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Beat that Record

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Isak doesn’t really have the mind capacity to think anything but ”Fuck Jonas”. Because all of this is his fault. Definitely his fault.

Fucking Jonas.


“I don’t know man, she was just, so responsive?” Jonas said, biting into his sandwich. “Like, she was more sensitive than anyone else I’ve been with.”

Hearing about the other boys’ sexcapades had become much less uncomfortable when he didn’t have to keep up the pretence that he was straight.

It most certainly also helps that he has his very hot boyfriend running his hand up and down his thigh with no other reason than just to feel him.

Isak had worried a bit about moving in with Even. Not that they didn’t practically already live out of each other’s pockets, it was just more what you always heard every other couple say; the lack of space, always being around the other person. There certainly were days where they were annoyed with each other, but other days Isak was just so completely in love that those days didn’t matter, at all.

Today was one of those days where he could just sit and admire Even.

“I don’t know man. She said she came, like, four times without me touching her clit.”

“Four times?” Magnus asks, outraged. “Just from you fucking her?”

“Do you think she was lying?” Mahdi asked, taking his eyes off of his waffles for a moment.

Jonas shrugged. “I don’t think so? You know Elise, she doesn’t really lie about that.”

“Oh, fy faen, did you hear about that other guy she was with?” Magnus asks excitedly. “She, like, completely tore him down because he apparently didn’t make her cum even once.”

It’s not on purpose that Isak tunes them out. It’s just… Even’s much prettier.

“It’s not really fair, though,” Magnus continues, stabbing his fork onto his pasta, “she came, what, four times, and you only came once?” Jonas nodded.

“That’s the way it is, man,” Mahdi said before digging into his waffles.

“Ugh, you’re so lucky,” Magnus says, turning his body towards Isak and Even.

Isak can feel his brows furrowing and his body and mind preparing for another insensitive and frankly quite rude Magnus-comment.

“Why?” Even really should learn to be more hesitant about speaking to Magnus, and Isak can see Jonas and Mahdi thinking the exact same thing.

“Like, you only get to have one each and then go to bed? Girls can go for so long and then you never really know whether they do come or not or if they’re just being nice. You guys always know that.”

Isak thinks the people across from them in the cafeteria can hear the sigh he lets out.

“When it comes to you, they’re definitely just being nice about it,” Mahdi laughs, and that’s that.

Except, maybe it’s not, because Even keeps quiet for the rest of lunch. It’s not until he’s standing next to Isak’s locker while Isak’s fishing out his chemistry book that he lets out a hesitant “Isak...”

Isak only has to look at him for a few seconds before he knows what it’s about. “No.”






Even doesn’t say anything about it for the rest of the day, and by the time Isak’s washing the dishes after having leftovers with Even, he’s completely forgotten about it.

He’s standing with soapy hands and water just a touch too warm splashing over them when Even comes into the kitchen. He stands in the doorway just watching Isak handle their silverware before walking over to him, folding his arms around his waist.

Hei, baby,” Isak greets, immediately leaning back in the embrace, tipping his head back onto Even’s shoulder, raising his head a bit, asking for a kiss.

Even smiles and complies, pressing an unhurried kiss against Isak’s lips, pulling back only for a second to make eye contact, before pressing another kiss onto his lips.

“Hello handsome,” Even replies, moving his mouth slowly down Isak’s neck, keeping his kisses light as feathers, slightly tickling Isak’s skin.

Isak huffs and turns his attention back to the dishes, expecting Even to move onto making his evening tea or something. He doesn’t, though. Instead he tightens his arms and presses his nose into Isak’s neck, nuzzling it, making Isak smile.

“Mmm,” Even hums. “You look so good today.”

Isak can’t keep his laughter in. “Are you flirting with me, Mr. Næsheim?”

He can feel Even’s smile pressing against his skin. He also feels another part of Even, twitching slightly.

“Always,” Even says and starts to press open-mouthed kisses closer to Isak’s jaw.

His hands are moving now as well, feeling Isak’s stomach through his clothes, slowly tracing down to his bellybutton, and then further down to the hemline of his shirt. He’s slowly pulling at it, just teasing his fingertips underneath the fabric, fingers skimming over Isak’s hips and abdomen before going back to feeling him up outside of the fabric.

“Tease,” Isak breathes and leans back for another kiss. He can already feel himself getting quite hard, and Even smiling as if he’s completely oblivious as to what effect he has on Isak is not helping.

Besides, Isak can feel how into it Even is.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Even says, nipping on the skin behind Isak’s ear. One of his hands goes to turn off the water while the other one plays with the waistline of Isak’s boxers, snapping it against his hips making Isak gasp from the sudden sting.

And then both hands are moving underneath the fabric and Isak can feel himself already sighing from the relief he will feel from Even’s hands around him.

Except… Even’s hands completely bypass where Isak wants them right now, making Isak involuntarily let out a small, grumpy whine at his boyfriend.

Even’s breaths are heavy against his ear as his hands caress his groin, moving further down to his taint, before there are suddenly fingers lightly pressing and tapping against his rim, the pads of his index and middle fingers softly running over it.

Isak jumps when he first feels it, clenching, and accidentally rubbing back against Even’s hard on, making the other groan. One of Even’s hands move back up to Isak’s hip, firmly curling around him, holding him still.

Even gently hushes Isak when he makes a noise from how Even’s fingers are pressing into his hip, not hard enough to leave bruises but hard enough that Isak knows he’s serious.

Isak can’t really take it anymore. He feels himself straining, pressing uncomfortably against his tight jeans, the fit already tighter from how Even’s hands are in them as well, and so he moves to touch himself, just a bit of relief.

Even immediately sees where his hands are heading, though. Isak gasps from how sudden Even hands have moved off of him and instead are holding his wrists tightly against his chest.

“Be good for me,” Even says, and Isak whimpers when he finds he can’t move his arms.

Even isn’t moving though, and Isak can’t seem to stop squirming. He frantically nods to Even. “I’ll be good.”

Even presses a kiss into his hair, replying that he knows he will.

He’s turned around in a swift motion, his body aligned with Even’s as he’s pushed into the counter. His mind doesn’t really register the ache in his lower back, though, as Even’s kissing him again.

It’s heady and rushed and Even’s already fucking his tongue in short thrusts into his mouth; something he usually reserves for when either of them are close.

He can’t help the noise he makes when Even moves back, his arms folding around Even’s neck to bring him back.

Even only laughs, though, and breathes “bed” against his lips, before dipping down, pressing his own briefly against Isak’s.

Isak’s already pulled off his shirt and is working on the button on his pants when he’s pushed onto the bed, landing awkwardly on the side of it quite close to falling off.

Faen, Even,” he breathes, wiggling closer to the centre of the bed.

Even doesn’t apologize, only lifts his eyebrows for a moment before pulling his own shirt off.

He places one hand on Isak’s knee before slowly crawling up his body. “Hey.”

Isak laughs. “Hei, baby,” and Even can’t help but smile before giving Isak a quick kiss.

Isak’s not grinning though when Even slowly begins ascending down Isak’s body, pressing open mouthed kisses down his neck, chest, stomach, the sight making Isak breathless and unable to look away.

Even’s rushing to pull down his pants and his boxers come off at the same time, his dick snapping up and hits his stomach roughly. Isak’s full on expecting a blowjob when Even comes back from having thrown his trousers somewhere in the room. Except…

Once again, Even completely bypasses his dick and instead kisses his perineum, nose pressing into his groin.

Isak throws his head back onto the pillows. “Even,” he complains and is immediately reprimanded with a harsh bite in his upper thigh.

“Be good,” Even reminds him, and then digs in, his tongue immediately trying to press into Isak’s body.

Isak flies up and reflexively closes his legs, only Even’s only pulling him back and keeping his legs open.

It’s rushed and slobbery and so, so good, and Isak can’t keep his eyes on Even, but closing them only makes him feel it more intensely. The way Even’s tongue is moving around his rim, changing between small kitten licks, and broader, heavier one, pushing inside him. The way his arms are holding his thighs open. The way his hands are holding onto his hips.

It’s a bit of an awkward angle; it’d be easier were he to lie on his stomach or with a pillow underneath his hips, but all thoughts of positions and angles are flying out of his head when Even presses a slippery finger into him, making him keen.

“Jesus,” he says. His dick is lying against his stomach, pre-cum already starting to bubble at the tip, and the more he looks at it and Even between his thighs, the more he needs to touch himself. Surely Even won’t notice.

But he does. The finger Even has pressed inside him flies out, leaving Isak feeling as if all air’s been punched out of his gut.

“I’d say sorry,” Even says, folding his body on top of Isak’s, his hands moving both of Isak’s over his head, “but you’re not being very good right now.”

All of the fight immediately leaves Isak, and instead he avoids Even’s eyes, mumbling out an embarrassed “sorry.”

Even only kisses his cheek and moves both of Isak’s wrists into one hand, the other one he presses between Isak’s legs, pressing one finger in just to check how open he is, before he slides another finger in as well.

Isak can’t help the way his legs tighten around Even’s waist, the way his body tries to curl in on itself, but Even doesn’t say anything about it. Instead, however, he curls his fingers into Isak’s spot, pressing hard enough that Isak can’t distinguish between it being pleasurable or painful.

“Jesus,” Isak mumbles, body going taught every time Even curls his fingers. “What’s gotten into you today?” his voice breaks in the end when Even presses another finger in.

“Honestly, I was hoping I was getting into you, actually.”

Isak knows Even’s smiling at his own joke, the prick, but he can’t for the love of god keep his eyes open right now. Not when Even is moving his fingers in small circles over his spot, his thumb gently pressing down on his perineum. “Dick,” is really all he manages to say, voice chocked.

It doesn’t take long before Even’s pulling back entirely to take off his own pants. Isak can’t help but clench when he sees his dick, a wet spot having formed in his underwear. His mouth salivates at the thought of Even crawling over his body and slowly feeding him his dick, just like that one time.

He doesn’t. Instead Even slicks himself up before pressing against Isak, slowly adding pressure until he’s slipping in.

They’ve done this before – many times, actually – but the initial breach still leaves Isak gasping for a few seconds while his body makes room for Even to press in. Usually he’d be able to take some of the discomfort away by stroking his dick, but for some reason, Even just isn’t letting him.

He whines the third time he tries reaching for it and Even snaps his hands away.


Even, the little shit, is calmly thrusting in small, soft jabs, trying to help Isak adjust to his size. “Why what, darling?”

Isak grabs onto Even’s sides instead, curling his fingers in to make sure he doesn’t touch himself. “Why won’t you let me touch myself?”

Even leans down, elbows resting on either side of Isak’s head, his hips still moving perfectly slowly as Isak feels himself loosening up a bit more with every movement.

“I know you don’t need to,” Even whispers in his ear. His breath is hot and makes Isak shiver, nails slightly digging into Even’s skin, making him hiss. “You don’t, do you? I know how much you like it when I can make you cum without touching you. When you cum by me fucking into you, so deep.”

Isak feels himself clench down as he loses his breath and he vaguely registers Even’s groan as he does so. They’ve only just started and objectively he knows he shouldn’t be this close yet, but he’s got his very hot boyfriend between his legs, and he can feel him all around him, inside him, he can hear him, everything is Even, he can’t register anything but.

The sudden hard thrust Even gives him, which makes him scramble to hold onto Even, his fingers sliding and slipping over his skin, his breath coming out in hard pants and small sounds, and none of it most certainly helps with not coming right this second.

“Now you’re being good for me,” Even says, pressing a rough kiss against Isak’s mouth before sitting up, admiring the way Isak looks for him, at him, as he starts giving it to him good.

With Even sitting up Isak’s hands are too close to his dick for him not to give into temptation, so he moves them up to his own hair, grabs on and tries to focus on keeping them clenched.

“Baby,” Even groans, one hand slowly moving up from Isak’s hip, up his stomach, torso, chest, before moving to gently thumb at his nipple. Isak keens when he starts squeezing the nub, slowly rolling it around between his two fingers, the nail of his thumb slightly digging in.

“Please,” Isak whines, one hand already moving down towards his dick before he remembers and grabs onto the pillows. “Please.”

Even tuts and changes his rhythm from quick and hard to pressing in as far as he can before grinding. Isak throws his head back from the feel of it and one of his hands fly to hold onto the wrist of the hand Even is using to play with his nipple.

“I already said no, Isak.” Even’s voice makes hot shame fill him up and he starts to writhe from the feel of it.

“Sorry,” Isak breathes, moans when Even finally angles his hips up a bit and starts grinding against his spot. “I just need-“

“You don’t, though,” Even interrupts, suddenly pulling out before thrusting in with a hard jab.

Even keeps with the short thrusts, pushing Isak further up the bed each time. Isak’s hand is scrambling to hold onto something, the other has Even’s wrist in a tight vice, even though that keeps his hand pressed to his nipple, which definitely isn’t helping with not coming already like a prepubescent teen.

Even’s slowly leaning down over Isak, his hips speeding up for every inch he gets closer until his chest is pressed against his, hips moving in a fast pace, making Isak clench and unclench involuntarily.

“I already told you,” Even whispers, Isak can’t take his eyes off of him, “you don’t need it. I decide what you need and when you need it.”

Isak can hear Even’s groans despite how loud he’s moaning himself. He can hear Even’s hips slap against his ass, he can feel how quickly Even’s moving, how deeply, the wet sounds the lube makes. His body lightens up every time he presses against his spot, and he can see his dick drooling against his stomach, giving these forceful twitches that Isak hopes will rub against Even’s stomach, give him some relief finally, but Even seems to have a sixth sense or a natural connection to his dick, because he manages to move away every single time, and Isak’s pretty sure he could cry from how much he wants to come right now

“Look at you,” Even says, eyes skimming over Isak’s body to his red lips to his eyes, close to watering, “that’s what I mean. You don’t need me to touch you. You’re already so close, aren’t you?”

Isak feels his dick strain harder for every word Even says and can’t help but fuck his hips down onto Even’s dick, uncoordinated with Even’s thrusts.

“I can see it, you know. Feel it. Feel how you’re clenching for it, how your body’s begging for it,” and Isak can’t really be blamed for pulling his boyfriend down by the neck, messily pressing his lips against his, gasping for breath every time they let go of each other.

But the distraction only works for so long, and soon Even is moving his head to the side, by his jaw, and starts sucking harshly on the skin of his neck. The pressure of it stings, but it only adds to all the other sensations Isak is feeling right now.

“You always look so good like this,” Even groans against his neck, his breath tickling Isak’s skin. “But you also look so good when you’re coming for me.”

Isak feels like his orgasm is ripped out of him. The incessant pounding of Even’s hips and his dick inside him, his entire body feels oversensitive and he ends up letting out a high-pitched moan. All of it feels too good and he thinks he’s telling Even all of it, or he might just be babbling for all he knows.

It’s not until his body is trying to calm down that he notices Even didn’t come.

“Huh?” Isak questions, but any coherent thought slips from his mind when Even’s thrusting picks up again.

Isak isn’t sure whether he’s trying to grab onto Even to pull him further in or if he’s trying to push him away.

“Too much, too much,” he keeps mumbling, grabs onto Even’s hair and pulls it to make him listen.

Even groans and presses in deep inside Isak and holds himself there for a second. His eyes are closed as if he’s concentrating really hard and is slightly in pain, and Isak would usually be more worried, except Even is still buried deep inside him and he can’t really do anything than let out these small, hurt noises.

For a moment Isak thinks Even will pull out, but then he opens his eyes, lips moving firmly over his while his hips start to piston in and out of him.

Isak isn’t sure whether he moans, whines or whimpers, he can’t think past the oversensitivity he’s feeling. His dick hasn’t even had the time to go soft despite the fact that Even still hasn’t touched him.

“One more,” Even breathes against his lips. He has to repeat it a few times before Isak understands what he’s saying.

He makes another soft noise when he does.

That isn’t something they’ve really done before. Sure, they’ve had sex more than once a day, but there had always been a refractory period where they’d nap or eat before they’d go again.

No more than once in a row.

Isak whines when another jab hits him just right, making another spark of arousal singe through his body, pre-cum starting to spurt from his tip once more.

“What’s… gotten… into you?” Isak manages to question. He leans his head up to hide against Even’s neck, breathing in the familiar scent of his boyfriend, his sweat and sex.

“Well, I’ve certainly gotten into you.”

Isak isn’t sure whether he groans because of fucking Even or from Even still fucking him, because it hurts, it really does, but he still hasn’t gone soft, and his body is writhing underneath Even before he’s made to be still.

But Even can tell Isak won’t let this go, and there’s only so long until he’s asking about it again, so Even slows his hips down to long, deep thrusts, the first few of them push out more whimpers from Isak before he gets slightly more used to them.

“That conversation, at lunch,” Even says through his teeth, nosing at Isak’s jaw, his hands roaming up and down his sides before settling on his upper thighs wrapped around his waist. “Having to hear them talk about me only making you come once. Having to hear about you not needing to come more than once.”

Even’s moving so slowly now it’s almost bearable and Isak’s vaguely able to make out mildly coherent thoughts.

“What, so you’re doing this because a girl came more than once with Jo-nas?” his voice breaks as Even gives a hard thrust, making Isak gasps and dig his nails into Even’s back. His entire body’s singing from lit nerves, and he’s still not sure if it still hurts or if it’s turning good again.

“Don’t say another man’s name whilst you’re in bed with me,” Even fucking growls and picks up a hard pace.

Isak thinks he’s letting out more moans than whimpers now, he can’t quite tell. Can’t quite think of anything except of how his body’s squirming and Even’s dick and Even entirely.

“But-“ Isak interrupts himself with a squeak when Even bites down into his shoulder, “she was a girl.”

Even huffs. “So?” and then his eyes are turning dangerously dark and Isak immediately knows he’s going to regret saying that.

He’s right. Even leans in until their noses are pressed together. Isak tries to lean up to get a kiss, but Even’s suddenly grabbing onto his hair, pulling his head back hard, the other hand going back to playing with his nipple.

“Did I not just make you come untouched, too?” Even asks, and Isak knows he’s whimpering, but he can’t focus on anything that isn’t Even. “Are you saying that were I,” his hand is slowly moving down from his nipple, nails dragging against his skin, “to touch you here,” his fingers are ghosting over the head of Isak’s dick, dark red and sensitive and already twitching from having Even’s fingers in the near proximity, “just rub you over the head, it wouldn’t be the same as touching a clit?”

Isak’s legs are shaking from where they’re wrapped around Even’s waist. He can almost feel how much it would hurt to have Even touch him right now, but also how much he wants it, can feel himself leaking from wanting it. He can’t keep his eyes open to see himself spurting up his chest, can’t do anything but whine as his body hits the peak again, not really having gone down. He hears Even’s groan, though, before Even’s sitting up, taking a few deep breaths.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

Isak’s too busy trying to catch his breath to do much else. Even’s still moving inside him, almost as if he can’t control it himself.

“Four times, though,” Isak says, huffing out a laugh like he can't believe he's agreeing to this, and Even’s got him.

His pace is picking up again, and Isak tries to grab onto his hips to slow him down.

“Give me a few seconds, please,” he mumbles, trying to focus on Even.

Even has all of his attention on Isak, but he’s obviously not stopping. “Nuh-uh,” he replies before folding Isak’s legs over his shoulders, leaning down and folding Isak in half, before he starts piston his hips.

Everything’s too fucking much. Isak feels everything, he’s too sensitive. He feels every thread of their now quite clammy sheets against his back, feels the pillow rub against his ear whenever Even thrusts in, feels how his body is begging to let himself go soft, but he can’t, not when Even’s giving it to him so well, hitting him exactly where it’s so good, but god, it hurts and he’s loving it.

He feels like he’s in a daze. All he can focus on is Even, his kisses, him inside of him, the soft whispers, “You look so good like this, completely fucked out. Gonna keep you like this forever, keep you in our bed, full of me, always going to be full of me, love being inside of you, you feel so good, you know? So hot and wet, you look so good just for me. Taking it so well, so beautiful. Gonna make you come all of the time, you look so beautiful when you do. Gonna have you come simply from me fucking you, don’t even need me to touch you, you like it so much.”

Isak thinks he cries out when he comes again, he’s not really sure, but he thinks he must have. Thinks he probably hasn’t been able to keep his mouth shut the entire time. All he really hears is Even mumbling, “that’s three,” as he slows down a bit, instead rolling his hips, grinding in deeply.

Isak gasps when he pushes against his spot again, hands flying down and grabbing onto Even’s ass, trying to pull him in even further.

“Yeah, always want to be inside you,” Even murmurs, bringing Isak’s legs back down around his waist before pulling out a bit, only to push in harshly.

Isak thinks he sobs as Even hits the small nub inside of him. It’s too much, too much, too much. He doesn’t think he can come again, barely anything came out last time, and he feels all three loads going cold and tacky on his stomach and chest, yet his cock keeps drooling whenever Even pushes himself inside of him, holding in deeply before pulling out and repeating.

He thinks he’s saying something, Even’s name, keeps repeating it, can’t think of anything else. All he sees is Even looking down at him, mouth slack and eyes dazed and dark as he groans his name back.

“Do you even know what you do to me?” Even asks, giving another well-aimed thrust, sending jolts of pleasure or pain or both, Isak can’t tell anymore, throughout Isak’s body. “Do you know how hard it is not to come inside of you? Want to so badly, but I want you to come even more. Can you do that, baby? Can you come for me?”

Isak starts to cry, can’t keep the tears from rolling down his eyes, because he doesn’t know, he didn’t think he’d be able to come the last two times either, but he wants to, so badly, because Even wants him to, and he’ll do anything Even wants him to do.

So Isak does the only thing he thinks can make him come. He tells Even, “Go faster.”

Suddenly everything stops. Even stops moving, stilling to look down at Isak who’s trying to catch his breath, finally able to now that Even isn’t moving, when he can only feel him inside of him.

Even’s slowly folding himself down onto Isak, lips pressing against his chest, briefly stopping at his nipple to bite down softly, making Isak cry out once more.

“Please, please, please, please,” he can’t help but beg, can’t help the short abandoned thrusts his own hips are making, not sure if he’s trying to rub his dick off against Even’s stomach, even though he can’t reach, or if he’s trying to fuck himself down onto Even’s dick to get him moving again.

“Faster, huh?” Even asks, pressing a dirty, open-mouthed kiss against Isak’s lips, tongue immediately finding its way into the other’s mouth. Isak’s mouth goes slack as he lets Even do whatever he wants to do with him.

It’s between one breath and the other that Even’s hips suddenly move, faster than any other time, pushing and pushing and pushing and so deep that Isak can’t help but clench down, can’t help but grab onto Even’s ass, pull him further in and to have something to hold onto, except his hands are slipping and sliding over his smooth, sweaty skin, and he can’t help the noises he’s making. He knows he’s being way too loud, but he’s feeling too much and everything is Even. Isak can’t tell how long it’s been, but between one moan and the next, he comes.

“There you go,” Even says, leaning back up and pulls out.

Isak can’t get his breathing under control and he keeps on making those small, hurt whimpers he’s been making for the past however long now. “Fuck.”

Even only laughs at him, running his hands up and down Isak’s thighs, pressing a few kisses against the skin as well.

“Look at you, baby,” Even says fondly, fingers massaging some of the tension in Isak’s legs away, “I can’t help but wonder…” he mumbles, gaze lowering from Isak’s face to his hole before he’s suddenly pushing in again.

“Oh-“ Isak stutters, throwing his head back and forth on the pillow, hands finding nothing but air to grab onto, “oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, no more.”

“One more.”

Isak whines and Even stills at the noise, gently grabbing Isak's face with both hands, making sure he has eyecontact.

"We can stop," Even says and Isak blinks a couple of times before he forces his muscles to clench around Even.

"Want you to come too," Isak mumbles as he tries to get his hands to cooperate, finally grabbing a hold of Even's butt, trying to push him further inside.

Even hips are slowly picking up the pace again and Isak can't help but let out a sob from the stimulation. “One more?”

And Isak nods and relaxes into the bed, letting himself feel.

“One more time, and then I’ll come inside you as well. Huh, baby? Wouldn’t that be nice? Feeling me slowly trickling out of you for the rest of the night. You’ll be so sore tomorrow, gave it to you so good, didn’t I? One more time, baby, for me, then you’re done.”

Isak’s frantically nodding, murmuring a mix of “done” and “Even” and undistinguishable noises. He’s almost feeling so much that he feels disconnected from his own body. Instead he feels how Even’s thighs are shaking from the strain of the speed and keeping the same position for so long and from how close he really is, probably has been for a while now.

He can’t tell how long it takes. Can only see Even, but suddenly his balls are contracting and it feels like he’s coming, except nothing’s coming out and he’s not quite sure if it’s more painful than not.

He almost misses Even’s orgasm, except Even groans so loud Isak thinks they’ll wake up the entire apartment complex, burying himself deep inside of Isak, his head pressing into his neck, biting down on the skin. His thrusts are hard and rough as he rides out his long awaited orgasm, but Isak can’t help but sob and try to curl up from how much it is.

Even comes so much and so hard and Isak can feel all of it inside of him, some of it already trickling out when Even pulls out.

He makes a wounded noise when he suddenly can’t feel Even near him anymore, but then he hears Even shushing him and he feels a washcloth moving between his thighs, up his stomach, and he hears Even’s mindless chatter, how good he is for him, how wonderful he is, came so beautifully and so many times, he’s so proud of him, his sweet boy.

Isak’s still gasping from all of it by the time Even’s laying next to him and pulling him onto his chest.

“So…” Isak mutters against Even’s neck, his mind slowly turning back from the Even-sex-haze it had been in. “All of this… because Jonas made a girl come more than once?”

Even hears how silly it is when Isak says it, but he can’t help but smile fondly down at him, his fingers moving up and down his back, his other hand intertwined with Isak’s.

“I couldn’t let Jonas have the most sexual prowess out of all of us.”

Isak lets out a laugh when he hears that, can already feel sleep taking over.

“Didn’t think about Magnus’ comment about unfair amount of orgasms, then?”

He says it as a joke, but he feels Even stiffens underneath him and he has to lift his head to look at his boyfriend.

Even groans and throws his head back. “Fuck. I’d completely forgotten about that.” He shrugs in a what-can-you-do kind of way, before he slowly grins. “I guess we’ll just have to-“ he says as he starts to roll himself on top of Isak again.


Even only laughs as he settles back against the pillows.

No. Not now, at least.”

Even laughs. “Oh, so you’re willing to do all of this again, then?”

Isak groans. “I literally cannot think right now. You’ve fucked any sensible thoughts I had out of me.”

Even coos at him, the hand he had running up and down his back moving to press his head back down onto his chest. “Come on, baby. Be good and sleep for me.”

Isak does.


“Well, well, well, wonder what went down in the Evak household last night!”

Magnus is looking way too pleased while Jonas and Mahdi have the decency to shake their heads at him, only they’re a bit amused as well.

Even’s looking too proud not to indulge Magnus whilst Isak’s too busy scowling at all of them. Fucking Even and his fucking cock and Isak’s limp is really noticeable, he knows, Even hasn’t been able to keep his hands off of him the entire day because of it.

“Sorry Jonas,” Even says, holding out a chair for Isak which he gingerly sits down on, Jonas looks up nonplussed, “I’m afraid I hold the record for making my partner come the most times untouched.”

All of the boys are way too excited about that piece of information, all asking questions and comments, “Serr?!”, “Hva faen?” and Isak can’t help but groan and look annoyed at all of them as he bears the teasing and intrusive questioning.

Fucking Jonas. And fucking Even, too.