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We Found Love Again

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A long time ago on Asgard~


The sun was high on the sky shining happily down on you as you sparred with Sif. The Asgardian palace was filled with soldiers and servants hurrying to their duties. In the training field made especially for sparring you could hear others spar around you. You arrived to Asgard from a far realm called Alagaësia.


You stood opposite from Sif with your green sword raised for attack, your legs slightly bent and a bit spread while you eyed your friend, sweat beads rolling down on your temple and you drew deep breathes. Your (e/c) eyes never leaving her form in the same position a sly smile appearing on your (t/c) lips. Sif suddenly ran forward attacking first her sword pointing at you. You blocked her assault with your green sword sparkles jumping away from the steels. You turned around and lounged at her back but she turned too before your sword could reach too close and blocked your blow. You pulled down your sword making a hissing sound echo through the field and you pushed the blade forward pointed on her stomach. Sif stepped to the side but your sword cut in her leather armor exposing her perfect skin at her stomach. Her eyes widened but in the next moment she attacked back aiming at your head but you easily dodged her sword taking steps backwards as she moved forward. When you got bored of this you kicked her sword away with yours and the next moment the blade was on her neck making her drop her sword in surprise. Applause erupted from around you and that was when you noticed everyone around you stopped what they were doing and were watching you. You blushed slightly and pulled away from Sif to give her room to get her sword back in its sheath.


‘It was glorious!’ cheered Thor walking towards you two his arms spread wide in the air. He beamed at you two happily while Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun joined you.


‘No one defeated Sif since… she first took hold of a sword!’ laughed Volstagg.


‘I’m looking forward to a rematch’ smiled the brown haired warrior woman at you. You nodded and sheathed your sword on your belt. Suddenly shrieking sounded from a near corridor and an angry grunt. You turned to the direction the sounds were coming from and jumped up and over the stone fence separating the field from the corridors leading to the chambers. You knew the others were following you but you just walked to your destination. When you turned down on a corner you finally understood what was going on.


Loki tried to pry his long green cape from a baby dragon’s jaw his face contorted into a straining expression, his teeth gritted and his eyebrows furrowed as he looked down on the little scaled creature. The dark green baby dragon was pulling the green fabric playfully while he shook his tail. The dragon wasn’t as small as a nestling just out of its egg but wasn’t as big as to be able to hunt on its own. You sighed and walked over calling out to the baby dragon.


‘Srunugr!’ at his name the baby dragon let go of Loki’s cape and ran to you jumping on you and started licking your face happily.


‘Keep your annoying pet away from me!’ growled angrily the dark prince of Asgard.


‘He has a name and he’s not my pet, Loki. He’s my dragon. That is a big difference!’ you got up and glared back at him. At first you wanted to apologize for Srunugr’s behavior but then Loki had to open his mouth and you could only think about how to keep yourself from punching him in the face.


Since you arrived he could only say rude things to you even when you only greeted him. You were always bickering when you were in the same room making each other more and more angry at each other but your friends always came to prevent both of you from exploding. You didn’t know why he hated you so much or why he found it enjoying to insult you but you got used to it and just left him if he started bitching around.


‘I am your prince and if you don’t want to lose your head, you should start acting like it!’ crossed his arms the Trickster making your blood boil. You fortunately learnt to keep your face void of emotions.


‘Well, next time I will make sure to let Srunugr bite your head off, my princess’ you replied earning a death glare from Loki as you smiled slyly at him.


‘You-!’ he started but Frigga interrupted him.


‘Enough!’ sounded the queen’s voice through the hall as she approached you two. That was when you noticed your friends and Thor gone. The traitors…


‘Mother, would you please tell (Name) that she should-‘


‘Hold your tongue, my son. She did not do anything harmful yet the first thing you said was an insult towards her. That is not how a prince treats a lady!’ she furrowed her eyebrows at her son.


‘But, Mother she-‘ tried to protest Loki but Frigga stopped him by lifting her hand.


‘But nothing. Apologize. Both of you’ she looked at you too with a slightly annoyed expression. You swallowed hard and looked back at Loki who just turned his head away angrily. You sighed and thought you should start.


‘I’m sorry, Loki. Truly… I don’t want to fight you. I didn’t want it from the beginning. Can we just reconcile?’ you asked walking to him. You truly didn’t want to fight him all the time. You looked at his face trying to make him look at you without touching him and after a long silence he turned back to you his features slowly relaxing as he looked back into your eyes. His blue eyes always mesmerized you whenever you looked into them.


‘I guess we can sign the peace treaty’ he answered keeping his voice void of emotions. You beamed at him happily and jumped at him circling your arms around his neck pulling him in for a hug. After a few moments he started prying you away from his body and cleared his throat. ‘I think that is enough.’


You let go of him and nodded but Frigga wasn’t pleased with his answer.


‘That was not an apology, Loki’ she stated putting her hands on her hips.


‘I am sorry, (Name)’ he mumbled out under his breath but you just beamed at him happily and nodded again.


That was the first time you saw a genuine smile on his lips and you promised to make him smile more often.




Fifty years later~




You ran down the corridor to the gardens in your ball gown your maids chose you for tonight’s ball. It was the birthday of Thor and most of the young ladies came to court the blonde prince. However you had better plans than dancing all night and drinking expensive wine.


You could hear his footsteps hurrying after you and you let out a giggle as you ran towards the labyrinth. You held your dress in your hands tight as you ran down between the fences its leaves brushing against your skin sometimes. You heard no footsteps behind you anymore but you just continued your way towards the center of the labyrinth until you found the fountain’s gurgling. The air filled with the smell of fresh water as you got closer and closer to your destination. You slowed down to a walk at the entrance of the small square of the fountain and walked to the edge. You looked around and waited for your persecutor to arrive but you waited and waited in the silence. You turned around again but still no sight of him. You started to feel uncomfortable and a little bit angry. Did he leave you? Did he got bored of your company?


But suddenly someone grabbed around your waist and threw you into the water. You landed on your butt and water fell on your head wetting your hair and face. You gasped in surprise and tried to get out of the water on your knees and hands. You pushed back your now wet hair and glared at Loki who couldn’t stop laughing at your form. But you grinned evilly and grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled him into the water quick and with an incredible force. He gasped in surprise and sat up but tackled you to the bottom of the fountain. You laughed hard as you wrestled in the water as did the younger prince. Suddenly someone cleared their throat and both of you stopped, Loki on you keeping himself up with his hands on either side of your waist while you grabbed at his arms your legs tangled both of you looking at a really angry Odin and Frigga. You blushed to a deep shade of crimson while Loki let out a nervous laugh.


‘Mother, Father… how fairs the ball?’ he asked with a nervous smile.


‘We will talk about it later, my son’ grumbled Odin. ‘(Name), your mother wishes to see you. Dry yourself off and meet us in my study.’


You nodded and accepted Loki’s stretched out hand. His skin was chilly but you felt warmth spread out through your body everytime he just brushed your skin with his. When you reached your chambers you let your maids help you change into something dry and sent you back all dried and presentable to the King’s study. You sighed before you knocked on the door and walked inside when they opened. Odin stood by the large mirror he could use to communicate with your realm and looked at you saddened behind the normally expressionless, hard stare.


‘You wished to see me, my king’ you spoke quietly not sure if you wanted to hear what he was about to tell you.


‘Your mother did, (Name)’ answered the white haired king and motioned at the mirror. It slowly showed a woman with raven black hair braided back on her head with emerald green eyes staring at you, her pointed ears pale just as her beautiful face. You circled with your hand in front of your chest and bowed deep to her.


‘Queen Arya’ you greeted with a cold expression.


‘My daughter… I asked for you… for a reason tonight. The case is urgent and your master needs your help too. It seems that your vacation came to an end. Tomorrow morning, you will be sent back to Ellesméra.’ informed you your queen and mother. Your visits on Asgard became more and more frequent after you woke to the truth of your origin. You gritted your teeth and balled your fists at your sides but your face remained calm however your (e/c) eyes sparkled with fury.


‘If you would not have a reason to drag me back to Alagaësia, you would not mind me being the farthest from your throne’ you spit at her knowing it would hurt her while your own words wounded you more.


‘We will talk about that later. Our kingdom is in great danger, (Name). First of all you are a Rider which means you have duties towards Alagaësia first and everything else later. You are Du Weldenwarden’s princess and you serve your own home first and not your own desires. Understood?!’ scolded you Arya her green eyes scanning your face with an angry fire. You took a deep breath while your face became as cold and stiff as a statue’s.


‘Tomorrow morning we shall meet at home’ you answered and her face disappeared from the mirror’s surface.


‘(Name)?’ came from the direction Loki stood with Thor. Both of them looked at you concerned however Loki was more worried than his brother. You looked at them your eyes cold and empty.


‘Have a nice evening, my princes, my king and queen’ you nodded with a bow and hurried out of the study leaving the royals confused as to what happened. Both you and Arya decided to never speak about the truth, otherwise the other royal families throughout the realms would look down on you or try to place someone in the throne instead of you who would be loyal to them. Politics worked like this and you wanted Alagaësia to be untouched of their hands.


You walked down the corridors till you were in front of your chambers again but someone stopped you calling your name. You turned around and as you expected it was Loki.


‘(Name)… what is wrong?’ he asked concerned.


‘That is only my family’s business, my prince’ you answered avoiding eye-contact so you stared at his collar of his jacket. You knew what could be so urgent to drag you back from Asgard but you didn’t want to say it out loud. You only wanted to tell your friends about the war between the new neighboring country and your home because that would mean Thor would want to take part in it and you didn’t want them to die or be in harm’s way. The wars you fought were more serious than the little battles Thor and his friends participated in. They never saw as many bloodthirsty, half-dead soldiers as you were about to fight in the coming days on Alagaësia.


‘Are you in trouble for something? Did you come here without your mother’s permission?’ he asked curiously. You gritted your teeth and looked back on the door handles in your hands.


‘It’s complicated, Loki. You should be concerned about your own kingdom. I’m not trying to horn in something I should not’ you replied coldly.


‘Please tell me what is wrong!’ grabbed your hand the Trickster and looked into your eyes pleading as he turned you to him. You closed your eyes trying to hold back the tears straining your eyes.


‘My home is in war with another country… I’m not going to come back… if my mother dies on the battlefield, I will have to take over her place and if she will live I will be punished for what I have done before I escaped to Asgard’ you whispered slowly opening your (e/c) eyes looking at his blue ones. Loki’s thin lips were ajar and he looked at you with tears in his eyes.


‘Then I will go with you’ he said tightening his hold on your hands pressed to his chest.


‘No, you cannot, Loki… this is my ought to protect my home’ you shook your head.


‘I cannot lose my queen’ he started shaking his head. Your eyes widened at that and your heart started pounding hard against your ribcage while warmth creeped up on your neck and cheeks.


‘What?’ you asked quietly.


‘I want you to be my queen, (Name)! Thor will be the one to take over Father’s place on the throne after him which means I will be married off to another kingdom where there are only princesses. I discussed this with Father and Mother and when they said I could choose if I see someone already so I chose you, (Name)’ he answered his voice wavering as he looked deep into your eyes desperate for a positive response. Your heart wanted to jump out of your chest because that was what you wanted since the day the two of you became close friends. You let go of his hands just to wrap your arms around his waist and cuddle into his chest. You wanted to feel him against your body and you wanted this moment to never end. Loki’s arms came around you and tugged you closer as he put his chin on the top of head.


‘I wish we could be like that…’ you said quietly.


‘Then just… kiss me… before everything ends for us… I need to know what it would be like… please…’ he breathed pulling away to look you in the eye. You felt the tears roll down on your cheeks as you put your hands on each side of his neck and slowly pulled him towards you. You pushed your lips to his and that fantastic feeling of fireworks exploding behind your eyelids showed you just how much you loved this prince. The always sassy trickster who could make you so angry that you would want to choke him to death and then the next moment he would make you so happy that you would forget every problem you had.


Your lips moved in sync as you felt his tears wetting your cheeks and his hands pull you closer and closer with every passing second to his body. You didn’t want to break the kiss but you had to when you were out of breath and you started feeling dizzy. You pushed your forehead to his and tried to catch your breath.


‘One day, we will meet again, Loki…’ you breathed knowing you would do everything you could to come back to him. You knew you would never be able to love any other.


‘We will’ whispered back your prince before stepping back from you and leaving you to pack your things.








Heimdall stood in the golden dome of the BiFrost like a statue as he let an old friend through the gate. His gold eyes looked down on the female elf dressed in leather pants and laced boots, a robe thrown over her head which hid most of her form.


‘My sincere condolences, princess (Name)’ spoke up Heimdall. Her hand came up to the fabric of her robe and pushed it back from her face. Long (h/c) hair pooled out of the fabric however it was tied up in a tight ponytail on the top of her head and (e/c) cat like eyes looked up at the gatekeeper.


‘Thank you my friend. A long time no see’ you smiled gently up at him however he knew of your loss and how lonely and worn-out you became.


‘Indeed, my lady. What do we owe the honor of your visit?’ he asked politely.


‘To visit an old friend’ you answered politely back.


‘I hope you will not be disappointed when you see them again’ answered Heimdall. You looked down on the ground and back up at him.


‘I cannot be disappointed anymore, I am afraid’ you replied and pulled back up your robe over your head while walking out of the BiFrost and onto the rainbow bridge looking out to the city in front of you where you spent so many time and shared love. You promised Loki you would see him again. You came to do that.



To be continued...