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Your Worst Nightmare

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Tommy woke up with a groan. The room was pitch dark and for some reason he didn’t bother wrapping himself in a blanket. Tommy instinctively tried to reach out for the lamp beside his bed but he couldn’t stretch his arms out at all. Tommy frowned. He tried again but failed miserably. He tried to get up but something was holding him down. He fell right on his face. His wrists and ankles were sore. He couldn’t find the strength to struggle. That’s when it hit him. He was tied up. A rush of panic flowed throughout Tommy’s body. He looked around using all his strength. Although the room was pitch dark, he could easily figure out that this wasn’t his bedroom. The room held an unfamiliar atmosphere and was much larger than his own. 


Tommy closed his eyes and tried to remember what had happened earlier on. He went out for a drink with his friends. He took one drink of his beer and then everything became foggy. His friends looked worried and suggested that he go home. Tommy stood up and walked up the street unable to keep his balance. And then everything was pitch black. He had no memory of what had happened after that.


“You’re awake.”


Tommy’s eyes opened alertly. The room became brighter with dim lights. Tommy strained to look at his surroundings. The room was much bigger than his expectations. It was a storage room to be exact. He was on a bed that only had a pillow and a white mattress. The room was a bit dusty and the walls were velvet red. Other than the walls, the room was pretty plain. Tommy squinted his eyes and tried to trace where the voice came from. His focus was unsteady and he could only trace out the outlines of the man’s body. The man slowly strutted towards Tommy and that’s when his focus steadied.


The man had black hair and his eyes were heavily smudged with eyeliner. He was wearing a leather jacket accompanied by leather pants and a pair of leather boots. What creeped Tommy out was the man’s shirt. It had a drawing of a frightening looking skull with the word sadist written in red that reminded him of blood.


The man pulled a chair towards Tommy and sat down on the chair. “Oh! You must be straining to have a better look. Here, let me help you.”


The man slowly untied the ropes and positioned Tommy so that he was facing the ceiling instead of the mattress. Tommy’s mind was screaming at him to punch the guy and run away as fast as he could. But his body wasn’t responding. He just lay there helplessly while the man repositioned him. Tommy’s senses were slowly coming back to him except for his strength to move his body. He looked down and found himself naked. Tommy was blushing furiously. The man was staring at his body with hunger. Tommy felt a bit uncomfortable down under. He shifted a bit which made his breath hitch.


“Is the plug making you feel horny?”


Plug? What plug? He shifted in his bed and couldn’t help the moans escaping his mouth. There was something stuffed in his hole and every time he moved even a little bit, pleasure sparked through his spine. Tommy couldn’t help feeling terrified. He was naked on bed with an anal plug up his ass. Not to mention the man was devouring him with his eyes.


The man reached out for the plug. “My name’s Adam by the way.” Adam said casually while pulling out the plug and pushing it back in Tommy’s hole. The way Adam pushed the plug back in made the plug reach deeper into Tommy’s hole and abuse his prostate. Tommy bit his lips to keep the moans from escaping his lips.


“Oh no! Don’t do that. You make beautiful noises.”


Tommy glared at Adam. He intended to say what the fuck is wrong with you, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Adam twisted the plug making Tommy moan raggedly at the new sensations. Tommy thought that having something up his ass would be painful, but for some reason it didn’t. The plug thrust in and out smoothly.


As if Adam could read Tommy’s thoughts he said, “Oh god. Your hole opens so beautifully. Here touch it.”


Adam untied one of his hands. He brought Tommy’s limp hand towards his gaping hole. Tommy couldn’t help gasping. He couldn’t believe how stretched he was. Adam was smiling smugly as if he were proud of his work. He took Tommy’s hand back up and tied it up alongside his other hand.


“I love using butt plugs to stretch my twinks. After all, it’s such a hassle preparing them.” Adam said with a sigh. He stood up and walked over to a table across the room. Tommy’s breath was speeding up. ‘What is he up to?’ Adam returned with a pair of studded black leather gloves. He quickly put them on. He reached out for Tommy’s cock making Tommy freeze.


“Heh. You’ve got a pretty cock. Considering your size, I thought you’d be much smaller. But no. You’re perfect.” Adam said with a wicked grin.


“Fuck you.” Tommy spat out.

“I’m just about to do that. Don’t be so impatient.”

Tommy froze. “No… No… Please don’t. I’m not gay. You can’t do this.”

“What happened to your fire? A second ago, you were swearing at me and now you’re begging for mercy? Don’t worry you’re gonna love it. Next time you'll be begging for more."


Adam reassured Tommy and gave Tommy’s cock a pat. Tommy shivered. The leather studded gloves stimulated his cock. Adam climbed on to the bed and crawled between Tommy’s spread legs. He then started stripping. After all his clothes were discarded, Adam reached out for Tommy’s cock and started stroking. Tommy screamed. The leather studded gloves were giving so much stimulation. His cock was hardening against his will which led Adam to laugh. “Tell me you don’t want it Tommy. God, you’re such a slut. Look at you.” Soon, Tommy’s cock was flushed and up against his abdomen. Tommy was shivering with disgust and anger. He couldn’t believe that he was hard despite the fact that he was about to get raped.


“Don’t worry honey. I want to make it pleasurable.”


Adam stood up and walked over to the table once again. Tommy was afraid of what Adam would come up with next. Adam brought over a bag. He laid it on the floor and pulled out a cock ring. Tommy’s eyes widened.


“No. No. No. NO!”


Adam quickly put the cock ring on Tommy. “You’re not coming anytime soon.”


Tommy was shaking at this point. Fear, disgust, and anticipation were flooding from his body. Adam took the butt plug out. He threw it carelessly on the floor. He then reached out to pull out a bottle of lube. He smeared it all over is cock and stroked his cock a few times. Tommy couldn’t do anything but look. Adam was huge. Bigger than the butt plug. There was no way that was going inside of him.


“Please, stop. Please let me go. I won’t report you. I won’t-“


His words were cut off as Adam slid into him without any warning. Tommy screamed. It felt so painful and wrong. A drop of tear slid down his face. Adam started thrusting mercilessly. Tommy felt used and dirty. But soon he was moaning as Adam untied his legs and draped them over his shoulders. That changed the angle of Adam’s thrust and it became so pleasurable. Tommy moaned and screamed. “Please, please.”


“Please what baby. Use your words.”

“More! I want more. God.” Tommy couldn’t believe those words came out of his mouth. He was being raped for god’s sake. Tommy was shivering vigorously and his fringe was plastered on his forehead.


Adam smirked and drove into him with more force. Each trust targeted his prostate perfectly. Tommy was screaming his head off. Adam kissed him sloppily. Tommy opened up for it meeting Adam’s tongue. Soon, Adam pulled away from the kiss and concentrated on fucking Tommy.


“You straight boys are all the same. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have a cock up your ass.”

Tommy was sobbing at this point. He couldn’t endure the shame and pleasure. He was shaking and wanted this to be over. Adam licked a stripe up Tommy’s ear.

“You’ll only want men now. Driving their cocks up your ass. No woman could pleasure you now, can they?”


Moments later, Adam finally moaned and Tommy could feel his ass fill with cum. Adam’s cum. Tommy was a mess. Tears were falling out mercilessly. He could feel Adam’s cum dribbling out coating his thighs. Adam on the other hand seemed satiated. Tommy’s cock was still hard waiting for release. Adam slid down and took out the cock ring. As soon as Adam did that, Tommy’s cock bounced right back up. Tommy couldn’t help feel shame washing over him. Adam slid down and looked up at Tommy with a smirk before swallowing him in one go. Tommy moaned hoarsely. Adam started licking his shaft and teasing him by licking only his head.


“Ughh!” Tommy screamed out.

Adam took Tommy’s cock out his mouth with a pop. “You’re a slut aren’t you?”

Tommy shook his head furiously.

Adam frowned. “No? Then I guess you wouldn’t mind me just leaving you like this? After all you’re not a slut. You wouldn’t enjoy this.”

Adam stood up and started walking away.

“No! Stop! Please.”

Adam turned around and climbed back to the bed. “Answer me. You’re a slut aren’t you?”

“Yes…” Tommy whispered.

“Say the words Tommy.” Adam slowly stroked Tommy’s cock.

“I’m a slut.” Tommy moaned.


“I’m a slut! I’m a fucking slut!” Tommy sobbed.


Adam smiled maliciously and then started sucking Tommy. Tommy moaned and screamed helplessly. God how did he end up in this situation? Adam skillfully sucked Tommy while playing with his balls. Tommy couldn’t help it anymore. He started coming down Adam’s throat and Adam made sure not a drop was wasted.

Tommy’s cock was now limp just like the rest of his body. Tommy was shaking furiously and glaring up at Adam. He couldn’t believe he gave up to his lust. Then he realized that he had just gotten raped. The shame and feeling of being used consumed Tommy. Tommy quickly turned away. He felt worthless and dirty.

“You taste delicious by the way.” Adam said while licking his lips.




A few hours later, Tommy awoke. He blinked. His eyes were puffy and his face was covered in dried tears. He just got raped. By a guy. His strength returned. He could move freely now. But he didn’t want to. It felt like everything died inside him. He couldn’t find the reason to run away anymore.


Adam walked towards Tommy. Tommy’s eyes were empty. All the fight in him was gone.

“You’re no fun.” He grabbed Tommy’s face and forced him to look at him. Tommy’s brown eyes were lifeless.

“Just kill me already.”

Adam frowned. “Where's the fun in that? Besides I don’t like to kill. I just grab what I like and get what I want from them.”

Tommy didn’t respond and stayed motionless.

“There’s still one stage left. Before I let you go. I’m going to make you look pretty for everyone to see.”


Adam took out all the remainders from his bag. All of the items were scattered on the bed. Duct tape, a can of whipped cream, a leather black harness, a tube of new lipstick, and fishnet stockings.


“No. No. Please no more.” Tommy pleaded.

“Relax baby, I’m not going to fuck you.”

Tommy eyed all the items on the bed.

“I just told you. I’m going to make you even prettier.”


Adam grabbed the fishnet stockings and pulled it up on Tommy’s legs. Then, Adam took the tape and bounded his arms and legs. He started stroking Tommy’s cock. His cock soon hardened once again. Tommy couldn’t believe how he was hard again. He felt ashamed. Adam took the whipped cream and started spraying it on Tommy’s cock artistically. He then took the leather harness and fastened it against Tommy’s hips and cock. The whipped cream started oozing out of the restraints. Adam chuckled. “It looks like you’ve just come.”


Adam then brought over a suitcase. Inside the suitcase were a number of dildos in different shapes and colors. “I’m going to let you choose. Which one do you want?”


Tommy just stared at the dildos and didn’t reply.


“I think this glittery one suits you don’t you think?”


Tommy still didn’t reply just stared at the dildos. Adam took out the black glittery dildo and lubed it up. He slid it into Tommy’s ass. The dildo snugged against Tommy’s prostate. Tommy just closed his eyes. He couldn’t do anything. He knew how he looked. With the fishnet stockings and a dildo against his ass, he looked just like a slut. His erected cock didn’t help matters either.


“And now, for the final stage.” Adam said happily.

He took out the tube of brand new lipstick. It was the same shade as the words on Adam’s shirt. Adam wrote out the word slut against Tommy’s abdomen.

“You’re all set to go.”


Moments later, Tommy was placed outside the warehouse. His body was covered in a trench coat but anyone could figure out that he was naked under it.

“The police are going to find you. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” Adam said patting Tommy’s head.


Adam walked away and soon disappeared from Tommy’s sight. Tommy closed his eyes. He wished he were dead. He couldn’t help feeling sick and disgusted with himself.