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Should Be An Interesting Year

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Kurt walked down the hall of his new, all-male dorm. It was early September and the move-in day of his first semester in college had finally come after a long, pleasant summer. Sure, so this place was no NYADA—it wasn't any college in New York and it was just an hour or two from home in fact—but Ohio State had a theater program, and Kurt planned on performing at his best no matter where he landed.


Plus, he thought as Burt and Finn followed behind, carrying boxes and talking of football, he was really happy to be getting a new start. He was nervous too; it was kind of scary, living on his own and having to fend for himself entirely, but he couldn't help but feel excited as he dropped the box at his feet and slid the key card through the handle.


He couldn't help but feel like, after a senior year of losses, battles, and changing course, he'd finally made it to the next part of his life.


Kurt opened the door, however, picking up the box and taking it a few steps inside, to find himself staring at his new roommate apparent. He knew this guy. Tall, slender dirty blonde dressed in a shirt so v-necked and fitted, you just knew he was gay. Leaning back in a desk chair, legs propped on the desk, reading a glossy magazine and a mischievous smile painted across his snarky face. Directed at Kurt.


Sebastian Smythe.


Sebastian was one person Kurt had certainly hoped he'd seen the last of last year, the heated lead Warbler who hardly took no for an answer when it came to stirring up trouble, and trying to steal Kurt’s boyfriend, among other things. This was who was going to be sharing this space with him, raining on his brand-new parade. Great.


"Kurt," Sebastian said. His voice was like liquid going down Kurt's back. "It's great to see you again."


Kurt was about to ask what kind of strings Sebastian pulled to manage this, how he found out—but Burt and Finn walked in, causing the tension in the room to break and settle. Causing Kurt to resume his movement and drop the first box of many on the only spare bed in the room, pensively.


Burt looked over at Sebastian expectantly.


"You two know uh, each other?" he said then, to his son.


Kurt flushed at the question.


"We, uh." He dropped his voice to a whisper. “He’s, you know. That guy. With Blaine.”




"Sebastian Smythe." Sebastian cut off their whispering by suddenly appearing, tall and grand and in their faces. He forwardly held a hand out to Burt. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Hummel, I was a—friend of Blaine's, back at Dalton."


Friend is far from the correct terminology, Kurt thought. He watched their handshake, scowled internally at the meeting of those hands with his father's. Who knows where they’d been, from Grindr to the nearest bathroom stall, in the last day?


Burt nodded at Sebastian, and did that thing men do when appreciating the firmness of each other’s handshakes. Kurt rolled his eyes.


"Did you two, uh," Burt said, flickering his eyes between his son and this taller boy, "go to school together, when Kurt was there?"


"Unfortunately, no," Sebastian replied, flashing his gaze over at a very tense-looking Kurt, "I transferred for my last year, but, of course, I heard all about him. Your son was quite the countertenor for the Warblers, and everyone knew that he and Blaine were very, very close."


As Burt asked some other surface-level questions about the Dalton show choir which then turned into football – come on, Dad, stop having bro talk with the enemy – Finn raised a clueless eyebrow at the growing discussion, glancing over at his brother.


When the light bulb clicked on, Finn cupped a hand around his mouth.


"Wait a sec, this is that guy." He no doubt recalled the second night of their West Side Story opening, when Sebastian had come bringing flowers for Blaine, in front of everyone.


"Yes. In the flesh."


"Y'know I could'a sworn they went all-league this year," Burt was saying to Sebastian now, on some other note. "But I'm no good with remembering stats anymore, not since the heart attack–Kurt?"


Kurt smiled and perked up at his father. He could feel Sebastian's stare was on him, too; he didn't want it there.


"We still have a couple of trips to make," Burt said. "'xcuse us, Sebastian, we're runnin' a little short on time here—"


"No, it's no problem." Sebastian grinned.


"Of course, right," Kurt quipped, as Finn and Burt walked towards the door.


"I'll just—I'll be out to the car in a minute, Dad," Kurt attached. "I'd just like to say a little something to my good old best friend Sebastian here, if you don't mind." He clasped his hands colloquially, and Sebastian looked amused. "Roommate agreements, general catching up, what have you. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be quick."


Burt raised an eyebrow, gave him an amused, "Okay," Finn's eyes grew a bit wide; the two of them left the room.


Soon as the door shut, Kurt whipped his eyes back 'round toward Sebastian.


"Well if this isn't a fantastic 'welcome home' present than I don't know what is," Kurt said. Sebastian laughed.


"I mean it when I say that it's great to see you, Kurt," he said, leaning against the post of his newly-claimed bed.


"Really," Kurt droned.


"Really," Sebastian repeated, giving him a small wink.


"And why would there be anything good about seeing me?" Kurt asked.


"You know how badly I get a kick out of watching you squirm," Sebastian returned, biting the inside of his cheek. "Living together, sharing close quarters with you and that steadfast gay face.You can't possibly imagine my excitement."


"It's great to see that your leaky little brain still hasn't come up with any better insults for me than 'gay face'—"


"Ohio State?" Sebastian spoke again, walking predatory levels of close to Kurt. "Guess your big New York dreams crashed and burned?"


"And what of yours? They didn't burn. They just changed. Change is a part of life."


"And Blaine?" Sebastian prompted.


"We're still together," Kurt fired back.




"It is."


"Your disillusionment with how tied you two are is adorable."


"And your jealousy of the fact that Blaine never wanted you is so pungent that I could smell it from the parking lot."


Sebastian chuckled. "Blaine is irrelevant."


"Yes, he is now, isn't he?" Kurt sang.


"Here's the thing," Sebastian said, squaring off with Kurt before him. "Apparently we're going to be spending a lot of time together—"


"As little as I can stand," Kurt cut in.


"I plan on having sex," Sebastian told him promisingly. "On the bed, on the floor, in the shower, and probably on top of that pretty little windowsill, right next to your bed—"


"Well it's a good thing STDs aren't transferable through air contact."


"I know that you're about as prude as they come, so I'm just letting you know now, that this is a warning. I'm not up for compromise."


"Do whatever, or whoever, you want," Kurt said with a flick of his hand. "And when Blaine comes to stay the night I'll make sure to fill you in."


"Fine," Sebastian said. "Should be an interesting year, then."


"Enthralling," Kurt returned.


"Can't wait."


"Oh, neither can I."


And that was when Burt and Finn stepped in again, rapidly dissolving the tension. Carrying a full sized mirror, a foldable bookshelf, and several bags full of the contents of Kurt's armoire.


Kurt smiled and Sebastian moved away from his side, returning to the back half of the room and the chair he'd been fixed in before.


"Figure out some ground rules?" Burt asked, piling things on the bed, his back to the two of them.


"I think so," Sebastian said, nodding at Kurt from behind his book.


Kurt glared at him.


"Good," Burt said, hands on his son’s shoulders, walking him away from the fight. "So that means you can come back down, 'n help us get all of your things out from that trunk—"


Sebastian leveled his eyes at Kurt soundly, then once he was gone, smiled widely into the pages of his book.


This really was going to be an interesting year.