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When Allison wakes up, the first thing she notices is how stiff her neck from sleeping in the car at a weird angle. She sits up slowly, rubbing at the ache as she rolls her neck gently to test out the amount of damage. Lydia’s sleep filled voice cuts through her mental survey of the pain.

“I told you that you could use my sweatshirt as a pillow last night. How much do you regret not listening to my advice?”

Allison grunts noncommittally, unwilling to give Lydia the satisfaction of being right first thing in the morning. Lydia’s quiet giggle makes her look up in confusion, remembering that their alarm has yet to go off. That is when Allison notices a second thing, her arm, that is asleep, is still holding Lydia’s perfectly manicured one across the center console of the car. Physical proof that yesterday’s kiss was real; that their relationship is real. She grins to herself at the memory of Lydia’s lips on hers and Lydia continues talking as if she can read Allison’s mind.

“So I see being in a relationship doesn’t change the fact that you are nonverbal before your first cup of coffee...”

Allison rolls her eyes but the smile still on her lips dampens any negative connotation her gesture could possibly have. Lydia holds her gaze for moment, sharing a quiet smile before she gets up to start stretching.

“Stiles texted me last night to say that we have to go to the main Ben&Jerry’s in Vermont to try the Vermonster before we travel all the way up to Acadia.”

Reluctantly, Allison releases Lydia’s hand to adjust her seat so she can drive. She drums her fingers on the steering wheel of the car, biting on her lower lip trying to remember where she has heard of a Vermontser before.


“He says don’t google it but we should bring the appetite equivalent of Scott and Isaac combined.”

“So two high school werewolf boys?”

“Hmmm… apparently.”

“I don’t think there is enough weed in the world for me to be able to have an appetite like that.”

Lydia’s laughs in response as she too adjusts her seat for the long drive ahead of them. She plugs her phone into the car’s stereo, her playlist fills the car as Allison pulls onto the highway to start the next leg of their journey together.

(When they arrive at Ben&Jerry’s, the beautiful weather has everyone outside and craving something sweet. By the time they reach the counter, they have seen three mini armies of people with Vermonster buckets packed with twenty scoops of ice cream with various toppings, whipped cream, and cherries. Lydia texts Stiles back saying, “I think you underestimated the challenge. The appetite of the whole pack is needed.” It’s the first direct communication they have had with the pack [excluding parents] for the entire trip but it feels right.)

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It only takes an hour of hiking for Lydia and Allison to stumble upon the perfect camping spot to spend the night. It’s a wooden deck area that overlooks a small portion of an ocean inlet, surrounded by tall thick trees. It doesn’t have a fire pit but there at least half a dozen campsites in the area that do. After wrestling with her new cocoon tent for thirty minutes, Allison steps back with Lydia to admire her handiwork at the frustrating task. Lydia shrugs and begins saying that it looks a little but Allison silences that sentence with a single look that threatens Lydia with the prospect of sleeping tentless. So Lydia effortlessly changes the topic to it being the perfect time for a walk.

They walk for about two miles on a path that is supposed to lead them to the ocean and a lighthouse, when Allison starts laughing quietly to herself like she is trying to hold it in. Lydia looks back at her with an eyebrow raised, silently asking what is so funny. That simple and familiar gesture is enough to cause Allison to lose whatever little control she has over herself, she leans forward, laughing hard, and clutching her stomach. Lydia can’t stop the grin that spreads across her lips at the simple fact that Allison’s happiness is contagious to her. Allison struggles to find a breathe to explain her hysterics,

“L-l-lydia! You! You kissed-kissed me! We kissed!”

Lydia’s smile diminishes slightly at the path this conversation seems to be going, not understanding what is so funny about it because the only explanations she has makes a rock form in the pit of her stomach.

“Yes… yes we did, Allison.”

Allison notices the corners of Lydia’s smile are beginning to turn down and how her body seems rigid. She manages to tamper her laughter down to a giggle, a big joyous smile still on her lips.

“We kissed Lydia! And it was amazing. Why did we wait so long?”

Lydia exhales on heavy sigh filled with anxiety, the rock in her stomach dissolves immediately into laughter that bubbles out of her as she rolls her eyes affectionately.

“I don’t know Allison. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time.”
“Or maybe we were both just dumb.”

Then Allison erupts in laughter again as if the idea of the two of them being dumb is seriously the funniest thing in the world to her. As suddenly as she started laughing, she stops and looks back to Lydia, who is regarding her with a tilted head and hands on her hips. Allison’s eyes go wide in clear realization of a very important idea.

“Do you think the pack always knew we were lesbians?”

“Probably not because we aren’t really lesbians, probably much closer to bisexual on the Kinsey scale. Besides, collectively we have either slept with or kissed the entire pack. Why are you suddenly thinking about this and finding it so hysterical? You sound high...”

Allison starts laughing again and mutters to herself as she begins searching her pockets.

“Oh fuck. I forgot I bought these cookies while I was waiting for you in Seattle! I didn’t know I bought edibles! Oh my god. Fuck! Lydia! I am high!”

Allison laughs harder as Lydia removes a small container from her hands that has the label ”High on Cloud 9 Bake Goods” with two chocolate chip cookies left. Lydia starts laughing with Allison, shaking her head at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Really Allison? You had no idea? Did you read the label?”

“Well now it makes sense why I had to show I.D… Shhh-stop judging me. I saved you two at least?”

Allison bats her eyes down at Lydia, a goofy smile still playing loosely on her lips. When Lydia looks back up, Allison’s face is so much closer to hers than seconds ago. Lydia’s breath catches in her throat at the site of her beautiful girlfriend, cheeks red from laughter and clear shining eyes just for her.

“Come on Lydia, get high as fuck with me and we can admire how beautiful nature is together.”

Sappy words about Allison’s beauty spring into Lydia’s mind, but she distracts herself from actually voicing them by eating the two cookies. When she finishes chewing her last bite, Allison leans in two more inches to capture her lips. Lydia immediately braces her arms on Allison’s and pulls away a couple of inches before the kiss distracts her.

“Allison. While that cookie was delicious, it tasted like weed. How did you not notice that they tasted weird?”

A sheepish smile comes across Allison’s lips as she ducks her head, a blush forms on her cheeks as she returns her eyes back to Lydia’s face.

“I was so hungry. I just figured they were stale…”

At the embarrassed confession that stumbles out of Allison’s lips, Lydia laughs in response and rests her forehead against Allison’s. Their faces are so close, that it is impossible to not go cross eyed to maintain eye contact.

“Reasonable, babe.”

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By the time Allison and Lydia return to their little campsite, the sun is just beginning to set and their high wore off. They are debating the pros and cons of making friends with another campsite so they can have a hot dinner, but at the same time it sounds exhausting. Just as they reach their tent, the scent of weed hits both of them at the same time. They turn to each, sporting matching grins.

“Let’s befriend those people.”

“We can even bribe their friendship with our s'mores supplies and extra hot dogs…”

“I’m going to bring our own joint though. Just incase they don’t share well.”

They leave their campsite again, with a backpack of new provisions, Lydia holds Allison’s hand to lead them to source of the smell. When they finally find the source, there is a dying out fire and a group of college aged kids laughing and completely oblivious to their surroundings. Allison pulls up short right behind Lydia, in front of the pathetic attempt at a fire.

“You know, if you want to mask the obvious scent of weed, you actually have to keep the fire going.”

Allison ducks her head onto Lydia’s shoulder to hide her chuckle as the group turns around startled, one guy belatedly attempts to hide the pipe behind his back. A guy in a gray sweatershirt steps forward to squint at Lydia and Allison, he relaxes immediately when he realizes they are not Park Rangers; he speaks up first,

“Fuck! You nearly gave me a heart attack! Don’t pull that kinda shit! Dude, if you can get that fire going, you can join us.”

Lydia rolls her eyes, muttering in response as she bends down to readjust the fire into her successful teepee design she made on the peninsula in Seattle.

“Of course, I can.”

Allison smiles sweetly as she reaches into their backpack and removes a bag of marshmallows.

“We thought you might have the munchies so we brought treats to share!”

The guy in the sweatshirt steps closer to them, his eyes slightly glassy with a goofy grin on his lips. He extends his hand to Allison,

“Wow, you’re practically a godsend! I’m Jason by the way.”

“I’m Allison! And this is Lydia!”

Allison says as she shakes his hand, gesturing towards where Lydia is coaxing the fire back to life. A couple walks over, arms linked, one in a ratty Red Sox hat and the other with thick dark frames.

“The fire is alive! Our Saviors! I’m Sam and this is Alex. We’re just about to have some dinner, want to join us?”

Lydia stands back up, turns her attention back to the couple.

“Depends if what you are eating is any better than hot dogs.”

“It’s the same…”

Jason perks up immediately at this, clasping his hands together.

“So you’ll stay! We can all take another hit post dinner.”

“I’m sold if you are Allison.”

Allison nods her consent as they head further into the campsite, meeting the rest of the entourage in the midst of preparing dinner. Somehow, they end up spending the next two hours sitting around the campfire with these complete strangers talking about life, swapping stories, and playing guitar. When Allison mentions something about entering their senior year of high school, Jason nearly falls out of his folding chair, claiming they are the coolest high schoolers he has ever met.

It is about midnight by the time Sam convinces Jason it’s time for another smoke. By this time in the night, Allison and Lydia are not sitting next to each other due to different conversations. Allison is sitting between a girl playing a guitar and Jason, while Alex is debating with Lydia on the log bench across the fire.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lydia can see Jason shamelessly flirting with Allison who seems to be oblivious. Lydia tries to clamp down on the jealousy that rises when Jason makes Allison laugh or the fact that his leg is pressed up against hers. Every time Lydia makes eye contact with her, they share private sweet smiles that make it a little easier to swallow down that jealousy.

On the first pass of the pipe, Allison simply gives it to the guitar girl next to her. Lydia raises an eyebrow at Allison while she takes her own hit off the pipe, enjoying the tickle of the smoke as she inhales deeply. She exhales slowly as she realizes that Allison’s shrug simply means that she has no clue how to use a pipe. A brilliant plan (like all of her plans are) comes to her mind as she stands up. Tucking her hair behind her ears, she crosses to where Allison is sitting. Allison beams up at her, gently patting the space on her lap, signaling for Lydia to sit down. Lydia sits so her knees resting on the log bench as she straddles Allison’s legs, her face inches from Allison’s. Allison rests her hands on Lydia’s thighs, drawing circles while Lydia keeps her hands in the small space between them. She notices that next to them, Jason is taking another hit as he takes in the scene of them. Allison beaming smile never wavers, especially as she whispers in a soft and happy voice.

“Hey girlfriend.”

“Hey. Wanna shotgun babe?”

Lydia watches the instantaneous response her words trigger in Allison: her eyes dilate and her grip tightens on Lydia’s thighs. Her whisper soft response is a little rougher when she replies with a faint, “yeah” charging the air between them. Lydia smirks in response to the soft “shit” that Jason lets out as he passes her the pipe.

Lydia leans back slightly to give her more space, trusting Allison to keep her from toppling which she does by moving one hand from Lydia’s thigh to her waist. Lydia takes her hit and inhales deep, locking her eyes on Allison’s as she passes the pipe to the guitar girl next to them. In her mind she counts to three before leaning back in towards Allison, who is biting her lip in anticipation. Lydia tilts her head to the side a little and puts both her hands on the smooth skin of Allison’s jaw. Allison licks her lips as just as Lydia closes her eyes to seal her mouth over Allison’s. She exhales slowly, enjoying the sweet lips under hers and how it feels when Allison’s throat opens as she inhales. When Lydia finishes exhaling, she opens her eyes, pulling her chin back so she can rest her forehead on Allison’s while she holds the smoke in. Allison exhales through her nose, causing a slight cough and some smoke to leave through her mouth. Lydia grins,

“You were perfect babe.”

Allison dives back in for another kiss, as if that single phrase ignites a fire in her veins that she wants to share with Lydia, wants to share some of that warmth. Her hand moves up Lydia’s thigh and the other one searches for the skin under her shirt. Lydia’s hand goes to the back of Allison’s head to pull her mouth closer to hers. Allison’s tongue sweeps across Lydia’s lips but before Lydia has a chance to part her lips, Allison pulls away. She smirks up at Lydia.

“Thanks boo.”

Lydia scrunches her nose in slight protest of the ridiculous pet name but with that smirk on Allison’s face, she isn’t going to deny her. A slow clap from behind Lydia brings them back to the present and the fact that they aren’t alone. Lydia turns her head to survey the scene, pretty much everyone is staring. Jason is holding the pipe again and is the first to recover.

“Wow. First off, didn’t peg you as girlfriends. Second, that was hands down the hottest thing I have ever seen. Shit. Wanna go again?”

Lydia is about to say yes, just to rub it in Jason’s face that she gets to do things like this with Allison because they are dating. But Allison speaks up before she has a chance.

“Thanks but we are gonna head to bed. We have another long trip ahead of us tomorrow. It was nice meeting you guys!”

Lydia stands up, offering her hand to help Allison up off the bench. They both giggle when Allison collides with her, feeling the small effects from a little weed. Allison grabs Lydia’s hand and begins to pull her towards their campsite, Lydia turns to wave bye one last time.

“Good night! Have a nice life everyone!”

Back in their tent, Allison barely has the lamp turned on before Lydia is on her. Lydia straddles her lap for the second time that night, her hands scramble under Allison’s sweater as she kisses her lips hard. Allison’s hand flies to Lydia’s curls, the other back to her hip and up her shirt. Lydia pulls back, a smiles that radiates pure joy on her face.

“You called me your girlfriend.”

“You are my girlfriend… I’m not ashamed to be dating you Lydia.”

That gives Lydia pause, letting the truth in her words sink deep into her body. She leans back a little and removes her shirt. She moves back in, holding Allison’s face in her hands.

“I’m not ashamed either. I want everyone to know.”

She makes her words a promise that she kisses into Allison’s mouth, feels their teeth clank as they grin stupidly in a way that only happens after smoking. Allison peels off her sweater before returning her hands to Lydia’s head and hip. Allison leans until she is laying down on the sleeping bag, pulling Lydia down on top of her. Her hand scrambles to turn off the lantern before continuing its exploration of the smooth curves of Lydia’s body. Her hands converge on Lydia’s bra and they shake a little as she unhooks it, her hands eager to touch more skin. She feels her bra become unhooked as well and Lydia pulls away slightly to remove it, her hands trailing slowly up Allison’s bare stomach, her eyes cataloging every beauty mark and scar, biting her lip as she does so, a sign that she is concentrating fully on this one task.

When Lydia’s fingers reach her boobs and gives a gentle squeeze, Allison sucks in a breath-tightening her grip on Lydia’s hips. Lydia’s eyes shoot up to hers to watch her reaction as she takes a nipple in between her thumb and pointer finger, pinching gently then rubbing back and forth. Allison lets out a soft moan at the feeling, even in the darkness she can see the gleam in Lydia’s eyes at the sound she makes and it turns her on even more. Allison reaches up and pulls Lydia’s head down to hers so she can kiss her soft lips. Lydia’s hand switches its attention to her other nipple as Allison snakes her hand up to Lydia’s boob. Her first squeeze catches Lydia off guard and when she parts her mouth on a sharp inhale, Allison takes the opportunity to make the kiss dirtier by licking her mouth. Lydia lets out groan as she unconsciously grinds her hips down on Allison’s which elicits a gasp from Allison’s lips.

Allison’s hands travel lower to the top of Lydia’s skirt but hands stop hers from proceeding lower. She looks up when Lydia whispers a quiet confession.

“I have no idea what I am doing...”

“Me neither. We can wait though before we touch eachoth-”

“Could we? Please?
Honestly, I think I could get off just like this, feeling your skin against mine.”

“Yeah? Me too, well, I think this could help…”

Allison says as she parts her legs a little more until one of Lydia’s legs falls in between hers. Allison lifts her thigh so she can rub Lydia’s clit through her underwear. Lydia closes her eyes as a surprised moan falls from her lips as she mutters, “fuck”. Allison winks at her playfully but before she can reply, Lydia cuts her off with a dirty kiss of tongue and teeth. Their boobs touch against each other for the first time and they both groan at the foreign sensation. Lydia bites on Allison’s lower lip then quickly kisses it in an apology. Her mouth trails down Allison’s jaw, peppering it with kisses. Her hands return to Allison’s boobs when she begins to bite Allison’s sensitive neck. Allison’s hands fly to Lydia’s back, trying in vain to pull their bodies closer than they already are, her hands slipping for purchase on Lydia’s soft skin. Any movement causes an increase in pressure on both of their clits from where their thighs are, which only makes Allison writhe more under Lydia’s attention.

Lydia’s kisses don’t stop at her neck either, they continue down her chest to her boobs. She licks a nipple and is delighted by Allison’s response. She blows air on the wet stripe she licked to watch her nipple harden before biting at it. Allison moans at the sensation, shamelessly grinding against Lydia’s thigh, looking for relief in the form of more pressure on her clit. While Lydia alternates between biting and licking Allison’s nipple, her hand squeezes and pinches the other one. Allison’s hand tangles itself in Lydia’s strawberry blonde curls and pulls her closer to her chest. Her whisper of praise is broken by little moans and gasps,

“Lydia… yeah… fuck. please… please don’t stop. That feels so fucking good.”

Lydia switches her mouth to the other nipple and her hand to the bruised one. Allison sucks in a deep breath at the sensation of soft skin against her tender nipple before she is guiding Lydia back up to her mouth for a filthy, desperate kiss. Their tongues fight for dominance before Allison wins, gripping Lydia’s neck tight as her thighs tighten around Lydia’s. A soft moan escapes Allison’s mouth as she finally finds her release. Lydia grinds down on Allison’s thigh, trailing Allison. Their kisses turn sweet and tired as they both relax into each other’s arms. Lydia pulls the sleeping bag over them as Allison gently scratches her scalp.

“That. That was amazing.”

“I have to agree. It was.”

“Even though I didn’t really get to get you off…”

“Are you kidding me? Those noises you were making when I was biting your nipple were getting me off.”

“Damn. Why is the idea of you getting pleasure from giving me pleasure so hot?”

“I’m not complaining. Now, we do have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. I think we should get some rest. Good night, babe.”

“Good night, boo.”

Allison says with a gentle kiss to the top of Lydia’s head where is nestled in her arm. She tightens her arm around Lydia’s waist, pulling her flush against her side again before she closes her eyes, falling into a deep sleep aided by the warmth of her girlfriend.

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