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Pass me the salt please.

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-Write you have half an hour!
I put down my pen and write at the orders of my teacher. Mrs. Dodds. I shudder at the sound of her name. She is a teacher from hell. What nightmares are made of. We are to write some type of introduction about ourselves so here we go.

Hello my name is Genevieve. Honestly who names their daughter Genevieve like my god stupid. Yeah anyways. I guess I am a normal girl or I try to be a normal girl though it is hard to be one when your parent/legal guardian is a fucking avenger. I know it’s so fucking cool right! No it’s not. Well it’s a bit cool I’m not gonna lie but it’s fucking horrible at the same time. Imagine being the adopted daughter of Captain America. Like if I were his biological daughter sure cuz then I’d have inherited some of his sup soldier DNA but I got none of that and people think that I do and they are like:

-Oh Come on Miss Rogers! You should be able to run at least one kilometer without stopping especially since your dad passed down his genes to you.

Yeah I’d usually yell in reply that I’m adopted and they’re like oh. What a shame. And then I’m expelled for screaming etc. Hehe good job.

Anyways I came to Stark tower to live with Steve when I was 11.5 years old and that’s rather late to be adopted btw if you didn’t know. Before that I lived at a U.S Navy base and grew up there with my parents who abused me. I’m okay now though and I will turn 18 in a year so yeah um obviously I recently turned seventeen but look guys you sound older if you say you are turning 18 in a year so that is what I do. My favorite colour is probably beige. Don’t ask me why. It just is. I would probably say black though but then I’d get the typical: “Black isn’t a colour!”.

So as you can se……..

-Miss Rogers! Your half hour is up! You may go home.
Great. Now I get to go home so I do. Obvi. Gr8 right xD

The way home is pretty far since I decided to go to high school as far away from the tower (Stark/Avengers tower) as I could so I’d have some time to think between school and homework and to be prepared for Steves lectures about god knows what. I don’t call Steve “dad” since I feel like I can’t call him dad after having known another man to be my dad for more than half of my life. Though Steve knows how much I think of him like my dad so I think it is ok.

After about half an hour of subways I finally arrive home. Riding the elevator up to the avengers commonfloor. As I step out from the elevator Steve immediately stands up and gives me a bear hug. He usually doesn’t give me that large hugs and so therefore I eye him suspiciously. I don’t even have to ask since I immediately see a tall guy with a green, gold and black suit standing besides Thor. The one and only Loki. Great.

-Steve?, I ask knowing that he’ll explain to me without me even having to ask.

-Uhm so Loki is going to live here for a while, He replies nervously thinking that I’ll complain or something.

I shrug and give him an okay in answer then walk past Loki and Thor nodding at both of them as well as the rest of the avengers before disappearing into the kitchen. Most people would care that a super villain would be living literally next to me but nah. I know it could have been worse. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Shortly after I have taken out some leftover cake from dinner last night Steve comes into the kitchen to talk:

-Okay so now that Loki is living with us I want you to be careful around him okay? We don’t know which side he is on although he claims to be on our side.

I nod in reply with my mouth full of cake.

-Good Genny. Now go say hello to him even though he may murder someone we should still be nice until he actually does murder someone.

I give him a look on the part “Until he actually murders someone” and he quickly changes it to:

-If he murders someone.

After finishing the cake I go out to the avengers + loki and bucky and say hello. Everyone except Loki get a hug since I kind of am guessing that he won't want one though since I am incredibly polite I had to ask.

-And hello to you Mister!, I said pretending to lift a hat of my head in greeting. then I continued to say: I’m sorry that you didn’t get a hug like everyone else did since I don’t really know you but I’d be more than happy to give you a hug if you want.

Loki looked with a shocked impression on me. I guess he isn’t used to that kind of kindness. Before he had the time to say anything I continued and said:

-Anyways Loki, Hello and nice to meet you! My name is Genevieve though nobody really calls me that. Now is it true that you and Thor dressed up as women to get Mjölner back from the giants?, At this question both Loki’s and Thor’s faces turned red as a tomato. Smiling, very happy with myself I turned to Clint who had been poking my shoulder for a while now. When I had turned around to face him he said:

-Hey Gennny Penny! Did you learn anything new at school today?

-Yes I’m sure I learned something. Oh I actually learnt something i chineese. I replied.

-Oh cool, didn’t know you take chinese (I don’t hehe), well what is that something you learned in chinese?

-Something in chinese is Somtin *insert chinese accent here* I answered and everyone groaned at my pretty bad joke.