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Happy Graduation!

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“Could I sit here? All the other tables are full.”

Castiel looked up from where he sat, slouched in a chair and messing with his phone to pass the time. Above him stood Dean Winchester, glasses accenting his impossibly attractive face. He was a nerd, and everyone in school knew it. But damn it if he wasn’t a hot nerd. When Cas had first transferred to Lawrence, he never thought a perfect, apple-pie-life living dork would be his type. He, undoubtedly, had been wrong.

Cas smiled awkwardly. “Sure. Go for it.” Dean smiled back, sat, and looked down at the other teen’s tattoo-covered arms. Momentarily, Cas wished he had sleeves to pull down. Not that they would actually hide anything. The tongue and brow piercings more than gave away what type of a guy people thought he was. Sure, the tables at his graduation party were full, but did any of these people actually like him? Castiel sincerely doubted half of them even knew who he was. And Dean couldn’t possibly be aware of his existence, could he? Did he even know whose party he was attending?

“Looks like you had quite the turn out today,” Dean commented with a kind smile, as if he could hear the other senior’s thoughts.

Cas shrugged. “Shouldn’t you be at your own graduation?”

Dean barked out a laugh. “Nah, I’m not having one. Shindigs like this,” he gestured around them and shook his head, “not my thing. Besides, it would have been a big thing, and my family’s gotta save that for when my brother graduates. Gonna make sure Sammy’s got the biggest damn party in the whole town when the time comes.”

The corner’s of Cas’s mouth tugged upward at that. Dean seemed like a great big brother. “How thoughtful.”

Dean chuckled. “I guess. You enjoying your gradation day so far?”

“Quite frankly,” Castiel sighed, “this isn’t really my thing either. I’m actually pretty miserable.”

“I think I’ve got something that could make it better,” Dean smirked. “How do you feel about bailing on this place?”

“I feel like there’s nothing I would love more.”

“Sweet.” Dean beamed and grabbed his keys off the table in front of him before he was heading off to his gorgeous black Chevy Impala parked out front. “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Cas asked once they were both in the car.

“You’ll see.”

It took about ten minutes to get there, but they ended up parking beside a small lake, arguably a pond, that Cas used to come to all the time as a kid but hadn’t seen in years. Before he could comment, though, Dean was getting out and pulling a six pack of beer out of the trunk. Cas got out of the car and smirked.

“Better be careful, Winchester. Wouldn’t want you to get an MIP.”

“Shut up and drink,” Dean laughed, shoving a can in Cas’s hand. He thanked him and took it, popping it open and taking a long swig. They both just stood there, staring out at the water and sipping their beers and leaning against the car – “Her name is Baby, Cas. Get it right!” – for quite some time. They talked about nothing for what seemed like forever. It wasn’t until they were both tipsy that things started getting real.

“You know, Cas, I’ve always thought you were hot.”

Castiel scoffed. “Yeah, okay.”

Dean threw back his head and laughed. “I’m serious! Have you seen yourself? I mean, fuck.”

Cas could feel his dick respond to how Dean said that word, and he couldn’t help but want to make him say it again, except maybe with more feeling. Before he knew what he was doing, he found himself pressing up on Dean, pushing him back against the side of the car. “Yeah? I wouldn’t have guessed. Pretty boy like yourself…” Their lips were nearly touching, just a fraction of an inch closer and everything Cas had been dreaming of could be true. But he held back. He wanted to milk this moment for all it was worth. “Would have assumed you’d be more into, oh, I don’t know…” He let his hand run down Dean’s arm, making him visibly shiver. “A cheerleader, one of the popular girls maybe. A secretly gay football player. But someone like me? I never even dreamed.” He let their lips connect momentarily and Dean moaned into it. Cas’s hand came up to cup the other teen’s face. He pulled back and looked into desperate green eyes and felt their erections pressing into each other. “There’s so much I’d like to do to you, Dean Winchester.”

“You’re lucky we’ve got all night.” Dean gave a small smile and leaned forward to give Cas a deeper, more passionate kiss. “Please, Castiel. I wanna be yours.”

“Turn around for me, beautiful,“ Cas ordered, and Dean did.

Cas smacked Dean’s ass through is jeans as he bent over Baby’s hood, presenting his ass quite nicely. Dean groaned and pushed back, silently asking for another, which Cas graciously gave. He then wasted no time pulling down Dean’s pants and boxers to expose him completely. His hand ran up the back of Dean‘s shirt as he kissed over the swell of Dean’s magnificent ass.

“Please,” Dean whimpered quietly.

“Please what?” Cas asked with a smirk.

“Please eat me out. I want you so bad, Cas, please.”

The raven-haired boy kissed slowly over Dean’s cheeks and down his crack before pressing his tongue flat to run over his hole.

Fucking shit. You have a tongue piercing, oh my god,” Dean babbled as Cas worked the ball of the piercing around the ring of muscle there. “Holy fuck, that’s amazing.”

“That good?” Cas chuckled.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. You have no idea. Ah-! Ohhh…” His hands curled into fists for a second before he reached back to put a hand on the back of Cas’s head. He didn’t try to control him, just something to hold onto, to ground him, and Cas’s hair would have to do.

Cas’s hand rained down a series of slaps as he licked Dean open, turning his ass a beautiful pink. “You’re so pretty like this,” Cas mused. “Might have to do this more often.”

“Oh, god, yes.”

Cas pressed his tongue into Dean as far as he could, moaning at the way the freckled teen tasted. He was everything Castiel had wanted and so, so much more.

Dean’s fist tightened in Cas’s soft, black hair. “Cas, I’m gonna cum. Can I come? Please, let me come!”

Cas pulled back slightly and gripped Dean’s neglected, leaking cock in his hand, stroking it quickly. “You’re so good, Dean. How could I ever deny you anything?”

“Please, please, plea-”

“Go on. Cum for me, babe.”

Dean felt Cas’s tongue ring on his sloppy hole again and lost it. His dick pulsed as white covered his newly cleaned car. He went limp and Cas stood up and pressed kisses to his neck.

Dean hummed contentedly as he caught his breath. He could feel Cas’s hard-on pressing up against his leg. “Give me a few minutes, and then I want you inside me.”

Castiel smirked and lightly bit down the spot he had been kissing. “What a good boy.”