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Snippets: Dragon Age Origins Awakenings Appreciation Week

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The Wending Wood, adventures in the Wending Wood, the ruins in the Wending Wood, etc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profit from this fanfiction.

pairing: Theo Mahariel x Zevran Arainai x Anders x Nathaniel Howe ot4


Theo sighed as Oghren talked about the Darkspawn taking his things. Velanna seemed displeased as well, and Sigrun was decidedly laughing a bit at the situation. Creators, he couldn’t wait to get back to the others at the Keep, this day was a nightmare.

He could only imagine what Zevran would have said if… wait…

“Mi Amor?” Zevran asked, walking up with Anders, Justice, and Nathaniel.

“When you were taking so long, we were starting to get worried.” Nathaniel commented.

“We tracked you here through Zevran’s abilities at tracking.” Anders commented.

Theo groaned. “My things were stolen… trust me, I woke up in a cell, did you have to kill some Darkspawn to get down here?” he asked.

“Yes, and a spot of iconoclasm was fun too.” Anders commented.

“Well, I still can’t leave until-” Theo began to say.

He spotted the Darkspawn ahead wearing his clothes. He growled and went to attack, he needed his things back. Anders sighed. “He’d be lost without us, truly.” he snarked.

“That is true, we leave him alone for one mission and see what happens.” Zevran commented as he attacked some more Darkspawn.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to be punished later for your transgressions, making us worry.” Anders teased Theo.

Theo rolled his eyes. “I love you all too.” he commented.

Justice frowned. “What would a proper punishment for being kidnapped-” he began to ask.

“It’s not literal.” Nathaniel tried to explain.

Zevran was snickering… Theo knew he’d never live this down.


AN: thank you all for reading ^^