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The beginning and the End.

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Misha walked onto the studio parking lot; it was a breezy but sunny day in British Columbia. He missed his family, but he knew that he would be home soon - after all, he had only been commissioned to do six episodes of the show Supernatural. He hadn't heard of Supernatural before, but he had got the call through his agent and had snatched it up immediately, not having had any other gigs recently. Watching the show in preparation for the job had been enjoyable, both because the writing was good and the fact that he liked the look of the main actors, who were both good looking in his books.

Misha would have been happy to play a demon, but the network had rung his agent at the last minute and had changed their minds, so he was now playing an angel. Something new to put in his portfolio he supposed. He had done charmed back in 1999 and had enjoyed the brief dalliance into the supernatural, so he couldn't wait to get his teeth into the show.

He took a crumpled map out of his pocket and looked for directions to, the central office. He showed his visitors pass through security and walked up to a small, red brick building marked the main office. He had come to Vancouver earlier that week to try on his costume, but he had not seen the primary compound where they shot the show. He had tried the beige trench coat and black suit and thought little of it told them it would be ok, after all, he would only be wearing it for a short time. (If he had known then he would have to wear it on the show for many years to come he would have picked something better.) He was to meet the director of his first shoot Kim Manners and the stars of the show Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.


He found the office with little trouble and knocked on the door. 'Well here goes Misha put your game face on' He thought to himself.
He always hid behind jokes and laughter its how he coped with what life threw at him, and life had not always been so kind. With a shout from inside, he took a deep breath and placed a winning smile on his face, and started on a journey that would impact his life forever.

"Misha is it?" Said the man with long light brown hair sitting in the chair to Misha's right.

"Yeah um, that’s me." Smiled Misha feeling apprehensive.

"Good, I’m Kim Manners one of the directors, and this is Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, you will be working close with our guys, you'll meet with Eric and our other writers soon. We have a busy day planned, and by the way have you been told you’re playing an angel now?

"Yes, I had to come for a costume fitting.” Stated Misha.

"That’s great, well see you guys on set," Said Kim grabbing his case and hurrying out the door.

"So," Said Jensen, "You watched the show before?"

"Erm Yeah, I've caught a couple of Episodes." Said Misha in awe at the handsome man before him.

"What do you think?" said Jensen trying to engage with the blue-eyed stranger.

"I liked it; I even brought season one." Acknowledged Misha trying his best to make a good impression.

"We may be on a smaller network, but we have a loyal fan base," Said Jared. "They will so go nuts over angels coming into the show."

Dam thought Jensen 'The man had eyes the color of the sea on a tropical island.' He could not help but stare.

"Well, I thought I was a demon until last week, but I like the idea of an angel all warrior of God; smiting stuff. Not seen the script, yet though.” Misha laughed.

"Oh, Said Jensen in surprise. “Most people think angels are sweet and, live on fluffy clouds. Your right their warriors, of God. I think that's what they're going for on the show. You better pick the script up, and improvise a lot.” Jensen was warming up to this gorgeous actor.

"Yeah, I can so do that.” Said Misha, not at all convinced.

Jared raised an eyebrow. 'Strange dude.' He thought to himself.

"Well anyway, we best be going, follow us." Instructed Jensen in his gruff voice.

They turned out of the main office towards a bank of trailers. There were serval massive hangers that they passed. They were several smaller buildings that stored equipment, props, and cameras. To the right of them, sat two large lorries though they sat idle near a chain linked fence. The trailers themselves were all lined up in a row, they all had a uniform color of beige, they were large things, which Misha mused could house a family of eight and still live in comfort.

"Guess stars share a trailer, over yonder." Jared pointed over to a trailer with two doors. "We get our own." He smirked.

Jensen smacked Jared on his arm. "Big head" Jensen muttered.

"Ouch well, we do" Jared pouted.

Jensen shook his head. "Come on make-up then dress up time. I can't wait to see what an angel wares."

"You'll be disappointed, its very holy tax accountant.” Snorted Misha shaking his head.

"Really, well still I’d like to see it" Laughed Jensen.

Jared walked behind the two men and felt slightly left out, Jensen did not usually take to strangers like this. Shame the rule was no pranking guest stars he would have loved to prank this strange guy.




Jensen showed the older actor the dress-up trailer, and the boys went to their trailer to change. Misha got hold of his costume, and one of the runners showed him the way.

“Thanks." Said, Misha. “Erm, what’s your name.” Asked Misha wanting to appear friendly.

“Brad, if you need me to show you around let me know.”

“Sure thanks." Said Misha, thinking people on set so far seemed friendly.

He got dressed and tried his hardest to put the blue tie on, but it looked backward. He gave up after the fifth attempt. He looked into the small mirror in the bathroom admiring himself. 'Well, good looking let's go.' Just as he was about to leave there came a knock on the trailer door. Misha opened it to see peridot green eyes staring back at him.

“Hey, dude I thought I would come take you to make-up. Don’t want you getting lost on your first day.” Said Jensen shyly.

“Thanks, Jensen." Said Misha pleasantly surprised. “That’s sweet of you, I've been on many sets before but not as big as this.”

Jensen rubbed the back of his head; he often did that when he was nervous. Why this man made him nervous, he had no clue. “Erm well yeah were a family dude.”

Misha thought about that smile and felt he could get used to it. It made his inside's warm, and butterflies erupt in his stomach. But there was no point dwelling on it; he would not be here long enough to dwell on it. Maybe if Jensen was not filming, they could grab a drink or a bite to eat when they were back in L.A.

They got to the make-up trailer and Jensen introduce the head of make-up Sharron Coppin and her assistant Sally Barnes.

“Hi, guys,” Said Misha sitting down in a black chair near a bank of mirrors. “How do you want me?" He grinned cheekily.

“Oh, a charmer I see,” Said Sally laughing. "Better watch out for this one Jen.” She winked.

Jensen rubbed the back of his neck and turned a bright shade of red. Jared snorted at his friend and shook his head. It looks like Jen had a little crush on this guest star, he thought to himself.

“Well love.” Said Sharron brushing her fingers through Misha's black bed hair. “Your hair is just amazing all sex hair and the fangirls/boys are going to love that, just some shine on you to stop any glare I think. They will let us know if that needs to be altered.”

'Sex hair' mused Misha he liked the sound of that.
Jared snorted again, and Misha turned to look at him, with a frown on his face. He got the feeling that Jared did not like him.

“Behave Jay,” Said, Jensen in his gravelly voice.

Jared just opened a box of gummy worms and started eating them. He could not prank, but he could tease, the game was on.

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The filming was hard work, and he would often be in bed for around five in the morning, after working through the night. He spoke to Vicki telling her what was going on and how he missed her. She promised she would fly up and see him next weekend, so he looked forward to that. Kim and the other directors were great to work with. The creator and writer of the show Eric Kripke a fascinating man, with so many great ideas for the show. He met Robert Singer whose name they had taken for Dean and Sam’s surrogate dad in the show; it seemed to be a recurring theme.

He got on well with Jim Beaver who played Bobby in the show and all the other cast and stage crew. Jensen was becoming a firm friend. He had never clicked with someone this fast before. Well except for Vicki, but that was different. People found him odd, from the way he dressed to the way he spoke and acted differently. Not everyone took to that, liked different. Jared seemed to dislike Jensen being with him. The taller man would tease him constantly that was all right he was a big boy, but he was fed up with the jealousy.

Misha knew Jared was younger than Jensen. Jensen saw him as an older brother, someone to protect and look after. The lines were blurred between Jensen and Dean it made Misha laugh on occasion. He had not seen that on set before and it was nice to see how close the two men were. Talk about character bleed. Jared saw Misha has a threat though. He thought the older man was taking Jensen away from him. If only they could all just be friends, it would just make life so much better.


Vicki came up, that weekend has promised, and she met the guys. She was not impressed with Jared and the treatment of her husband; she liked Jensen though. She had that twinkle in her eye that told him she knew he liked the guy with the forest green eyes.

He and Vicki had an alternative relationship. They practiced polyamory. Vicky wanted to experiment, and he went with it. In 2007 she had written a book about Threesomes, and he had quite enjoyed it. He was closer sexually to men he supposed, and Vicky was closer to a woman, but they were soul mates. He was not complete without her, and one day he would marry her and have her children.

That did not stop him from falling for Jensen. The green eyes and that ass, yes he was cute. But he was intelligent and kind and sweet, and he was falling hard for the Texan. Vicki knew he told her everything; she was after all his best friend. She said to go for it. What made Misha happy made her happy, she was amazing like that. He started holding Jensen’s hand on set, one day he plucked up the courage entwined their fingers. That smile the other man gave was like the sun would never go down, it took his breath away.

"Jen I really like you," Misha whispered sweetly into the younger man's ear.

"Yeah, I know. I don't know what spell you have me under Mish. I'm shy with new people, but with you, I feel like I have known you forever." Jensen gazed back into blue eyes entranced.

After that, they held hands all the time. Cast and crew started to have to sign waivers, so it did not get out. They had no problems with it, as long as it hurt no one.

Jensen had spoken with Dani; she was all right with their relationship as long as it did not affect her and Jensen's life. She was supportive and happy for her man. She wanted to meet with Misha and Vicki though to see what kind of people they were. Jensen dreaded the day Misha and Dani got together they were very alike, and it would be bad for him no doubt. But he cared so much for these two people he would do anything for them. Dani was raving about this book of Threesomes that Vicki had written, and she wanted to ask questions.

Misha was still struggling with Jared; he did not want to keep bringing it up with his new boyfriend that was not on. When Misha was told, he was going to be kept on until the end of the season all hell broke loose. Jared classed him as the cast and not a guest, so he was now eligible for pranking.

No matter how kind, or friendly he was toward Jared, he would ignore him or make some stupid comments. He had been bullied at school and through his life and, to be honest, it hurt. He would plaster on his smile, and he laughed through it.
When it came to the pranks feet in his balls, a traditional favorite of Jared's. You name it; it would happen. He sometimes wondered how the hell they managed to film anything. Jared and Jensen were like overgrown kids. Messed about all the time. Well, to tell the truth, he gave it back has well. What do they say birds of a feather flock together?




Jared and Genevieve (Who played Ruby in the show) were now dating and seemed to be good together. Misha was glad that Jared had found someone and that he was happy.

There was one particularly bad day on set Jared was being Jared, and it had upset him so much, he had walked off set. He even asked for an hour's break. It had been that stressful, that they had told him he could take an hour off to cool down. Typically they would not cut for anything short of an emergency as time was money. He went to his trailer and grabbed a can of soda, sat down wondering how he could sort this issue out. There was a knock on the trailer door five minutes later; he got up to open it, there to his surprise stood Jensen, Jared, and Genevieve.

"We need to talk," Said Jensen looking at the older man before him. The younger man walking up to the little fridge getting a root beer he knew Misha stocked just for him. He turned and looked at his friends narrowing his eyes in contemplation taking a deep breath to steady himself.

"Well ok then," Said Misha wondering why they were all here in his trailer.

He noticed Jared's head was hung low and Gen was poking him in the back. Genevieve Cortese was a small but beautiful woman. She was a sweet person and a talented actress, but Misha never wanted to get on her bad side, much like Jared was now. He felt sorry for the younger man.

Jensen cleared his throat turning to Misha who had sat down on the small gray couch.

"I have talked with Jared, and he feels that I have been spending too much time with you, Misha. Also, I have Dani, and you have Vicki. Jared feels that’s not fair that we have feelings for each other. I told Jared that you and Vicki are Poly and that I am Bi and Dani has no worries about it. She's even spoken to Vicki, about all this." Jensen waves his arms about dramatically trying to get his point across but instead proceeds to end up sloshing his soda every ware.

Misha frowns at the now sticky mess on the carpet, but Jensen smiles that smile and turn's his insides to goo, so he's not so mad with the fact he as to now clean his trailer up.

Jensen blushes and shrugs an apology at Misha, but the younger man turns his attention to Jared. "I want to make it clear Jared what you have been doing to Misha has not been cool man. Yeah, he's a strange little dude, but he's one of the sweetest, kindest people I know, and you've not even tried to get to know him."

"I'm sorry dude." said, Jared moving over to where Misha was sat facing the older actor. "I guess I've never given you a chance. I'm not like this, promise. What If, say I have kids and their different and they, they...I treated you like crap. I'm sorry. Jen and I have been friends since the show started we are like brothers, and I thought you were taking him away, and I know that’s stupid. Can we start over be friends?"

Jared holds his large hand's out in friendship and apologizes and pulls the Sam puppy dog eyes on full beam. Misha smiles he has no ill feeling towards the younger man, so he stands up and shakes Jared's hand.

"Jared its fine. I know I take a lot of getting used to but if only you give me a chance. My mom always says never trust a book by its cover. I have always wanted us to be friends."

"Yeah but man, so that you know I prank everyone." The younger man grins back at Misha.

Misha winks back at the taller man. "Would not expect anything less. Has long as you won't mind me doing it back."

"Good," Said Gen rolling her eyes. "Thank God that's sorted, keep it that way, or I'll bash your heads together, got it? She point's at the two men in question.

"Yes, Gen." They all say even Jensen. Scared of the smaller woman at that moment.

"See you later then." She smiles and leaves the trailer.

"You have a good lady there brother," Said, Jensen.

"Yeah" Smile's back Jared with a faraway look on his face.

"He's so gone" Said Misha laughing.

"Yeah but you look like that when Vicky is visiting." Said Jensen kindly, coming to sit by his lover.

Misha just nods in agreement.

Jared snorted "Yeah and you both look like that when you stare at each other on and off the set."

"What," Said Misha and Jensen together.

"Seriously." Said Jared, laughing now. "Misha/Castiel looked pissed as hell when Anna/Julie kissed Dean/Jensen on Heaven and Hell. Also what was the hell with the eye fucking about in 'When the Levee Breaks’?” He shakes his head at his friend's complete ignorance. "You know who will pick up on all this don’t you." He smiles a wicked smile.

"What, who." Say's Jensen who is looking puzzled at Jared.

"Err," Said Misha wondering what Jared is implying.

"The fangirls/boys of course. They pick up on everything. I tell you." Giggled Jared looking at the shocked faces of his two friends.

Jensen moans in protest. "We don’t do anything; it's just your imagination Jay."

"You wait and see bro," Said Jared at Comic-con or the Cons it will come up. I bet you both $100 each." Jared holds his hand out to seal the deal.

"You so have a deal man" Mutters Jensen "Easy money."

He shakes Jared's hand no way was Jared right about all this. What he had with Misha was new, and nothing showed on or off the screen for that matter, he was a professional goddammit.

"I'm in" Said Misha "Think you're wrong, though." He shook Jared's hand.

Jared just smiled he knew he was right. He would show them both but would bide his time. It would be the easiest $200 he had ever made in his life.

Misha was glad he had sorted things out with Jared, cleared the air. He must admit the set was a better place to work. The pranks wars went on, but he gave back as good as he got. He was becoming one of the family, something he had never really felt before. A sense of belonging. Yeah, he loved his new job.

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Jared came running up to Misha like an overgrown puppy. Misha smiled at him. "Hey, Jared you ok?"

"Yeah, I see you're going to your first convention."

"Yep tell me, will it be bad?" Misha was a little worried he had heard horror stories about fan conventions off other actors.

"No, like I said our fans are great very loyal and protective of us. Best fans in the world dude." Jared smiled back at Misha.

"That's good, just hope they like me then." Misha's smile faulted.

"Hey come on Misha they will love you, as we all do." Jared smiled at the man, trying to put him at ease.

Misha grinned at the comment and wanted to hug the younger man; he was so glad they were getting to know each other.

"I need to tell you though I can't come to New Jersey. I said I would show you around and be there for you but family emergency and-." Jared stopped and swallowed hard and rubbed his eyes, trying not to get upset.

Misha saw how upset the younger man was getting and decided to put him at ease. "Hey don't worry about it Jared, family comes first. Sure Richard will look out for me."

"Yeah just don't think that I want to ditch you okay." Jared looked worried, and Misha felt for him even more.

"Look if you need me call ok. I know your better friends with Jen, but I'm here for you as well." Said the older actor, wanting to support his younger friend.

"Thanks, Misha that means a lot, coming from you." Jared reached out and hugged Misha and thanked whoever was listening that this man had forgiven him, and they could now be friends.

"So what do you thinks for lunch?" Mused Misha. Changing the subject to ease his friend's discomfort.

Jared noticed the change of conversation and silently thanked the blue-eyed man. He laughed at what Misha was saying.

"God man you eat more than me and I'm not sure that was possible." Jared laughed out loud.

"What can I say? I like good food, and this is good food." Grinned Misha with one of his trademark gummy smiles.

"Come on let's go before Jen eats the lot." Said the younger man pulling his friend along the set. Jared smiled grabbed Misha's hand and started running towards the food van.




"Hey, Babe," Said Jensen coming up to two of his favorite people. He grabbed for Misha's hand and smiled. They had a rule no PDA on set, but hand holding was all right.

"Hey, Jen did you eat yet?" Giggled Jared nudging Misha and they both started cracking up.

Jared raised an eyebrow at his friend. "Yeah, I did why?"

Jared and Misha both broke out into peals of laughter. Jared managed to control himself.

"Did you leave any for us dude?" Giggled Jared trying to breathe.

Jensen raised his fork at Misha and Jensen.

"I dislike that you’re ganging up on me." He smirked. "Anyway, I'm young and have a healthy appetite they may be something left." He winked at his friends playfully.

Misha laughed and squeezed the younger man's hand.

"So you ready for the convention babe?" Enquired Jensen changing the subject because he wanted to make sure Misha was going to be okay, conventions were not easy things.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. If it goes well I may set a twitter page up."

"Not one for all that." Said Jensen with a shiver.

"We will get you kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century Jen. Even if it takes me ten years, I will get you there." Declared Jared, still munching through a plate of chicken pasta.

"Don't forget we meet up at the next convention in LA. I heard the one in Florida, was canceled. We will be filming the end of the show so none of us can go." Jared told the other two men at the table.

"Really," Said Misha. "Had my name down for that." He was a little disappointed, but work came first.

"Don't worry." Said Jared "They will let creation the guys that run the US cons know, you won't have to do anything." Jared now had a big helping of apple pie and ice cream in front of him.

"Well, let us know how your first con goes, ok babe?" Whispers Jensen softly. "Ring me if you need to talk."

"It's my first one without you guys, going to miss you." Pouted Misha not liking it at all.

"You mean you will miss a certain green-eyed freckled, tall, brooding dude." Laugh Jared. "You won't miss me."

"Hey, I'm not brooding." Said Jensen crossing his arms in a huff.

"Oh, babe ignore him. Yes, I will miss both of you." Misha turns to Jensen and threads their fingers together. "But you I will miss a little bit more." Misha stroke's Jensen's cheek tenderly and smile's gazing into forest green eyes.

Jensen smiled back, and he's lost once again into mesmerizing blue eyes.

'That's just what I was talking about.' Think's Jared chuckling to himself; he shakes his head amused at his lovesick friends.

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Salute to Supernatural New Jersey March 2009 6th-8th

Misha was shocked at how everyone treated him like he was a major star. They had taken Castiel to their hearts. He had jelled well with the fans, and yes he could get used to this. His mind was all over the place thinking about so many different possibilities and opportunities. He felt the power the good he could do.

One. He needed to know if his contract would be extended next season. Two. He needed to talk to Vicki and Jensen about his ideas. Three. The plan he always put down in notes for the start of every year, he was overjoyed to find that he was halfway through the list. 1. To be on a long term show. 2. To make friends with cast members. His childhood was not easy, but he loved his mom for the freedom she had given him. He just wanted to get out there and help. So many fans had told him how the show had helped them and it warmed his heart.

He had done an interview with some magazine recently. He had told the journalist that he had never fit in anywhere before. No place felt like home. He hoped he could have a home here, with his new Supernatural family.

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Salute to Supernatural L.A March 2009 27th-29th

[To Jensen: Jen my room no is 109 we need to talk.]

[To Misha: Is everything ok? My rooms 89 btw. Let me sort my stuff out first. Did I do something wrong?]

[To Jensen: Why would you do something wrong?]

[To Misha: Your text babe]

[To Jensen: Yeah, guess I could have worded that better, don't worry, babe.]

[To Misha: You had me worried]

[To Jensen: Sorry, I'll make it up to you.]

It was early in the morning, and the convention was not starting until later that day. He had time to put his clothes away and rest until he had to go down to the green room. There came a knock on the door. Misha put the last of his clothes in his draws and went to open it. He saw the man he was starting to have serious feelings for standing there. Misha missed the man when he was not filming or when Jensen was not at the conventions. L.A was the first convention they had, done together.

Jensen came into the room, although Misha was the only occupier he had booked a double. The bed was large and would accommodate two full-grown adults. The walls were a light blue and the bedding matched, the carpet was tan, and his feet sank into the plush carpet. Jensen apprehensively spoke to the older man still slightly worried why Misha wanted to see him, the text message not alleviating his nerve's one bit.

"Let's talk babe, what's on your mind." Jensen's voice wobbled slightly with uncertainty.

"Jen, I... We hold hands, and we Kiss, but I feel I would like our relationship to go past that, I feel its time."

Misha hoped he was conveying his message loud and clear. God, he felt like he was back playing Castiel at that moment.

"You mean you want me, us to well," Said Jensen not so eloquently stuttering on his words.

Misha smiled. "I want you to make love to me; sex is just so one nightish. I love people Jensen, I find the act spiritual, and I want it to matter to us. I need to tell you something as well."

Misha was worried about telling Jensen, although he was not sure why. Jensen had always accepted him.

Jensen sat next to Misha and grabbed hold of his hand lacing their fingers together. The green eyed man could see the older man was shaking, but by holding his hand, he hoped to ground him, to show he was there for him.

"Jen you’re my best friend, apart from Vicki. I've never really felt like this before. Yes I have loved, and it was incredible, but this just feels’ unique, different. I guess I know there is a time limit on us an expiration date if the show ends. I just want to enjoy us while we can. It's just that I'm not dominant in bed ok. I'm... I guess I need someone to take care of me. I seem in control in my life, but sometimes I feel its an act. I need this so much right now Jensen."

Misha rubbed at his eyes and looked away from the man that sat next to him, hoping it was not going to be too much for the younger man.

Jensen put his arms around the smaller man and held him.

"I will give you everything I can Mish, the world if I could. You’re the sweetest, kindest person I know. I will do my best for you ok. We will ride this rollercoaster sweetheart and see where it takes us. Life is too short for us not to take this by the hand and run with it." Jensen lent in and gave the raven haired man a sweet slow kiss.

Jensen knew what Misha was asking from him, so he said nothing for a moment figuring out a way to go about it. He looked Misha in the eyes and stroked the man's face.

"Now tonight I expect you to come back up here, say no to any invites of going out. Get washed, and wait for me ok. Do you understand that?" He stated in a firm voice that held no room for negotiations.

Misha knew this was an order he smiled back at the handsome man beside of him. "Yes, Jen of course."

"Now come on we have people to meet and things to do we have a busy day ahead."

Jensen stood up and pulled up his lover beside him. Jensen kissed Misha on the lips; he never got enough of kissing them full pink lips. "Let's go rock their world babe."

Misha nodded his head and smiled. "Can't wait." He winked back at the amazing man before him.




"Hey, Misha how’s it going?" Said Richard in the green room. "How're things with a certain green-eyed man" He winked.

"Excellent thanks, Rich." Stated Misha. "I love these conventions so far. I can't wait to do more, to be honest."

"Yeah, I love them, found new friends and wow my life as gone into a different direction then I would have ever hoped. Never even heard of Supernatural before I got the job." He laughed. "But thank God I did."

"Yeah, I'm starting to see that." Misha was nodding agreeing with his new friend.

Jensen walked into the green room coming back from his panel with Jared. He proceeded to sit between Misha's legs.

"Hey, Rich keeping my man amused are we." He smiled at the shorter man.

"Yeah you found a good one there Jensen, I like him." Smirked the blonde haired man, playing with his phone.

Jensen smiled and looked up into blue eyes. "I like him to."

Misha rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah you all love Misha." He laughed at all the sappiness in the room.

"The fangirls/boys certainly do." Said Charles who was laughing at the thought. "All I got was Castiel/Misha this and that.”You boys better watch out, he's becoming the star of the show." He pointed toward Jensen.

Jensen smiled back. "I'm glad for him, Cas is a hoot. ‘Baby in a trench coat' I seem to have heard them call Cas. I think I also heard something about fan art; you need to look that up babe, you're into all that computer stuff."

"Fan art?" Paused Misha grabbing his tablet. "I need to look that up straight away. Well for one we have lost to Jared. He thought stroking Jensen's hair. Two there were a lot of talented people out there. There were a lot of pictures with Castiel and Dean in some unusual sexual positions. Misha cleared his throat.

"Babe I think we owe Jay that $100." Misha tried to suppress the laughter that was trying to break out. He pushed the tablet into Jensen's hand and waited for the fallout.

"What" Shouted Jensen. "No way your joking, can you even do that? No that's impossible. They think Dean and Castiel do that?" Jensen was red in the face as he pushed the tablet back up to Misha. "Dam Jared's never going to let us live this down is he?" Pouted Jensen not amused in the slighted that he had lost to Jared.

"Nope, not ever." Laughed Misha this is the funniest thing he had seen in a while.

"Hey let me look." Said, Richard. So Misha passed the tablet to his friend.

"There calling it Destiel there are fanfictions also." Giggled the shorter man.

"I see." Said, Misha. “What do we do if the fangirl/boys ask about it?"

"Deny we even know anything about it." Said Jensen. "They won't know and won't get the satisfaction that it shocked us." He smirked.

Misha had a wicked grin plastered on his face. "Well, I can't wait until it all comes out so I can talk about it." He laughed.

"Yeah" Said Jensen shaking his head. "I can see you now talking about it with the fan girls/boys talking about Dean and Cas getting it on."

Misha really loved these conventions. He was a little worried about Jensen though. "Jen you okay with all this I know your faith is important to you and how your dad can be if this is uncomfortable we can stop."

Jensen looked up at the man he cared so much about, always looking after him. "No Misha as long as it's not every question I get from now on. My aunt is a lesbian, and as you know, I'm Bi. I think Castiel and Dean are more like brothers, but it's up to the fandom. I don't care what they the fandom does with it." He shrugged.

Richard grinned and passed Misha back the tablet. "Destiel's, not the only fan art and fanfiction out there." He waited to see the look on his new friends face.

"What," Said Misha looking back at his tablet.

"Welcome to the new and wonderful world of Cockles." Giggled Richard.

Richard looked at Misha who was looking puzzled at his statement.

"Ackles and Collins smushed together." He was now laughing so hard he rolled off his chair onto the floor.

Misha groaned as he looked back at his tablet. He saw Jensen and himself in some rather compromising positions.

"Look at you babe and me." Said Misha in his Castiel voice that always sent shivers down Jensen's spine. "It says here that Destiel is only around because off set me and you are well, 'going at it like rabbits.'" Misha broke out into laughter joining Richard.

"Oh kill me now." Said Jensen groaning.

"I don't know babe." Said Misha trying to catch his breath with all the laughter. "They have some fabulous ideas." He winked at his boyfriend.

Charles sent rolled up sock's flying at Misha's head. "Will you guys cut it out you're making me ill." He said with a grin.

Misha smiled. He loved the cast and the fans. This day just got better and better.

Chapter Text

Misha had declined all invites of going out that night. He told his friends he was tired and wanted an early evening. To tell the truth, he was tired he was often in bed by ten if he was not filming. He was more of a morning person getting up for a daily run. He had no idea what Jensen was planning he just hoped he was not too late coming to his room.

Misha got into the shower and washed up feeling a little better has the hot water cascaded over his tired and aching muscles.
He squirted some orange body wash on a cloth and cleaned his body, paying particular attention to his ass and cock. He washed his thick black hair needing his scalp with blunt nails.
'Maybe he could persuade Jensen to join him next time.' He thought to himself. He switched the shower off feeling slightly more refreshed than when he went in. He dried himself with a large white fluffy towel the hotel provided and put on some pyjama pants not bothering with his sleep shirt. He looked at the clock on the wall telling him it was just past eight. He hoped Jensen would come up soon even with the shower he still felt slightly sleepy.

Misha picked the book up from his bedside table; he was reading The Management of an Apiary for Pleasure and Profit by Thomas Gabriel Newman it was interesting, and he had got into it. He hoped to join the local beekeeping club back home and collect his own honey.

There came a soft knock on the door he thought he had imagined it at first but it came again, moments later. He placed a bookmark in his book so not to lose his page; his bare feet sank into the plush carpet has he moved swiftly to the door. There stood Jensen still in the same clothes with a brown leather bag thrown over his shoulder.

"Well, hello handsome," Jensen smirked at his lover. "You going to let me in?"

Misha said nothing just stood aside and let the younger man into the room.

Jensen placed his bag on the red chair near the vanity table and took his wash bag to the bathroom. He came back and set a tee shirt and a pair of baby blue pyjama pants on top of the bag. He put a bottle of lube and a box of condoms down on the bedside table. Jensen moved Misha's book out of the way. "Bees Misha" He mumbled and shook his head.

Misha was still stood at the door drinking all this in but not saying a word. Jensen turned to the older man. Looked him up and down smiling.

"Lock the door then take your pants off for me baby." The younger man ordered.

Misha turned then closed the door, locking it. He then let his pyjama pants fall from his sharp hip bones. They pooled around his feet; he kicked them aside.

He heard a gasp, from his lover. "Jesus Mish; you're hung like a friggin donkey."

Misha turned and smiled and folded his PJ pants up and put them on the chair by the bathroom door. Misha looked at Jensen but still said nothing; he stood there with his arms by his sides head tilted slightly to the left.

Jensen saw Castiel at once in that motion and got what the fans saw. He grinned at the man. "Come here baby boy." Ordered Jensen in his low, gravelly voice.

Misha walked slowly towards the green eyed man standing before him, quiet and still waiting for his next order.

Jensen started getting undressed and once he was free from any restraints. Started kissing his lover tenderly. He wanted to taste every inch of him to map his body and commit it to memory.
He was glad he was a little taller than the older man. Although Misha was six feet, he had a couple of inches on him. It enabled him to start kissing the man from the top of his head.

He kissed and sucked and nipped behind his lover’s ears to see if he could draw any noises out of him, but apart from a hitch of breath still nothing. Jensen kissed his eyes and his cheeks. He nibbled at his collarbone and sucked on his throat. He then guided and pushed the man backward until he landed on the bed.

"Misha baby I want to hear all them beautiful noise's I know you can make." Jensen then proceeded to work on Misha pink nipples there was a little brown freckle on the right one that he nipped. They became hard nubs in his mouth; he blew gently across them.

Misha moaned underneath him; he tried to reach Jensen and touch him.

"Now, now," Said Jensen. "Put your arms up on the bed baby, no touching until I say ok."

Blue eyes blinked back at him, and Misha gave the tiniest of nods and a little wine. Jensen knew that Misha had the general idea of what he wanted.

Jensen started sucking and licking the rest of Misha body, he tasted of orange soap, from his shower but underneath Misha tasted of a storm before it’s leased its wrath on the world. He tasted of something sweet and fresh, like newly washed linen. Misha was like Castiel in many ways; he was dorky and strange and yet there was that sense of danger there if you pissed him off you would get your ass handed to you. An angry Misha was a scary Misha just like a pissed Castiel.


Jensen got to Misha's beautiful Cock; it bent slightly to the right, it was long and thick and perfect. Jensen had messed about in his youth, mainly sticking with girls, but he did have one or two dates with men that not many people knew of, in fact, there were a couple of pictures of him kissing a dude floating about on the internet.

This is how he know how to bring Misha to his knees. He made his tongue rigid and held on to the shaft of the cock. He slid the head of the cock back and forth across his tongue quickly. A loud 'Fuck' came from Misha, but Jensen said nothing. He smiled knowing he brought the other man pleasure. Jensen got his lips really wet; he relaxed his mouth with his lips slightly parted he slid the head back and forth slowly across his lips teasing his lover. Jensen gently rubbed at his balls, sucking each one into his red hot mouth.

Misha arched up off the bed as if a shot of electricity when through him. "Jen please I-I need you in me, please.-" He begged now, panting out of breath.

Jensen kissed the head of Misha cock and grabbed the lube from the table. Misha was breathing quickly, watching the green-eyed man's every move. Jensen nudged Misha legs wider, Jensen went to work patiently stretching and scissoring his lover open sliding the first finger into the silky hole. Jensen went to kiss Misha and Misha, moaned into the other man's mouth, as Jensen then put his second finger in, stretching him until Misha was arching off the bed for the second time that night.

Misha felt like every nerve in his body was alive, he felt so hot and yet goosebumps erupted over his body. He forgot he was not allowed to touch Jensen but grabbed on to his arm anyway, leaving bruises there, he did not care, and he liked that thought.

"You look amazing baby boy." Moaned Jensen. He had noticed that Misha had moved his hands but did not care. He did not say a word liking that he would have his lover's marks on his body that would last some time. Jensen breathlessly looked at Misha his hair wild, his lips kissed bruised and his face and torso red and flushed with want and desire. Jensen put his third finger in his puffy hole making sure to stretch out his lover. He had never seen a more wonderful site then his beautiful partner falling apart in his hands.


"You’re so beautiful Misha, God I'm glad your mine, all mine and no one else's. You ready baby." He nipped and kissed at Misha body.

"Please, Jensen just- Please, I need you." Pleaded Misha grabbing at Jensen, using him as an anchor.

"I know baby; I'll take care of you, don't I always take care of you?" Panted Jensen needing to be inside his lover.

Jensen grabbed a condom and rolled it on his sensitive cock he hissed at the cold sensation, he added more lube to his cock then settled between the smaller man's legs.

At the first hot press of Jensen's cock, Misha had no clue how he held it together. The older man thought he would cum then and there. Misha breathed through his nose trying to calm himself. Think about Jim in speedos or Robert in tights, it started to work, and he felt the red hot lava cool down a little.

Jensen kissed Misha tasting him; he pushed in slowly. "God Misha you're so tight baby, so hot. I'm not going to last." He bottomed out; at last, waited for Misha to adjust to his size. Jensen stroked Misha's cheek softly "Baby you ok; I can pull-"

"If your next words are pull-out. I will never talk to you again Jensen Ross Ackles." Shouted Misha with a cold glare that could smite him dead.

"No babe. I would never." Said Jensen holding back a giggle. Jensen started a steady rhythm, his hand touching and caressing his lover.

Misha put his legs around Jensen's hips and locked his ankles together pushing with his feet to get the younger man to go faster.
Misha was saying things in Jensen's ear, but they were a coherent mess.

Jensen sped up; he felt the hot larva grow from his toes up his legs to his stomach, it had never been like this never. He tried to kiss Misha, but now they were just sharing hot air. The slapping, of their bodies making indecent noises, groans, and moans, spilling out of their mouths.

There was a zap of electricity down Misha's spine he cried out, it was too much, yet not enough. He was going to burn up. He felt hot just so hot; he wanted it to last forever to have Jensen so close, how he loved this man, his best friend. He had never felt like this before with anyone.

"I'm going to cum. Mish, I can't hold it anymore," Jensen shouted. The hot larva now at boiling point ready to spill over.

"Cum for me Jen, please sweetheart cum for me," Misha yelled.

With one final push, Jensen tipped over the edge Misha clenched down on his cock. He came with a shout of Misha name on his tongue. He collapsed on top of the shorter man totally wiped out.
Misha came at the same time, thick spurts of hot cum coating his belly. He had cum untouched, it was incredible.

"Jen sweetie." Exclaimed Misha after a minute; "You're heavy." Misha tried to push the younger man off him.

Jensen rolled of Misha and looked into sky blue eyes. "I thought you were going to smite me at one point there." He laughed.

Misha raised an eyebrow at him. "I would have done if you stopped." Misha got up padded to the bathroom to get a hot wet cloth to clean them both up. He passed Jensen PJs to him and put his own Pyjamas pants back on.

"Jen," said, Misha, not sure whether he should say it but damn he would anyway.

"What's up babe?" Said the younger man still trying to feel his legs.

"That was the best sex I've ever had with a man. I, Love you, Jen, you’re my everything." He chokes back the words and rub's his eyes looking down at the bedding, not sure he should show that much emotion to his young lover.

Jensen lift's Misha's chin and looks into sky blue eyes. "Babe, I will always love you. You're my best friend, and no matter what happens you will always be in my life. I can't live in a world without you Misha. Do you hear me?" Sniffs Jensen also clearly affected.

Misha nods he heard Jensen loud and clear and snuggles into him, finding warmth and love, in his touch. They fell asleep that night in each other's arms, the world outside kept turning, and all was okay as long as they had each other.

Chapter Text

Back on set again, Misha was pleased he was part of the cast and crew, supernatural family. Unless the show failed, they would keep the dorky little angel. Misha hoped it was true; he did not want to get his hopes up. He loved working on Supernatural. He had fallen in love with Castiel, the socially inept, dorky but lovable angel.

He and Jared were now fast friends and would often come back to Jensen's or Misha's trailer. The moose would giggle at them about the long stairs they shared on set and the little touches and caresses in the show that they thought no one would notice. It was not even in the script for Dean to do Castiel's tie, but Jensen did it anyway. His excuse was, he was looking scruffy. No one believed him.

The two men became closer holding hands and were often seen laughing at jokes. Jared did not feel so left out anymore he had Gen. He had asked her to be his wife he was on cloud nine. He had asked Misha to be there and of course if Jensen would be one of the groomsmen. Jensen and Misha both said they had seen changes in their friend. He was calmer, and they had never seen two people more in love.

Jensen, Misha, and Vicki shared an apartment for a short time in Vancouver until Jensen and Dani could find one they both liked. Vicki was not up in Canada very often at the moment because she was finishing her doctorate in history. She was glad that Jensen was keeping her boyfriend on the straight and narrow has she put it because he could do the strangest of things without thinking of his own safety.

Misha one day wanting something sweet went to light a blowtorch and melted marshmallows on a skewer. Said marshmallow somehow burnt his hand and melted the cooker in the process. Jensen and Vicki had banned him from ever going near a blowtorch again.

Misha sat at his desk one day looking at his computer.
'It was about time he reached out to his fans.' He thought to himself. At the conventions, the most asked question was why he was not on social media. So he decided to go on Twitter. It seemed easy enough, it was not like he would get many people following him but it would be nice to talk to his fans and put about his everyday life onset. Also, he had spoken to Vicky and Jensen about ideas on how he could help make the world a better place. Maybe his followers would have ideas; you never know until you asked.

He could not believe it in five days he had over ten thousand followers, and by Christmas, he had five hundred thousand fans. Why would they want to follow him? He wondered he was nothing special.

He did not like to call the people who supported him 'fans', so he called them minions, and they called him there Overlord with he found hilarious and brilliant. He asked his minions about an idea for a minion stimulus project. The goal was to obtain US government stimulus money (funding to aid endeavors to stop an economic recession) for non-profit initiatives. In time the names changed to Random Acts of Kindness, through one random act of Kindness you can change the world or one person's life. He was a man on a mission to rule the world.

Chapter Text

Misha was happy things were going well, but happiness comes with a price, well it does for him. Jensen had texted him, and he wanted to talk. He had said it was nothing to worry about but then, he was still worried. He had heard back from Vicki that Dani had not been so pleased with the touchy feels of Dean/Castiel on screen. She had been supportive of their relationship, and Dani happened to be his friend, but she had always maintained she did not want it in her face or to have it upset her and Jensen’s life. Vicki, of course, was all for it and, things between Vicki and himself was always fine, they hardly said a cross word, or went without speaking to one another.

Misha buzzed Jensen into his apartment and waited at the door to let him in. Jensen and Dani had found their own accommodation, so just he and Vicki now lived there. Jensen kissed Misha on the cheek and put shopping bags down on the kitchen counter.

"Hey, babe you ok?" Jensen said with pause when he saw the look on Misha's face.

"Yes, I'm fine, just worried. What did you want to talk about?"

"Hey don't be, it's all good." Stated Jensen, smiling back at Misha.

When Jensen smiled the sun shone brightly it made Misha feel warm; he hated the thought of that warmth never being in his life.

"What are you cooking for me, babe?" Misha mumbled nuzzling Jensen's neck. Feeling slightly better with Jensen reassurance that everything was okay.

"I have some stake, and I'll do homemade fries. Also, I have pie."

"Talk about character bleed, Jen. You're so like Dean, baby. Are we having anything green with it?"

"I guess you can do a salad if you want." Grumbled Jensen not looking impressed.

"Yeah, I think so." Said Misha. "You need something green in your diet, too much meat's not good for you."

"I thought you liked meat, Mish." Smirked Jensen his green eyes twinkling.

"Hysterical." Said Misha in amusement. "You know what I meant." Trying his best to sound stern, but failing badly.

"Jensen chuckled. “Yeah, I do. Now peel me some potatoes while I season the stakes, then you can get started on your salad."

"Our Salad babe."

Jensen rolled his eyes, at the older man. Misha snapped the tea towel at his ass.

"Woo kinky, not in the mood for that tonight babe." The younger man winked, at his blue-eyed companion.

"Geeze Jensen you're in a mood tonight."

"You know you love it, babe." You would not want me any other way."

Misha groaned. "We won't get dinner done if you keep this up, come on get on with it."

Jensen just laughed and turned around getting the stakes out.




After dinner, Jensen sat in his comfy chair, and he cleared his throat.

"Misha you know I love you right? I love Dani in a different way of course. I get to marry her in May next year. It's just I've been thinking, and maybe I should not get married."

"What," Yelped Misha in shock. "Why would you not want to marry her Jensen?"

"I love you Misha and-"

"I'm married to Vicki it’s not like I can stop." Misha's eyes went wide with fear. "Please don't ask me to God... No please." Stuttered Misha. He stood up running his long fingers through his dark hair.

"No Misha" Shouted Jensen. "I would never ask that of you, but why can't we live together."

Misha turned so fast it was a wonder he did not get whiplash.

"Yes, we have had other couples in our life, Jen. But this is different, Vicki does not feel that way for you, it would not work."

"Look just think about this okay, don't give this up not yet." Gabbled Jensen looking so sad.

Misha hated how sad the other man looked, but he knew it would not work not all three of them. Yes, he loved the man, but Vicki did not. Plus they were trying for a baby, and they had come to the agreement, no more partners if that happened. Jensen was the exception for Vicki because Misha worked away and the kids would not see it.

Misha tried to pull the younger man into him, but Jensen pulled away.

"I need time to think. I need to go. In a flash, the younger man had stood up and run out of the room; the door had slammed behind him. Misha was by himself. He was not sure what had just happened, or what to do about it. His sunny day had turned stormy. There was only one person that he could turn to so he picked up the phone and rang her.

Chapter Text

Vicki came running into the bedroom; "It's positive baby."

She beamed back at him, brandishing the white stick in her hand. "We're going to be parents."

Misha jumped off the bed not quite believing it. "Oh wow, it's incredible, you’re going to make me a daddy." He held her in his arms and kissed her. "I need to tell Mom," Said Misha so excited already.

"You also need to ring Jensen honey. He needs to know." Said Vicki a small smile on her face.

"Not sure I can. He was so-" Misha trailed off.

"Hey now he's your best friend, well male friend, he will be happy for you, but you have to tell him, Mish." Spoke Vicki softly but firmly.

"Yeah, I know. After Mom okay." Said Misha reaching for the phone.

She sighed and nodded. She just hoped all would be okay. If he lost Jensen, it would devastate her man. He had been through hell and back, and she would do everything in her power to protect him.




"Hi, Jen. You free to talk?" Said Misha rather nervously.

"Yeah, sure Misha, Dani's at her Mom's so it's fine." Said Jensen quietly.

"I just want to tell you our good news, Vicki and I are having a baby. Well she is erm, you know what I mean." He huffed.

There was silence on the other end, and Misha was worried that Jensen had put the phone down.

"That's great Mish congratulations. When’s the baby due?" Asked Jensen, not at all enthusiastically.

"September time, we will get a better date at the 20-week scan and also the gender, we won't wait don't see the point." Replayed Misha babbling now.

"Yeah, I always found 'we want a surprise' strange." Said Jensen. "What about clothes and the room and shit like that? Easier if you know." He laughed down the phone.

"Yeah, that's what we thought. I can't wait to be a daddy. I will be there for the baby, and at lease, they will have a roof over their head." Don't get him wrong he loved his mom, but not knowing where he was going to sleep day in and day out was not always an adventure.

"Misha listen to me you will make a great dad, your one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Don't put yourself down or I will have to come down there and kick your ass." Grumbled Jensen at his friend's lack of self-worth.

"Sorry, I just don't want them to resent me." Huffed out, Misha.

"They won't babe. And of course, I will be the best uncle." Chuckled Jensen proudly.

"What about Jared?" Asked Misha a grin on his face.

"Nope, that title will be mine." Shouted the green eyed man.

Misha giggled. "Yeah, sure it will be." He smiled to himself.

"Send Vicki my love and make sure you show me the next scan pic, okay."

"Sure, Jen, I will." Said Misha feeling much better now that Jensen was talking to him.

"Ok man, I have to go, need to start on dinner."

"Are you okay now." Said Misha a little apprehensively.

"Yeah, think it was pre-wedding jitters. Had a talk with Dani, and she kinda had them too. We're fine don't worry."

"Okay, but if you need me, you know where I am." Said the older man.

"I know." Whispered Jensen. "Talk soon."

"Okay, I love you, I need you to know that Jen." Whispered Misha.

"I love you to Misha," Jensen said softly, and the phone clicked.

Misha felt better than he had in days. There was something still off about Jensen. When they got back to work, they never really settled back into their normal rhythm. Things started to get worse from then on, and Misha wished for sunnier days, but he only got rain.

Chapter Text

Vicki had moved up to Vancouver so that she would be closer to her husband. Misha just wanted Vicki near him not miles away when things got going. They were having a little boy, and he could not wait not even Jensen could put a damper on his good mood well, maybe a little.


He had gone to Jared's wedding in February, and it was wonderful, and he even went to Jensen's wedding in May. Both were great, and he had a splendid time. The thing is he felt like the other half of him was missing. Jensen was closed off to him more, and, more, and he had no clue what he had done. He stopped visiting Misha in his trailer. One time Misha had gone to Jensen's trailer, he had said he was too tired to talk. Misha had not tried again; the rejection was just too painful. They did not spend much time on set, and they never held hands anymore. In fact, Misha would go and get something to eat and go back to his trailer only coming out for takes.

Jared had noticed, he had gone to Misha trailer to find out what was wrong. He could not tell him anything because Misha himself did not know. He wished he did. Jared although better friends with Jensen did not like how Misha was being treated. One day there was a big argument between the boys. It was all over by the end of the day. Jensen had said Sorry, and Jared just said it was okay.

Jared had called on Misha and asked if he was coming to the convention in Vancouver. Misha said he was, as it was close and Vicki was fed up of him hovering. He was looking forward to it because all cast and crew went. It was the only convention that this happen. It was his second time at Van-Con, it was one of his favorite conventions to do.

Even though his baby was going to be born at any moment, Misha was itchy. The only way he could let off steam was to have sex and Vicki could not give him that. Jensen was not talking to him. So Vicki told him to go and get someone to spend the night with. She did not mind at all, just make sure it's not a fan Misha and relax she told him.

So that night he went to a bar and saw an actor he was friends with back in L.A. He was in Vancouver for some audition, and he and Misha had had a dalliance before. This is what he craved, someone he knew and could trust. They both went back to the actor's hotel, and they both got what they needed.

He knew something was seriously wrong the next day at the convention. Jared was giving him odd looks, and so were the crew. He ignored it he was beginning to get upset, to be honest, but he was here for his fans. They paid good money to see him and see him they would get. The first panel his heart sank, this girl asked him a question. He could not believe it, for the first time he felt like crying.

'Why did Jensen call you a whore?' She asked him.

"What in a joking way?" He said nearly bursting into tears.

His loyal follower’s awww at him changed the subject, but they could see he was upset. He loved them indeed, who else would do that for him.

Jared knew about it of course. Also, the question his friend was asked. He wanted to see Misha because he was pissed at Jensen. Ok, Misha had been seen going back to a hotel with a fellow male actor. Jensen was pissed. He did not deserve to be called a whore in front of all his fans.

Jared held Misha and took him back to the green room; he told the others to keep Jensen out. Misha cried, he was shaking. Richard called Vicki and told her what was going on; he said he would take him home and not to worry.

"Jared tell everyone Misha's gone home sick." Said Richard "We can't leave him like this."

"I just don't know what's got into Jensen; he had no right to do what he did. If he was pissed at him ok, but to say that in fount of his fans that's just not on." Shouted Jared shaking his head.

"Yeah well, we both know that Jay. God, I feel like slapping the idiot, and I'm not a violent man." Said Richard occasionally rubbing Misha's back.

"I'm not going home." Sniffed Misha, "My minions have paid enough money to see me. I won't let them down. I have a panel soon. That's what I will do. I’ll just go freshen up." The older man got up and went to the bathroom; he needed to phone Vicki back to tell her he was staying.

"Are you sure Misha?" Richard said out of concern for his friend.

"Yeah, he's not spoiling this for me. I'm not going to let him." Spat back, Misha.

So Misha did his panel, played around with a giant yellow rubber duck. He had great fun, and his fans asked no questions that upset him, he was so grateful for them.

Misha heard later that Jensen got out a knife and slashed the duck. Jared said it was because Misha had sat on it. Was this the sweet green eyed man he had fallen for? Misha shook his head in sorrow.

Chapter Text

Things were also not going so well on set. Sera Gamble's dislike for Misha as a person and actor was getting worse by the day.
He had heard the news that she had taken over for season six. He tried to get on with everyone, but he feared for his job. Eric had not planned for Supernatural to go on any longer than season five. But the fans demanded more so they got more.


Misha went home to Vicki, and he broke down. He had not cried in years; he felt a failure. His minions were asking why Jensen had done what he did at the convention. Asking if they had fallen out. He had no idea what to say. So he told a white lie. Saying he and Jensen were okay and left it at that.

He was glad for a breather; his little boy was born on the 23rd of September. West Anaxmader Collins was the spit of him as a baby. He had more time with him now; he was not needed filming all the time. Misha spent more time setting up Random acts. Jared rang him and sent him a huge teddy bear for the baby. He got nothing from Jensen. The other cast and crew spoilt West and visited him when they could.

Vicki was worried, her happy, sweet Misha was drowning, and she did not know what to do. Jensen, she needed to ring him. She had spoken to Dani, but it had ended up in an argument, and she guessed that friendship was over. No one would notice she was no longer in picture's with the guys, as she kept out of the limelight anyway. She rang Jensen one night as Misha put their son to bed. He had laid down and cried, said he was a failure and was not sure what to do anymore.

"Hello, who's this?" Came a smoky gruff voice over the phone that she would recognize anywhere.

"Jensen it's Vicki we need to talk." She spoke sharply to the younger man.

"Is Misha ok?" Came a worried reply.

"He's far from ok Jensen he's depressed; he's been asked not to be on the show he loves with the people he loves. He no longer has the man he loves in his life. Do you know what he calls you? His sunshine, he said all he can see in his life is rain. I wish he had never met you, Jensen Ackles, because my amazing, beautiful husband is in so much pain and most of it is your doing.

"What do you mean?" Jensen spat "He's the one that went off with him." Shouted Jensen not at all pleased.

"Oh, that's what this is all about. Do you know what Poly relationships mean Jensen? Misha is in one with you and me. It does not stop him being with anyone else. I told him to go that night. You being the ass you were and me not able to help him, being ready to give birth and all. He needed to be with someone, so I told him to go and find someone."

"I-I Just thought, he was cheating, and I got jealous." Stammered Jensen.

"Well you were wrong, it's not cheating, and there is no need to be jealous. Go, research, which you should have done in the first instance. Then and I mean if you accept this at all. Then you get down on your hands and knees and beg and say you're sorry. Make it right Jensen because if you don't, I will kick your ass."

"I will Vicki. I'm sorry, I will make this right." Sniffed Jensen. What had he done?

"Sorry is not going to mend his heart but it’s a start. What you did Jensen was unforgivable, in front of the people he cares about. He loves you, and you hurt him so bad. Just fix this okay." Yelled Vicki, wanting to wring the younger man's neck.

"Will you stop us getting back together if I do fix this?" Whispers Jensen heartbroken. Tears were falling silently down his face.

"That's up to Misha. I only want to see him happy, and if that's with you, I am fine with it. I just want him to enjoy his time with West and to make him stop crying so much. I want my Misha back." Said a determined Vicky hoping to get her point across.

"I will sort it. I promise Vicki." Jensen said softly no fight in him.

Vicki ended the phone call. She hoped things would get better. Jensen and Misha were indeed right for each other. She wonders in a different time and a different place if she had not met Misha and Jensen had not met Dani. Would they have got married? Maybe in another reality, that's just what happened, and she smiles to herself. She always hopes her man is happy no matter where in the universe he is.

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Jensen reads all there is on Poly Relationships, and he finally understands what he did wrong. He should have done this from the start. Misha is a free spirit, he loves Jensen and Vicki, but Misha's all about the love and being loved. He's one amazing person. One that Jensen should treasure, and keep in his life. Misha never asked for anything, just for the truth and to be respected. Jensen fucked up big time. He treated the man like shit, how the hell could he do that to his best friend.

Jensen needs to make it right, not just for Misha but on-set as well. He's missed Misha so much he could not live if Misha were not in his life. He feels every breath; it's painful it hurts like hell. He's the one who fucked up, and he will be the one to fix this.

He buys Misha a silver promise ring. He brought Misha a friendship bracelet once, but this is different this ring has meaning behind it. The promise that he will always be here for Misha. To love him to take care of him. He just needs to beg and hope that Misha will forgive him.

The first convention after the fight is horrid. Misha just sits there, and he's trying to talk. Misha's not talking or just saying a yes or no to questions. The raven haired man's not smiling nor laughing. God this is hell. Jared and Richard are still pissed at him too. Vicki and Dani fell out, so she won't speak with Misha, but he told her it's not Misha fault. He told Dani what he did, and Dani did not talk to him for two days.

"Make this right." Said Dani "Tell Misha I may not be friends with Vicki, but I'm still there for him. Jensen what you did was horrid."

Jensen does everything he can think off. He brings Misha food, brings him flowers and them peanut butter M&Ms he likes.




Jared pranks Misha, and he burst into tears and walks off set. Jared has a sad puppy dog face, and Jensen runs after Misha.

"Mish please stop." Pants Jensen. "Jared did not mean it, baby, please don't cry." Jensen wipes the tears from Misha's face. Jensen count's it as a win as the older man lets him.

Misha stops Jensen's hand, and the look on his face is stormy. He still has his Castiel's clothes on, and the smit-y face the fans call it. The mighty force of a storm and the deadly strike of a cobra.

"Jensen Ross Ackles." Bellows Misha has the dangerous storm unfurls like a cat’s paw. "You piss me off. Why don't you fuck off and leave me alone." Misha goes to walk off; he's red in the face, his fists clenched so tight there turning white.

"No, I won't Misha. I'm not going to run away anymore. God, you are beautiful when you're pissed." Smiles Jensen battling against the full force of Misha's rage.

Misha narrows his eyes at the younger man. 'What the fuck. Does he think this is all a joke?' "You hurt me, Jensen and you did not care." Shouts back Misha not caring who hears.

"I do care, Mish, baby I love you."

"You're unbelievable, how could you do what you did in front of my fans." Spits Misha rubbing at his eyes, he just walks away from the younger man. Not wanting to look at him at that present time.

"I no baby. I'm a fucking idiot," Jensen says trying to keep in step next to the older man.
"I love you. I have a baby, and you told me you would be there. I'm so lost without my sunshine." Misha starts to cry again not sure what to do, the fight going out of him.

"Hey, I'm here now. I'm so sorry; I'll be the best uncle ever you'll see. Misha, I love you. I just wanted to be yours and no one else's. I was jealous and possessive of you, and I get like that with you. The thought of you being with someone else killed me." Said Jensen with real honesty, wanting to tell his friend the whole truth.

"I tried to explain about our lifestyle Jen; I thought you understood."

"I do, now I read up. The thing is I won't get like that with Vicki. It's just with anyone else I think I will even now."

Misha looks at the green-eyed man and his shoulders sag. "Okay. I can compromise as long as we are together. It will just be you and Vicki. The same goes for you and Dani. I won't go with anyone else Jen, as long as your there for me. We need to talk about anything that becomes an issue. You need to promise me this."

"I Promise Misha anything to have you back in my life. Thank you for doing this. God Misha, I will show you how much I love you."

"I know Jen; Just it will take time okay."

"Yeah, I know baby." Jensen grab's hold of Misha's hand and hold's it tight. Grateful for this amazing man and his kind and forgiving nature.

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One Month Later:

Jensen knocks on Misha's trailer, hoping to find his boyfriend.

"Hey, Jen come in. I was just catching up on some emails." Said the dark haired man, clicking away at his laptop.

"Misha. I've something to give you." Said Jensen rubbing the back of his neck.

"You're worried," Said Misha picking up on Jensen's bad habit.

"Yes, you could say that. I want to give you this." Jensen opens a box with a silver ring nestled inside.

"I'm married already babe." Giggled Misha not sure what to say.

Jensen rolled his eyes at the shorter man's lack of seriousness. "I know that, but this is a promise ring from me to you. I will never hurt you, again. I will always be there for you, love and care for you." Jensen had tears in his apple green eyes at the end of his speech.

"I know you’re sorry for what you did, Jen this is amazing. I will always wear it; baby I promise you that." Stated Misha with firm assurance. “I also can't wait to see what our fans say about it all." He smirks looking at the ring like it held the answers to all his problems.

"Yeah, all the stories they will make up." Jensen laughs he can't wait to read them.

"Jensen Ackles, have you been reading fanfiction again?" Says Misha in a mock stern voice.

Jensen blushes "Well just to see what they say about us."

"Yeah, if you say, so babe." Laughs Misha his blue eyes twinkling with happiness. "You really should get twitter you no, your fans would love to follow you."

"No, I'm okay thanks, will just borrow Jared's or your phone. When I need to look something up."

"Yeah, talking about the moose he changed my ring tone again."

"What was it this time?" Asked Jensen looking on with amusement.

"Some Justin Bieber song, there's even a picture." Said Misha showing Jensen the naked picture, Jared had set on his screen.

"Hey, I don't want nude men on my man's phone." Grumbled Jensen. "We will have words."

"I love when you get all possessive of me, gets me hot all over." Said Misha with a flirtatious wink.

"Oh Yeah." Smirked the younger man.

"Yeah makes life more interesting, and the sex is pretty good has well."

"Is that so?" Jensen runs his hands down Misha's chest and proceeds to kneel down.

"What you doing babe?" Says Misha his breath hitching.

Jensen proceeds to undo Misha's belt and his zip; He slides down Misha's pants. "Always wanted to do this when you’re all mighty angel."

"Never knew you had a Cas, kink babe." Giggled Misha, watching the ministrations of his boyfriend.

"Cas kink, Misha kink, same difference babe." Jensen licks Misha's cock through his boxes, getting them wet. He can taste salty goodness but also something very Misha. A hint of orange and a taste of a storm before it starts to rain. He pulls the boxes free and Misha cock springs back from its cotton prison.

There's a hiss from Misha as the cold air hits his hard leaking cock. Jensen starts licking the hard length in front of him, chasing the pre-cum that's leaking from it. "You taste so good, baby." Moans Jensen kissing his boyfriend's thighs.

Slowly, Jensen suck's all of Misha's length down. Until his nose finally, nuzzles against the flesh at the bottom of Misha's length. Jensen gets a whiff of that orange soap scent; he wants to bury his face into the dark hair there.

Jensen drags his lips along the shaft, sucking and licking as he goes. Misha's hips shudder beneath him, and his fat leaking cock goes further down Jensen's throat. There's an apology on Misha's lips, but Jensen just moans. He has no gag reflex, so he does not choke. He hollows out his cheeks and hums. He starts little up and down movements, with his mouth.

"God Jensen" Pants Misha, closing his eyes in pure bliss.

Jensen looks up at Misha and winks. Jensen pops off with a filthy slurp. "Cum on my face baby."

"Oh God yes." Grunt's Misha breathing harder now. Threading his fingers through Jensen short hair trying to find something to anchor himself to.

Jensen spits on his fingers and starts a steady rhythm. He circles Misha's ass hole. Then pushes in one finger then two, past Misha's rim. He finds the little nub he wants, and electricity shoots up Misha's spine.

"Oh, fuck shouts Misha." In blissed out ecstasy. "I'm going to Cum." Shouts Misha, he pulls out of Jensen's hot mouth. He takes one pull of his hard cock, and he silently screams Jensen name. Hot spurts of cum cling to his lovers face. Misha kneels down and starts licking his seed off Jensen's face. He kisses Jensen hotly, teeth catching and nipping at flesh. Jensen sucks on Misha's tongue loving the taste of Misha so salty and pure.

"Babe that was incredible." Says Misha smiling at his lover.

"I've missed you so much, Mish." Says Jensen sadly. "I can't wait to get closer to you when you trust me better."

Misha kisses the younger man back; he looks’ at the ring on his finger and makes up his mind. "Why don't we stop and pick up pizza for dinner tonight, and you can come back to mine, and we can carry on from where we left off."

"I would love that Mish; I love you so much."

"I know, and I think you proved that here today sweetheart."

Misha knew everything would be ok. He forgave Jensen, and he was aware that the younger man would never hurt him like that again. He was happy; he just hoped he could sort all aspects of his life out as well, one thing at a time though he guessed.

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There came a knock on Jensen's trailer one cold Canadian morning. He's reading the latest script, trying to find the will to go and get makeup done. It's just too cold. Jensen goes to open it, hoping it's not a runner calling for him. He's pleasantly surprised to see Jared.

"Hey, bro have you a minute? We need to talk." Says the younger man. Looking to wide awake for the time of the morning.

"Yeah. I always have time for you. Jay, what's up?"

"It's about Misha Jen, I'm worried. He's not said anything to you because both of you have just got back together. I don't know if you noticed, but Sera's not been great with him. The rumor is she wants to get rid of Castiel. The crew dislikes how she treats him. They won't say anything but there bothered about it.

"Really," said Jensen shocked at the news his friend was telling him. "I had not noticed, but it won't be going on very long if I have my way. I will talk to the guys get there take on it. Don't bother Misha Jay let me handle this."

"Sure Jen, just thought you should no. He's too quiet it's not like him. Its season finale soon anyway; we are on hiatus soon. Let's see if Misha is given a contract for season seven. We would soon find out the deal then if she is trying to get rid of him."

Jensen agrees and hopes this his all rumors and nothing else. Poor Misha does not need anything else going wrong that the moment.




"Jen, my contracts not been renewed. I'm just coming back as a guest star." Misha laments. He's meeting up with Jensen at their local bistro.

"What have you ever done to her?" Sighed Jensen wanting to gather the older man into his arms. "I mean not everyone gets on but making you lose your job over it does not seem fair."

"Yes, I know." Whispers Misha. "I don't want to leave Jen. The shows my life, my family."

Jensen hates to see tears in them blue eyes. He's not pleased with this at all. "Hey come on now it won't come to that. I won't let it. I promised you, Misha, I will look after you. She won't get rid of you I won't let that happen."

Misha sighs "I don't know if there is anything you can do to stop it, Jen." Cries the older man.

"Why don't you see what else is out there. You did that film you enjoyed that."

"Yeah, I did. I will call my agent see what's going on."

"That's the spirit." It won't come to that babe, but there his never any harm in having a backup, not in this industry."

"Thanks Jen for being here for me." Sniffs Misha wiping his nose with a red hanky.

"Always here for you babe." Smiles back Jensen.

He was determined to get this sorted for his boyfriend no way was he letting the man go that easy.

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Misha was back on set not as often, as he would of like but he still enjoyed it. He still went to conventions of course. Sera did not like him holding hands with Jensen and gave them funny looks. So Misha stopped any kind of PDA and only saw Jensen in each other trailers or at their apartments in Vancouver.

Jensen did not like it one bit. Misha was quiet, and even Jared was not so happy-go-lucky, with his pranks. Yeah, they still had fun, but it was not the same.

There was Comic-Con in San Diego that they went to every year. Jensen loved going as did the rest of his friends. He got to geek out and enjoy himself. They had a panel where all Supernatural cast and crew was going to be talking. Jensen made sure Misha and Jared were next to him so that he could keep an eye on things.

It started off ok they had a laugh and a joke then Sera began to talk about Castiel. About how his time was coming to an end. Misha's face fell, she was speaking in front of everyone that Misha; that Castiel did not have a future. So Jensen hit back at her. Oh, she did not like that, being laughed at. He could not hold Misha's hand. He hoped Misha knew he was on his side. Even Jared made a comment. You don't tell a guy he was out of a job in fount of hundreds of people.

They got back to work, and things got worse. Misha ate some rotten meat. Jared told him it did not smell to good, but the idiot thought it would be ok. He was sick, really sick. It was coming out of both ends. Jensen tried to look after him, but nothing helped.
They wanted him on set for the season end. Poor Misha said some lines and was sick in a bucket. He was wonky on his feet and could not stand.

"That’s it" Barked Jensen "No way can the poor guy stand up he's sick every minute he needs a doctor."

"Well, I guess he can break for ten minutes." Said Sera looking at her watch.

"No." Said Jensen. He can't he needs a doctor, and that's where I'm taking him, and he's having the rest of the weekend off."

"We need to film the season end. We can't lose the time or the money." She stated it as fact.

"Fine," growled Jensen. "You won't have me either; I won't work if you're forcing a sick man." Jensen grabbed Misha before he fell and walked off the set with him.

Jared ran over to help. He called over his shoulder. "I'm not in either."

"I agree." Said, Mark. Poor bloke's sick every minute can't work like that." Then Mark also walked off set.

Jensen got Misha to a doctor, and he declared it was food poisoning and gave him some medication. Jensen looked after him all weekend. They managed to film the ending in the end, and Misha still did not look that good. He guessed it looked excellent on film, though. People often asked him how he looked so gross at the end of season seven well being sick was the answer.




When filming had finished for the year. Jensen walked to his trailer and rang Mark Pedowitz secretary asking for a meeting when he was back in LA. He was granted a meeting. He was the boss of the CW network the people who ran the show. Jensen then had to see Jared because this affected him. He walked over to Jared's trailer and knocked on it.

"Hey, Jen come in." Said an over exuberant Jared. "I wanted to show you the pic Gen sent of the baby scan. Kinda looks like an alien." The taller man proudly laughed, showing his best friend.

"That's great brother." Said Jensen. I'm so happy for you. You both will be the best parents. I get to be an uncle again, well twice Vicki's pregnant again as well.

"Yeah, we can't wait." Smiled Jared looking at the picture again with a big sappy smile.

"Just you wait. Misha will get you back now for feeding West all that sugar when we were in Rome." Grinned Jensen at the look on his friends face.

"Yeah, Gen will kill me if he did that."


"Jared I need a word. I made an appointment with Mark at the network, when I get back to LA. If Misha goes, I will walk. He's not done anything wrong. She thinks of him has strange, and weird. Yes, he's different, but you love him now you got to know him. Sera never bothered."

"Yeah," Said Jared. "I am so glad I did. I never forgave myself for that. I told her to give him a chance as I did.” Jared took a deep breath. "I will do the same; I have money I can support Gen and the baby. I will quit with you, tell Mark that."

"You don't have to Jared; it's not your fight."

"No but he's my friend Jen, and I won't let this happen not again. I've noticed his acting has got better and better, the cast and crew love him, he's not done anything wrong. He's always on time, never late. He's always helping people out. He's never put one foot wrong. The way she's treated him when he was ill." Jared shook his head at the memory.

"Yeah, I know Jay that was horrid not even giving him a break. He could hardly stand up."

"Well let me know how it goes, ok. If we still have a job for the next season." Smiled Jared not much could dampen his mood at that moment in time.

"Yeah, will do brother." Said Jensen. "Just don't tell Misha okay. I don't want to get his hopes up."

"Sure I can do that." Jared frowned deep in thought. He kept his fingers crossed that they all had a job after this. He liked playing Sam, and he did have a baby on the way, a job would be nice. Family, friendship, and loyalty that all came first though.

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Jensen walked up to the big white building on fifth and main. He walked up to the reception and asked where the hell he should go. It was the first time he had been to the headquarters of the CW. He was pointed toward a bank of lifts; he needed to go to level ten.

Jensen wore his best Armani suit with a green tie, Dani said it brought out his eyes. Why bringing out his eyes was a good thing he would never no. He got out of the lift and saw another reception lady and told her his name. He was asked to wait, and he sat on white plastic chairs. They may have looked modern, but they were so not built for comfort.

He picked up a magazine and there staring him back was Misha. He began to read the article, and he smiled at the adorable dork that he was. How anyone could dislike him, he had no idea.

"Mr. Ackles, Mr. Pedowitz will see you now." Said the blonde receptionist he had spoken to earlier.

He followed her through some dark wooden doors; there sat the man he wanted to see. Mark Pedowitz had salt n pepper hair, curly on top. He wore brown framed glasses that sat neatly on his long sharp nose.

"Hello, Mr. Ackles how may I help you today." He said in a polite tone.

"Please," Stated Jensen. "Call me Jensen."

"Then you must call me Mark." The older man smiled back at him with intelligent gray eyes.

Jensen began to speak of Misha's predicament. The fact he felt he had to quit and Jared felt the same. He could not work with someone that disliked his friend, just because the way he was. The way he dressed, or just because he was a little different from the norm. "Misha has a saying Mark that he wants to live in a world where normal is an insult. I agree."

Mark's face darkens when Jensen tells him the tale of how Sera spoke out at comic con, telling the poor man he was basically out of a job.

"Jensen," Said Mark "Leave this with me. There will be a season eight and if the rating stays as they are, a season nine. We are pleased with all of the casts work. We know you have fun, and you play and work hard. Acting is not easy; you work long hours and we thank-you for all the hard work you put in. We won't be losing our three top actors in the show. Yes, Sam and Dean are looked at as the main cast of the show, but there is a special little angel that the fans have taken to their hearts. I have many letters threating me if I ever let Castiel go. Well just let's say that won't be happening anytime soon. We love Misha as much as you do Jensen. He does so much good in the world. The network is pleased that we have that link with him."

Jensen is amazed at the long speech from Mark; he never knew how much Misha was loved. Well, he should have known. He's so proud of his boyfriend.

"So I will see you Jared and Misha at the next meeting in Vancouver, and your will all get letters from myself." Said Mark smiling at the young actor before him. Hoping to put his mind at ease.

"Thank you; sir." Said, Jensen, "I'm so pleased about all this." Jensen shakes the man's hand and goes to leave the room.

"Safe journey Jensen and say hello to your lovely wife for me, and also Misha of course." There is a knowing twinkle in the man's eyes as he says the last words.

"Yeah, sure sir." Says Jensen smiling back. The man knows about him and Misha, and he had no issues with them. He told Jensen that they all had a job. Jensen could hug the man. He left the building with a spring in his step and proceeds to text his friends to meet him for lunch. For he has the best news.

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...........Unfortunately, we lose sera gamble she has decided to move on to new things we wish her all the look for the future........

Misha was a little sad; he guessed he could not get on with everyone. He could not believe Jensen and Jared would both quiet for him. Jensen had more than made up for his mistake this showed that he cared about him. He loved the man.

Vicki was having a little girl, and he could not wait for his princess to be born. 'He knew she would be spoilt rotten, well West was spoilt he mused. He knew little about girls he just knew he would look after her, and she would never have a boyfriend at least until she was in her thirty's.' He told Jensen this, and he laughed.

Jensen was going to be a daddy as well. He was talking to his two friends about it. He doted on little Thomas, who followed his uncle about much to the amusement of Jared. Jensen did not get to spend much time with West, but he spoilt him none the less. Jensen and Dani had found out they were having a little girl, so he thought what Misha had said was true. He would get his gun out and drill any boys who would want to date his daughter.

Misha raised an eye brown at Jensen, and he knew he was in trouble.

"What if she's into girls Jay." Said Misha a challenge in his voice.

Jensen took the comment in his stride.

"Girls I can cope with Misha girls can’t get her pregnant." He smiled back at the older man.

Jared snorted, and Misha laughed.

"In fact" Declared Jensen with a grin on his handsome face, "I'm happy with that, not some over-sexed sweaty teenaged boy."

"That was you once bro." Stated Jared amused at his friend's words.

"Yeah I know that's what scares me." Jensen laughed "Look as long as she's happy that's all I care about, Happy, healthy and loved."

The three men raised their glass's at that statement they clicked them together just wanting the best for their children.

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Misha eased into season eight slowly but smoothly with writers such as Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver. It gave the show a different feel and edge to it. Misha was loving the different dynamics and the fact the little angel in the trench coat was growing up. People loved the angel and were protective of him.

His Twitter fan base grew to over one and a half million, and he felt blessed that people would follow him. He loved sending his tweets out and the fact he could reach out to more people and help them.

Things between him and Jensen was getting better by the day; their bond was strong has it had ever been. Misha loved being a dad and often took West on boat trips. Misha had purchased a boat the only real luxury he had brought out of the money he had earned from his acting. Jensen often came with them on these days out. West loved his uncle Jensen, and like Thomas, the little boy hung on to his uncles every word. Nothing happened on these trips of course but just being with the man he loved was enough at times. If Vicki was his female soul mate, then Jensen was his male soulmate. He was amazingly lucky to have found both in one lifetime.

Once a year he would go to a Monastery for a month in silence and solitude just to be away from modern life and the stress of his job. He had had a hard childhood that left him with issues like self-doubt and a belief in himself. His fans would tell him he saved their lives, and he was fantastic, but he never believed that. Why would he, he was just one man nothing special.

He was coming to the end of his one month away, and he had needed his spiritual detox. His thoughts wandered and pounded his skull until they hurt. So many times he would put on a front, a fake smile when he was sad, laugh when he was injured. He wished sometimes he could just be him. Not Misha Collins, but Dimitri Tippins Krushnic. Not many people knew the real him. He often wondered why he had shown the word one face when he had so wanted to show himself. It had been the worst mistake he had ever made. He promised himself from now on he would be more like himself and if people did not like it, well there was nothing much he could do. Always be yourself, and don't let people change you. He needed the world to see that.

Misha met Jensen at a restaurant in L.A and told him of his revelation.

"I have always said that Dimitri, just be yourself, babe. You’re amazing just as you are."

Jensen smiled softly at the man sat beside him. He had missed his best friend and lover. He was glad that Misha was coming around and everyone would get to see the good-looking man he got to see most days.

"You have always believed in me Jen, and I thank you. You don't know how much it means to me."

Misha softly touched Jensen thigh hoping no one would see. He needed the heat from his lover, the comfort that he provided at that moment.

"I think I have some clue babe, just go out and shine like the star you are. You tell me the most amazing things shout that to your fans. Tell the world. You may not be able to change it in a big way, but in a small way one day at a time, one smile one act of kindness, that's you, babe, do it reach for the star's."

Misha posted his words of wisdom, he pushed his charity and helped people that needed it the most. He spoke of his childhood and how and why he wanted to help. He encouraged and inspired people. Jensen could not be prouder of his boyfriend.

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The next Convention they all went to was Comic-Con in San Diego. Misha felt more relaxed than the last time he was there. He loved the atmosphere and being with his friends. Also, the various questions he got from their fans kept them on their toes. The question they were dreading since they read about Destiel finally came up.

Jared, Jensen, and Misha all knew of course about Destiel and Cockles but had kept a tight lid on anything. So Marks and the other cast reactions were real, the three boys well they hoped it looked real. They had to looked surprised and, try and sound shocked and say the idea was unwanted but in a way as not to upset their followers.

"Well said, Jensen, you think we got away with it." He shook his head at the thought of more questions like that from now on.

"Not sure said Misha I don't see a problem with it, but I can see the network having an issue with it."

"Yes so do I," Said Jensen in a huff. "The fact is this is all going to fall on my ass Mish, they know about my religion, and they’re going to make an issue with it."

"Well I will play up to it they will see we have no problem with it. You support LGTB right's; they know that. Ignore the ones with little minds there not real fans anyway; they just want to make trouble." Said Misha, slipping an arm around Jensen's waist.

"Yes the real fans will know about me for sure, I just won't sink to the trouble maker’s level."

"It will be okay baby. I won't let them bad mouth you." Whispered Misha into Jensen's ear making him shiver.




Misha went on to be asked questions about Destiel that year, and he would avoid the fundamental issues and made a joke of it. He did make a video that September of himself saying he shipped Destiel and sending Jensen a sausage. He also let it slip that Jensen and himself did not want Castiel to say I love you too Dean, in an episode of supernatural. It was Sera Gambles idea strangely enough, but Jensen did not think Dean would say that.

Jensen was worried about what his dad would say Misha thought privately. Misha also had an issue with it. If Dean and Castiel got together, it would become too transparent on the screen that he more than liked Jensen. He could act, but no actor was that good to cover up true feelings for someone. Not many people asked questions about Cockles for that he was grateful.

Chapter Text

Misha met Jensen in Rome; this strangely was the only time he and Jensen had a panel together. Yes, they did have smaller group's sometimes at other conventions. But Rome they had a panel just him and Jensen for over an hour. It was packed full of Supernatural fans and cameras, and it was put all over the internet. He loved it. He got to play up to Jensen and sometimes Jensen was a little shit and would go to kiss him. He had to deflect him and sort it out. One of these days he would kiss him and forget, but that would not be today. He was the older of the two, and sometimes that showed, and he also needed their love affair to be kept quiet.

If it got out there jobs and future jobs were on the line. Yes, Mark knew, at the network but a scandal like this he doubted would be tolerated. A lot of networks had strong Christian values and did not believe in LGBT rights. He did not want this to end their careers, or upset their families.

He knew his family would be ok but what of Jensen’s. Jensen's dad did not approve of them he did not like Jensen doing gay jobs on t.v for one thing. That's one reason Jensen was reluctant to do Destiel. Jensen did not care; he was Bi, being in a relationship with him, showed he was okay on LGBT rights. Some of the slurs to the man's name saying that he was homophobic was horrid and unjustified. He tried to shield the younger man from the hate he got. Jensen was not like that but how could he tell the people behind the slurs that? How could he stop all the hate without outing their relationship, it was shit, and he hated it.

Jensen was a sweet loving, guy. He had gay friends, he even went to gay bars with him and Jared he did not give a fuck who put their dick where. Jensen loved all people and respected and cared for all of his friends. Misha wished people saw this in his boyfriend. All people saw was a beautiful face, and Jensen was so much more than that. It made him mad he was not some object to be ogled over and have sexual remarks made over. He was a real person with real feelings.

What he also liked about JibCon was they would have boxes on the stage, and he would have no idea what was in them. They could be cuddly toys or flowers, but this day it was a script from Harry Met Sally and Yes the Orgasm scene.

There was a challenge in Jensen's forest green eyes. Never one to back down from such a challenge Misha got two people from the audience, to help read the script. Jensen sat opposite him, and he grinned at himself and let go, with gusto.

Oh, he moaned and groaned he saw Jensen's eyes dilate and he could see his jeans had a slight budge. Jensen being the great actor he was, shown no other signs that he was affected by the orgasm noise he was making. Misha knew, however, all the younger man's tells by now; he was going to milk this for all he was worth. He was aware that Jensen was more affected than he was letting on and he loved it. The laughing and screaming from the audience only made him play up more. Misha stopped, and grinned at his boyfriend he was so in for it later, his arousal hummed deliciously through his body.

When they walked off stage and around the curtains, Jensen grabbed his arm and pinned Misha, to the wall.

Misha licked his lips, seductively and winked at Jensen.

"You little shit you did that on purpose." Growled Jensen rutting against Misha's thigh.......

Chapter Text

"Nope, it was in the script sweetheart. How was I to know what was in that box?" Misha giggled, his blue eyes alight with mirth.

"You played it up big time. Knew what it would do to me." Sneered Jensen. Looking into those mesmerizing blue eyes, he always got lost into. Jensen moved his mouth nearer Misha's ear sending delicious shivers down his spine.

"Tell me what I did to you baby, go on." Moaned back Misha feeling like his body was on fire now. "Jen Please I need you."

Jensen loved seeing Misha like this, just for him, but the little shit started this so he would finish it.

"If you're not in your room, naked on your bed, by seven tonight you are in a hell of a lot of trouble. Do I make myself clear?"

Jensen kissed the shell of Misha's ear, the older man moaned.

Misha was not going to let the younger man off that easy though, so he toyed with him to see how far he could be pushed.

"And if I'm not?" Trailed off Misha with a wicked smile on his face.

"Don't try me baby boy; you won't like it if you push me too far." Jensen tugged at Misha's dark hair to prove a point, then kissed him on his neck.

Misha licked his dry lips and smiled, loving the pain and pleasure that Jensen was providing. "Well, maybe I should find out." He pushed passed Jensen and moved out of his lover's reach. "See you soon babe he winked got my minions to go see, can't be late." He walked away fast, not looking back.

Jensen narrowed his eyes at the older man and followed in silence he had just enough time to go up to Misha's room. There were some things he needed for tonight. He had a feeling he would need them.

Chapter Text

Misha went into the washroom; he put a pair of panties on. Pink, with little white bows. Like Dean; Jensen liked panties, he wanted to see what the younger man would do when he found out he was wearing them.

The convention was over for the day, and Misha decided to go and have a drink with Sebastian Roché. Sebastian and himself had always flirted with each other; nothing was meant by it though, just a little fun. Jensen did not like it one bit; he got jealous, Misha was his after all. He and Sebastian were friends, but that's where it ended. Misha admitted to himself that he liked men more than women, and it showed. He would always flirt with his male co-workers on and off the set and also at convention's but never the women. There were only four women in his life, Vicki, Maison, his mom, and Nan.

Sebastian was telling him a rather crude but hilarious joke when he felt someone watching him. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled and he knew who it was in an instant before he turned his head. Jensen was staring at him, not looking pleased. He had disobeyed a direct order. He had wanted to see what the younger man would do, and after what happened on stage, the air between them crackled with an intense sexual energy. Sebastian sensing that his friend's attention has shifted off him looked in the direction that Misha's gaze was fixated upon.

"Oh, dear love seems that you've upset lover boy there." Snorted the older actor. Who by now was quite drunk.

"Did you hear what happen on stage?" Asked Misha his blue eyes still glued on angry green ones.

"Oh yes, a bloody revelation, lots of wet panties I'm sure." The older man laughed at his blue-eyed friend. Sebastian put an arm around Misha's shoulder and whispered in his ear. "I think you best go to him love before he burst's a blood vessel."

"Oh, I don't want to." Wined Misha. "I wanted to hear how the joke finishes." He pouted. Misha turned his back on Jensen not ready to deal with the shit storm that was coming his way, just yet.

"You’re only making it worse for yourself love. Oh, I would like to be a fly on your bedroom wall tonight." Hiccupped Sebastian with a wicked grin on his face.

Misha laughed "Sure you would Seb, not sure Jensen's into all that though."

"What am I not into?" Come a deep, gruff voice behind Misha making him jump a mile.

'Oh, fuck,' The dark haired man thought to himself.

"Voyeurism love." Says Seb, turning to Jensen. "Misha tells me you're not into it. Shame."

Green eyes narrowed at the two men. "No, I'm not. Misha's all mine, and I don't like sharing." Said Jensen in a clipped tone.

"Sure you don't if I had him I would keep him under lock and key." Giggled Sebastian at the younger man's possessive behavior of his friend. "Right, I'm out of here I need to call some people, and I have an early panel in the morning. Night loves." Sebastian wobbled a moment and waved goodbye to his friends.

Misha was sad that his friend was going, but he kissed Seb on the cheek knowing it would piss Jensen off even more. He felt Jensen grab his arm. It was hard enough to bruise, but not outright hurt him.

"Did you want a drink sweetie?" Smiled Misha, trying not to be affected by the possessive nature coming off his boyfriend in spades.

"I thought I gave you an order Misha?" Growled Jensen looking at the blue eyed man like he wanted to drag Misha back to his bedroom. "I don't like little boys who disobey; they get punished. Now if I were you, I would go up to your room right now."

Misha pouted his bottom lip sticking out. Jensen can't help but think how cute the older man looked.

"But Jensen I got you a present." Wined, Misha. Crossing his arms and sulking like a mischievous toddler.

Jensen's face softened, and he lovingly stroked Misha's cheek. "Come then sweet boy show me you’re present."

Jensen grabbed Misha's hand, and they left the bar saying goodnight to their friends.

Jensen opened the door to Misha's room. The older man was still pouting. He hated to be told off, but he knew it was all his fault. Jensen locked the door and put the keys down on the vanity table.

"Oh, baby stop pouting." Said Jensen amused by his boyfriend's childish behavior. Jensen kissed Misha's bottom lip catching it between his teeth. "Tell me why you did not do has instructed baby boy? Did you want me to punish you?" Questioned the younger actor wanting to know why his lover disobeyed.

Misha sighs and starts to shake with worry. "I wanted to push you, Jensen. I don't want to get hurt. I'm scared, I'm sorry." The blue-eyed man rubbed at his eyes upset with himself.

Jensen looked a little worried at Misha's words. He could see the older man shaking. "Baby I would never hurt you. I love you too much to do that." Said Jensen trying to calm his boyfriend.

Jensen had no clue were Misha's thoughts were taking him. He just knew the man needed to be shown that he was loved. That he would take good care of him, liked he promised.

"Baby show me that present you have for me." Coaxed Jensen softly.

Misha's face lit up. He took his shirt off first. Then slowly undid his belt. He slid off his jeans down his muscular legs, showing his gift to Jensen. His beautiful pink panties.

Jensen gasped when he saw the panties. "My God Misha, you look, amazing baby. I could eat you up."

Jensen could not keep his eyes off the sight, his man in panties. He'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life, and the man was gorgeous has it was. He was almost lost for words.

Misha looked at Jensen and blushed at the devotion behind jade green eyes. He felt great that he could make his man so happy.

"Baby get on the bed for me." Gasps Jensen finally getting his speech back.

Misha agreed and did as asked. He pulled the covers off and settled in the middle of the bed.

Jensen got his bag of goodies out of the bathroom where he hid them early that day. He knew Misha would not find them, and ruin tonight’s plans. The younger man placed the lube on the bedside table. He's glad they all got tested, so he does not have to use condoms anymore. There is a lot of trust between the four of them to do that though, and he's truly thankful for the amazing people in his life. He takes a blindfold out of the bag as well as handcuffs. Not wanting Misha to see what else he has in the bag, he puts it on the floor for the moment. Jensen secures Misha's hands to the bed first making sure they hold but are not too tight.

"Baby are they ok? Let me know if there not."

"I will Jen," Says Misha softly.

Then the green eyed man whispers into the older man's ear. "Do you trust me, baby?"

"Yes always," Says Misha without any hesitation in his voice.

Jensen smiles back at his lover. "You know the drill, Green for Ok. Yellow for slow down. Red for stop."

"Yes, that's clear Jensen." States Misha smiling back at his younger lover.

Jensen shows Misha the soft velvet blindfold. He proceeds to put it on his partner, making sure it's secure and he can't see. Also that it's not tight and it won't hurt him.

"What’s your color, Misha." Checks in Jensen.

"Green" Comes back the simple reply from Misha below him.

Jensen then takes the vibrator and the butt plug out of the bag, and set's them down on the bed.

"I'm just getting undressed baby. I've not gone away," Jensen tells Misha, knowing he would worry if he can't hear him.

He sees Misha relax as he gets off the bed. The younger man undresses with little finesse. His cock already hard and leaking in his boxes wet with pre-cum. He strokes himself trying to release the pressure. He climbs back onto the bed and straddles the good-looking man all laid out for him.

"Baby I'm taking your panties off. I don't want them to get dirty."

Jensen slowly takes the panties off and kisses down the older man's thighs. He puts the panties on the bed and sets them aside. He has other plans tonight he will get to play with them another time. He notices the black haired man's cock is leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, so he leans down to taste. Misha gasps and bucks his hips.

"Stay still for me baby," Jensen whispers.

Jensen licks the pre-cum, he loves the taste of Misha, orange from his body wash. Also the taste of the air before a storm, all naturally Misha. He hums into it, saliva dribbling down his chin. He comes off with a loud pop.

"You tastes amazing baby, all this just for me, no one else, all mine."

He kitten licks the man's amazing hips; his skin tastes sweet like the best dessert ever. He sucks red marks into them claiming, marking him as Jensen's. Jensen then switch's to kissing the man's hot, sweet mouth. He sucks on his tongue devouring the man, going deeper, greedy for the taste of his man.

"Make them beautiful noises for me baby; I need to hear you." Jensen pants.

Misha's so quiet; he likes to make Misha sing; play him like his old guitar. Jensen nibbles on the older man's ears. One of his sweet spots, one place that gets his man hot and moaning.

"Oh God more please Jen." Misha pants.

It's hard work getting his man to make the sound's he wants, but it's worth the reward when he gets going.

"You make more noise on stage baby; I know you can be louder than that." Say's Jensen, sucking on the man's nipples, another sweet spot that makes his man sing for him.

There is a string of plealsepleaseplease coming out of the man's mouth. It pleases Jensen makes him harder than he already his. He drips pre-cum on Misha's stomach, he rubs his juices into the man's red hot skin. He's saddened for a brief moment that he can't look into the older man's brilliant blue eyes.

"Jen, I need you, please come on." Misha cries out his body shaking in anticipation.

"Shhh, baby its ok I have you." Says Jensen caressing and stroking his fingers tenderly down Misha's six-foot frame.

Jensen reaches for the lube; he pop's the cap off and squeezes a generous amount on his fingers. He nudges his lover's legs apart and starts to circle the man's perfect pink pucker. He inserts one finger, and Misha presses back on it. Jensen adds a second finger, and the older man gyrates back on Jensen's fingers making little ha ha noises.

"That's it baby ride my fingers." Says Jensen loving the sight of the desperate man below him.

Jensen places a third finger inside Misha's tight wet hole; he makes sure the man's open and pliant and ready for the vibrator. He slicks up the vibrator and circles it around the older man's glistening pucker.

"Baby what’s your color? Says Jensen trying to keep it together.

“Fuck, I don’t know pink,” Misha shouts really past caring.

“I will stop now if you don’t tell me.” Growls Jensen, it would kill him to stop but no way would he hurt the man under him, never again.

Misha whimpers not wanting his lover to stop. Though he knows he as to give a coherent answer. ‘What was the question again? Oh yes, color what did he feel. Green very green.’

“G-green” Misha finally spurts out.

Jensen makes sure the black haired man is settled and whispers seductively in his ear, knowing what it does to his man.

“You ready baby? I'm going to push in now."

Not waiting for a reply he pushes the vibrator in slowly, letting his lover get used to the feeling, he pushes it in and out, and then he turns it on.

"Oh, fuck." Shouts Misha, so loud he thinks the entire hotel must have heard him.

Jensen grins to himself. "You like that baby boy?"

Jensen turns the setting up higher and pushes the vibrator into his lover’s hot tight glistening hole.

Misha arches his spine off the bed. He’s burning up inside. He tries to move his hand’s trying to find anything to hold onto. He wants to feel Jensen, but the handcuffs are in the way. He pouts with disappointment.

Jensen strokes his hand through Misha sweaty hair. He laughs when he sees Misha’s face. Sucking on the protruding lip, and nibbling at it.

"Your so damn adorable do you know that baby boy.”

Misha wines “I’m not, I just want to touch you. Please, Jen let me.”

“Maybe later if you’re good” States Jensen kissing around the blindfold.

The younger man checks in on Misha again feeling a little calmer than before. “Baby what's your color?"

"Still Green. I need you Jen hurry please.” Misha was trying to undulate his hip’s to find some friction that had been denied him so far.”

Jensen slaps Misha’s leg, and he stills. “Be good or, I will stop.”

Misha is so aroused, never felt so hard in his life. He starts babbling coherently out of his beautiful pink lips, and Jensen kisses him. Loving the taste of him he really can't get enough of him and his lover's lips, so thick and full. He's never seen a man's lips like that before; he's so lucky to have this handsome, sexy man in his life.

Jensen stops the vibrator, and slicks up the butt plug and makes sure it's in easy reach. Then he pours more lube on his throbbing cock. He hisses at the sensation of cold hitting hot. The younger man then moves into position between his lovers' legs.

Misha as a sheen of sweat covering his body. Drops trickle down from his neck to his collar bone, and Jensen chases them with his tongue. Lapping the little puddles up that settle on his boyfriend's warm skin.

"Jensen please, in me now. I need you please." The older man sobs, begging for release.

Jensen moves his cock, moves up and down and breaches his boyfriend's tight hot hole. He slips in slowly until he bottoms out. They both moan, at the sensation. He waits letting his lover get used to him.

"Move Jen now." Growls Misha in desperation, his body red hot and heaving his breath coming in short pants.

Jensen starts a slow, but steady rhythm, one hand on his hip and the other tangled in his short raven hair. They will be bruises on the man's hips he's sure of it, Jensen smiles at lease Misha will have a reminder of their time together.

"Oh God, Misha you feel so damn tight baby." Jensen huffs out.

Misha pushes back, trying to get his lover to go even deeper, to desperately hit that magic spot inside him. He could stay like this forever being one with his lover. Being so close, feeling so loved, it brings tears to his eyes that threaten to spill over.

Jensen knows he's found the right spot when Misha arch's his spine of the bed and howls in pleasure. Jensen grips tighter on his lover's hair, knowing the pain pleasure will push all of Misha's buttons.

"Fuck, more, Yes, God Yeah. I fucking love you so fucking much Jen." Misha cries out in sweet rapture.

Jensen moves faster, like the ebb and flow of the tide, he holds Misha. Ties their fingers together and holds on never wanting to let go of this amazing man. Jensen strokes get faster and harder; he knows he will cum soon, he feels the hot coil, humming under his skin. He grabs Misha cock and pumps it; he sees the man shudder underneath him and knows he's ready to fall off the cliff with him.

"Cum for me baby, come on Misha cum for me now." He demands, in his deep, gruff voice like a good whiskey.

Misha shouts Jensen name like a prayer on his lips. He's still for a moment, and then he erupts like old faithful, hot thick cum spurts out, painting his chest.

Jensen tips over the edge as well and cums inside his lover pumping him full of hot, warm cum. He grabs the butt plug and slips out and plugs his lover up keeping his seed inside of him.

"Baby, I want you to keep that in okay?" Says Jensen tapping the butt plug with his fingers. "For as long as you can."

Misha surges up and captures Jensen swollen lips kissing the man like his life depends on it.

"Yes, anything for you Jen. I love you so much I wish you knew."

"I think I have some idea sweetheart," Says Jensen soothing his lover underneath him.

The younger man gets up to grab a warm cloth and gently rubs the crusting cum and lube off his lover and himself. He takes the blindfold off and looks into blue eyes that he loves so much. He then gets some cream and rubs it into his wrist; they look red from all the pulling he did.

Misha holds the cover up, and Jensen crawls into them. Jensen lays his head on Misha's shoulder and Misha strokes through his short hair. It's relaxing and sends him into a doze.

"Jen I love you," Sniffs Misha softly not sure if his love is asleep and still affected by the emotions of tonight.

"I love you too babe so much." Whispers Jensen half asleep.

Misha smiles, he's so happy, he hopes this feeling last's a lifetime.

Chapter Text

"I hate Misha Day. What the hell?" Says, Misha, "This is crap. What did I ever do? I thought my follower’s loved me?"

"Most people do. I don't class these people has real fans. The ones that call me, names there just haters babe. Just tweet them back something sarcastic." Says Jensen. "Looks like Dick and Jim and others have put it up on their Twitter feeds. Dani just showed me on her phone." The younger man told his boyfriend.

"It makes me laugh though that they think Tweeting will get me fired."

"Yeah well, that will never happen. Sometimes I wish I had Twitter, then I could shout at the idiots." Growled Jensen back at his partner, through the computer screen.

"No that would ruin that good boy image you have sweetie." Laughs Misha.

"Yeah well, they don't know me as well as you then." Laughs Jensen winking back at the man on his computer.

"I best go. I promised I would clean up around here. I Love you, Jen, thanks for your support."

"Always baby, I love you too."

Misha smiled he's so glad he's got good friends who look after him. Jensen and Vicki who love him. His 'real' fans also show him that they love him in their own way. He's truly blessed

Chapter Text

"This is big Jen, Larry Frikking King."

"Babe, you will do find just be your fabulous dorky self." Says Jensen trying to sooth his boyfriend.

"Yeah, sure people just love me." Grunts Misha.

"Babe, they do love you have you seen your Twitter followers?" Laughs Jensen seeing the look on Misha's face. "Look baby Vicki will be there. She will hold your hand and take care of you."

"I want you there," Complains Misha in a surly tone. "Why can't you be there?"

"You know I can't babe; you will be okay.”We will watch it together when you get back, that's the best I can offer." Sigh's the younger actor.

"Fine leave me to my doom. Some boyfriend you are." Grumbles Misha. Not liking the fact he can't get his own way.

"Don't be so dramatic." Laughs Jensen looking at his grumpy boyfriend.

"Yeah well, I'm an actor. I'm meant to be over dramatic." Huffs the older man.

"Oh, my little diva. Hey, you'll be okay baby. I promise."

"Promise Jen." Says Misha in a pout.

If Jared was the king of puppy-dog eyes. Misha was the king of pouting. Always making Jensen laugh and want to suck or nibble on his protruding lip.

"Yeah, when have I ever let you down?" States Jensen, rubbing Misha's back trying to calm the man down.

"Misha squint's at Jensen.”Should I answer that with a power point presentation?" He says unkindly.

The hurt on Jensen's face shows. He's apparently upset with Misha's outburst.

Misha snuggles up to Jensen to try and make amends. "I'm sorry sweetie I'm just an assbutt. I'll make it up to you soon okay." Says Misha hugging the younger man.

"You better." Smiles Jensen quickly forgiving Misha. He has no room for being hurt; all the words are correct, maybe one day he will be forgiven.

"Now go, or you won't be back in time. Meet you for lunch next Wednesday?"

Misha nods in understanding and defeat. "Sure see you then."

"I'll text you, see how it goes." Says Jensen hoping it will be enough support for the older man.

"Thanks’ Jen I..." Misha looks around, but there's just too many people about. He lets out a big sigh and smiles sadly at Jensen.

"I know," Says Jensen understanding what Misha want's to voice out loud but can't. "I do too."





My Name's Larry King, and today we have Supernatural's Misha Collins on the show...


"The man insulted my child's name." Huffs Misha. "What the fuck; who does that?"

Vicki shakes her head but smiles. "Sweetie you told the world you had sex with your cast and crew." She giggles at her dorky husband.

"Well, I do, but no one’s going to believe me." He grins back at his amazing wife.

"Well just hope no one’s wise enough to look at your body language." She smiled back at the blue eyed man next to her. "Because that will give you away babe." She laughs shaking her head at her husband's latest antics.

"Yeah, I keep getting told I can't hide that well. Jensen's a fucking pro at it. But I'm not so good."

"You're a genius, stop doubting yourself." Says Vicki stroking her husband's arm.

"Well at lease it's over with. I won't have to worry about it anymore."





Misha and Jensen are watching the show go live. Jensen trying to be supportive and tells his boyfriend not to go back on Larry's show again if he can help it.

"I won't." Says Misha firmly. "Next time I'll make certain some questions are not allowed. I will also check out the host before I go on any more shows. I want to see if their assbutt's. If they are they can forget it." He smiles at the younger actor.

Jensen just smile's indulgently at Misha; how he loves this fantastic, adorable, dorky bastard. Not one day was the same with him. It's like every day was a new adventure, he was never bored with Misha by his side.

Chapter Text

Misha's excited that he's been nominated for the people' choice award. He's never got an award before. He's pleased; it strokes his big ego. He ends up winning and sharing it with Jensen and Jared. He doubts he will ever get any other award in his life like a Grammy. But what's great about this was, the fans voted for him. So it has more meaning.

Jensen and Misha have decided to go out on the town, and they end up at their friend's apartment out of the city. They have been filming non-stop and need a little rest. They have no idea that they have been followed. Misha and Jensen have their arms around each other and look quite cosy in the pictures. There talking to their friend and they do look happy.

"Shit" Curses Jensen when Jared shows then the pictures on his phone. "What the hell do we do? It looks like we spent the night having wild sex."

"We did spend the night having wild sex." Declares Misha amused by Jensen's panic.

"But they don't need to know that Mish." Says Jensen. "Why aren't you taking this seriously?"

"I am babe, but what's done is done. Look let's talk to Robert see what they can do. Maybe they can make it go away."

"Yeah well, I hope they can because Dani won't like this." Mumbles Jensen. "If dad sees it damn I will get an ear full. He hates you enough has it is, without adding fuel to the fire."

They go and see Robert Singer and show him the pictures that are now circulating the internet.

"Don't worry boys; we will get I.T on this. We will just put it about that it's on set and you're shooting a scene no one will be the wiser."

"What." Says Misha incredulous. The camera person's hiding behind a tree how the hell will they believe that?"

"They will." Says Robert. "Look half the people that think you and Dani are married (He points at Jensen), and you (He looks at Misha) and Vicki are married won't have a clue about this polygamy thing you have going on. They will just assume it's a picture from the studio. The smaller one or two percent of fan's who yes will know its shot behind a tree and will know, that yes it's you two coming out of a building. They won't have any credibility because that group is just too small and they will get shot down. Just boys try and be more careful in future the network won't like it okay."

"Yeah, sir of course." Says Jensen. "I can't believe people will fall for this shit." He laughs.

"They will fall for anything. They won't believe you too are together, I promise." The older man states.

"Well, I'm glad, that's why we won't do Destiel." Says Misha it's too easy to see how much we love each other."

"Well, I agree with you there." Says Robert. "Trust me that's never going to happen."

The rumour goes about, and Robert's predictions are correct. Ninety-Eight percent of fans ignore the picture and think its shot on location. The other two percent who know that it's real have no voice, so it's fine. Panic averted.

Chapter Text

Back in Rome (JibCon) again Misha can't wait for their panel. The Cockle's panel has it's affectionately known. Yes, Cockles was bigger than Destiel, well he would like to think so. He loves it that he and Jensen's name are intertwined like that. The cast laughs at him and Jen. But he often finds fanfiction and fanart about them, so they shut up. Especially when he starts reading about what they get up to in the stories.

Jensen's quite nervous, he had a meeting with the big boss from the CW network, before he came to Rome. All Jensen would tell him, was it was all about Destiel. He did not want to bring Misha into it. Jensen has a panel first with Jared. So Jared said he would look after him.

Misha sits in the green room and checks his emails, and twitter feeds. All of a sudden his Twitter feed goes mental. 'What the hell,' He thinks to himself. Jensen's being called all the names under the sun. He sees the words queerbaiting and homophobic; it's something to do with their panel. He will have to wait until the boys get back to find out the real story.

Jared comes back and does not look jubilant. "He's gone up to his room Mish he's not feeling well."

"What the hell happen Jay?" Asks Misha wanting an explanation.

Jared sits down spreading his long legs out on the gray couch. "I think the network put pressure on Jen to say that Destiel was not real. They don't want to go down the gay angel/human route, so there nipping it in the bud."

"What, but Jensen doesn't care about Destiel? He has issues with his dad, and our relationship being seen. But he has no feeling's one way or another about the angel and his hunter. This is so unfair there putting the blame squarely on his shoulders."

"Well yes, it's not fair. The network does not want to do gay so the only way Castiel will get any will be with a woman. Also, we do get fed up with all the ship questions all the time. So I hope that stops." Say's Jared closing his eyes, trying to ward off a headache that's accumulating behind his temples.

"The convention leaders can stop those questions. Jensen made that poor girl cry last time. He hated himself for that. We can't even tell people the truth it suck's big time." Sighs Misha not liking the way this was going one bit. "Damn I need to see him, but first I need to put something on Twitter to see if I can help.

"You can try Mish." Groans Jared hoping Mish could help Jensen out of this mess. "Just see if he's ok he may talk to you. He's stubborn you know how he can get. God, he's so like Dean sometimes." Laughs Jared.

Misha never got to speak to Jensen his panel was up next and did not have time. He needed to talk to the younger man to see how he was doing. When he came back later into the green room, Jensen was still not there, and Jared was off doing his photo shoots. A helper came rushing, panic written over her face. Misha looked up wondering what the matter was.

"Misha, Jensen is losing it on stage you need to get out there now. He's about a minute from a meltdown."

"What" Shout's Misha also now feeling slightly panicked? "Can you take me there now? I need to get to him."

Misha follows the dark haired girl to the main stage that Jensen's on, rushing to his boyfriend's aid. He wait's at the edge of the curtain's to listen and to calm himself before he goes out. He's good at putting a mask on his face, even though he's screaming inside. He needs to do this for Jensen; he can't show any weakness to his fans, the network or reporters. He can hear the pain in the younger man's voice; he can't take it anymore its time he went out and saved him.

Misha walk's on stage like it’s all planned and everyone cheers. Not many people noticed the state Jensen's in. Misha kiss's him discreetly and asks the younger man if he needs to go, he will take over.

"No, it's ok now your here Mish with you I can do anything." Jensen whisper's back to his lover out of microphone reach. Misha hold's Jensen's hand (metaphorically) and they finish the panel on a wing and a prayer.

Misha takes Jensen straight up to his hotel room. He undress's the younger man putting soft flannel pajamas on him. He then gets Jensen a drink of water and a granola bar hoping that will help a little bit. After he finishes, he tuck's the younger man in bed. Misha then undresses as well. Just in a clean pair of boxers and a tee shirt he climbs in beside his lover. Finding comfort in each other, Jensen lays his head on Misha's chest.

"I’m going to get so much shit for this." Sniff's Jensen, tears were staining his freckled face. "God it's not fair Mish they told me I had to say it. They don't want a gay angel on the program. It's a wonder Charlie gets to stay; I bet you they will kill her off."

"Shhh, sweetheart don't cry." God how he hated to see his sweet man cry over such fucked up prejudice. "I think if they did that they will have a revolt on their hands." He lean's down and kisses the tears right off his lovers face.

"If you left the entire fandom would walk." Sniff's Jensen some more trying to hold back anymore tear's. He was not scared to show emotion, but he was cross that they did this to him.

"No, they love you and Jay too much. They would not miss one dorky little angel in a trench coat." Said Misha never seeing his worth and the love people had for him.

"If you’re missing in one episode they write in, Robert told me. Stop putting yourself down." Jensen sigh’s feeling so tired emotionally and physically. "I don't care about Destiel, but I know Dad does not want me to do it, nor the network. I have to keep saying Cas and Dean are brothers and there is no such thing."

"Sweetheart I'm sorry for letting this happen, and you take the fall for it. I wish I were stronger for you." Whispers Misha in shame.

"Hey, babe don't worry. We can't let Destiel happen anyway, too many questions that will come up. I don't want people to think I'm not an advocate for LGBT rights because I am."

"Yeah well, I don't listen to what people say, Jen. It’s not just about an angel and a human falling in love; it's about free will to love who you want no matter what background they come from. Our fans get that, they feel it. They don't want Cas and Dean to have sex openly. Well, some may, but most just want them to kiss or hold hands. Love can be shown in many different ways. It would help so many people if it were allowed. It sometimes feels like the t.v and film industry still lives in the dark ages. If only they could see us together, they would not call you them fucked up names." Growled the blue-eyed man full of righteous fury.

Jensen could see at that moment why they wanted Misha to play the little angel of Thursday. His boyfriend was a bad ass sometimes.

Misha's phone pinged, and he picked it up from the floor just in case it was Vicki about the kids. Instead, it was from Jared. There was a picture of Jensen looking at Misha's ass. He laughed out loud and showed it to his boyfriend.

"Well, babe I'm going to circulate this on my secret Twitter and Facebook account. I can now say you’re no homophobic because if you were why the hell would you be looking at my ass." Misha collapsed into fits of giggles.

"What the hell Mish." Said Jensen puzzled and looked at Misha's phone. He laughed when he saw the picture. "I think you need to send this one out baby; maybe it will help change people's minds about me. Oh I love your ass it's so damn firm and cute, and I love to ride it."

Misha looked at his boyfriend and smiled. "Babe I love you, and I'm glad you’re smiling and no longer sad. When your smile you light up my life it's like the sun shines on me, and I feel the warmth. I love you so much, Jensen Ross Ackles." Gasps Misha pausing for breath after his long declaration of love.

Jensen just smile's that 1000 kilowatt smile and snuggles back down on Misha's chest. He feels warm and content he could stay like this for a lifetime. They did not make love that night but held each other. Never letting go, lovers, best friends soulmates intertwined, and stronger together, then they had ever been.

Chapter Text

Jensen was at Vancon and Misha, and Jared was trying to push him to get a Twitter account.

Look, babe, do you see that campaign my Minions are doing for me? They want to get me to two million Twitter members. Beam's Misha proudly. I bet if you join they will do the same for you. On second thoughts knowing your fans, they will try and beat me better not then." He grins, Jensen liked a bit of competition if he riled him up a little maybe he would go for it and get Twitter.

"Come on Jen." Encouraged Jared. "Join the 21st century all your fans will love it. Also, Mish is correct; you may beat him it will be fun to see who wins the battle of the fandom."

Jensen and Jared had a panel, and one of the questions was why don't you have twitter. It was a recurring theme at conventions they had noticed.

Jared smiled and said to his friend in front of all their fans at the convention hoping to get them on board with getting Jensen on Twitter.

"Come on Jensen lets set you up."

It worked he finally caved in. They did it during their panel Jensen's first tweet went out 'Twitter you Win VanCon2014.'
He took a picture of his fans and posted it.

He had no clue what he was doing, but both Misha and Jared showed him. He loved putting pictures up of Jay-Jay and talking to cast and crew and putting pics up of filming.

Misha was so pleased he could see what Jensen got up to when he was not about. Not that he would tell him that. He just missed his boyfriend when he was not on set so sue him.

Chapter Text

Misha had been having a bad couple of month's he felt depressed and not himself. He had suffered from depression all of his life, but this felt slightly different this seeped into his bones, made him tired and unable to concentrate on anything major in his life. He always tried to spin a positive light on everything, he was always a glass half full kind of guy, but sometimes that would not always help. He had sat with some fans and talked about his struggles with his sexuality. Yes, his family knew about his love for both men and women and still loved him, he knew he was one of the lucky ones.

The thing was what did he identify as? Did he need to tick any boxes? Maybe he was Pansexual? He wished he knew. The fear was how others would perceive him. Would his fans, dislike him if he came out? Would they understand him being married to Vicki? It was so hard; he did not want anyone to hate him, he wanted the world to love him. Stupid, but it got him down anyway.

He also spoke about self-harm at Vancon. He brushed the question off and defaulted into a joke like he normally did when a hard question came up. He told the crowd how he cut his legs with a knife. He could tell the fans were shocked. That's what he did the best hide behind jokes and laughter. He never actually took anything seriously. People often found that a significant fault of his.
'Not everything can be fixed with a laugh and a smile.' He thought to himself.

Everything in his life got slightly worse after that. Misha had been having issues with the convention organizers Creation. He hated how much they charged fans for his pictures and autographs. He was a minor celebrity why then did his fans have to pay so much? There was also some security issues, and Misha was not pleased they took things so lightly. Cliff, Jensen and Jared's bodyguard said he would look after him after an incident, but that was not his job to do so.

Misha was at Burbank a Salute to Supernatural; he had a huge argument with the organizers. He had given a free autograph and a picture away to a poor fan that apparently could not afford it. She had barely scraped the money together to get to the convention and pay for the ticket. Her friends had asked the favour as she was sick and it was her wish. 'What was one fan?' He thought angrily to himself. 'They make enough profit as it is.' He disliked confrontation at the best of times, and he knew he was right trying to protect his fans. So he paid out of his pocket just to shut them up.

He was doing a panel by himself, later on, that same day. There were these girls sat at the front. He tried his best to ignore them, but they were saying unkind things about his and Jensen and Jared's family. There was even talk about harming them. Misha was spooked out, so he told the organizers who did nothing.

"I know you're pissed at me." Yelled Misha getting steadily angrier. "But this is our families we are talking about, and you should stop it. What if they harmed the girls, where would you be then?" He fumed at them, but again they told him it was nothing.

Misha went back to talk to Cliff who organized a bodyguard for Misha, and he pointed out the girls.

"If they turned up at any more conventions the network will know them and won't let them in. I won't let my boys and their family be in danger." Shouted Cliff at Creation this time they promised they would do something about it.

Misha did not smile for any of his photo's that day he felt sorry for his fans having his picture taken with his stony face. He could just not muster up a smile. Sunday he would try better, he would be all smiles.

Misha was glad that the day had ended and he only had Sunday to go before they went back to work. For the first time, he was glad a convention was over. Misha was looking forward, to getting Jensen by himself and just spending time alone with him. There came a knock on his bedroom door, and he smiled knowing who it was.

"Hey," Greeted Misha smiling at his boyfriend. "You're a sight for sore eyes." Misha pulled the younger man in and slammed the door shut. He started to kiss the man within an inch of his life.

"Hey, babe calm down." Chuckled Jensen wondering what the hell had got into his boyfriend. "Not that I don't mind but what's brought this on? It's not like you, babe." Jensen looked with concern at the older man. He was looking more dishevelled than he usually did.

"I've had an atrocious day, and I just want to spend time with my, (Misha lavished kisses on Jensen after every word.) Gorgeous, (kiss) amazing (kiss) fantastic (kiss) boyfriend, (kiss).

Jensen was slightly dazed with the love and affection Misha was imparting on him. Misha was the submissive one in the bedroom, he did not get to see this side of Misha very often, but when he came out, it turned him on, and it was fucking hot.

"Babe tell me about your day." Panted Jensen trying to speak between Misha ravishing his mouth. I have not seen much of you today."

Misha reluctantly backed off and told Jensen all his news with the poor fan and Creation. The creeps in the front row of his panel and how Cliff had come to his aid.

Jensen was not impressed he may have a little word in the right person’s ear. They were not going to treat Misha like that no way. He was also going to thank Cliff for looking out for his lover. Jensen also had some bad news for Misha, and after the day he had he was just going to make that day worse, but it had to be done.

"Can we just get a shower and order up food? Maybe just snuggle up and read Jen. I'm not in the mood for any more than that. Well maybe kissing we can do that." Smiled Misha a twinkle in his sapphire blue eyes.

"Anything you need baby, but I have something to tell you." Jensen rubbed the back of his neck a nervous tick he had.

Misha spotted it and narrowed his eyes, Jensen only ever did that when he was worried about something.

"Spit it out Jen what's wrong?" Fumed Misha not in the mood for any more bullshit that day.

Jensen sighed and cleared his throat he tried to face Misha. But he turned away at the last minute not wanting to see the pain he would course this amazing man.

"I’ve been talking with Dani and my dad, and were moving back to Texas."

The green-eyed man heard a sharp intake of breath from the man next to him, but he kept going.

"My agent said it was ok. We still have the apartment in L.A. So we can stay there if we need too for work. Texas is better for the kids, and we want more. Dani wants to be closer to Gen you know she's expecting again, and Thomas and Jay-Jay are close friends."

Misha looked at the younger man who could not face him. Tears were coming to his eyes.

"This your idea or your dads Jensen?" Spat out Misha venting his fury in full force at his lover. "Because this sounds a hell of a lot like him. Don't you fucking pretend he likes you living in L.A because I'm a bad influence? (And yes he did use finger quotes so sue him.) "Well, he's got what he wanted, you and me being far away from each other. He's tried to break us up before. Well, he fucking succeeded now."

Misha turned away from his lover not wanting to give him the satisfaction of his tears and sadness that he promised never to do.

Jensen grabbed Misha's arm, but he shook it off.

"Babe, please don't do this; it's not my dad doing this. Dani and I want the best for the kid's, and Dani wants to be closer to Gen like I said." Jensen was pleading with Misha to get him to listen to him. He had never seen Misha so angry.

"So this has nothing to do what so ever with that controlling asshole of a father." Cried Misha still working up a storm and not slowing down anytime soon.

"Hey," Shout's Jensen in alarm at the venom in his boyfriend's words. Nothing short of shocked. He stood up and went over to Misha who was standing at the window shaking so much Jensen was starting to worry. "I know you're upset, but he's still my dad. I could say a hell of a lot about yours. I mean what man leaves their kids to live in a cold caravan with a bowl of ice water for a fridge." Jensen knew it was childish, but he was fed up at this point. Jensen rubbed his head feeling the start of a headache come on.

"Come on Misha don’t be like this, please. We can still see each other on set. When Supernatural is over, I will still be working in L.A or where ever they need me. I can still see you I won't let you go that easy, you are stuck with me. I love you too much just to let this go." Said Jensen softly hoping Misha would see his words held the truth.

"You keep saying that, but you keep breaking your promise of never hurting me Jen. Because it fucking feels like you’re ripping my heart out of my chest again.” Misha fell to the floor sobbing, his body shaking in grief.

Jensen knelt down on the floor next to his best friend and lover; he sees the tears that are slowly dropping forming pools on the floor. He wipes the tears with his thumb and rubs Misha's back trying to soothe the man.

"Come on baby; we are not over I promise." Sniffs Jensen also crying he hates to see the mess he's made of this good-looking man, he broke him he needs to fix him. “I know I am moving house it does not mean I stop loving you; it is not to say we won't see each other. You're my world, Mish I can't live without you, it would just be too painful."

Misha looks up into sad green eyes. All the anger and rage melts out of his bones, he feels like jelly and the man he loves still by his side.

"Are you trying to get away from me, people leave me, they always do." Cried Misha sadly, all is life people have done that.

"No I'm not running away, do you hear me. Now come on, it will be okay I promise. This ring here." Whispers Jensen planting a kiss on Misha's middle finger. "Means something, its means a promise of forever. When I say I love you, it means I love you Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. There only two people I have ever said it to, Dani and you. I will love you forever my two amazing, beautiful soul mates."

Misha gasp Jensen used his real name, he really means what he's saying.

"You used my real name. I have to know that everything you said must be real. I have a confession to make Jen I feel so down and sad and now all this. I am not sure how much I can take. I hate this feeling like it's so dark outside even when the sun is shining like there is no air for me to breathe."

"Hey," I thought you said I was your sunshine." Smiles back the younger man.

"You are." Sniffs Misha.

"Well let me light your way, lean on me you do not have to be alone in all of this. Now come on let's get a bath instead of a shower. Then have what you want from room service. Treat yourself because I think you deserve it, it has been a long day."

"Yes, it has. I want burgers and fries." Whispers Misha his voice cracking with all the shouting he’s done. "Maybe ice cream would be good also."

"Great you can never beat a good burger. I think pie would also be a good idea."

Misha snorts at that and Jensen winks back at him.

They have a relaxing bath with Jensen washing Misha. Nothing sexual happens, Jensen just wants to look after his lover, show him he cares. Jensen dry’s Misha and dresses him, pampers him and makes him feel loved. They eat and agree it's a damn fine burger. They both have apple pie and ice-cream and leave the tray outside the door so that they won't be disturbed. They go clean their teeth and get in bed. Misha is feeling sleepy, so nod's off curled up on Jensen's chest. Misha is like an octopus and surrounds Jensen senses. Jensen loves it being this close to his lover.

"Good night my sweet love have happy dreams, and I hope your day will be better tomorrow." Say's Jensen softly into Misha's soft black hair.

Misha drifts off into a dreamless sleep. Jensen snuggles up next to Misha. He switches the bedside light off not wanting to wake his lover in his slumber. Jensen finds his eyes getting heavy, and he slips off to sleep as well.





The next day was Sunday the last day of the convention. Misha felt tired and achy. He did not even go for his usual morning run; he felt like he was coming down with a cold or worse the flu. He had a light breakfast of oatmeal and orange juice his stomach could not manage anything heavy.

The panels went on and the day slipped by slowly. He did not see much of Jensen. He had another panel, and again the same people sat in front saying nasty things. He ran out of the panel and went straight to his photo ops. They were not ready for him just yet, but the line of people steadily grew. God he was not going to be able to smile for them he was the worse person ever.

Someone must have alerted Jensen, because of his saving grace, his sunshine, his best friend, and lover came towards him and enveloped him in a hug. He did not care one bit who saw and did not care if they filmed it or gossip started about them. Jensen knew Misha needed him there and then. Jensen put his hand on Misha's heart and the other on his left shoulder.

Now you listen to me Dimitri, you are loved, by your fans, do you see them they care for you and love you. They helped you set up a charity that helps people all over the world. It makes this world a better place than it is. The crew of Supernatural love you, they have from the start. Your family loves you, Little West and Maison and Vicki your Mom and Dad and your Nan. Jared, Gen and Dani and little Jay-Jay love you. Most of all I love you. I could be moving thousands of miles away, but it would mean nothing because I would always be there for you. No matter what the future holds, we will be best friends, lovers and I will not want you in my life. You are my moon and star's my soul and my always. Do you hear me?

Misha nodded, a tear cascading down his cheek. "Yes," Misha replied shakily. "I hear you, Jen."

"Now go collect yourself your adoring fans need you." Jensen took Misha's hand and smiled that smiled that melted hearts and made people fall in love with him. It was all for Misha though. He had this handsome, sweet, kind green eyed man, and no one else did. Well, Dani but she did not mind sharing.

Misha whispered in Jensen's ear so not to be overheard. He would not care if they did but this was just for his man and his man only.

"I love you too Jen you have no clue how much; I never want to lose you, you're my sunshine." The older man winked and walked away heading to the bathroom feeling so much better; he walked in a sexy way showing off his ass the way he knew his lover liked. He smiled once more at Jensen and walked round the corner. Maybe his fans will get a smile in their pictures after all.

Chapter Text

Misha, Jared, and Jensen all flew together to England. To Birmingham the home of Asylum 14 the Supernatural convention. It had taken eight years for Jensen to come back. Last time someone broke into his room and stole his belongings, and he had not been back since. Misha had promised he would look after Jensen and Jared used the Sam puppy dog eyes he had perfected to a tee. Jensen could not say no to his friends. They were not stopping at the same hotel. It was the only way to get Jensen to agree, but the organizers were okay with that. The convention organizer promised them a quiet place where no fans would be and a limousine ride.

Misha loved England; everyone was so polite and kind. The conventions were always fun and, he liked the difference in questions he got here then he did in America. They had banned all ship questions so he knew none would pop up at this convention. He did not care, but Jensen was a different matter. Jensen put up his defences, and people saw that as an act of homophobia, not the poor guy having to hide his dislike for the question, for other reasons.




They were having a great time and sat in the green room when Mark walked in looking white as a sheet.

"Bloody hell I made a mess of that." He said out loud for all to hear.

"What the hell did you do this time Mark?" Asked Misha amused by his friend's antics. The three people he could say were like their characters. One Jensen/Dean, Two Charlie/Felicia and the third he was not sure where Mark and Crowley both ended and began.

"I was talking to this girl in a wheelchair she's dressed up like you." He points to Misha. "So I'm doing the usual banter, and she's playing along. She said some stuff about Destiel, and I tell her to sit down." He shakes his head and moans.

"You did what," Said Misha cracking up. "You told someone in a wheelchair to sit down. Fuck Mark, what were you thinking?"

Jensen burst out laughing as well.

"I have never heard five hundred people go dead quiet; you could have heard a pin drop. Bless her heart though she smiled and laughs and says. 'I am sat down. I say I know.' She laughs at me and says for that I better get a hug. They all clap and cheer. I could have been in a lot of trouble." Says Mark, "So I give her a hug."

"I know who you mean she's an older fan," Said Misha. "She's nice I've met her. Not the typical fan girl."

"I'm not going to live that down am I?" Mark groaned. "It's a good job she did not take it to heart."

"I think she knew you did not mean it, Mark." Speculated Misha. "She would have given you hell if she suspected you did."

"Yeah, I got that from her." He smiled. "She's a good kid."

Mark looked about the room frowning. "Bloody hell Misha did you hide my left shoe again? What are you five?" Mark moaned at his childish friend.

Max, Marks son, walked into the room and started laughing at his dad; he loved these conventions.

"Ware, have you been? Flirting with the fan girls is my guess" Grunted Mark in amusement at his son's red face.

"Some cute girls out there dad." Max grinned.

Mark turned to Jensen looking for his missing left shoe. “What’s this I hear lover boy. Someone asking what the best part of Supernatural was and you answered Misha? God, it’s so fucking obvious you are in love. Know Idea why no one as cottoned on to it.” Mark winked.

“You said that Jen?” Smirked Misha “You Sap.”

“I’m your sap.” Smiled Jensen lovingly.

“God get me a bucket I’m going to be sick.” Mark pretending to gag.

Mark turned to Max and pointed at his Son. "Find my shoe this bloody idiot as hid it again." Growled Mark, "I will get you back one of these days Misha Collins."

"You better watch it, Mish." Said Jensen, trying not to laugh, but failing spectacularly. "The king of hell is pissed at you."

"Ha Bloody Ha" Grunted Mark. “Because that one never gets’ old."

Misha snorts. He will miss the conventions when he's not contracted to do them. He promised once he would do the Destiel one. He grinned now that would be fun.




Misha walked through the lobby of the hotel when he felt something hard hit his back. A girl screamed, she had tried to jump on his back. He looked at her and laughed told her not to do it again. He was pissed though; his bodyguard was nowhere to be found. He hurt his back in a bike accident in 2009; it was discovered he had a condition that could leave him paralyzed. He had done a television program called Nip Tuck. He had played a yoga teacher that could suck his own cock. They told him he could have ended up in a wheelchair, with a severed spine for doing that.

He went to see the organizer and told him about it, and pointed the girl out. She found it funny, and just could not see how wrong it was. The others fans did not see the funny side. She was ejected from the hotel and banned from all UK conventions for life. Misha did not want something so drastic, to happen. She had not said sorry, could not see it could have harmed him. Sadly she needed to be taught a lesson. He went to the bathroom after they insisted on two bodyguards. A Little bit of an overkill he had thought but never mind.

He needed Jensen that's all he knew really. Jared was near the main hall, and he did not want to bother him. So he walked all the way past the little shop and the swimming pool to the photo op that Jensen was doing.

Jensen saw that his boyfriend was in distress. With one look in his direction and took a break.

"What’s up babe? Why are you looking so sad?"

"This stupid girl jumped on my back. Now I have two bodyguards, and I just need you, Jen." Sniffed Misha still upset after what happened.

"Oh baby I'm sorry, did they at least chuck this girl out? If not he was going to make sure she was.

"Yeah, she's been banned for life." Misha looked at his boyfriend sadly.

"Good I'm glad she can't harm anyone else."

"She was just a stupid kid, but I feel a little shaken," Misha confessed, somewhat guiltily.

"You would be sweetheart. She could have had a knife or something." Jensen shuddered at the thought.

"I never thought of that." Gasped Misha going white and shaking slightly.

"Hey, none of that. I'm just stupid and overprotective." Laughed Jensen trying to lighten the mood. "Let’s go have a break, come on."

They walked to the toilets that Misha had just vacated some twenty minutes ago. Misha knew people would talk because the same people who saw him come out were still milling around the bathroom area. Jensen asked the guards to stand outside and let no one in. They checked to see if all the stalls were empty before they left.

Jensen pushed Misha back against the sink and started kissing him and rubbing his back. He slowly slipped to his knees and up zipped Misha’s jeans and took his now half hard cock out.

"You have to be quiet baby boy, or they will hear, and we don't want that." Winked Jensen playfully.

Misha looked down through thick black eyelashes. "No, we won't want that." Gasped Misha his breath hitching at the sight of Jensen's mouth around his now fully erect cock.

Jensen knew he had to be quick, so he bobbed his head up and down hollowing out his cheeks. He hummed slightly causing the vibrations to surround Misha's pulsing cock.

"Fuck baby, you're incredible." Whispered Misha, grabbing on to Jensen's short hair. Misha started to buck his hips. Jensen did not seem to mind; he encouraged it even. “Oh God, your mouth Jensen."

Jensen swallowed around Misha cock, he kept bobbing his head and moaned at the taste of his boyfriend on his tongue.

"Fuck baby I'm nearly there." Shouted out Misha forgetting to be quiet.

Jensen played with Misha's balls. As blow-jobs went, it was fast and over quickly. But all Jensen wanted was to relax Misha, and it seemed to be working.

"Ohgogogog" chanted Misha "I'm going to cum babe."

The older man came hard and hot down the back of Jensen's throat. Jensen sucked and licked Misha sensitive cock. He popped off when Misha could take no more.

"Do you feel better? I know we did not play for long, but we have more time later baby. I just wanted to make you feel relaxed." Stated Jensen looking into his boyfriend's brilliant blue eyes.

Misha pouted that he did not get to play for longer. He knew they would be missed, and they could not hide in the bathroom forever.

Jensen stood up and kissed the pout off Misha's face. "I no baby boy but we will play tonight. I will make it up to you I promise."

They got cleaned up and walked back to the photo shoot. One girl asked if she could get a picture of them together and they agreed. Misha was hooked under Jensen's chin. Jensen was going all Alpha male and looking possessive, and protective. Misha looking slightly submissive and in need of protection. The fans loved it thinking they were messing about but the boys just fell into their roles naturally around each other.

"Can we get a copy of that?" Enquired Jensen to the photographer.

"Sure no worries." The photographer said.

"Thanks, how much?" Asked Jensen not wanting to get everything for free.

"Nothing to you." She winked.

"Oh, that's kind of you." Smiled Jensen. "Thanks.

People were friendly in England. He had a better time than before, he must admit.






It was on to Rome next, but first, they were spending the week in London. Misha had found a hairdresser called Castiel's what the odds of that hey? Jensen and Misha shared a room as Dani could not make it to London or Rome this year. Jensen and Misha made up for that though. No one knew who they were and it made a delightful change. They went on tours and even saw a musical. They always came back and made love in their room.

Jensen thought he and Misha were getting on much better with the pain of him moving and the week away had done then some good. It was great to re-connect. He promised himself even when they finished Supernatural he would always find time for Misha and a week out of the year, for just them would just be what the relationship needed to keep them on track and to show Misha he was still loved and cared for.

Chapter Text

Misha came bounding up to Jensen like an overgrown, excited puppy. Who had just been rewarded for good behavior. Jensen was reading his script in the communal area. Misha kissed Jensen on his freckled cheek, his smile a mile wide.

"Jen guess what? There letting me direct an episode of Supernatural." Yelled Misha jumping up and down with excitement.

Jensen was delighted, his boyfriends, mood contagious. Happy to see the smile on that beautiful face, he loved so much. Misha had been down lately, and he hoped this would make things better for him.

"That’s fantastic sweetheart." Beamed Jensen trying to show his support. "Jared and I will be with you all the way."

"You won’t be too hard on me will you Jen?" Asked Misha now with a frown on his face.

"No just the usual pranks Misha. You know us by now love." Laughed Jensen thinking about all the ways he could prank his lover.

"Sure." Mumbled Misha, not at all convinced. "I want to be asked back if you make too many problems they won’t ask me."

"We will be on our best behavior promise."

Misha raises an eyebrow at Jensen. "Yeah, I'm sure I believe you, sweetie.” Misha rolled his eyes and looked at that day's script.





The day had dawned bright and sunny. The sky blue like cornflowers. With not a scattering of clouds in the heavens.

'What a great day to film.' Misha thought.

The older man could not wait, he loved directing. He had dabbled with the camera a lot. He loved doing small films with West and with himself. He was not shy to share his thoughts and feelings with his fans, and they seem to like it, so he kept doing it.

Castiel was not in this episode 'Mothers little helper.' The older man was glad; he could just dress normally and get on with it. He took his time going through the script and directions. He walked on set and got a face full of cream.

'What the fuck.' He thought to himself.

They were filming, and it was bound to go online or on the gag reel. So he tempered down his anger and laughed along. Anyone, who knew him well, could see he was pissed.

Jared and Jensen were laughing like school kids and playing up big time. He just wanted to get on with the filming, but they just kept messing about.

He got hit twice more with foam pies, and he had to go wash up. He was going to have words with his so called boyfriend.

He knew for certain they would never ask him back. If he could not get the top actors to behave there was no chance at that. Why the hell would they do that to him? The end of filming came, and he drove back to his apartment. He would have stayed in his trailer waiting for Jensen, but he needed to be alone. He talked to Vicki which made him feel better, and he spoke to West and Maison. He missed them so much; he wished they could be near him all the time.

His mobile rang, and he saw it was Jensen, so he ignored. He also got a call from Jared as well and ignored that. He just wanted to be left alone. Misha never did get asked back to direct; he knew he never would.






Jensen and Jared had apologized for the way they had acted on set. Misha never told Jensen that the network had rung him up saying he would not be asked to direct again. He wondered why Jensen had done it. Jared always messed about but if Jensen cared for him why would he do that? He let it simmer something he should never do because when he let things simmer sooner or later, they boiled over. Why all his life he was the joke of everything, he put it aside and let it go, what would be the point it had happened, and there was nothing he could do to change it.


Jensen had been asked to direct, the third episode of season ten. Misha tried to be happy for him. They went out for drinks and celebrated. Misha/Castiel played a big part in the episode. The more the day went on, the more he missed his marks, and only a rooky would make the mistakes he was making. Jensen frowned but cut or kept rolling the film. Misha was just not in the right headspace. Why should he have to act fine; even Jared was not acting crazy. Jensen shouted again.

"What the hell Misha? We need to get this done before dark what the hell are you playing at?" Scolded Jensen, not at all impressed with the older actor.

With one last look, Misha raised his hand put his finger in the air and flipped Jensen off. Then he walked away, not looking back.

The older actor ran to the make-up truck, tossed all his Cas clothes down and got into jeans and tee shirt. He ran to his car; they were not far from home. So he drove out of the filming area and on to the Canadian roads. He heard shouting but chose to ignore it and kept going. Misha had no clue where he was driving, he just drove. He came to a stop, there was a field with a playground, and he walked over and sat on a green bench. It reminded him of the scene where he and Jensen had filmed before they were together. He huffed at the thought. The playground that time had these water spout things. They tried to stop the kids from pressing them; they decided to film before they went off again, in all, an hour's take took five hours.

Tears started falling, and he sobbed, what the hell had he just done? He walked off set flipped Jensen off, shit. He was lost in his own thoughts when he felt someone sit near him. He knew who it was without looking; he waited to hear the anger the upset, the disappointment in his voice.

"I always mess up don't I?" Muttered Jensen despondently. "Why did you not tell me, Misha? I could have put it right."

"What was the point?" Misha croaked sadly, looking at his boots. Not wanting to see the disappointment in the younger man's eyes.

"You lost doing something you loved because we acted like immature kids. Why do I keep doing this to you? I sometimes wonder if it would be the best thing to walk away from you. Because I keep fucking hurting you and I'm not sure how much more you can take."

Misha looked up then over at his lover. "I love you, Jensen, you have to know that."

"Yeah well sometimes loves not enough Misha. Your, God you like save the world, your kind and sweet and I'm not anywhere near worthy of you." Jensen sighed and rubbed his face looking at the man next to him.

"You make me sound like I'm a saint, Jen. I'm far from it." Laughed Misha hollowly.

"I wish you would see the way I saw you and how others see you, Misha. People are drawn to you because you shine so bright. You're always doing good, kind things. You're the best father, the best husband, the best lover, yet you still can't see how amazing you are."

"Maybe I should be playing Dean." Misha sniffed rubbing at his eyes.

"Yeah maybe." Jensen huffed, "Because he's a great dude too. You're like him, he does great things and had a shit life and still can't see how brilliant he is."

"He saved the world. I've not done that." Murmured Misha softly.

"You do, one bit at a time babe. When I'm just bones in the ground, they will have archives of me, that's it. When you're gone, you will leave a significant legacy; people will know your name."

"You have too much faith in me." Sighed Misha, shaking his head.

Jensen held out his hand. "I love you so much. I hate to see you in so much pain."

"I will be fine. I have other filming shit I can do. I think your good at this though, Jen. Your one of the best directors I've worked with." The blue-eyed man grabbed hold of Jensen's hand.

"Thanks, that means a lot babe.”

"Just don't stop loving me please." Whispered Misha looking at Jensen, pleading with him.

"Never babe, can't possibly happen."

Misha smiled. "Okay guess we need to go back to work."

"No. I'm the boss I've let them all go for the day. I want you on set first thing in the morning though."

"Yes, sir." Said Misha saluting Jensen.

"Come on let's go home. We will order takeout, and I will give you one of my massages.” Jensen kissed Misha fondly on the forehead.

"I like your massages."

"Yeah, I know." Jensen winked back at the older man.

They walked hand in hand and Jensen nodded at Cliff. The bodyguard was sat in a red pick-up near Misha's car. Cliff satisfied they were both okay saluted the men and drove off.

"How did you know I was here?" Wondered Misha out loud frowning.

"You drove off with the wrong car Misha." Jensen grinned at the stunned look on his lover's face.

"Holy Shit. That's why the crew was shouting at me." Misha was not going to live that down anytime soon.

Jensen snorted. “I’m kinda glad. At least I could find you. All of the crew cars have trackers on them. Let's go home, babe."

Misha nodded and slipped into the car.

Jensen closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. That was too close for his liking. The world without Misha was not a world he wanted to get acquainted with.

Chapter Text

Misha was excited his minions were out there raising money to build the new school in Nicaragua. Jared, Genevieve, Danneel, and Jensen had given him two large checks so had other members of the cast and crew of Supernatural.

Misha was so thrilled; he wanted to take West and Maison, so they could experience a new culture and see for them self what kindness could do. Vicki said they were too little to get that many inoculations. Also being that small would they understand what was going on? He had disagreed, but his wife had spoken, so he when along with it.

Misha had talked to the network so they would know he was going to be away for some of the filmings of Supernatural. They had sent him a check, and he was pleased that they supported him in this task. April was coming at him like an overdue freight train. He was beyond excited, he would miss filming but this was a new adventure, and this was what he wanted to do more than the acting if he was honest with himself.





He was on his third day, of the project in Nicaragua and he got a call on the satellite phone he smiled when he found out who it was.


"Hey babe, how's the jungle?" Asked Jensen who was missing his boyfriend.

"Not really in the jungle Jen." Laughed Misha in amusement.

"You sound happy it's a good sound for you, Misha."

"You make me happy Jen if that's what you were getting at." Sighed Misha wiping the sweat of his furrowed brow.

Jensen did not know how to put it and went with honesty. "I feel you're pulling away from me babe; I wish I could fix this."

"There's nothing to fix Jen." Reassured Misha not knowing what else to say.

Jensen was quiet "You would tell me right?"

"Jensen, I thought you said we were never going to end this? Or was that just a false promise." Demanded Misha not wanting to get into a heated discussion hundreds of miles from his lover.

"After Supernatural is over and the conventions, which I know I won't go to but you will." Jensen laughed. "I still want you in my life babe there always going to be a place in my heart for you."

"I know Jen."

"I know you're saving the world baby boy, but it's like you're not here anymore. I don't like it, Mish."

"It was the only time we could come out. I promise it will be the last time." Stated Misha with little conviction behind his words, he knew what Jensen had said was the truth.

"So tell me babe about what you are doing out there. I can't wait to tell every back home."

Misha noticed the change of topic and let it slide he wanted to tell his boyfriend everything anyway. They spoke for a further twenty minutes.

"Jen this call must be costing you a fortune." Said Misha getting concerned.

"I can afford it, babe. I will ring you in a couple of days. Your amazing Misha, I hope you can see that, what you're doing for them people, and not just for the natives."

"I'm not so sure about that babe."

"I hope one day myself or Vicki or even your fans, will get it through to that thick head of yours." Grumbled Jensen, lovingly.

"Well, I've been told that a lot lately." Misha huffed down the phone.

"I will keep on telling you for the rest of my life. Now hurry back we all miss you, I miss you." Wined Jensen.

They said their goodbyes. Misha was upbeat after the call, he was happy, but he knew he would have to face his demons when he got back home.

He got a text from Jensen two days later.

Text Message> Jared sent me this babe. (Picture Attached)

Misha opened the picture it took some time as the signal was not great where he was. Misha smile it was a letter to the CW Network asking why Misha/Cas was not on the show. It started 'Where is the Angel.'

Text Message> Frome Jensen>> See your minions are asking where the angel is. They have blocked the network phones asking if you have left. Babe, they need their angel back. I need my angel back.

Misha grinned and laughed he was glad he had been missed; it made him feel warm inside. He loved his minions, and he found it funny they had bugged the network. At lease, they would never dare to get rid of the baby angel in the trench coat. There were more people out there who liked Cas then hated him that was for sure.

Chapter Text

Felicia was on stage turning in circles. Misha grinned this was so much fun. The fans were raising the roof of the place and having a great time. It was nice to let his hair down after a hard day and nights filming. Who ever said that acting was a glamorous job was lying. Felicia was like a sister to him, and he rarely got to see her at conventions. Misha made sure to meet up with her when he was back in L.A. Felicia was up filming with them in Vancouver. But it was a sad time because Charlie her character was being killed off. It was like any gay character or woman got the chop to be honest. He feared for Kim, would they kill Jody of next?

Misha lost in thought watching Felicia, doing a kind of ballet dance with her arms stretched wide. He wondered what she was doing. Jensen pulled him in, and he turned to look at the beauty next to him.

"Have you tried this one babe?"

"No, not yet." Said Misha to his boyfriend he smiled lazily at the amazing man next to him and touched him. No one would ask questions they always reached for each other. He did not think there was one fan photo of him and Jensen not touching in some way. It made him laugh how they got away with it for so long.

The next day Felicia laughed down the phone at him. "Did you see your little blunder made it on Twitter and Facebook Mish?" She said giggling at her friend.

"What," Asked Misha confused.

“The microphones picked up Jen saying, 'Have you tried this one babe. You too are so bad, at keeping this hidden.” She snorted wondered how they got away with it, to be honest.

"Well, he did say it." Shrugged Misha, not bothered in the slightest. "But those that know will be a tiny group. They won't say anything they love us too much."

"I was looking at your YouTube videos. You live on the edge of a sword brother. The interview with you and Julie McNiven, saying Jensen was the best kisser. Also, you with the sock monkey hat on. Talking about how you love to kiss Jensen. I can't believe people have not noticed your body language; you're not lying, and pretty obvious Mish. Felicia shook her head, red hair cascading down her back. "I worry this won't be fun for much longer and someone will keep digging. Look at that drone they sent up."

"Yeah, I know." Misha felt slightly irritated. He and Jensen were big boys and could do what they liked. Was it there fault that people were too narrow-minded to think monogamy was the only relationship status available to people. He'd hoped that being open about his and Vicki's life would help. They had lived with a woman they both, loved for over two years. It would not take a giant leap for him to be with Jensen.

The older actor would get fed up of comments like they can't be together there happily married men. Yes, they were, but you can have more than three or four people in a relationship he wished people got that. The man came out of his dark thoughts and responded to his friend. "Jen can pull that crap off but I can't, never had the training. It's a wonder, people, have not done a video of it yet. Pointing out the fact I don't look to the left or some shit like that, knowing my fans they may have done." He grinned and hoped someone would do it, maybe he would give hints, on Twitter.

"The one where Jen tried to kiss you on stage, and you deflected him." Giggled Felicia delving into more 'Cockles Action' she called it. "One of these days you will forget."

"Yeah. I was thinking the same thing not so long ago. Maybe when all this shit ends. I will give them all something to talk about." The older man winked and knew he would do because Jensen was a little shit and always tried to kiss him on stage. He looked back on YouTube, and you could see, himself deflection the younger man. How had no one picked this up? People were blind or just plain stupid, or narrow-minded.

"Well I can't wait for the kiss of the century then, just make sure you use a little tongue."

Misha snorted, you're a bad influence on me, and I was not sure I could get any worse.

"Life is too short not to live It," said Felicia.

"That's so true." Agreed Misha.

When Misha came off the phone he smiled, he was so lucky to have friendships like Felicia. They needed to send the video to Jensen see how he took it. Knowing Misha luck it would give him ideas, that's all he needed at conventions, he had enough time keeping the man from touching him now.

Chapter Text

The cast and crew flew into Minnesota, for MinnCon, the Supernatural convention. It was fall, and the trees had turned a rusty orange, purple and reds. Summer had been warm, and it showed in the color of the trees. The convention was like any other, photo shoots, autographs, and panels. The actors and crew stayed in the same hotel as their fans. Supernatural fans being the most respectful fans that the cast and crew had come across. They did not bother them in their private time, and the actors loved their little family even more for it.

It was Friday night before the convention started. They, the fans had a cosplay disco set up, and registration day and the actors were not needed. The actors and crew all decided to go out and eat, to blow off steam, for a long working week. They all had a great time eating great food and relaxing with good company.

Misha held Jensen's hand under the table, and Jensen ran his foot up Misha's leg. They often did this messed about; they were in a state that had liberal rights for LGBT couples, so the couple did not feel they had to hide.

Misha yawned he had a late night, and he needed to get some shut eye. Filming was taking its toll on his body, and he had not been sleeping well. 'It must be old age' He thought to himself.

"Babe I'm going back to the hotel. I will see you later, but most likely I will be sleeping." Whispered Misha into Jensen's ear.

"That's okay babe; I'll be quiet when I come in. I can't sleep without you, at conventions you know that." Murmurs Jensen, pouting at his lover.

"Yeah" Laughed the older man wanting to kiss the pout away. "I know sweetie, but I need my beauty sleep."

Misha said goodnight to his friends and walked sedately back to the hotel. It was not late but the nights had started to draw in. It was nine at night with only the street lights and cars that past illuminated his way.

Misha was deep in thought he always was, his mind running a hundred miles a minute. He heard footsteps behind him but thought little of it. Two men came down the sidewalk towards him, he ignored them and walked on but the hairs on the back of his neck prickled. He walked faster and tried to get to the road crossing up ahead.

Suddenly he was pushed back into an alleyway; four men loomed over him in the dark. He only saw the outlines of two of the men. The street lights not penetrating that far into the depth of the alley. He had been unceremonious, thrown into, with little chance of escape.

'Shit,' He thought. 'Two-man he could try and take on. But four no way, could he win against them odds.'

"Well look what we have here. Mr big throwing his money about all night."

Said one of the men. Misha could still not make out the man and could not get a good description of him. The man had a nasally, high-pitched voice. It reminded him of the man who played Allister, now that sent a shiver down his spine. Misha thought back to his character being killed in an alley like this in the French Mistake. No, he could not think like that, he needed to get out of this alive.

"Yes, his little boy toy were playing footsie." Spat another man slightly smaller than the one that just spoke. Misha recognized as a Bostonian accent, being from there he would recognize it any day.

The other two remained silent, covering up his escape route. Misha saw a flick of mental and thought of Vicki and his kids. What would they do without him? He hoped they knew he loved them. He chances of getting out of this alive looked less likely with every passing minute.

"He's some actor at some convention." Barked nasal guy. "I've been watching them."

The small man laughed, "Well hot shot hand over your money."

"Fine, you can have it." Grumbled, Misha, wanting to do something but knew he was safer by doing nothing, "I don't want any trouble."

"Like you could give us any fag." Nasal guy grunted. "Watch and jewelry come on we don't have all night."

Misha bit back his retort at the fag comment; he needed to keep his cool. He was glad he had not put his wedding ring and Jensen's ring back on that night after a shower. He always wore then, but that night he simply forgot to put them back on.

"I only have my watch." Misha keeping calm even though he did not feel it. He took his watch off with nimble fingers and handed it over to the men.

"Not even a good one." The smaller of the robbers were now complaining.

The nasal guy pushed Misha backward, and he hit his head on the brick wall. The robber laughed, and he walked away so did the smaller man.

"Do him over, guys. Show him we don't take to his kind in our city?" Ordered Nasal guy to the other two men. That had stood silent thought out the entire ordeal.

"Fag" Spat the smaller man. "You deserve all you get." They both walked out of the alley, and that was the last time Misha saw both of the robbers.

The two men walked forward, and they started their assault on the actor. Misha hit back, but they hit harder.

"Find his phone," Said abuser number one.

A police siren was heard screaming in their direction. The men gave him one last kick, and they ran leaving Misha alone.

Misha staggered out of the alley; he put his hand up to his face it was bleeding. Shit, he could not walk into the hotel looking like this. God, he hurt all over, his head throbbed. How he managed to flag down a taxi he'd never know.

"Get me to the hospital please, I've been assaulted." Explained Misha to the driver his body shaking with shock.

"Oh shit," Commented the driver putting his foot down, looking on with worry. "Sure man if you feel sick let me know and I’ll stop the car." Misha nodded and groaned, this shit always happen to him.

The cab driver kindly helped Misha into the emergency room and got help for him.

"I'm at the Supernatural convention; they will pay you. They took my wallet. I don't have money." Misha tried to tell the man.

"No. Don't you worry about it. I'm just glad I could help."

That little bit of kindness warmed Misha's, heart. "Thank you don't know what that means."

They took Misha and put him on a gurney, sent him for x-rays. They needed to check for broken bones. His right wrist was a sprain; his lip was bust. He needed stitches to his head also. They gave him some pain killer's for the pain. They declared he had a mild concussion. The doctor told him he had to take it easy for the next week or two.

"I need to call my family," Declared Misha, to the nurse who was looking after him. "Is that okay."

"Sure, honey, but you will be a little spacey with the drugs you've just had. the nurse. "Go ahead."

Misha got on the phone to Vicki told her to cancel his cards. She told him to get the police involved. He did not think there was much point they won't be found them. The place was too dark to see the men he just heard their voices.

"I'll be okay I was scared they had a knife, and I thought I would not get to see you again." Cried, Misha, shaking at the thought.

"Oh baby, I wish I could hold you. Your so brave Misha. I'll come up with the kids so you can see us while you're still filming."

"Thanks’ Vicki I just need you right now." Sniffed Misha.

"Let me know how you're doing okay?" Vicki wished once again her husband was closer to her.

"Sure baby, I love you. Tell the kids daddy loves them."

"I will baby love you too."




Vicki got off the phone. She knew her husband; he would go back to the hotel and not tell anyone. She picked up the phone and called Jensen.

"Hey Vicki," Said Jensen surprised but on high alert. "Is everything okay?"

"No Jen, Misha has been attacked he's at Minnesota General."

"What" Exclaimed Jensen in a panic. "How the hell did that happen?"

"Four men attacked him in an alley. Threaten him with a knife and stole his wallet and watch. They could have taken him from us Jen and-" Vicki had to stop and try and get through this call.

"Shit, Vic I will be right there. Don't worry I'll look after him."

"I know you will Jen. He was crying, and I can't be there with him." Vicki was openly crying now. She was so glad that her husband had someone like Jensen in his life.

"Hey sweetheart he's okay," Reassured Jensen the best as he could. "I'm on my way I'll ring you with any updates."

"Thanks, Jen," Vicki Whispered

"Anytime Vicki talk soon."

Jensen jumped up out of his seat knocking it backward. The restaurant when quiet. "Misha's been attacked; he's in a hospital."

“What” All the people around the table yelled at once. Wanting to know more, in shock.

"Yeah it was walking back from here, four men they had a knife. Vicki just rang me I need to go."

"Shit" Stuttered Jared in shock. "Come on Jen; we need to go get our angel.

Cliff jumped up out of his seat. "I'll bring the car around I've not been drinking." He declared rushing out of the restaurant.

"Keep us informed, please," Richard asked, worried for his friend.




Jared and Jensen ran into the emergency room.

"Collins, Misha brought was in here." Panted Jared. His words muddled, trying to get a nurse to understand what they needed.

"No, he won't go by that name Jay. My b-friend was assaulted his names Dmitri Tippins Krushnic."

"Oh Yes, I know who you meant." Smiled the nurse at her two heroes. "I'm a big fan. Come this way." It was not every day she got to help three stars of her favorite show.

"How is he?" Enquired Jensen worried about his boyfriend.

"He's got a mild concussion, no broken ribs but he's black and blue. We gave him pain killers. He will be in pain for a week or two."

Jensen entered the clinical room; he scrunched his nose up at the smell of bleach. He saw Misha propped up with pillows, looking pale and lost.

"Hey baby," Spoke Jensen in a soft, calm voice, trying to soothe his boyfriend. The younger man looked at the split lip and the bruises on his man’s face. Jensen was livid if he got his hands on them, men who did this, he would kill them.

"You need to go to the police Misha." Declared Jared, stood with his arms folded in protect mode. "You can't let them get away with it."

"I'm not bothered, Jay. I just want to get back to the convention." Uttered Misha in a small voice.

"Well, you're having tomorrow off Misha. I don't want any arguments." Ordered Jensen in a tone that Misha knew he would not win.

"Yeah okay, my head hurts, and quiet would be nice." The older man surmised that maybe his boyfriend would look after him.

Jensen raised an eyebrow at Jared. Misha giving in, that was a new one. He must be feeling unwell.

Jared rang around, and let people know about Misha and gave Vicki an update. Misha needed stitches, so they waited for them. They both helped him back to his hotel room.

Jensen got his lover a bath. Mindful not to get the stitches wet. He washed Misha body and soothed his worries the best he could. Misha curled up next to Jensen, and he cried in his arms. Jensen just held him tight not letting go. They were all lucky they did not lose this good-looking man that night so very fortunate.




Saturday dawned clouds scurried across the turbulent gray sky. It looked like rain. Misha's head felt marginally better. The medication had made him sleepy, and he had not woken up all night.

"I think I will be okay to do autographs and photo ops. But not the panels." He told his boyfriend, in hopes he would let him and be understanding of the issues.

"I don't like it." Argued Jensen but knew he was losing the battle. "But if you feel ill at any time come straight back up here, okay."

"Sure baby I will, I won't push it I promise."

Jensen kissed him and rang down for breakfast.

Richard announced on stage what had happened to Misha. Jensen could not do it, so Richard offered. They were all shocked of course. Rumors had started on Twitter and Facebook already, and good old Jim but them to rest on his Twitter feed.

Between panels and his photo ops, Jensen handled calls from concern friends asking about Misha.

"Your loved so much baby do you realize that? They're all asking about you." Jensen was so proud of his magnificent boyfriend.

Misha smiled back and nodded. "I never knew when I joined this little show that I would make so many new friends. And I gained a beautiful family. I'm so lucky to have what I have, that's why I'm down here now Jen. Our fan's they pay enough money to see me. A boy from Boston who grew up with little and wanted to give something back." He shook his head, at how his life had gone.

"You do that and so much more baby. I just hope you can see how much you mean to so many people." Jensen pulled Misha hand to his and kissed it tenderly.

"I do. I don't think I can say shit like; I don't belong anymore, that would just be a lie." Without the show, I would never have found the love of my life." Misha winked at the green eyed man next to him.

Jensen smiled, lights up his face, and it takes Misha breath away. The day may be dull and rainy, but in that room, at that moment Misha's bathed in sunlight.

"I am grateful for you every day you have no idea. You're my best friend and lover. To think that could have been taken away yesterday. I-I know now that I can't lose you." Cried Jensen, feeling emotional, grasping hold of Misha just needing to be close.

The two lovers sat in the green room, snuggled together until it was time for them to go back out. They were so very much in love, life could though the odd curve ball, but they would always find, their way back to each other.

Jensen and Jared helped Misha in the photo ops by covering his lip in the shots. Everyone was kind and patient and showed Misha he was well and truly loved.

Chapter Text

Jensen had been called in early again to do more directing. Misha was so proud of him. His boyfriend was a rising star in this new field. Misha did not care anymore, that he had not been asked to direct an episode of the show. It made him smile that every chance he got Jensen would find a way to touch him. It was even on the gag reel, Jensen wanted Misha to grab him from behind. Well, Demon Dean and Castiel to be more accurate.




There seemed to be a big, fight between the fandom. Misha was in one corner and Jensen in the next. It was for an award they were both competing for. They even played it out for the fans. Misha came in second to Jensen. 'Well, his man was smoking hot who could blame them.' Thought Misha amused with himself.
He and Dani were the ones to take him home at night. So what did he care?

Jensen wanted to do a piss take for the Teen's Choice award, and Misha was all up for it. Misha loved to film; he thought he was kind of vain in that way.

"Come on Misha it will be fun. Jay can film us, and we can act it out." Grinned Jensen all jumped up for action.

Misha laughed at his young lover. "Sure why not. The guys will love it."

They panned the short scene and acted it out in Misha's trailer. They put it up on Facebook and their Twitter page. They got a call the next day from the Teen's Choice award people.

"I hope you're both pleased with yourself, it's one thing to take the piss out of the award ceremony but another to take the piss out of your fans." Shouted Sally barns down the phone. "This, if you had not noticed, is the only award you guys have ever won." She put extra emphasis on the word ever and won. "I doubt you will be winning again." She sniffed and put the phone down.

"Shit." Fumed Misha running his fingers through his thick raven hair. "Do you think the fans will see it that way? Believe that we have made fun of them?

"No, they will know it’s all for fun like it was meant to be babe. I guess it did take the piss a little out of them, but they saw the funny side. The comments we got were all good, you saw them." Jensen took Misha's hand and kissed it trying to calm the older man down.

"I can't see how they can stop you winning." Frowned Jared, "Unless they rig the votes."

"Let them." Grumbled Misha, kicking the trailer door, in annoyance. "That would be childish, and our fans would find them out."

Jared shoved papers into his friend's hand. "Looks like Destiel is being nominated again, they're going for this angle because they know it pisses Jensen off."

"That's childish." Complained the blue eyed actor.

Jensen laughed at what he saw, "Bring it on" He told his friends.

"You know babe." Murmured Misha licking his lips. "Your acting is better than mine and Jared's; he even said that himself."

"I did say that because it's true." Stated Jared sitting back on the sofa.

"Yes but you're both improved, you're both amazing in your own right, guys." Jensen was going red at all the praise; he was nothing special after all. He wanted to make sure his friends know how good they were.

"That's because of you brother." Jared slapped his friend on the back. "You are amazing I can hear what you’re thinking, don't sell yourself short Jen."


"I agree, you should get a Grammy for your acting Jensen; you should be recognized."

"One day maybe baby. I just enjoy putting smiles on my fans faces. Why do you think I turned fifty shades of gray down and Captain America. I love Supernatural, and my fans are loyal. I'm just loyal back. They are the ones that put me here; we should all be thankful."

"Good for you babe," Misha held Jensen's hand tightly. "I'm so proud of you." The older man put his arms around his lover.

Jared smiled at the two love birds; he missed Gen at that moment. There came a knock on the trailer door. And Jared got up to open it.

"Back on set in ten guys." Cried, Brad the runner. Who ran off in another direction, before they could talk to him.

"We're up" Jared jumped up, grabbing Sam’s jacket.

Jensen and Misha smiled and held hands walking alongside Jared. Angel and Hunter, Lover and Friend walked to the set, to do what they did best.

Chapter Text

Misha called Jensen on the live feed; he was streaming this to all his fans on Facebook. Misha laughed and joked and talked to Jensen. He then gets sappy when he tells everyone that he's only calling Jensen because he's lovely. Jensen called him the biggest sap out there. Maybe he is, but so what sue him he's in love.




Misha's Minions have been asking him for ages now what does Cas wear under his suit. Loving a challenge he wants to give them a show. He wears waterproofs under his clothes, to be honest when he's filming outside. Mostly the weather is not great, cold and wet. So he needs to keep warm. That won't be any fun now, will it?

Misha grins when he gets the black all in one plastic suit. He pulls it on and starts live streaming. Then tells his Minion's this is what Castiel wears under his clothes. God, he loves his job at times like these.

Jensen hears that Misha is live streaming and wants to know what he's up to. Then he hears a rumor that his boyfriend's showing his fans what he wears underneath his Cas costume. So Jensen creeps up to Misha's trailer and sees the sight, of all sight's Misha in a leather pantsuit. His cock goes from hanging low and lazy to full and hard in sixty-second's flat; it makes him dizzy.
'Fuck Mish what the hell are you trying to do to me' Jensen mumbles.

Jensen waits until he thinks Misha has stopped recording. He opens the trailer door with anticipation to what he knows he will find in there. The older actor as his back to the trailer door and jumps a mile when he hears someone come in.

"Shit, Jen you made me jump." Chuckle's Misha shaking his head at his lover. He puts his hand over his heart; it's beating so fast.

"What the hell did you expect Misha? When I heard what you were doing, I had to come."

"I bet you did love." Misha leers at his boyfriend. Sapphire eyes flick to Jensen's visible tent in his jeans. It's not hard to miss.

Jensen crowds the older man until he hits the back of the trailer wall. He then pull's off the Cas coat and shirt letting it fall in a heap on the floor. It's all so easy to undress Misha because all the buttons were open for filming. Jensen strips the rest of the Cas costume until he sees glorious tan skin. Jensen then guides his blue-eyed lover back to the large bed the trailer provides. He then softly pushes Misha on to it.

"Fuck babe you look so good in this." Says Jensen rubbing his cock to ease the pressure.

Jensen salivates and rubs the shiny leather suit with his hands. He peels Misha out of it and starts to kiss Misha sweaty body.

"God I can't get enough of you baby." Pants Jensen out of breath even though he has done little yet.

"You have to be quick babe. We need to be back on set soon." Gasp's Misha as Jensen rubs his hands up and down his muscular thighs.

"Oh, baby I can do fast don't you worry. You will feel me all week, you will know who you belong to, and when you're filming your ass will ache, and Cas won't look like he has a stick up his ass." Jensen chuckles at his lame joke.

Misha laughs and rolls his eyes. "I will have you know it’s taken the time to perfect that look."

Jensen grins at his lover. Then he proceeds to pepper Misha' flushed skin with open mouth kisses.

"You taste so sweet. I can't get enough of you." Moans Jensen. Slurping and licking his lover's skin.

"We don't have time Jen. W-we need to be back on set."

Jensen ignores his lover. Suck's Misha's neck and his jaw. He run's his fingers up and down the older man's silky smooth tan body. Misha man's when Jensen nibbles his dusty pink nipples and gently bite's them.

"Jen come on babe, no time to waste. I need you now." Growl's out Misha.

"You get so bossy when you channel Cas." Jensen winks at his lover.

Jensen rub's their hard erections together, the pre-cum acting as a lubricant for a smooth slide. Both men moan, pleasure turning every nerve on fire. Jensen reaches for the lube that's stashed in the bedside drawer. He puts it next to him and suddenly flip's Misha over. The younger man then part's his lover's ass cheeks and start's licking and sucking the pink fluttering hole before him. Like a starved man that's been handed a plate of food.

"Fuck Jen please I need more." Groans Misha feeling overwhelmed by the sensations, coursing through his body. Misha pushes back to see if he can get Jensen's hot wet tongue to go deeper. Needing more of what this amazing man's offering him.

Jensen moans he loves the taste of Misha, so sweet and pure.
Jensen stop’s, and move's his mouth to other parts of his lover's body. He nip's lightly and kisses Misha’s legs and torso reaching his goal. Misha's hot wet mouth.

Misha's tongue was the thing of wonder; he had never seen one as long as his lover's before. The things that man could do with it, just the thought sent shivers down his spine.
Sweat rolled off both men; their bodies flushed red. Jensen bent in to kiss Misha's lips. So full and pink. Misha caught the back of Jensen's neck and hummed into the kiss. His long tongue was getting into all the crevices of his lover's mouth. He loved the taste of him; it made him even harder, it was getting painful at this point.

"Jen please I need you, baby." Whispered Misha hoarsely. He licked his dry lips. Brilliant blue eyes stared back at the green. Caught in a trance, they often did even in the real world.

Jensen smiled down at his lover. "I would give you the world if I could Mish." Jensen wanted Misha to face him so pulled him back over.

Jensen opened the bottle of lube he had put next to him, he flipped the cap and drizzled the liquid onto callus fingers. He drove in slowly, and that emitted a sigh from his lover. The younger man pushed the second digit in, the silky walls pressing hotly onto his fingers. He stretched and prodded but missed the prostate not wanting the fun to start just yet.

Misha panted and could find no words. Jensen was making love to him; this was not just sex. This was his whole world, just now this minute with this beautiful man by his side.

Jensen pushed the third finger in and stretched Misha not wanting to hurt him, not again never again, if he could help it.
The green-eyed man slicked his hard throbbing cock, with lube. His juices dripping a puddle onto Misha's leg. He lined himself up and pushed his pulsing cock in slowly.

"That's it right there Jen, come on faster now," Misha begged.

Jensen ignored the plea and slowly rolled his hips. He slid in and out of the hot wet vice his cock was surrounded by. Nothing could sum up the feeling he felt at that present time.

"You’re so tight for me baby; you're all mine. Never letting you go." Growled out Jensen, his voice gruffer than usual.

Jensen sucked on the older man's chest avoiding his neck. Makeup would have his hide again if Misha went back with unexplained marks, that they would have to cover up. Jensen made love to Misha, soft and slow like the ebbing of the tide. Looking into each other's eyes, sharing the same breath. Being one, being so close that their souls screamed out for each other. Soaring so high they could touch the heavens.

Misha linked his hand with Jensen and tears sprung from his eyes. No one had ever treated him like this, so precious so loved. As much as he loved Vicki and by God he did. Sex was different, somehow. With Jensen it was like coming home, life changing. How he loved this man.

"I love you Jen so damn much." Mumbled Misha trying to convey his feelings but failing when words were not enough.

Jensen wiped the tears from his lover's eyes and whispered. “I know baby."

Jensen was getting near, the crescendo, the white hot feeling in his veins. He felt hot like he would burn up at any given moment.

Misha looked at Jensen and smiled. Those blue eyes people waxed poetry about. Jensen had never seen anything as beautiful. That smile made his insider's melt.

"Cum for me baby come on." Encouraged, Misha seeing the inner struggle in Jensen's forest green eyes.

Jensen lost rhythm, their bodies coming together to create something fantastic. Something that not many people had once in their life. Pure love, without any expectations.

Jensen came, it was slow at first like a meandering river and then built up like a tornado rushing through the trailer. They both screamed each other's names. Everything went white. Then so peaceful as their hearts beat as one.

"Shit I've never cum like that before that was, that..." Trailed off Jensen not finding the exact words.

"Was love." Stated Misha simple with so much understanding behind it.

"Yeah baby, it was." Replied Jensen finding it hard to swallow and blinking back tears of his own.

They laid on the bed for some time stroking each other's arms, just wanting to be quiet and being with each other.

"We best go. Sweetheart. We will be missed." Sighed Misha not wanting to move.

"I guess." Jensen was not feeling it though, did not want to leave the arms of his lover. "I will never forget this Misha; I only hope you know how much I love you."

Misha stood up, finding his clothes. Looking back at his younger lover. "Always Jensen, you never have to worry about that, I promise."

"Well, I best get a shower. I can't go on set smelling of you or sex."

"Well, you could." Said Misha a cheeky grin on his face. "They will all know that your mine."

Jensen frowned at that comment. "You have never said that before. That I'm yours."

Misha put his hand on Jensen's shoulders. "I've always been yours, from the first day I walked on set. And will be until my dying day. Now, will you just believe me when I say I love you, I mean it." Misha kissed the green-eyed man gently. "Now go get a shower I need one too." He winked.

They both went back to work; no one had missed them, well so they said. The actors had hours of filming still to do. But as long as they had each other, they could get through anything.

Chapter Text

The 'You Are Not Alone' campaign, began on a sunny day in British Columbia. It reminded Misha of the day he first came to the set. That felt like a lifetime ago. He thought he would only have six episodes and would play a demon. He got asked back and became an angel. He had found a forever home, fans that were amazing, and love that not many people would find in a lifetime. The cast and crew were his friends and family. He would walk away, a better actor a better man for all that he learned from this crazy amazing adventure that was Supernatural.

Misha wanted to give something back to the fans of the show. The never ending support he got was wonderful, so he approaches Jensen and Jared. Jensen ran with it first, and Jared said he would help in any way. They wanted a crisis line for those fans who needed emotional support. They heard so many stories at conventions that they knew it was necessary. They had to start in the US because of laws, but they hoped to roll it out to other countries in the future.

It was unbelievable the tees and hoodies and bags went like hot cakes. They kept adding more to the campaign total and met it every time. Fans wanted to help Fans. This fandom was the best. Other actors said that as well the support was phenomenal.

Misha stood there waiting for Jensen to come out of filming. He held the camera and went on to live stream. He loved this connecting with fans. The things they said to him made him smile and laugh. Jensen came, and they interacted and said hello to fans. They both had no clue how they had acted with each other until Mark who played Crowley on the show, came up to them.

"Guys you might want to cut the cuteness down a little bit, all this sugar is making my teeth rot," Mark said in his English twang laughing at the bewildered faces of his friends.

Jensen frowned and wondered what the man meant.

Mark barked out a laugh. "Boys, boys, look at the film, come on." Mark guided them to his trailer and opened his laptop up, to show them the live stream they had just recorded.

Misha and Jensen followed hand in hand, looking at the now taped live stream. Yes, they were sweet. Resting their heads on each other and doing what they do in privet out in the open. The fans loved it and went wild of course.

"Oh" Moaned Jensen turning red and rubbing the back of his neck. "Jared's not going to let this one go." He moaned at his lover.

Mark hooted with laughter. "Sarah think's it's sweet," He snorted holding up his mobile phone. "It's nice to see, the fans love you both, and you will sell more stuff like that win, win I say."

"I guess." Misha was a little bothered by the over exposure. "Just I fear that we will go too far one of these days."

"Nothing will come from this Misha its just to mates having fun. You're under most tv radar as a minor celebrity, and the fans won't stir too much up. They don't have that power love. It will be okay in fact keep doing it. This shows the love and friendship you both have for each other. This is for crisis after all." Stated Mark handing them a check and winking.

"I agree. We are doing nothing wrong Mish it's not like we are kissing." Winked Jensen, his green eyes sparkled in the early morning sunlight.

Misha shrugged his shoulders. "Fine okay. I just worry. You're right Mark. Thanks."

"Hey always here for you mate." Mark nodded at them both and walked to his bedroom to give his friend some privacy and to contact his wife.

Jensen and Misha did indeed let go and being their fun-loving selves. They kept doing cute little videos and saying sweet stuff to each other. It did help the campaign, and they were pleased they could help.

Chapter Text

They were filming outside, a small town in British Columbia. Fans showed up to see Baby, Jensen and Jared and of course himself. He signed some photos and took selfies happily. He was in his Cas costume when he saw Jensen. Jensen was in jeans and a red hoodie walking down the narrow alley the crew was occupying. The hoodie covered his face so that no one could identify him. Misha grabbed him and pulled him inside the confines of the rooms they had rented. Cameras clicked as he went, so he moved faster.

"Do you think they saw us?" Giggled Misha out of breath from all the running he had just done. Give him long distance any day, his poor legs ached.

"No babe the network will put it out to the media like last time saying it was one of the crew. Mind you." Stated Jensen kissing his older lover on his plush pink lips. "If you did that to one of the crew I would be very jealous." He growled at his lover.

Misha grinned knowing how Jensen was with him. "Well, we will get away with it again that's for sure. I wonder how we do." Mused the older actor, kissing his green-eyed lover back.

"I guess it's because Dani is pregnant with twins and you have two kids. They think we are happily married men and can't possibly be sleeping together." Jensen winked sexily at his older lover.

"Hope it stays that way." Said Jensen thoughtfully, "I will have you for longer."

Misha frowned at that comment. "If they did find out would you stick by me?" Asked the blue-eyed man with trepidation in his voice.

Jensen raised an eyebrow noting the quiver in his lover's tone wanting to reassure him he said. "Don't be silly of course I would, it's just I used the wrong wording. I mean the privacy we have now would be gone and I like it this way just us two against the world."

Misha smiled letting his breath go that he had no idea he had been holding. "Yeah, me too." He laid his head on Jensen's lap and closed his eyes.

Jensen ran his fingers through the silky black hair of his lover. Times like this is what he lived for. The real world could wait.

Chapter Text

The next convention Misha was at, Jensen could not attend. The older actor had played a card game with Matt Cohen and lost. They had played for dares, and his dare was to wear full body shots of Matt all over himself and put it on Twitter.

Misha was troubled by this if he did that Jensen would be upset, he said that to his old friend Richard.

"Well, why don't you print a head shot of Jensen and place it over your heart." The shorter man told his friend. “Problem solved.”

Misha's blue eyes lit up. 'Yeah, that would work.' He thought to himself. 'My heart would be just for him.'
Misha grinned and ran off and got the printouts of the body shots. Misha was not one to turn down a dare. Look at the money he had lost to Jared. That was funny. All the banks he had to go into to get pennies all 1600 of them. To this day you could hear them slide around in his car.

Misha laid down on the red and black carpet of the green room, while Richard covered him in pictures of Matt. Misha placed the head shot of Jensen over his heart. So it did not look obvious to the outside Misha had used a head shot of Dean, whom Jensen played in the show. If anyone asked why he did it, he could joke about Cas and Dean or some bullshit like that. Misha closed his eyes and spread his arms out and smiled. Richard took the picture and posted it on Misha's Twitter.

Matt posted back 'That time @mishacollins had me spread over him. #RelationshipGoals

Misha and Richard both laughed, and the fandom loved it. He only hoped Jensen would be okay with it and no awkward questions were asked.

Later that night he got a call from Jensen.

"I saw the picture of you on your Twitter feed wearing pictures of Matt." Said Jensen not saying much else.

Misha was worried, was Jensen upset? "Yeah, baby did you see who I had over my heart?"

"I did. I love you too sweetheart. I know I get jealous Misha you did not have to do that.” Jensen sighed and felt stupid that his lover went to that much trouble for his sake. "Matt's, a friend, he's married with a kid, he knows your mine. I have no issue with your flirting and messing about. Just as long as you know that at the end of the day you come home to me, or well you get my meaning."

Misha did get what Jensen was saying, and it was sweet. "I know Jen, but I just wanted you to know where my heart lies."

"Thank you for that you’re the most amazing man. I honestly don't deserve you baby boy."

Misha loved it when Jensen called him that. "The fan girls/boys loved it, and I don't back down from a dare." He laughed down the phone.

"Yeah, you made their year Mish." laughed Jensen, at the antics of his boyfriend. "And you also made mine."

Chapter Text

The rumors were flying high, what happened at VegasCon?

The gossip was whispered into the willing ears of fans and leaked onto social media. It spread like wildfire, but it was a guessing game and only speculation. They saw Misha and Jensen kissing. Holding hands. They did what now? No really? Well, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?

Jensen smiled at all the theory's that was hitting his Twitter feed. Misha though was suspiciously quiet. Only he and Misha know the real tail, and he was not talking.

Misha was home for once with Vicki and the kids. Jensen had hoped to join him on his boat. Dani was not having an easy time with the pregnancy, and he wanted to help, plus there was JJ to look after. He did miss Misha though like he had lost a piece of himself.

"So," Said, Dani grinning at her handsome husband. "What did happen in Vegas?" She giggled wanting to know all the saucy details. They hid nothing from each other that's how this 'Thing' worked.

Jensen smiled and kissed her laughter away. "Well, we didn't elope and get married if that's what you're worried about." Said Jensen tittering at one of the fandoms theories.

Dani rolled her eyes and lightly swatted Jensen on the shoulder.

"Ouch" He proclaimed rubbing his arm and pretending it hurt.

"You're a wuss Jensen Ross Ackles." She laughed. "I'm sorry, you can't be with him." Proclaimed Dani more seriously now, all humor gone, she gently stroked his arm in a loving gesture. "I know you miss him a lot when you're apart for so long."

Jensen had married the most wonderful woman; no other would put up with him, he thanked God every day that he found her. "I do Dani." He said with honesty lacing his words. "But I love you. You’re my best friend and mother to my amazing daughter and my two equally amazing baby twins to be." He kissed her distended belly and rubbed it gently. "I'm so proud of us; our family don't ever think that I'm not." He hoped his words would portray how much he cared for all of them.

"I'm proud of us too." Dani smiled and kissed him, her brown eyes filling with tears. "I sometimes wish that we did not have to move, that your sparkle would come back."

"I am just exhausted babe that's all; filming takes its toll. Like dad said it was for the best."

"You don't believe that for one minute sweetie." Mumbled Danneel looking into dull green eyes.

Jensen sighed and looked out of the window; he saw trees for miles around and the city in the far distance. "No, I can't lie not to you. Maybe if I was a stronger person I could say no to dad. I-I..." Jensen words trailed off not sure what else to say.

"Hey, you’re one of the bravest, sweetest men I know. Don't let it get you down. He does it because he loves you and comes from a different time."

"I know just, I love you both, and it hurts. I wish we could all live together."

"Not sure Vicki would like that sweetie." Said Dani wiping the tears from her husband's eyes. Also, baby, you do realize you have a rug burn on your face and the pics on the net.” She giggled.

Jensen groaned he raised his arms in defeat. “I give up.” He turned more serious and looked at his wife. "Vicki’s still mad because of what I did. I get it, but I did my penance. I paid the price, I broke it and a fixed it. I just wish she would forgive me. We would all be so much happier if she could."

"Mmm" Mused Dani looking at her husband. "Maybe it's time I reached out a little more then." Rubbing the red spot on her husband’s head.

Jensen smiled, loving that Dani wanted to fix this as well. "I love you, always will do. Thank you."

Dani smiled and nodded she had to fix this; she had to put the smile back on her man's face. She hated to see him so tired and worn out, his green eyes dull it was not her Jensen. She would fix this and make it better if it took her a lifetime.

Chapter Text

Misha was in one of them moods. Dani had reached out to him, and they had once again become firm friends. She had even done Gishwhes which he was pleased with. Vicki though was not a forgiving creature where it came to hurting her family, and she was still not shifting on the issue. The older man Tweeted Jensen and started flirting with the man. Finding it funny, he had to laugh he loved being silly he never actually acted his age, why should he be dull and boring.


Misha was bone tired they were all set to do another campaign this Christmas all three of them. The boys messed about, but he smiled for the camera. Misha just wanted to sleep, be with his family and eat good food. He felt down and needed love and comfort. The older man wanted to help always wanted to help, so he did. People asked if he was okay, he could not keep anything hidden from his Supernatural family he was like an open book; sometimes he wished he was like Jensen not showing much emotion only to his friends and relatives. They raise money and helped people, and that’s what they did. Help as best they could.




It was 2017, and he knew it was going to be a busy year. It was coming up to his 100th episode, and he was going to die. Was he coming back he had no clue, he had to choose. He had not given the yes or no to the team yet. Mark S had said goodbye but should he? Yes, he had pulled away with different projects for the last two years. If he stopped would people still support him? He had so much more he wanted to do. The older actor would still go to some conventions but not all of them, it was his fans that put him here in the first place he would not let them down if he could help it.

Misha wanted to go back to build the second classroom in Nicaragua and back to Haiti. He wanted to get Trump out of the White House. He wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids. He wanted to help people. He wanted Jensen, but he felt that they were drifting apart.

Jensen had always promised they would be forever but were they? It troubled him; maintaining a friendship was hard. He had a hard decision to make, and he had no idea what directions to go in. He was bound to end up hurting someone, and his heart was breaking. He just hoped that they all loved him after this.

Misha still wanted his friendship his companionship, love and care they showed him. He was accepted, and he was scared if he let that all go he would just be nobody again, some strange, weird person that did not matter. He needed to talk with Jensen and see where this was all going he needed to know where he stood in all of this. He would always love that man; no matter where life took him. Jensen was part of him, he wears his ring, and he would never take that off. His heart would only ever belong to two people in this world Vicki Van Toch and Jensen Ross Ackles. His lovers. His soul mates. His life. His always. His everything.