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Anna's Heat

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"Elsa, will you kiss me?"

    It was an innocent enough request. Elsa turned to her eleven-year-old sister and smirked with a soft sigh. She leaned forward and quickly pressed her lips to her warm, freckled cheek and sighed again. She was so very warm.

    "There, all better?" Elsa went back to her books.

    Though separation was crucial, there was but one library in the castle and only a few hours of natural daylight to warm the room during the long winter. To Elsa, the cold was no trouble, but it often meant that she and Anna spent their study time together, though Anna often found herself distracted by other things while they were cooped up in the library. The day servant, Ingrid, who served as something like a nanny for young Anna, was dozing quietly in a chair on the far wall. No one else heard the youngest heir's request.

    "No," Anna flung herself over her unopened texts dramatically, her strawberry blond braids flopping forward like the ears of a dejected bunny. "That's not a real kiss!"

    "And just what would you know about real kissing?" Elsa muttered, taking a feather quill and drawing a sturdy black line through a narrow strait that just might prove beneficial for trades and imports depending on the ship, crew, and temperament of the sea. "Last we spoke, I caught you trying to kiss a portrait of Mark Antony in the parlor room."

    Elsa hadn't meant it as offense, but rather a statement of fact, though Anna certainly flared to life with a brilliant shade of red. Elsa could feel the heat of her sister increase with her embarrassment.

    "That was one time, and you know what I mean," she sat up, biting her lower lip. "I saw you earlier with the stable boy--"

    The book in Elsa's hand fell to the table, startling Ingrid but not waking her. "How did you...?"

    "From a window a story up," answered Anna. "He looked so happy, kissing you in the snow...if I'm ever going to find a husband, I'll have to know how to make him smile like you left him."

    "Smile?" Elsa touched her lips absently, her cold breath formed frost on the tips of her glove. Her mouth snapped shut and she clenched her hand in a fist. "He was smiling?"

    "Like an idiot. You didn't see?"

    "I suppose I...turned my back on him."

    Anna pouted stubbornly. "I can't ask mother or father to teach me; they would laugh, I know it. And I'm not as sneaky as you. I can't just find a stable boy to kiss me for practice."

    Evidently, I'm not "sneaky" enough, if you caught me. Elsa shook her head. "So, what? You want a...a...?"

    "Kissing lesson. Just one. It won't mean anything, because we're sisters after all. We used to kiss all the time."

    "Swift pecks to the lips are entirely different when we're young children, Anna!" Elsa covered her mouth with her hand. Across the room, the window Ingrid was seated in was tracing over with thick sheets of ice where there was not even snow before. The sun was too warm and direct today for any good snow capture, or rather any natural snow fall. She fought for control, though her heart was racing. How she wished she could simply laugh and leave the subject be! "We're much too old now to be kissing like that."

    "You're just saying that because you want me to shut up," Anna muttered sadly. Of course young, pure Anna wouldn't understand how a kiss between two girls, two sisters would be viewed as obscene at their age. "I guess I'll wake Ingrid so she and I can go upstairs. I'm sorry for disturbing your precious study time. I'll be sure to not bother you in your locked bedroom later, too."

    Anna stood, dejection on her face, and Elsa's heart sank. It had seemed so easy to cut out Anna from her life for her safety when they were small, but now that her sister was growing she found it harder and harder to turn her away. She didn't want her to think that she didn't care, didn't love her.

    "Anna, wait!" Before she knew what she had done, Elsa grabbed hold of Anna's arm, stumbling upward and forward, colliding into Anna just as she turned to face her. The result was a hug that was nearly a decade overdue. "Just one kiss, all right? You can't tell a soul, living or dead. It will be brief, seconds. Understood?"

    Anna, her face pressed into her sister's arm, nodded and pulled away. When Elsa finally managed to force herself to look down, she saw her sister's face all scrunched up with determination, preparing for a kiss like it was the first step to overcoming a particularly tough fight. Elsa almost laughed. This was the Anna she remembered; a fighter even when there was absolutely nothing to fight against. It made it that much easier to close her eyes, lean down, and kiss her.

    Anna's lips, like the stable boy's, were warm. So satisfyingly, perfectly warm. Warm like she could never dream to be. She craved heat like the starved craved food; stolen kisses, hot baths, and warm fires were her only relief, no matter how temporary. As adjusted as she was to the cold, warmth would always be better. She had been prepared for Anna's heat, but not her softness. The stable boy's lips were firmer, rougher, insistent, and demanding. Demanding, though she was to be queen. Anna's lips were smooth and full; they were totally pliant against Elsa's. All-in-all, of all the kisses Elsa had experienced, this did not rank very low.

    Then Anna's lips parted, and her hot, moist sigh spread across Elsa's lips, baiting her like honey left out to catch flies.

    At once, Elsa lost control. With the harsh winter and her own internal cold, her heat deprivation had drawn to a stunning climax. Somehow, her gloves were gone and her bare hands found their way into Anna's hair. Her fingers carded her hair, unraveling her braids and restoring feelings she had forgotten was there to her fingertips. She leaned forward again, and pulled Anna into a deeper kiss.

    At first, Anna seemed to fight back. She pressed her fists into Elsa's stomach, then moved her hands to her back, trying to latch onto her cloak, but in seconds she melted against Elsa and relented to their lips' fevered dance. Anna was so warm, warm, warm that Elsa thought she might snap. She couldn't bear going back to the cold again. She rolled her hips against Anna's experimentally, loving the feeling it created, and loving the moans from Anna's sweet mouth even more.

    Elsa's tongue brushed Anna's, and her hands found the clasps on her cloak--

    "Ah!" Anna cried out.

    Elsa had flung herself away, the back of her hand wiping her mouth. What had she done? She had kissed her sister, truly kissed her sister, erotically kissed her sister. She had even thrust her hips into hers!

    Panting, the two of them stared at each other, unblinking, for a long time. Anna moved first. She picked up Elsa's gloves and handed them to her. Elsa snatched them from her hands and ran from the room, her tears becoming small crystals of ice as they slipped down her cheeks as she went. Had she stuck around, she would have seen Anna lean against the table in bemusement, touching her lips absently with her fingers, a stupid smile on her face.


    Since that day in the library, Elsa demanded to take her lessons in her room. She left only when absolutely necessary, but never laid eyes on her sister. Two years was a long time; two years without Anna felt like two vast eternities.

    Elsa had more encounters with stable boys and servants. None of their rendezvous resulted in more that fervent kissing (each one always remarked on how cold she felt, and made what she knew they believed to be cunning jokes about the myriad of ways they could warm her up), but to no avail. As much as it sickened her, no kiss or stolen warmth could match Anna's heat.

    Once, twice, perhaps four times she found females to kiss for comparison. She donned a cloak, pinned her hair up beneath a hat, and in disguise she headed into the village. Her experiments found that while, yes, kissing girls was a much softer experience than rough-handed boys, none were so sweet as Anna. The guilt she felt was so real that she vomited, and every time she so much as said her sister's name she felt she was committing a terrible sin.


    It happened one night of a brutal winter. An import of wax and ambergris had been capsized before they could reach shore, and the entire kingdom was without candles and oil for lanterns for nearly a month. Nearly a week after the capsized ship occurred, an avalanche in the mountains covered much of what the lumberers harvested for firewood.

    Many people died. The royal family had wood in storage, but not nearly enough to fill the whole castle all winter. The king and queen fell ill, and only Elsa, whose strange gift left her impervious to the cold, was left in charge during their time on their sickbeds.

    Elsa had taken to walking the castle halls at night. She would leave her locked room long after the sun went down, dressed in her nightgown, and walk past Anna's room to her parents' chambers. There, she would silently enter to ensure that they were breathing to soothe her ragged nerves.

    One night, a sound stopped her. It was coming from Anna's room. It was a human sound; it was too late for Anna to be awake. The door was ajar. Curiousity and a need to see her sister for the first time in nearly four years stole her willpower. Carefully, Elsa pushed the door open.

    Anna was moving beneath the sheets. At first, Elsa couldn't quite make out what she was doing; it was so dark, so hard to see...however, she wasn't prepared for what she'd find when her eyes finally adjusted.

    Anna was moaning. She had a pillow grasped between her legs, and she was writhing against it. Struggling and struggling to...oh god, Elsa almost gasped. She caught sight of her sister's slender, pale leg from a gap between the bed and the thick duvet. She also caught a flash of her sister's pale shoulder, and a nightgown strewn on the floor. Anna was naked beneath the sheets.

    Elsa had walked in on her teenage sister masturbating.

    She shouldn't have been surprised. Despite her reputation for being withdrawn and unfeeling, she still, for lack of a better term, got "horny." Anna was in the middle of puberty and Elsa was just leaving it. She understood Anna's plight for sexual release. Still, it felt taboo to even be in the room.

    "Uh...oh..." Anna whispered, her cheeks so, so red. She looked so very, very warm. "Eh...ah...!, Elsa, Elsa."

    Elsa stumbled backward, her hands over her mouth. She couldn't move; she was adhered to the spot, her heart racing, her breathing quick. She felt a tingling sensation that spread from her naval on downward. She nearly cried out when her sister arched her back, revealing her entire front side--smooth, pale skin, flat belly, new breasts, erect nipples--as she continued to grind down on the pillow, still chanting Elsa's name in the moonlight. Her arousal leaked out onto the silk pillow, leaving a large wet mark as she slid back and forth in a hurried rhythm. The bed creaked softly with her movements. It was so mind-meltingly arousing that Elsa almost blacked out. This was so wrong. So very wrong.

    Anna rolled over onto her back, tangling up her top half in the covers but revealing her smooth lower lips, glistening in the moonlight as she slid her small fingers down and down, inserting them inside herself. She was still saying Elsa's name like a plea, a call for help.

    Elsa silently closed the door, her fingers turning the lock almost against her will.

    She's so beautiful, Elsa's lips trimbled at the sight of her sister's freckled face reddened and scrunched up, like that afternoon when they had first kissed. Without realizing it, Elsa had moved forward toward her sister. Anna's eyes were closed with concentration; she didn't see Elsa approach the foot of the bed, watching with awe as her sister pumped her fingers in and out of what defined her as human. Anna's hips rocked upward, giving Elsa a view of her pretty pink folds.

    Elsa placed a hand on Anna's pale knee.

    Anna jerked soundlessly to a stop, shocked and bewildered as she stared at Elsa at the foot of the bed.

    "My sister?" She seemed to be asking herself the question, sleepiness in her tone. Elsa imagined she had been at this for a while. "Am I dreaming? My dreams seem to...always..have you..."

    "You've been dreaming about me?" Elsa asked, bitterly flattered. Judging by the look on Anna's face, the dreams had not been entirely pure ones. "What do I do in the dreams?"

    "You," she looked suddenly ashamed, though she made no move to cover her lower half, "you come in, and you..."

    "I what?" Elsa sank to her knees.

    "You," Anna closed her eyes, "help me."

    "Oh," Elsa cleared her throat, her whole body trembling and acutely aware of everything. "Do those dreams happen often?"

    Anna covered her eyes with her forearm. "All the time now. Ever since we kissed. Please, please, Elsa." Her voice was desperate now, stronger now that she and Elsa were no longer making eye contact. "I try to make this hot tingly feeling go away every night, but it just gets stronger, there's no end, no--"

    "--Climax. You want to climax, is that it?" A nervous sort of laughter  escaped Elsa. Here she was in her sister's room after watching her pleasure herself, and now she was staring between her legs, at her bare, wet, trembling opening. This won the prize for awkward events, but she didn't feel awkward. She felt aroused. "And you want my help?"

    "Please, please, please..."

    "Why me? Just because of a kiss?"

    "Yes," Anna nodded, "and because you love me. It has to be you."

    "Oh," Elsa blushed. "Then, let's begin."

    Elsa reached out and gently ran her finger down the length of Anna's slit. Anna trembled.


    Elsa drew her hand back. "Sorry!"

    "N-no," Anna panted, "L-like it. I like feels so, so good."

    Reassured, Elsa began again, tracing a line. One finger, then two, up and down. She relished in how warm Anna was. She stood up and knelt on the bed, pulling Anna's arm away from her eyes as her sister lay panting.

    "We can never go back from this," Elsa's whisper was strained with her own need. She stroked Anna's swollen clitoris, knowing that this was a spot she favored when she touched herself. "This is much, much more than a kiss, Anna. We're sisters. This isn't allowed. We're breaking terrible rules here."

    Anna moaned, thrusting her hips up into Elsa's fingertips. "If we've already broken a rule, then why not break them all? Kiss me, Elsa. Fill me."

    Drawing in a shaky breath, Elsa's lips took hold of Anna's, their tongues dancing, not dueling like when she kissed all those strangers, and Elsa's fingers slid home into her sister's tight, hot channel.
    "Ahh!" Anna cried out into the kiss, wiggling her little hips as Elsa pushed in and out. Elsa lay beside Anna as she continued to pleasure her. "Elsa..."

    "You're dripping with heat," Elsa whispered against Anna's soft lips. The duvet had pulled away from Anna, leaving her slender naked form bared to Elsa. She took a pale pink nipple into her mouth and suckled lightly. It immediately rose to attention from her cold tongue.

    "More!" Anna cried out, her back arching upward, and Elsa added another finger, pumping in and out with more force.

    "You're beautiful," Elsa kissed Anna's neck as her sister writhed, thrusting her round breasts upward. "Don't worry; it'll be okay. I'll bring you to a finish."

    She removed her fingers from Anna's tight folds. Both sisters moaned from two different absences; Anna from lack of pleasure and Elsa from lack of heat. Elsa slunk to the floor and spread her sisters legs further apart. She began to lap at Elsa's entrance, causing new sounds of arousal as she went to work; Elsa's own entrance was now wet, too, but that would have to wait. Anna's fingers twined into Elsa's hair, pulling it from her braid and forcing Elsa's tongue within her. Elsa fucked her sister with her tongue, occasionally drawing it out to flick her nub, making her cry out.

    "Elsa...I'm...I'm so..." Her hands tightened in her hair. "I'm so close."

    A depraved piece of Elsa wanted to see her sister's face as she came. She removed her tongue and moved up between her sister's legs, taking her lips in a deep kiss as she used her fingers to bring Anna to climax. Her sister's pussy squeezed Elsa's fingers in a vice grip. Her whole body shook, her breasts upheaving and back arching and neck stretching back and mouth open, as she came.

    "Elsa..." Anna sighed, and Elsa removed her fingers. She regarded them, shimmering with her sister's arousal, and was at a loss for what to do. Without warning, Anna moved forward and took her sister's fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean. "There, good as new." She smirked. "I love you, Elsa. Don't you love me?"

    Elsa smiled. "After all that I don't see how you can say otherwise."

    "I love it when you smile, you should do it more often." She kissed Elsa again. Her hands snaked around her sister's back, undoing the ties on her nightgown.

    Elsa drew back. "What are you doing?"

    "Shh," Anna's face was clouded with arousal, her eyes lidded, her mouth still faintly slack. "It will be okay. I'll bring you to a finish."

    Anna drew her back in for a kiss, unlacing and unlacing until Elsa's nightgown fell free from her chest, leaving her breasts to brush up against Anna's. Both sisters shivered longingly at the contact, the contrast of hot to cold. Anna slid the nightgown past Elsa's hips, and before long both sisters were twisted in the bed, lips entangled, unclothed and bared to each other.

    Anna rolled beneath her older sister, aligning their bodies perfectly (well, aside from the good three inches of height Elsa had over Anna.) She aligned their pelvises, and Elsa gasped. She had never felt so warm in her life. Not one part of her body wasn't touching Anna's sweetly warm, warm, warm one. Breast to breast, stomach to stomach, folds to folds.

    "Make that feeling again, Elsa," Anna whispered in her sister's ear. "Make it happen for me, and you. You deserve happiness, too."

    At that, Elsa kissed her sister's neck and thrust her hips downward. Gasping, they continued to grind into one another. They were both so wet, their folds glided together easily. Elsa watched as Anna's breasts shook up and down from the power of their thrusting. She hadn't realised how much she ached for contact, how much she wanted the heat to build up between the two of them.

    "Ohhh, Elsa," she moaned in her sister's ear. "It's so good, soo good. I want to stay like this forever. I want you to touch me forever. I love you."

    Her words only made Elsa hump into her sister harder. She was desperate now. A good release was the only thing on her horizon. Their hips rolled together in perfect synch. Below her, Anna came again, her hot liquids burst out against Elsa's folds and thighs.

    "Don't stop!" Anna cried out. Anna managed to roll Elsa beneath her. Anna bent backward, baring her front to Elsa again, her skin tightened into gooseflesh from Elsa's cold contact while Elsa sweated for the first time in many years. Anna repositioned herself so that she could almost bounce against Elsa, desperate for one final, perfect release. "Are you close? Tell me you're close."

    "I am," Elsa moaned, propping her sister up with joined hands, gazing up into her beauty as her hair rained down around them. "Anna."

    They both climaxed and Anna collapsed harshly into Elsa. They lay panting for a long moment before Elsa thought to grab the duvet and cover the both of them up.

    "Do you feel better now, Elsa?"

    "Me? Of course," she smirked, "why do you ask?"

    "Good! I was hoping my plan would work."

    "Plan? What plan?"

    Anna chuckled in a way that Elsa was sure she thought was sinister. "My plan to make you happy."

    "You...planned our sleeping together? Did you make up the whole dream thing up?"

    "Halfway. I've dreamt about you before, but I'd never touched myself before tonight."


    "Yep. But I've heard you when you sleep, Elsa. You moan my name each time, and I'll find you thrusting yourself into the pillow. Though, you're always clothed...but after you kissed me, I figured this was what you wanted. I just wanted you to be happy? Are you happy?"

    Elsa closed her eyes and squeezed her sister tight. "With your warmth, Anna, I'm sure I will be."