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If I had just one more day

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Tittle: If I had just one more day.
Author: me
Kinks ABO, J2, Alpha Jensen, omega Jared, dub con, h/c, jerk!jensen, hurt !jared
Jensen had been the same he was right now at 24 since he was 16, he’s been like this his entire life, he’s been sleeping around, and partying so hard he’d put Paris Hilton to shame. His dad said it’s okay to soak the pen as long as you don’t get stuck in the ink, and he always used special Alpha condoms, those who don’t allow you to knot your partner. That’s how he avoided mating since he was 18.

Not like a dozen omegas an half a hundred betas haven’t tried. No, my friend, Jensen is a real catch, fucking gorgeous and loaded, educated, if he ever cares to take his place on his father’s company he’ll have a brilliant future, he just don’t have the need to work yet, not with mom and dad indulging him. Even he knows his dad is kinda tired already. Always on yellow press, always having tantrums of scorned lovers on public places, always crashing cars and there’s this other incident that involved an underage beta boy and a yatch.

Right now he’s going home after his companion for the night, Stupid bitch Brock wanted to piss him off asking for a name to their “thing”. Jensen wasn’t ready to call it anything other than an average fuck now and then, not like Brock had ever rocked his world or anything.

Jensen took a bottle of vodka on his way out and got on his amazing Sesto-Elemento, and drove off. He kept tilting the bottle drinking his anger away, that’s why he never saw the car coming.

Jared was on the phone with his mom. He was late and she was worried.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I was at the library and lost track of time.”

“Oh my God, you scared me. I have been trying to reach you on the phone for hours! Your father and I were worried. We thought something had happened to you.”

It was a rarity, but his parents allowed him to study, most omegas were married by age 20, but not Jared, he was smart and never really showed inclination to fulfill his role in life. His parents very understanding never forced him to mate, even if he didn’t really had a voice on the choice.

“I’m just leaving the freeway mom. I’m ten minutes from…” Jared’s mom heard a gasp and a loud sound and the call ended.

Jensen was waiting for his dad on a gurney, still dizzy and holding his shoulder. The event playing over and over in his head, he tilted his bottle, more than half empty by now and blinked a little at the burning sensation.

When he turned to the street again he saw the car leaving the freeway and that was it. The crash knocked the air out of him and all he could hear after it was a ringing and the other car’s horn. If he had the chance to delete one day, he’d delete that one.

He left his car surprised that he could. only feeling a dull ache on his neck and back, to notice the guy on the other car. “Oh Shit.”

By the time police got there he already had the young guy out of his car and used the same vodka he still had in his hand to clean part of the cuts and bruises from the pretty face.

“Hey, Hey… open your eyes kid.” He caressed the face cleaning the blood
“please, I’m sorry; it’s all my fault I’m sorry.”

Damn he knew the kid’s mate will kill him.

Police got there with sirens and lights and he had to ride in an ambulance sitting near to Jared, the license and registration said the boy’s name was Jared, unmated omega, college student Jared Padalecki.

“What the fuck were you thinking!?”

Shouted his father while Jensen’s mom had him on her arms, she was crying and Jensen ignored his father for a moment to reassure her.

“I’m fine momma, I’m sorry. I was going home, I swear, I was trying to be responsible for once.”

“Drinking on the car? You were trying to be responsible by drinking vodka while driving?”

Jensen hung his head in shame.

“I-I wasn’t, I swear I wasn’t drunk.”

His dad moved closer and hugged him too.

“This is over, you hear me? You’re so lucky! That car of yours is destroyed!

When we saw how it ended…” Jensen’s mom sobbed behind them. “that boy… they don’t know if he’ll survive.”

“I’m sorry” he repeated “I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Jared’s mom was crying held by her husband. Their son broke three ribs and had an abdominal trauma. Doctors had to operate Jared because of an intestinal bleeding and retroperitoneal hematoma. The doctor that informed them told them that there was a small chance that the young omega could die during surgery, and there was a chance that he’d never be able to have babies. That left the Padalecki broken.

Jared’s alpha older brother, Jeff appeared from nowhere and roared when he heard of what happened, it was him who moved to face the guy who was driving drunk and hit his baby brother’s car.

Security is called to the room Jensen is in when a giant alpha guy enters and holds him by the neck.

“My baby brother is in surgery because of you, stupid spooled ass.”

The guards tried to pry Jensen free but not even Mr. Ackles could make Jeff leave the guy alone. Finally Mr. Padalecki entered the room

“Jared is awake, Jeff, if you’re thrown out you won’t see your brother.”

Jeff let Jensen go, and moved back saying he was sorry to his dad. And he turned facing the Ackles.

“My baby brother is studying, but any chance to mate has been ruined. Who’d want an omega whose chances of giving birth have been reduced?”

Jensen’s dad let out a sigh “we will do our very best to compensate your family for any loss, but…”

Jared’s dad finally moved forward.

“My son is not lost. He’s still fighting for his life, even if he’s no longer his usual self.”

Jensen’s dad let out another sigh and held his left arm, his skin turned white and he collapsed on the floor.

Jensen Ackles was still sporting a couple bruises on his face while he drove his mother to visit the hospital where his father was.

Alan Ackles had a heart attack after his only son crashed an almost half million dollars car against the car driven by an omega.

Who thankfully was now recovering from major surgery now. Still, Alan and Donna decided that enough was enough, and Jensen had to grow up once and for all, he had to take responsibility for his actions.

Alan saw death right in the face and he wasn’t ready to check out and leave his hard earned company in the hands of a spoiled kid.

That’s the discussion the parents were having while Jensen went to visit his victim.

“Hello Kid.”

He said passing the door to find a pale figure on the bed, the slanted hazel eyes fix on him with distrust.

“Glad to see you awake. I came to see you yesterday and the day before.”

Jared pointed to the balloons and stuffed animals on a chair by the window and nodded. He had a tube on his throat that was coming off today, they’ve said, so he couldn’t really talk to Jensen.

The Alpha stayed there for just a couple minutes until Mr. Padalecki entered the room and pretty much growled in anger. Which is actually weird, Jared’s mom and Jensen’s mom are the best of friends in the short time they met.

Jensen left the room after touching Jared’s hand and mumbling a get well soon sweetie.

Jensen was called by his mother on a Wednesday, his father wanted to talk to him, he didn’t know what was happening, after all he was going out with Misha and Brock and his other boys, he was actually seeing the quite explicit sexy pictures Matt sent him, the phone call prevented him to get off with those pictures.

Once he got to the room he went cold seeing Jared’s parents there.

“Jensen.” his father was standing near to Jared’s father. “We just had a conversation about you and Jared. We got to the conclusion that the only way for you to pay any damage done to Jared is by mating him.”

“I’m not inclined to mate!” he protested.

“Is not a suggestion or a question, Jensen; you’ll mate Jared as soon as he recovers from his lesions.”

Jensen couldn’t believe it, and was ready to protest.

“Are you kidding me? I’m an alpha! Not gonna tell me what to do!”

His father growled and moved closer to him all the way the superior he was.

“You will do as I tell. Because one day I’ll be gone and I’m not gonna leave anything to a stupid immature kid who can’t face responsibilities!”

Jensen wanted to protest but not another word was directed to him. Even if his mother moved closer and told him it was for the best.

He had to stay there hearing his future and his life being discussed and programmed.

“Father!” he shouted “This is humiliating, I’m not an omega!”

Jared’s father moved to him.

“No, but you ruined my omega son’s life! You have to take care of him now.”

Jensen let the room and went to see Jared. To find him crying his eyes dry.

“Jared?” that was the only thing that left his mouth passing the door.

“That’s why? That’s why you came to see me?” and sobbed.

“You were just looking for a mate? I was in college, and I was good.”
Jensen had no idea of what to say.

“Sweetie.” Sherri, Jared’s mom was behind him “if Jensen wants it, you could still go to college.” She turned to look into the young alpha’s face pleadingly. “Would you Jensen?” he was left speechless.

Sherri moved to the bed to her son “God knows this is not what I wanted for you baby, but your father decided it, at least he can have that much of his life, right? After all you took from him?”

Jensen felt a knot on his throat and only nodded.

“My boy is educated and kind and he knows full well how to keep a house. If you get to know each other, I’m sure you’ll be happy together.”

The older lady kissed his baby’s head and left the room. While Jared taking on his mother words could see hope at the end of this.

“Okay.” Jensen sighed. “we’ll mate, as long as it means our lives won’t change much, deal?”

Jared nodded not really knowing what he was agreeing to.

Jensen went back home without even telling his parents and invited Matt over, he still couldn’t drink alcohol but a good fuck will cheer him up.

Their parents decided that three months was enough before the ceremony, mostly because Jared will be on summer break and ready to move with Jensen and it’ll give enough time to keep appearances for Jensen’s family and friends. During preparations Jared saw Jensen only a couple times, once of those times Jensen brought flowers and yet another stuffed animal for him.

Jared blushed, okay, he might have never felt the inclination to mate, but Jensen was charming when he wanted. Maybe this whole thing wasn’t that bad after all.

But it was, Jared went back to school and Jensen had to give up one of his expensive exclusive cars, his Audi to replace his future mate’s car. Jensen had to cut off his nights out to assist to boring meetings at his dad’s office, a mated Alpha had to work, he’d have someone to support and if it wasn’t even as bad as he thought it was more than what he wanted.

Jared went to school as usual but every now and then his mom and Jensen’s mom pulled him into a store or to a meeting or something related to the ceremony.

Both families shared dinners now and then and Jared was tossed toward Jensen while neither of them was comfortable with the other’s company. Both their parents started bonding and finding a common ground to start a friendship.

One night Jensen’s dad asked Jensen to drive Jared home after he stayed for dinner because Sherri sent him with fabric samples for the suits.

“You don’t have to…”

Jared offered seeing how disgruntled Jensen looked. He was wearing a silky black shirt and tight jeans, obviously going out.

“Nah... It’ll be cool. We’ll have time to talk…” Jensen offered one of those charming smiles. He could sell ice in the pole with that smile only. “You know… away from your parents and mine.” And he winked.

Jared felt the heat on his face and felt stupid hearing Donna cooing from the couch. Before Jensen offered him his coat and opened the door for him.

“So…” Jensen turned the key and smiled looking at Jared “How’s school?”

Jared smiled it was never his intention to ramble like that, he spent almost ten minutes talking about how classes were going and how amazing he thought his new philosophy professor was, how he had this very important paper about the consequences of breaking bonds in this new society compared to the old idea of divorce. “I just find fascinating that before it used to be a like a million reasons to break a bond and now we only…”

Jensen chuckled while parking at the Padalecki’s house. “Whoa, wait. We haven’t even mated yet. you don’t have to worry about breaking bonds, not yet.”

Jensen laughed and Jared felt his face burn.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe I spent the whole time-”

Jensen made a movement with his hand

“I kinda find it interesting finding someone who is really passionate about something.” And he smiled “is great.”

Jared was sure, they’ll be fine. But the second he moved to hug Jensen and his future alpha rejected him all his hopes were crushed.

Jensen couldn’t believe Jared was this passionate about old society, something about the joy on every word the young omega let out scared him a little, Jared sucked life as if it were the last breath of a dying man. And Jensen hated him for that.

It made him feel stupid and shallow when his biggest worry was to be there before Brock started making out with someone else, because after those few minutes with Jared he was horny and needed someone slutty that will spread his legs but shut his mouth.

He entered the club feeling immediately how the low beat of the bass thrumming through his body washed away Jared’s voice and overexcited behavior.

He took Brock out of some other guy hand’s and pulled him to the bathroom where he fucked the young blond against the stall’s door making him moan and cry his name.

Brock sucked him on the car. Jensen stopped the car to the side of the road fearing another accident. The images of Jared unconscious in his arms, it took Brock a lot of effort to make him come after that.

The rehearsal dinner night was a rainy one, Jared was worried, Jeff and his wife weren’t there yet and Jensen was drinking with few of his friends.

He felt alone and out of place because his friends couldn’t make it. He moved to talk to Jensen and one of his friends, a tall blue eyed guy pulled him to his lap and feel him up.

“Damn, Jay, this is a nice piece of hot ass…”

Jared was struggling to get up, looking straight to Jensen hoping he’d help him. Jensen had someone at his side and Jared could see the blue eyed smaller guy had his right hand inside Jensen’s pants while he was sucking his future mate’s neck.

“Let me go.” He pushed the guy’s hand forcefully and tried to get up when he felt the slap on his face.

Jensen was on his feet and holding his arm.

“Michael!! Don’t you dare to touch him ever again!!”

Jared was speechless, never in his entire life anyone had dared to touch him with violence, not until now.

Jensen turned to Jared and one of his hands held his face tilting it to look into his.

“You okay?” a hint of remorse on his green eyes. “Darling… I’m sorry. He’s not used to the more modern ways.” He caressed the offended cheek. “Please don’t tell our parents, please.”


The guy who not long ago had his hand inside Jensen’s pants looked at Jared’s face with scorn and sprawled his legs seductively.

“Should I look for someone else while you pamper your omega?”

“What?” and Jensen let go of Jared’s face “NO! It’s just… Jared is not used to violence.”

Jensen’s hands left him so fast he staggered a little, Jared was left standing there feeling awkward.

“Come, Jared, this are my friends, Michael, who will never again lay a hand on you.” And in a breathless promise against his ear “I promise.” Jared ignored Michael’s blue eyes roaming his body.

“This is Matt Cohen. He’s one of my closest friends.”

“And I’m his lover.” Spat Matt.

Jared felt his blood boiling.

“From tomorrow you’ll better use WAS.”

Jared faced Jensen.

“I’ll be waiting for my parents at the door.”

Jensen sat next to Jared and greeted their families, he shook hands and said thank you, and they shied away from each other every time friends and family asked for a kiss.

Jensen drank a bit too much and started groping Jared under the table, sadly that’s how things are supposed to be, Alphas were entitled to act on their impulses, Omegas were supposed to let it happen, Betas had a choice but it was more a theory than something real.

Jared felt the warm hand of Jensen but felt kinda sick because of the smell of alcohol on his breath and Michael sitting on the first table in front licking his lips.

Jared started feeling this was a huge mistake. Even more when a drunken Jensen started to caress his legs with more vehemence “I can’t wait to have you under me, begging for my knot.”

“Jensen.” he set his foot down. “This is embarrassing, stop.” He looked to dull green pupils “you’ll have to wait until tomorrow at least, look, you already brought a date.” He motioned with his jaw to Matt who was gritting his teeth.

“Fuck you darling.”

Jensen’s hands left Jared and the rest of the evening was tense and cold for him.

Jensen felt bad. He knew this was far from ideal. He was pissed, but doesn’t mean he is not a good guy, Jared just has to learn how things will be, he’d have the chance to go to school and Jensen would keep his friends. They agreed to that early in this stupid charade right?

Then things went completely south. Once dinner was over and everyone left, Jared said a cold good bye and left.

Jensen waited there until the last of the guests left, his friends were already drunk and ready to keep partying.

He didn’t see it coming, he didn’t know how but the roar of laughter from Michael and Justin told him something was wrong.

But was Chris, Jason and Steve’s mock that got to him.

“Is it true Jay? Is your father forcing you into this mating?”

Joshua and the other Jason were bent down laughing, matt was draped across someone else’s arms and ignoring him.

Jensen licked his lips and tried to calm but it was just too much. If he had one more day for this, if he had a chance, He went straight to his father and told him he’ll not mate Jared.

“Listen to me Jensen, I have invited all my friends and all our family and you’re not gonna disappoint me this time. You damaged that poor kid, at least this one time face the consequences of your acts.”

Jensen was shaking in anger. “And If I don’t do it?”

“You’ll lose everything! EVERYTHING Jensen, you’ll be on your own.”
And his parents left.

He was left in front of his friends leaving the place, all of them still laughing at him. How could they know? Only one person could’ve said anything, Jared, it had to be him, and he’d pay for this.

It was a rainy day when his mating ceremony took place, it was small for such an important event, he was wearing a black and grey tuxedo. His mate will have a matching one.

Jensen was hung over and a makeup artist was brought to see him to hide the dark circles under his eyes.

His father once more just tolerated this, hoping this was the last of it. After all, a mated alpha has to be responsible.

Jared was shaking, this was not what he wanted in life, but omegas has no voice in mating, he’s supposed to trust his parents to find him a suitable mate and Jensen, even if last night acted like a knothead, he was usually nice and kind.

He was sure that with time and a little work Jensen would be a mate he could learn to love.

Still the way Jensen was looking at him while he walked down to the table where the ceremony would take place sent a chill down his spine and not in a good way.

The cleric held up a knife and a ceremonial rope, he tied both guys’ wrists and spoke about the bond of mating. Then took the knife and cut a wound in every palm making them hold each other talking about the pain of life that has to be shared by someone who understands the pain like you. Then he said the bond was permanent and told them to be careful because life will be different now on because they were no longer alone.

The rain fell the whole time and one of the guys in the kitchen heard on the radio that roads had to be closed because of risk of floods.

It was cold and even with the alcohol and the music people kept looking out worried, Jared felt miserable, Jensen was on one side of the room laughing and chatting with a blond guy with green eyes, if it weren’t for the lewd movements on the guy’s hand he’d think he was a relative, but no relative should rub his crotch against another person like that.

“You okay Jay?”

A warm hand on his back made him smile, it was Chad, one of his best friends, he was a mated beta, and the only guy that ever made him consider mating before, now mated to Kenzie, another beta he was the guy he met longer in his life. He was also his classmate.

“Yeah, just… I still don’t fit in Jensen’s circle.”
Chad caressed his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Kenz, Zach, Stephen and Gen are there, come with us.” and directed him to the other end of the room, where his friends were waiting for him.

But he wasn’t even half way to the table when Jensen had him by the arm.

It wasn’t even his idea. Jensen’s dad went to him telling people were talking about them not even sharing a dance.

“Look at him Jensen; he’s going away with someone else while you’re giving everyone a show with that beta.”

He marched after pushing Brock to a side, who was that blond idiot that felt like he could hold Jared?

Jared gasped, Jensen was holding him hard.

“Come with me sweetie, we need to talk.”

Jensen, once more drunk and ashamed because his friends kept making fun of him dragged his new mate into one of the rooms booked for them to change and pushed Jared against the bed.

“So you went around telling everyone why I had to mate you?”


“Don’t play dumb, my friends found out my dad is forcing me into this as if I were a simple Omega bitch like you!” and holding his face. “Who else could’ve told them? Huh? Only you”

“Jensen... I didn’t.”

Jensen didn’t let his face go

“And then you decide to be someone else’s bitch”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Shouted Jared while Jensen pulled his shirt out of his pants and opened his fly.

“Maybe you just need to be fucked, so you don’t feel the urge to go with that blond guy who had his paws on you.”

Jared tried to resist, while Jensen pulled his clothes, ripping buttons and tearing cloth.

“No. Jensen, don’t touch me, NO!! HELP!!” and pushed Jensen hard enough to make the alpha stagger back for a couple seconds while he pulled his pants again

Jensen fell on top of him and held his hands up.

“You’re my mate, isn’t that what your parents wanted? Isn’t that what my dad ordered? Don’t play coy now. This is going to happen anyways.”

Jared knew this was coming, he knew this was what his life will be now on.

“Don’t worry baby…” chuckled Jensen “I always make sure my bitches enjoy themselves.”

It hurt, more than pain was a burning sensation, an uncomfortable ache, but then? then Jensen hit something inside of him that made him squirm, it was so surprising he was sure it hurt, but the more Jensen hit that same place the more it changed into pleasure.

It was both humiliating and amazing, and Jared started crying as Jensen held his now fully hard cock and started jacking him off.

“I knew you were just another horny slut, I knew you wanted me.”
He groaned while pistoning into Jared’s opening.

“Damn! So tight and so hot…” and hummed “don’t worry, I won’t knot you just yet, you have to earn the right to have my knot in you.”

His hands left Jared’s arms to hold Jared’s legs and wrap them around his hips before pushing in once more with force.

“Like that baby, so wet for me, I’m gonna breed you good. Can’t wait for us to be home, I’m gonna make you scream.”

Jared turned his head to a side and went limp.

“You’ll love it, my whores always enjoy it, you will have your turn, don’t worry, just like the others, like Matt, he’s such a whore, he loves when I fuck his mouth, what about you, I can’t wait to try out your mouth” with an especially hard thrust he kept talking. “Maybe you’re like Danni, she likes when I share her around, she likes having more than one inside at the time. Maybe you’re just as hungry for cock as she is.” His knot pulled on his rim and Jared grunted “Mark loves when I spank him, he likes when I make it hurt, would you enjoy that?” another thrust, another pull, another flash of pain on Jared’s hole. “Rachel is the whiner, you might take her title. You’ll moan so pretty when I fuck you.” Jared sobbed, this wasn’t what he wanted or expected.

But the more he moved Jensen felt something different, this was not mindless messy fucking, this guy here, who completely surrender to him was crying, because the pain Jensen caused him yet again. When he was pulling out his head fell down and he licked Jared’s sweat stained cheek. “You’re so sweet.” And he blinked, things were clearer now.

“Jared.” He said remorseful while his balls draw closer to his body and the white searing pleasure filled him, the smell of Jared’s skin, of his arousal made things even worse while he pushed inside one last time and his knot popped sealing them together.

Jared gasped once more this time feeling Jensen’s seed pumping on him. It dragged him into completion, pleasure shaking his body.

“Oh, no…” Jensen tried to pull away to feel his cock stuck on his mate and Jared gasped once more before hissing in pain. “Damn it.” Jensen closed his arms around Jared. “Sorry, this wasn’t planned.”

Jared made a noncommittal sound as only answer.

“Damn it! I’m too drunk for this.” Jensen moved on his side holding Jared close so he could be more comfortable. “Does it hurt? Did I… did I hurt you?”

Jared let out a huff that could be confused with a sob or a laugh. “What do you think?” finally hazel eyes met green ones.

“We’re mated Jared, this was supposed to happen.”

Jared’s mouth twisted. “Yeah I know. This was exactly what I had in mind.” He ignored his mate.

“OH FUCK.” Jensen’s hand caressed his back. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I guess is the bond.”

Jared had this idea, if it ever happen, he wanted his first time to be sweet and loving, with someone who cared for him, someone who made sure he was okay and enjoyed everything, somewhere discreet and romantic, the perfect place for memories of love, not like this in a hotel room having his clothes torn open.

Jensen stayed still for the next ten minutes before with a sucking noise his cock was released. Jared felt relief until Jensen’s hand traveled to his hole and pushed inside.

“You don’t want to get all messy. We still have to face the crowds.” Mumbled Jensen and in the extreme of humiliation Jared had to walk to the bathroom with his new mate’s hand attached to him.

By the time Jared came out of the bathroom Jensen had left the room. There was a clean shirt on the bed. It had a note “in case yours is not presentable.”

This was not what he expected.

Jared entered the car leaving the party after he hugged his mom and his brother, inside the limo he found Jensen drunk and giggling to an equally drink girl standing at his side of the car.

“See you soon hottie.”

Jared felt mortified at the smile of victory the girl sent his way. Jensen noticed his distress but didn’t even care.

“What?” he said laughing. Jared turned away and smiled once more to the people outside the car.

They got to Jensen’s house and before he could show him anything he was held down and his pants ripped open once more, Jensen knotted him in the floor near the door once more, Jared felt the bite on his neck and the faint smell of blood, this time he felt real pain and felt like crying, Jensen told him about his whores, about how he was just one more, one of the many, that he’ll make sure Jared enjoy being hanging on his knot, telling him how good it felt to fuck someone new. Then he just passed out the second he came, ignoring Jared completely. The young omega cried until he was swallowed by darkness to wake up cold and alone on the floor. Jensen was asleep on the couch.

Jared wandered around until he found the bathroom and took a shower, he had stuff there already. His mom and Jeff made sure of that, so he fell on the bed and slept.

His mind wandered back and forth from that evening, did Jensen rape him? Was it rape? He was his mate, and he sure enjoyed it, at least part of it. And he felt unclean and used and ashamed.

By the time he woke up again; Jensen was gone.