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For All It Is Worth, I Am Still Your Hiro

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Aunt Cass came to Hiro’s bedroom while was playing video games on his computer. Whimsically, she told him that she was going on vacation to the mountains with some friends she made from her Book Club. She told him that she was going to be gone for a couple of days. She also told him that she was going to leave some money for food; to take care of Baymax and Mochi; and he was going to have a babysitter.

Hiro looked at his aunt/guardian awkwardly with her notification of having a babysit. I am fourteen years old. Why would I need a babysitter? I am sixteen of Christ’s sake. As much he bargained for his independence, her answer stood. She didn’t trust him by himself and feared that he might engage in typical teenage behavior. Not in her home and in her restaurant, she told him while keeping her arms fold.

Hiro was remiss. Before she left, she told him that his babysitter was going to be GoGo. Hiro remained frozen and became tense when hearing those words come from her mouth. He slightly nodded as he gave her a small affirmation under his nose.

The following day, he watched her take a taxi as he waiting for GoGo’s arrival. He and GoGo have a history. They were not the best of friends. Whenever the worked together, GoGo would give the young Hiro a hard time. Often reminding him of his age status and the contrast of his former old brother, Tadashi. It was much of the chagrin of Hiro. Nevertheless, he continued working with her as a colleague; even though he couldn’t stand her guts.

About an hour after his aunt’s departure, he was in his bedroom reading comics when hearing the buzz coming from the front door. Being a Sunday and the restaurant was closed, he knew it was nobody else but GoGo.

“Open the door, brat,” shouted GoGo. Hiro looked over the window facing the street. He cringed when seeing the loud and abrasive GoGo standing his front of his door. She continued knocking loudly as he knew she was getting more agitated by the minute. 

“Hiro, I know you in there,” shouted GoGo. “Don’t think I want to do this either. It was a favor from your aunt.” Instinctively, she looked up and eyed Hiro staring at her.

“Hiro, get your pipsqueak down here,” she demanded. “It is a wonder how a shit for brains can be at university but lack common sense. Get your ass down here, now!”

As much he wanted to shout “Fuck you,” to her, he wasn’t bold enough to do it. He shrugged and sighed with defeat as he made his way down to the front door. She was standing out there stomping her boots while he unlocked the door. Before he could open, she made her entrance as if she owned the place.

“About time, you brat,” replied GoGo. She looked at him before looking at the restaurant. “So, your aunt is gone for a few days and without you. Shocking and quite a shame. Then yet again, she should be lucky to get away from you.” She let out a slight smirk. 

“If you gonna spend time belittling me, then I am gonna leave,” replied Hiro as he was walking back to his room. Before he made another step, GoGo grabbed him.

“Where do you think you are going, brat,” questioned GoGo. “If I remember correctly, I am your babysitter.” She remained to have a smile on her face. “Is that correct?”

“Yeah,” replied Hiro. “But I am old enough to take care of myself.” He scoffed. “You are just insurance just in case if things go wrong.” He looked at her while raising his eyes. “Don’t be that thing that goes wrong.”

GoGo scoffed. “So, the squirt has balls now?” She grabbed his chin. “Didn’t know there were balls descended down there.”

Honestly, he was scared. Although she didn’t she look it, but GoGo has an aggressive nature. Back in her native Japan, she was well-known as a gang member in a motorcycle club. She even as a criminal record. She may live in the United States and might be in college, it didn’t mean that her personality have changed. 

She chuckled a little bit. “Ok, Hamada, I will let that slide. I will.” She took her hands off his chin before looking at the kitchen door. “Knowing for your aunt, she has some spirits, right?”

Hiro kept quiet. It changed when her eyes darted painfully at Hiro. “Right,” she said while wrapping her fist.

He shook his head. “Yes.”

“Thank you for the answer,” replied GoGo. She removed her backpack from her back and threw it at Hiro. “Your aunt told me that I can stay in her room. Put this bag in there.” She added, “And don’t your dare check anything out in there. Don’t need your pervy eyes on my stuff.” 

“Trust me, GoGo, I won’t,” replied Hiro. “I don’t want to look at your boxer shorts or whatever dykes wear anyway,” he murmured under his breath.

“What was that, Hamada,” she said with a painstaking smile, but a hint of anger in it.

“Nothing, nothing,” he replied. “I will put this in your room.”

“Thank you,” said GoGo.

Hiro placed her stuff into his Aunt Cass’s bedroom. Being a man of his word, he did not look inside of her backpack. In fact, he didn’t return back downstairs. Instead, he returned to his room where he engaged in playing video games. He was playing an MMORPG game with some online friends he knew from university. He was consumed with the game for so long he didn’t know how long time had passed.

When he looked at the clock, he saw that it was a quarter after ten in the evening. Seeing how long he was playing the game, he signed off. Getting hungry, he went downstairs a late night dinner. As he made his way downstairs, he heard the sound of someone in the kitchen. He scoffed as he remembered that GoGo was babysitting him.

Just grab some grub from the kitchen to hold me down through the night. I don’t want to have much interaction with her as much I have to get it from school. I don’t know what my aunt was thinking of asking her. Why not Honey Lemon? Wasabi? Baymax?

He sighed as he pushed the door as he saw GoGo sitting at the kitchen table drinking a bottle of vodka. Her face was beet red as she consumed the vodka. Hiro looked up and saw the cabinet above the refrigerator was opened. It was his aunt’s liquor cabinet. It was for their customers during the dinner hours. Or, when she was in the mood for a drink. That vodka was imported because he saw his aunt purchasing it online. The alcohol content was very high. So, he knew that GoGo was under the influence.

“This is...this is...some good vodka,” she said in between slurs. “The water of life, I swear.”

Hiro watched how she was staggering and stumbling with her drink. With her being distracted, he took advantage to get his food and return back to his room. He tiptoed quietly to not attract her attention. She continued drinking her vodka as he made his way to the refrigerator. As he was opening the door, he heard the bottle slam loudly on the table. When he turned, he saw GoGo in his direction. Her eyes were bloodshot, her face was flushed. She got from her seat and stood up. Hiro remained still. Very, very still.

“Hiro,” she said. “Hiro, Hiro, Hiro.” She pulled out the chair next to her. “Why not come and have a drink with your big sister.”

Hiro shook his head in disagreement. “No, thanks. I am good. I don’t like drinking anyway.”

Her face quickly frowned when hearing his “no.” “Why not,” she asked. “Thinking you are better than me because you chose not to drink.”

“No,” said Hiro. 

She pushed the chair back. Hiro watched her stumble to his direction. Even as she walked, she smelled like a brewery. Seeing her in this state, he decided to leave until he felt her strong grip.

“Where do you think you are going, Hiro,” she asked as her breath lingered on him. “I am not done with you yet, boy.”

“GoGo, you are drunk,” said Hiro. “I think you need to go to bed.” He felt her grip getting stronger. “Did you hear what I have said? Get off of me.”

She blew her breath into his face, which made him feel noxious. “No, I will not.”

“Let go of me,” he demanded. 

“No,” she said. 

“Get off.”

“Make me, Hiro.”

“I said, get off.”

Becoming annoyed with GoGo, he tried to push her away, but that made her tighten her grip. “Didn’t your aunt ever teach you to never put your hands on a lady?” She grabbed him by his neck and pushed him to the ground. Hiro watched as she got on top of him.

“Get off of me, GoGo,” he said.

She laughed at me. Her voice projected loudly into the kitchen. She just stared at Hiro. “Ashamed you should be. Allowing a girl to beat you. No wonder you are such a pipsqueak.”



“Leave me alone.”

“You are nothing like Tadashi.”

Hearing those fateful words about his deceased brother made him snapped. Out of nowhere, he kneed her in her groin. 

“Don’t you fucking dare talk about my brother,” he screamed. “How dare you try to compare me to my brother, you dyke!”

GoGo’s smile disappeared from her face. She remained on top of him. “Dyke? Is that what you think I am? A dyke?” 

“Yeah,” he responded with a surprising tone. “I never see you talk to other guys. You are close with Honey Lemon that I thought you had a crush on her. You never showed that side of being a girl.”

GoGo stared at Hiro for a few moments. She removed her grips from him. She was trembling. From his position, he thought that she was going to cry. She started shaking.

“GoGo,” he said. “Look, about what I said.”

Out of nowhere, she began to devilishly grin. She laughed loudly into the kitchen that it could have been heard throughout the neighborhood. Once, she calmed down, she turned her eyes on Hiro. However, they were eyes of frustration, but something more sensual.

“A lesbian,” she said. “You honestly thought I was a lesbian?” She leaned forward to his face. “Can I tell you why you never saw me with another man? Why I never had a boyfriend?”

Hiro was afraid to answer, but he did anyway. “Why,” he said with a slight whisper.

GoGo pressed her mouth near his ears. His heart began panting when hearing those unforgettable words. “I don’t have a boyfriend because I don’t like guys my own age. That is why.” Hiro’s face contorted from her response. Before he could speak, he saw her taking off her jacket and then her blouse.

“You see, I am not a dyke. Far from a lesbian. But, you can say I like flat chest if you can catch my drift,” she said while pulling Hiro’s shirt off. “As you can see, I like little twerp pipsqueaks.” She tugged at his chest. “Like you.”

It happened too fast, he thought as he saw GoGo kissing and biting his neck. He was squirming, trying to resist what she was doing to him. His cheeks were burning red with the tears that were coming from his face. “GoGo, please don’t do this.”

She pressed her finger to his lips, enticing silence. “I want this,” she said while unzipping his pants and pulling them down. “Now, work with me and I promised it won’t be so bad.”

GoGo got up and pressed her foot on his stomach to keep him from moving. He watched as she pulled down her pants and her panties. She threw them beside the kitchen table before going back down to remove his boxers. As he lied on the cold kitchen floor, he watched the unreal events unfolding. Earlier, GoGo was giving him anguish and now, she was preparing to rape him. As much he wanted to struggle, it was getting tiring and decided to stop.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said. “Quiet and docile. Very good.” She licked her lips as she approached the scared Hiro. “Not so tough now, aren’t you?” She giggled before kissing him on his cheek. “Now, I am going to show you what a dyke can do to you.”

She smirked as she clawed her nails through his skin. He flinched and squirmed as she licked around his chest. She tugged his nipples repeatedly. By that time, he was always erected. She giggled when noticing it. “You say you’re not liking this, but your son says otherwise.”

Hiro watched as she reached in her pocket of her pants. It was a condom. “Can’t make a mess with my pussy, can we,” she said while laughing. “Don’t need any evidence of this.” She torn the packet while putting the condom on his throbbing dick. “Whoa, it is angry.” She kept tapping it like it was an animal. “Are you getting excited? Who is a good dick? Who is a good dick?”

Hiro was getting embarrassed as he covered his face. GoGo pulled his hands down. “I want to see your face as I take your first time.” She tilted herself up and kept her eyes on Hiro as she swayed her hips down to his dick. She flinched when making contact, but she continued thrusting.

Hiro tried to close his eyes but felt a slap by her. “Keep your damn eyes open, boy,” she said in frustration. “Don’t you dare take your eyes off of me. See how I am thrusting my wet pussy with your dick. See how I am making it feel good. Not bad for a dyke, huh?”

“No,” replied Hiro. He felt his dick becoming enveloped by her folds. It was tight and felt strange with the condom. However, her thrusting was making it become pleasurable. He let out a slight moan.

“That is right, Hiro,” she said. “I know you like this. Just get lost in the pleasure.” She leaned back while fucking him. He tried resisting, trying to find something to negate his erection. However, seeing GoGo’s expressions. She appeared very naughty. She looked like a beast in heat. As much he hated, it started to feel good. He released his tension and allowed GoGo to do her will.

“Not putting much of a fight anymore,” she replied. 

Hiro just look away as he felt his hips becoming sore from the newly formed experiment. He closed his eyes as he knew he was close to climaxing.

“I am starting to feel funny, GoGo,” said Hiro as he was straining.

GoGo knew he was close to climaxing. So, she started thrusting faster and faster. He let out a small cry as he released all of his sperm into the condom. At each spurt, she thrust. Each was rougher than the other.

Both were panting. She leaned over to Hiro and kissed him on the lips. Hiro’s eyes were widening by how rough she was. When she was finished, she got from him and sat next to the table. She reached for the vodka and took another sip.

Hiro lied in disbelief. In one setting, his virginity and his first kiss were taken away by the very woman he despised most. He continued lying there as the semen was leaking from his condom and around his crotch. In his mind, he began cursing his aunt for leaving him with GoGo.

GoGo placed a glass of vodka and gave it to him. “It helps you forget.”

Hiro gave GoGo a strange look. He got up from the floor. He went to find his clothes and left her alone in the kitchen. When he returned to the bedroom, he went straight to his bed. He lied there and tears were coming from his eyes. He continued crying, sobbing for his aunt and sobbing for his brother, before falling asleep.