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Bringing Light into the Dark

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  A lot of things go on in Beacon Hills. Your best friend gets bitten and turned into a were wolf and there's several life threatening instances what with psycho uncles, Kanima's , psycho hunter grandfathers, an Alpha pack, a darach . Your best friend turning into an alpha and the guy who was an alpha beforehand ... suddenly leaving when you feel you need him most...  

Still after everything that has happened in Beacon Hills, Stiles remained strong. She protected her family to the best of her ability. After everything with Ms. Blake things had settled for a little while, well yes there were still problems. Last week she fought a freaking succubus! The thing was actually seducing Scott and it was working. Sometimes she wonders what would be different if she were a guy. Maybe things would be easier.  

From: Cora  
I just beat him at eating a giant doughnut -

To: Cora  
No way you went to the doughnut place!? Bring me one! -

To: Derek  
You suck and got beaten by a girl! -
Save to drafts - Deleted.  

They had been gone for five months and it had gotten only marginally easier what with keeping busy. To keep everything safe and clean for the pack Stiles had moved in with Isaac at the old loft. It took a lot of convincing with the Sheriff. In fact it took several arguments and him freaking out when she was practicing her spark meditation. After that he was more resilient to allow it to happen.  

Stiles still went to hig h school, she was seventeen after all (she kinda had to). She looked after her pack to the best of her abilities since Scott wasn't the best when it came to normal situations. They kinda ran the pack together. Every Friday night was Pack bonding night: The twins, Lydia, Isaac, Scott and sometimes Allison and Danny would be round the loft f or the evening. Stiles would cook a dinner or snacks and they would play games, watch films and catch up. Bond.  

Wednesday evening was when the Sheriff would be over for dinner and sometimes Scott and Melissa would join, hell sometimes the whole pack would join as well and it would be a family meal. They made Stiles happy most of the time. Nearly everyone being there.  

Tuesday and Thursday Stiles would train with Deaton. Sometimes it wasn't always a practical session and he would have her study, most of the time meditate. Ever since the... incident , the darkness inside of Stiles had been affecting her and not in the best of ways . There were night terrors, days where she would not speak to anyone, she would even forget a couple of days. This was before the schedule was set.  

There was never a day where Stiles would not be doing anything. With meditating she would be strengthening her 'spark', sometimes practicing the art of white Magicks . By doing this she felt like the darkness would be kept some what at bay until she was doing nothing . This was at the evenings when she would need to sleep. Deaton created a special herbal blend that would knock her out till morning. She woul d wake and feel well rested and then continue with her tight schedule. It became a strict routine and when the routine broke, you could say so would she.  

To: Cora  
I bought a welcome matt for the loft. - Picture Atta ched - 17:42  

From: Cora  
That's brilliant! Witty. Custom made?
- 18:15  

Cora was great with keeping in touch with her. They would text, snap chat and sometimes even call. It was rare and more often when Derek wasn't around; not that Stiles was complaining. She occasionally texted him too . Not much though. Just little things like: 'Your insurance is due. Here's the necessary information' , 'I moved your bed to the old training room . Did you know it was easy to take apart?' , 'I should give it to Isaac really. The floor Derek? Really? I at least offered you the spare room.' , 'You're a dick' , 'Peter's re-building the old house...' , 'Why'd you do it?' , 'Did you know fae's hate iron? I t's a handy thing to know.' , 'The boys suck without you. You at least make them suck a little less' , 'I'd hate you...but I can't' . Little things to keep him updated. Not that he replied. He neve r replied. It was after a couple of week s of her texting at least once an evening did Cora get back in touch with her. She was grateful for it.  


"Isaac, how many times have I told you: you can't just put the dish in the dishwasher, it won't clean properly! " Stiles sighed knowing that he could hear her from his room. She pulled the dish out and put it in soak before going to her cupboard. She pulled out a small packet of mountain ash before heading to the center of the room.  

Isaac was sat at the top of the stairs, "I'll clean it properly when you've finished training?" he asked and she smirked arching a brow in his direction, "And pop out to get you a coffee from the café." he rolled his eyes and she grinned,  

"You're a good pup." and with that she lost focus on him and poured the ash into her hand before holding it out, her eyes fluttering closed and focusing on her spark before she opened her hand and did a full three sixty turn. W hen she opened her eyes and saw the full circle she allowed herself a small pleased smile. When she tried the whole 'throwing it in the air above you' technique that Ms. Morrell had taught her, she just got it all in her hair and a very ticked off Lydia as they had literally just been to the salon. Against Stiles 's will mind you, but the wrath of Lydia Martin was hell to pay so Stiles just agreed to it. Even the blind double dates. Which Stiles hated. With a passion.   

She sat in the center of the mountain ash circle, now feeling glad she was only wearing an old grey t-shirt and a pair of her yoga shorts. It wasn't exactly a chilly day, but when she liked to be comfortable when meditating and strengthening her spark.   

Isaac was respectable when she did this , simply by just staying out of the way. He would stay in his room (or go out), and stick his ear phones in. The last few times before he knew better he would try to watch, or get things done in the background. This resulted in different outcomes: A: Stiles wouldn't be able to focus and then growl till he left her alone, or she would do something to completely freak him out that he would chose to slink away silently.  

For now example: Stiles is sat cross-legged with her hands re sting her lap. She would take a deep breathe a f ew times, allowing her body to truly relax before the mountain ash would react, sparkling as if glitter. Her cupped hands would glow ever so slightly before a grey ball of energy would slowly start to materialize. Depending on how much or how deep into meditation she would go the ball of light would whiten.   

The door to the loft was pushed open to reveal Derek, not exactly expecting the sight in front of him as the bag in his hands dropped to the ground. He had shaved since, but a shadow stubble was present. The sight in front of him shocked and slightly terrified him: Stiles was floating in the air, her hair longer and in a ponytail, she was in one of the old shirts he left behind, but the thing that scared him was her eyes. As soon as he noticed her they had opened and turned on him, he saw they had whitened completely. The usual honey brown colour faded and glassy into a deathly white.  

She then gasped, the colour returning before the light in her hands vanished and she fell to the ground with a loud thump. A groan left her lips as a hand was on her head and she grumbling about Isaac distracting her when trying to train. She looked to the door and her brown eyes widened in shock. The two remained still, watching each other carefully, but her eyes gradually turned into fear as she muttered an almost silent 'not again '.  

"Isaac!  Isaac get here now." she cried out, needing a confirmation that this was just her mind playing tricks on her again. Isaac was half way down the stairs before he froze himself.  

"Derek..." he muttered and that was all the confirmation she need to know that he was actually real. The fear slowly vanished from her eyes as she accepted that this was him. Back after five months. Five long months.  

"Why are you just standing there Derek?" Cora's voice called out from behind him and Stiles then suddenly grinned, her eyes sparkling with excitement.  

"Cora?" Her voice was hesitant, but she saw the familiar younger Hale peek past Derek to see her and the two shared a very uncharacteris tic squeal. Stiles was jumping to her feet and Cora had shoved past Derek to meet her in the middle for a hug, "Where's my text telling me? Oh my God you have a tan!"  

"You have highlights and are you wearing make up?" she asked and Stiles flushed before shaking her head,  

"You remember when I said Lydia was torturing me? This was it. Make -over. Un willing make-over at that Cora. I've been through stuff I would not like to repeat and she makes me go through it at least once a month man. We go and get ou r hair and nails done and oh my days did you know that the cuticles are an actual thing !? like an actual thing and don't even get me started about having to wear heals - " she started and Cora had to chuckle out loud before Stiles stopped and shook her head before pulling the youngest Hale into a tight hug.  

"You look good." Cora whispered and Stiles scoffed,  

"You look happy," Stiles bit her lip as she took a step back to take a look at the girl in front, "Isaac, help me get them settled," she smiled brightly to him and he seemed to hesitantly nod as she took Cora's hand gently, "Oh, I've set him up in the old training room." she mentioned, not even looking to the still stunned ex-Alpha before vanishing up the stairs with Cora.  

Derek remained still as his sister seemed to shrug in confusion before disappearing before a frown set on his features. He now used this moment to scan the entire of his loft. The desk was still where he left it, but now it looked used. The room seemed to be split neatly into different sections: A library where his bed used to be and a small seating area around that, a small living room that spread to the door by the stairs with a large television screen, corner suite sofa and coffee table. The loft looked like a home...  

"You look good," Isaac spoke up and when Derek faced him his features softened noticing the wounded look in Isaac's eyes, "It's been awhile." Isaac attempted a smile an Derek could only weakly return it before bringing the bags in. There wasn't much. He had his one bag and Cora gained another plus a large back pack full of stuff. It was easy to bring in and leave her stuff by the now closed door.   

"How has everything been?" Derek finally asked and Isaac shrugged,  

"Steady I suppose. Easier with Stiles here, she looks after us." he explained quietly before showing Derek to his room. He expected it to smell un touched or... musty, but it smelt like she came into the room frequently to clean and change the sheets; maybe even use the ensuite bathroom. The room wasn't large, but his bed was there with the maroon sheets looking inviting. A chest-a-drawers and even a desk.  

"What about Scott?" he asked and Isaac just seemed to shrug as he watched Derek from the door way,  

"He does okay I suppose," Isaac seemed to shuffle like a nervous puppy, "He's not good with training really, Stiles tends to take control more as sh e never stop s , " Derek slowly nodded before dropping his bag on his bed. The room was filled with her scent, "Are you planning on staying back long?" Isaac's tiny voice asked and Derek stared down at his bags before looking to Isaac with a small smile and a shrug.  

"We'll see."  

Isaac was curled up on the sofa with Stiles in the corner seat, his head in her lap and her hands running through his soft curls as they watched a film with Cora. There was a bowl of half eaten popcorn on the table and every now and then, Isaac would grab a handful and gradually eat it from his position.  

"So how long have you two been seeing each other?" Cora then asked and Stiles looked to her friend in confusion, Isaac tensing.  

"We're not..." Isaac began before Stiles burst into a flurry of laughter. She had to cover her mouth as she tried to focus her breathing, she shook her head, "Stiles is more... She's Pack Mom ."  

Stiles had sobered immediately as she looked down affectionately at Isaac before resum ing carding her fingers through his hair. Isaac responding in kind nuzzling against her belly before sighing in content.  

"Whoa..." Cora could only say as she watched Stiles's focus turn back to the screen, "When did you realize?"   

"Realize?" Stiles quer ied, face scrunched up in confusion, "I sort of embraced it not long after you guys left. I mean there was no denying that I was needed. The twins were far more receptive to me compared to Mr. 'True Alpha'. There was no way I could leave Isaac on his own and the Argents needed someone who wasn't too busy pining after Allison to discuss and plan with." she shrugged as if it meant nothing, scratching in a certain area of Isaac's head that had his eyes flutter close in bliss.  

"You still work with the Argent's?" Cora asked and Stiles's head bobbed as she slightly cooed Isaac when he made a noise of content. As if a mother to a child.  

"Of course, they have a new code where we can work together. Not to mention train the pups and myself." she gave Cora a brilliant smile before her eyes landed back on the movie, fingers running through Isaac's curls once more. Isaac's eyes were still closed as he had a relaxed smile on his features, not realizing that the reason she was using nails against his scalp was because Derek had just walked in.  

"There's some of Stiles's Lasagna plated up for you," Cora spoke up with a smile to her brother, "She also picked up some beer for you."  

"Are there any more leftovers?" Isaac suddenly asked and Stiles laughed before smoothing his hair down and patting his back,  

"Fridge and turn the kettle on for me, please." she smiled as the pup jumped up and made his way to the kitchen following behind Derek.  

"You still never said why you haven't so much as looked at him yet." Cora asked and Stiles head shook,  

"I don't know myself yet Cora," she whispered, "It's been a long five months."