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Frozen Over

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"It's going to be okay," Veronique reassured her, wrapping her arms around Sarah. "The Marines won't let anything happen to your daughter."

In truth it wasn't Kirsty she was worried about. She was more worried about what would happen if a fight broke out. Sarah rubbed her hands together and braved a smile, the cold once more beginning to seep into her bones.

"Here, this one's better," Veronique said, removing her jacket. "I'll swap you."

"Thank you, Miss Champion, for everything. If and when the heating starts to fail . . . I don't know what we'll do. The divers, they—"

"Worry about it later." She slid Sarah's jacket on and zipped it up as quickly as the worn teeth would allow, rubbing her hands together then pressing close to Hensleigh. Sarah mirrored the movement and wrapped her arms around Veronique. "We'll get you out of here, I promise."

"I think it's—" someone shouted from above.

A blast of warm air hit their faces and they grinned, but neither moved. That'd been too close for Sarah's liking. With so many damn heating issues, Wilkes seemed like it was beginning to fall apart. Truth be told, Sarah could've said the same for her sanity.