plan our whole day today. You were right, taking our time has been really nice.”

Allison hums her approval into Lydia’s ear,

“Apology accepted. I’m glad it worked out; today has been nice. It’s always nice when I get to spend time with you.”

Sadness flickers over Lydia’s features but she’s pressing her lips to Allison’s with a bruising kiss that has a gentle brush of tongue (which is quickly become Allison’s latest addiction), before Allison can fully identify the change in expression.

“Let’s go find our campsite for the night babe.”

They continue to walk around Yosemite park at a leisurely pace, holding hands and talking about whatever random things they see or that come to mind. After about half an hour, the sun is almost completely set, the sky a dark blue to pink gradient with dozens of stars. Lydia works on starting the fire while Allison sets up the tent. Successful in her task, Lydia retrieves the sleeping bags. She walks over carrying both bags in her arms when Allison erupts into laughter, the tent only partially assembled behind her. Lydia drops the sleeping bags into the open flap of the tent. She kneels down next to where Allison is trying to coerce a pipe into the right position to support the front of the tent.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m struggling with this last part! The pipe just fucking hit me in the face! I refuse to let it beat me- literally and figuratively.”

Lydia simply raises an eyebrow at Allison’s competitive antics against an inanimate object, a smile teases its way onto her lips as Allison’s swears increase with her frustration. Once the pipe finally cooperates, Allison cheers at her success briefly before speaking,

“Well that was…”

“In tents?”

Lydia supplies to Allison when she pauses to come up with the right word. Lydia isn’t even trying to hide her knowing smirk at the terrible pun. Allison turns to looks at her, surprise at Lydia’s casual joke obvious in the way her eyes widen slightly and her mouth drops into a perfect “o” shape. Then Allison throws her head back with delighted laughter at the god awful pun, unable to restrain herself as the laughter echoes through her lips, shakes down her neck and shoulders. Lydia’s smile only grows more as Allison laughs, entranced by the carefree sound and knowing that she is the cause of it. Her eyes trail down Allison’s open and amused face, her extended neck, the “v” in her shirt that accents her boobs perfectly and then back up to her face, suddenly extremely turned on by Allison’s infectious happiness.

Lydia moves in closer to Allison as her laughter is starting to die down; she pauses only inches from Allison’s lips, her eyes waiting for Allison’s to see her. Allison opens her eyes, cheeks flushed pink from her laughter, a smile still on her lips. She licks her bottom lip, biting it gently just to watch from this close proximity the way Lydia’s eyes dilate in response. Allison’s “what” barely escapes her mouth before Lydia closes the distance with a kiss that knocks Allison off balance, falling backwards into the open tent flap. Lydia follows after her, continuing to kiss down her neck. The toppling into the tent elicits another chuckle out of Allison as she lands onto the sleeping bags, Lydia chases the sound from Allison’s lips.

Allison immediately catches onto the mood of the kiss; it’s hungry, desperate and a little rough as if the frustrated energy from this morning still hasn’t dissipated between them. The feeling translates to her as she rolls Lydia over so she can be on top, grinding her hips down onto Lydia’s as she makes quick work of removing her shirt. Lydia hastily removes hers before returning her hands to Allison’s chest. Her hands are just as eager as her lips on Allison’s skin, always flinting from one place to the next as if she can’t get enough of the way she feels, constantly moving up and down Allison’s back only pausing momentarily when Allison unhooks her own bra. Allison leans down, sealing her mouth over Lydia’s to lick filthily into her mouth causing a small shudder to pass through Lydia as her hands become more desperate on Allison’s skin.

One of Lydia’s hands makes its way down Allison’s back and under her shorts to grab Allison’s smooth round ass, kneading it roughly in her hand causing Allison to buck forward slightly, her exposed sensitive nipples rubbing over the rougher texture of Lydia’s lacy bra. Allison pulls away from Lydia’s bitten lips to moan at the sensation from the contrast, her hips grinding down harder on Lydia’s, her hands on either side of Lydia’s head above her shoulders. Lydia’s other hand settles on Allison’s head, her fingers digging into Allison’s scalp bringing her lips back to hers for a wet kiss that is more tongue and teeth than actual lips. Allison moves her hand to grab Lydia’s boobs through the lacy bra, rubbing the material over Lydia’s nipple. She breaks away from their kiss when Lydia moans, Allison’s mouth leaves biting kisses down Lydia’s jaw then her throat, the sensitive spot near the ear, over her collarbone, before finally reaching Lydia’s boobs. She licks Lydia’s nipple through the fabric, reveling in the reaction it draws from Lydia, moaning and writhing for more friction between her legs. Lydia’s arm lets go of Allison’s ass, settling for a tight grip on her upper thigh instead.

Allison’s hand snakes down Lydia’s stomach as she bites and licks one of Lydia’s nipples until it is tender and hard under the damp lacy bra. Allison’s hand goes under Lydia’s underwear and between her legs, gentling applying the much desired pressure to Lydia’s clit. Her fingers travel a little further down, feeling how wet Lydia’s vagina is. The thought that she has that kind of power over Lydia turns her on even more, a smug smirk on her lips as she looks at Lydia’s flush face from under her lashes, her mouth just inches from Lydia’s chest. She blows air over the wet lacy bra at the same time that she slips a finger into her vagina. Lydia inhales sharply, her back arching off the ground at the feeling, her nails digging into Allison’s thigh and edging her on. Allison slides a second finger in, amazed at how easily her fingers moveThe words tumble out of Allison’s mouth in between her rough bites on Lydia’s neglected nipple:

“God Lydia, you are so fucking beautiful. So beautifully wet for me.”

Allison works in a third finger, finding the angle difficult to properly fuck into Lydia’s vagina even though Lydia’s hips are rocking down on her fingers slightly. Allison’s words reigniting the desperation in Lydia as she reaches down to pull Allison's mouth back up to hers. Her tongue demanding entrance to Allison’s mouth as her hands skirt back into Allison’s shorts and under her underwear to grab her ass again. The filthy kiss completely distracts Allison from her task of fucking Lydia, which has become nearly impossible with her body this close to Lydia’s. She removes her now wet fingers from Lydia’s from between Lydia’s legs. Allison realizes that she has never tasted a girl’s cum, not even her own. The idea excites her as she leans back away from Lydia who whines subconsciously at the movement. Allison adjusts herself to be resting back on her butt, her thighs straddling Lydia’s.

Lydia’s hand immediately begins to unbutton Allison’s shorts now that it has the proper opportunity to. Her hand slows when she realizes what Allison is about to do, her mouth drops open and her eyes hungrily drink in the unforgettably attractive sight currently in front of her: a topless Allison straddling her legs, one hand tossing her curls back while the other hand, glistening with Lydia’s cum on its fingers, approaches red swollen lips. Lydia is transfixed under Allison’s unwavering and confident gaze. Allison takes a finger into her mouth, humming at the taste of Lydia on her tongue as she unconsciously squeezes her thighs on Lydia’s thigh. The squeeze brings Lydia jarring back to the moment, she quickly and roughly rolls them back over again so she is on top. The force of changing positions knocks the breath out of Allison, reminding her of Lydia’s strength but before she can make a comment Lydia’s mouth is on hers, demanding all of her brain power. Lydia breaks away from the kiss to look down at Allison.

“Fuck, you are so beautiful.”

Suddenly Allison feels two things at once: Lydia’s finger curling up into her vagina and Lydia’s mouth swallowing over two of Allison’s fingers. Allison’s other hand scrambles for a good grip in Lydia’s hair when her back arches in pure pleasure, feeling Lydia’s tongue swirl in between her fingers. She shameless moans at thoughts of where else she would like that tongue to be. She tugs at Lydia’s hair, crashing their mouths together in eagerness to taste Lydia on Lydia’s own tongue. She groans into Lydia’s mouth when Lydia fucks into her with three fingers, rubbing against Allison’s clit with her thumb. She feels Lydia’s smug smile against her lips when she licks into Lydia’s mouth, biting her bottom lip in retaliation. Lydia pulls back a couple of inches to bring her hand from Allison’s vagina, wet with her cum, to her mouth. She watches Allison’s reaction as she licks Allison’s cum off of her pointer finger, grinding her clit against Allison’s thigh while her other hand squeeze Allison’s boob. Allison hungrily takes Lydia’s fingers into her mouth when Lydia offers them, eagerly sucking her own cum from Lydia’s hand as Lydia squeezes Allison’s nipple between her fingers.

Allison finally pulls off of Lydia’s fingers, pleased with her job, the heavy look in Lydia’s eyes turns her on with that rough, desperate, and almost primal desire to fuck each other, to get the other off as fast as possible. It’s practically an invitation to an orgasming competition and Allison doesn't like to lose. Allison’s hand goes for Lydia’s clit at the same time Lydia’s goes for hers, their mouth clash again as they fight for dominance in the kiss. Allison wins as she pinches Lydia’s clit, eliciting a surprised gasp which Allison takes as a small victory when she licks into Lydia’s open mouth. The kiss quickly dissolves into open mouth pants and moans as their motions become a slightly more desperate as they both approach their orgasm. Lydia climaxes first, her grip on Allison’s hip tight enough to leave behind bruises long after the high has worn off. But even her orgasm doesn’t stop her from the task at hand: getting Allison off. Her head drops to Allison’s neck to suck a deep hickey into the sensitive skin near Allison’s ear while her thigh grinds up against Allison’s clit. She keeps the rhythm of biting and applying a little more pressure until Allison’s grip on her ass tightens as does her thighs, when she finally climaxes with her back arching off the ground.

Lydia collapses next to her on the ground of the tent, the air is filled with the sound of their fast breathes returning to normal and crickets. Lydia chuckles softly to herself, Allison looks over at her, a grin already on her face at Lydia’s laugh,


Lydia points in front of them to the front part of the tent that has fallen down again, her laughter a little louder now with amusement clear in her voice as she replies.

“So much for all your in tents work! We knocked it down.”

Allison rolls her eyes at Lydia’s terrible pun but finds herself laughing along with Lydia, her shoulder shaking against the ground of the tent. She sits up, rummaging through the closest backpack for a sweatshirt to throw on. Successful in finding one, she puts it on as she stands up, buttoning her shorts up. She kisses the top of Lydia’s head as she prepares to leave the tent.

“How about you try to fix it while I cook us some dinner?”

Lydia grins up at her, smacking her butt slightly as she retreats out of the tent flaps. Laughing openly at the noise of surprise Allison makes. She reaches for a sweatshirt to join Allison outside to attempt to fix the tent.

Fifteen minutes later Lydia makes her way to Allison who is staring into the fire, her face scrunched in deep concentration as the grilled cheese sandwiches toast, the cheese oozing out of the aluminum foil. Lydia grins as she puts her arms around Allison’s waist from behind, resting her head on the side of Allison’s shoulder. She remarks teasingly,

“We switched sweatshirts…”

“Hmmm? Yeah we did.”

Allison responds, noncommittally. It sets something off in Lydia’s brain as she releases her hold on Allison to stand next to her and look into her face. Her face mimics Allison’s slightly as her eyebrows draw together in confusion at Allison’s distant gaze. She touches Allison’s arm gently as if to not spook her out of her current mind place,

“You good?”

Lydia’s voice is gentle and worried which seems to jolt Allison back into the present. She shakes her head slightly as her eyes begin to refocus. She removes the grilled cheese aluminum foils from the grill grate to cool down. Allison begins talking as she does this before suddenly she turns around to face Lydia head on, her voice and face betraying her anger.

“Absol-wait. No. I’m not good.”

Lydia’s face matches the concerned tone in her voice as she asks, “What’s wrong babe?”

“I can’t do this any more!”

Lydia’s face immediately falls at Allison’s words, the hurt and rejection she feels blatantly on display. The fear in the idea of Allison giving up on them, of losing this new and amazing thing they have, of losing her best friend in the whole wide world is enough to make her voice sound small and uncertain, shaking slightly as she asks another question.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t do this! I can’t just go around being all couple-ly with you when I know you are going to break up with me any day now! I don’t want to wait for that moment to happen, constantly being alert that this might be our last kiss or moment as a couple. I rather just go through it now than suffer through that.”

Allison’s words confuse Lydia even further, she shakes her head back and forth as if it will help the words make sense in her own mind.

“Wait what? We just had really amazing sex… Why do you think I’m going to break up with you Allison?”

Allison’s anger fuels her energy as she begins to gesture her frustration with her hands.

“Yeah, that sex was our last big “hooray” before the end-to get it out of our system one last time! Lydia, over the past couple of days you’ve been arguing with me about the dumbest shit, trying to micromanage our plans to a “t”, always being out of bed before I wake up in the mornings, and you’ve been distant with me since Texas. At first I thought it was just the road trip and being cramped, but today when you tried to make a plan for every single waking moment of the day I realized that you wanted to pull away to make the break up easier before we got to Beacon Hills.”


“It’s okay Lydia. I just don’t want to be in a relationship that I know is going to end. I’ll even do the breaking up for you-”

Lydia realizes immediately that Allison misread her behaviors over the past couple of days and her eyes go wide as she registers that her girlfriend is about to break up with her over some stupid misunderstandings. She grabs Allison by her upper arms, jostling her a little to make her stop her tirade. Allison stops talking to look down into Lydia’s face.

“No! No it is not okay Allison! I don’t want to break up with you!”

Now it is Allison’s turn to be confused, her eyebrows come together again as she narrows her eyes slightly at Lydia.


“I do not want to break up with you! I didn’t mean to pull away from you at all… It’s just the closer that we get to returning to Beacon Hills, the more anxious I’m becoming.”

“What's making you anxious? Us?”

“No it's... well this road trip has been amazing... It has been so fucking nice to get away from everything in Beacon Hills and it has been even nicer getting closer to you. I’m anxious about going back to that place that crawls with bad things because I'm feel like good can't survive there. And maybe I’m anxious about us…”

Allison doesn’t say anything, just raises her eyebrow slightly quietly edging Lydia on to continue talking.

“I have no idea what we're doing Allison! I’ve never liked a girl before you! What are our friends and family going to say? Wait, never mind. I don’t even care actually what they think but I know that I care a whole lot about you and I don’t want to fuck up. I have no idea what I'm doing! You know I hate not knowing what I am doing and I'd hate to hurt you even more.”

Allison’s face softens as she shuffles closer to Lydia, she leans down to rest her forehead against Lydia’s. Lydia takes a deep breath, steeling herself and regaining her composure.

“I don’t know what I am doing but... I know I’m with you which makes it okay in some weird way and that kinda scares me, in a good way, but it still scares me. I’m sorry I’ve been distant the past couple of days, this has all been going on in my head.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing either boo but I know I’m happy with you. And that means more to me than knowing what the fuck I am doing cause I can learn as long as you are willing to deal with my fumbling and messing up, but I can’t necessarily have this happiness with someone else even if I know 100% what I am doing.”

Lydia smiles up at Allison, kisses her sweetly and gently with a way that conveys her gratitude. Allison pulls back, her gaze serious and fond.

“But you need to tell me these things Lydia. Our relationship isn’t going to be easy, it's probably going to be messy, confusing, and hard when we get back to Beacon Hills. But if we talk about stuff, like our feelings, I'm positive can still be together. I’m willing to try at least because I think our relationship will be worth it.”

“I can’t promise I’ll be good at talking about my feelings but I will try.”

“Good. So we aren’t breaking up?”

“No. We're definitely not breaking up.”

“Perfect. You good boo?”

“Absolutely babe.”

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Allison and Lydia are leaning against the hood of their car, watching the lights on the large suspension bridge in San Francisco slowly twinkle to life as the sun begins to set, making the historic bridge look truly golden in the magnificent light. The sky is an array of beautiful colors that match the cool breeze blowing through the air. It causes Allison to snuggle in closer to Lydia’s side. They sit in comfortable silence, happy quiet smiles on their face as they simply take in the breathtaking scene on the last night of their road trip. Despite having lived in different places in California over the years, this is Allison’s first time visiting San Fransisco. Lydia’s more than pleased to share this special moment with her.

“Wow. This view is in tents!”

Allison remarks, a goofy grin on her face in reference to the terrible pun Lydia made while in Yosemite Park. Every since that night, Allison tries to use the pun whenever she needs an adjective to describe something just to make Lydia laugh. It works without fail for probably the fifth time that day. Lydia laughs heartily, her shoulders shaking with the effort.

"That doesn't make sense Allison! Stop trying to make it work!"

"It can work if I want it to!"

Lydia smiles as she bumps her shoulder against Allison's as she shakes her head fondly.

"God I love you babe-"

Lydia freezes the moment the words leave her mouth, her eyes widen in surprise as she turns to see Allison regarding her with an equally surprised facial expression. They both rush to respond, speaking in a flustered manner at the same time,

"I love you too!"
"I mean it!"

They both pause as they let the other's words sink in, relief spills out of them in the form of blushing giggles. Allison kisses Lydia's forehead sweetly, she stays in close to lean their foreheads together. The smile on her lips matching Lydia's perfectly.

"When did you realize that you love me?"

Lydia's smile turns smug as she replies nonchalantly,

"Oh somewhere along the way..."

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