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that man (to me) seems equal to the gods

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It had all happened so fast.

First Steve Trevor had been showing Diana to her borrowed room at the top of the stairs, the one with the gabled window and wide bed. He'd opened the door, he'd shown her in, and he'd been about to leave when she had turned and fixed him with a firelit stare that took hold of him like fire takes hold of paper, and the next thing he knew he was closing the door gently and turning and walking to her, fixed by the power of her eyes, slowly but as surely as if she'd tied him with her glowing cord and was reeling him in.

She hadn't spoken a word. She'd stepped in close, you're very close, and kissed him, with lips that tasted of a forgotten sea and of dust, her dark hair cascading around his face in shadows and firelight. He leaned in, shocked beyond words that this was, yeah, actually happening, okay so this is a thing and reached up to cup her head, his tongue cautiously swiping along her full bottom lip.

Diana pulled away with a little surprised noise. He thought for a second he'd hurt her, but she was smiling. "Your...beard," she explained, and rubbed her lip with a finger. "It's scratchy."

"Oh," he said blankly, and blinked. "Sorry. I would have shaved but--no razors."

She was still smiling. "I never knew men kissed like that." Her eyes flashed up. "I--do you want to bathe?"

"Bathe," Steve said, his head still spinning. "Sure."

 She chuckled and raised an eyebrow. "Will you help me undress?"

"Oh--I am fine, I'm fine and dandy all right, let me help you out there," he said hurriedly, coming to his senses. As she took off her leather harnesses and straps, he stripped off his coat, then his vest, leaving behind his thick sweater. "How does your, uh..." he made a few vague motions at her torso "...come off?"

Diana turned and pointed at her back with one hand, gathering her hair with the other. "The clasps there," she said, and he marveled at the craftsmanship that had gone into her armor before he unclasped the piece and gently drew it off her.

"Oh, god," he breathed.

Diana turned to face him, her high cheekbones suffused with rich color. "Aren't you going to continue?" she asked, head cocked imperiously.

"Are you--teasing me?" he asked, feigning shocked hurt and clasping his chest. "Ouch. Oh, the pain."

She snorted and covered her mouth. "Stop!" she giggled, and batted at him. 

"All right, all right," he said, and knelt down to unclasp her leather skirt, drawing it off to reveal...well, very skimpy underthings that went about her hips and covered her nethers, exposing her legs and most of her belly. He flushed hotly, and what had been a half-erection surged right back to full mast, almost painful. "Huh," he managed to say, and ducked his head down, embarrassed at his own shame. Like you've never seen a naked woman before? he asked himself almost angrily. Yes, but not one like this, came the answer, and it was true. She was taller than most men he knew, and stronger than all of them. The flat planes of her stomach still glistened with sweat; her lean legs were hard and long. 

"Steve?" she asked from somewhere above him, cautiously. He'd forgotten how long he'd been kneeling there. Slowly, he began to undo the ties on her boots, one by one.

Diana stood as still as a column, touched beyond words. Steve Trevor was kneeling at her feet and almost kissing her leg as he bent to undo the laces on her boots. She stood, not wanting to break the spell, as he gently tucked his hand under her knee and lifted her foot out, then set the boots aside.

His hands lingered, warm and rough, on her skin. 

She hesitated. "Steve..."

He took his hands away quickly. "Sorry, sorry."

"No, no," she said, suddenly very self conscious of the fact that he was still clothed and she was naked. "I liked it. That wasn't a warning."

"Oh, good," he said, and reached back up, gently letting his fingers drift up her leg. She couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her.

His hands were broader and wider than she was used to. And that thought brought her to an entirely different train of thought, and remembering the sight of him naked and bare in the caves below the halls of Themyscira, and a burning question filled her throat. "Steve," she said, softly, unsure and not wanting to make an insult. 

"Mmm?" he said, and slipped his fingers up her thigh. She twitched and shivered again, and he pressed a kiss to her inner thigh, where the skin was still soft and smooth. 

"Oh," she gasped. "Oh--" 

And he hooked his thumbs inside her perizoma, yanked them down, and pressed his full, soft lips to hers.

Diana choked, torn between embarrassment and desire, and gripped him by the hair, desperately fighting the urge to succumb. "I haven't bathed, you--you--"

Steve lifted his head. "Ouch," he said. "No need to yank."

She stumbled sideways, gasping and bright red. "I need to bathe first, by Hera. You people--are barbarians."

"I don't mind it," he said, and flashed her a wet, brilliant smile. 

"Of course not," she said, flustered, and walked over to the basin. "Come here. I'm going to wash you and then we can--we can--"

"Get back to what we were doing?" he suggested.

"Yes," Diana said. "Take your clothes off."

Steve straightened to his feet and saluted. "Yes, ma'am," he said. He pulled his thick sweater off over his head and unbuttoned his shirt, peeling it off to reveal a rather dirty half-buttoned undershirt with elbow length sleeves. Off came his boots, his pants, and then he gave her an almost shy look, hands hovering around his groin.

"Go on," she said, curious.

Steve licked his lips and pulled his shirt off over his head, exposing his broad, scarred chest. Diana swallowed. She hadn't had a close look at him--a shadowy meeting from twenty feet away in the caves didn't count. But she had seen many men to compare him to during this short time, and of one thing she was sure--Steve Trevor was a handsome one. His mouth reminded her of her first lover, Aella, and his eyes were the color of the sea.

"Your...pants," she said, dipping the towel laid out in the basin. "I want to see all of you."

Steve looked like he might be praying. He steeled himself visibly. "Please don't scream," he said, and her brows drew together in confusion just as he dropped trou and they flew right back up to the middle of her forehead. 

"Why does it look like that?" she hissed in shock. 

"Like wh--oh. Well, uh. It's hard."

"Why is it hard?" She stared at him. "Do you have a disease?"

"I sure hope not," he said. "Uh, this is just what happens. Do you not know how a penis works?"

"I know how it works! I--" She was blushing again. "I have never seen one this close. I've seen drawings in books. But they don't look like that." She considered. "And the drawings are smaller."

He couldn't help but smile at that. "Well, how about a wash, and I'll let you look at this one all you like."

Diana considered through narrow eyes, but dipped her cloth into the water basin and stepped closer, wiping off the dirt and grime on his face. "A hot bath would be lovely," she said softly. 

"That would be kind of nice right now," he said wistfully, and closed his eyes as she moved lower. And lower. And lower. And--


He had to clear his throat, lest he squeak. "Yes, Diana?"

"It...just moved." She sounded fascinated.

"That--that's just a reaction, don't worry about it--"

Her hand closed on his dick, and his eyes flew open. "Oh, god," he said, frozen and staring at the wall, suddenly aware a person a hundred times stronger than he was currently holding his most delicate parts. "Please--look, Diana, I know you're very strong, so please, just, please--"

"I'm not going to hurt you," she said gently, and he relaxed minutely and peeked down at her hand. "I--" She hesitated. "Will you show me how?"

"Yeah," he said breathlessly, and exhaled. "You bathe and I'll show you how after."

Diana let go of him and beamed, then washed out the cloth and scrubbed down from head to toe, then put the cloth back on the rail and tuned, unsure of what to do next as she splashed her face with water. "Should we...go to the bed?"

"Yeah. Yes. Bed." Steve walked over, lay down flat on his back to wait for Diana to finish washing, and suddenly became very aware that he was dead tired. "Oh, no. This was a bad idea. I'm going to fall asleep. Here I go."

"But you can't fall asleep!" Diana rushed over and clambered up onto the bed with him, giggling. "No, you have to show me how it works! Steve! You promised!"

"So sleepy," he mumbled, pretending to yawn. 

"Steve," she pleaded, and slapped at his chest. "Come now. Please?"

"If you want to wake me up, you're going to have to find the on switch," he said, peeking one blue eye out from behind his lashes. 

Diana was laughing, radiantly naked, dark hair falling over her shoulders. This was a game she knew how to play, a game that knew no sex or gender. "Is it this?" she asked, brushing a finger across his left nipple. 

Steve stiffened and swallowed. "No," he said gruffly, and shook his head. 

"This?" She drew her hand down his belly, and he felt his cock twitch again, up toward her hand. 

"Not quite," he said. "But close."

"Then it must be...this," she said, and took him in her hand again. "Gentle. I know."

"Have you--how much do you--" Steve struggled to speak. Her thumb was absently running circles across the tip and he thought he was going to crawl out of his own skin. She saw his reaction and grinned, increasing the pressure. He jerked, on the verge of pain. "Diana. Diana, stop, that's sensitive--"

"I'm sorry--" she began, lifting her thumb, and he grabbed her by the arms; hauled himself up to kiss her hard, scratchy and rough against soft and smooth. 

"You're killing me," he said hoarsely. "Do you know where this goes?" He indicated his crotch.

"Yes," she said. Her eyes slid up to his face. "But first. You were doing me a favor. Remember?"

Steve clapped a pillow over his face, let out a string of muffled words he would never have uttered in the presence of any other woman and sat up. "Sit on the edge of the bed," he said, and she obeyed, looking eager. "If I hurt you, tell me."

"Of course," she said, and he slid off the bed, positioned his face between her legs again, and pressed in, opening his mouth against her and trying to use as much tongue as possible. 

Diana yelled something in what sounded like Ancient Greek and grabbed his hair with trembling hands that were making a concentrated effort to be gentle. "Steve. Steve. Don't stop." The friction of his cheeks on her thighs was burning, but it was a good burn, like pain becoming a pleasure, like the ache of muscle after a day of battle--

She jerked forward with a gasp as his tongue lighted on the tiny nub, just in the front, hundreds of nerves and all of them are on fire she thought frantically and yanked him closer with her heels. Fully aware she might kill him, she planted her hands in the thick quilt on the bed. "Oh, oh gods, don't--don't stop--" 

It hit her like an ocean wave, pulling her up and out and swelling over her body. Dimly, she head Steve coughing. She was arched back, gasping, trembling, every muscle in her body taut. Cleo was wrong, she thought dimly as she came down, and fell back on the bed. 

Steve was kissing her, up her body, and she groaned at the ticklish stubble scraping her. "Hey," he said, looking far too pleased with himself. "Cleo was wrong, huh?"

"Did I say that out loud?" she asked, and he chuckled. 

"You take your time." He lay down beside her and she watched in fascination as he idly touched himself, his hand sliding up and down the length of his shaft. Down, up, slight twist at the top, back down, repeat. 

"I can do that," she said, eager.

"Be gentle with me. I'm breakable." He waited until she nodded her assent, and let go, her hand replacing his and replicating the movements. 

"Like this?" 

"Just like that," he whispered, and traced up the side of her thigh with his left hand. "You're beautiful."

"I know," she said simply, and stole a look at him. "You're very handsome."

He felt his face go hot. "Huh," he said. "Uh. Uh.

"What is that?" Diana lifted her hand and peered at the tiny amount of fluid on her fingers. "Oh! Is this semen? Did you--"

"No, I didn't," he said, chuckling. "No, that's, uh, that just happens often due to stimulation."

Diana eyed him. "And completion is reached....after the male organ enters the female passage."

"You got it." He rubbed his hand over his face. 

She swiftly straddled him and peered down. "I think..." she trailed off, appraising him. "Yes, I think I can do this."

"Hold on." Steve said, trying to sit up. "You're going to hurt yourself. There's K-Y jelly in my bag. It's a lubricant. For my face, but it works for--other things--"

Diana understood immediately and went for the KY, while Steve tried to desperately think of statistics, the years every president had been inaugurated, the alphabet, and multiplication tables. Anything that would stop him from embarrassing himself completely.

Diana came back and slathered her hand with the jelly. "We just use olive oil on Themyscira," she remarked. "It is not so....thick."

"Well, Greece isn't exporting much of anything right now, so we make do," Steve said in a strained sort of voice as she carefully slicked him from base to tip. "Oh, holy god. Please. Do it. You're gonna kill me. I won't move. You--you take your time."

Diana knelt over him, lined him up, took a small breath, and slowly, experimentally, lowered herself down. 

Steve was trembling, sweat breaking out on his lip. "Ho-lee-shit. D-Diana."

"It feels..." Diana paused, realized she was bottomed out, and exhaled. "Oh. It feels--" She lifted herself slightly and pushed back down, eyes wide with surprise. "Steve. You--you're inside me." She sounded strained, shocked.

"Yeah, I am," he forced out, fighting the urge to move. "I--Diana, I have to, I need--"

"Oh," she said, and crawled down and forward, her face almost level with his, and began to pump her hips. Steve clutched at her back, as she pressed down close and groaned low in his ear. "Oh, this feels good," she gasped. 

Steve made a very high pitched, awfully unmasculine sound. She didn't seem to care, and continued moving as she sucked kisses into his neck and shoulders. "Steve," she whispered. "Steve, you're so beautiful like this."

He groaned again and bared his teeth. "Diana," he forced out. "Diana."

"You want me to let you conquer me?" she whispered. "Hmm?"

"Yes," he rasped, and hurled himself up and over her, pinning her down and finally, finally  losing himself. 

"Steve," she sighed, and arched under him as he buried his face in her neck. 

He groaned, reared back and lifted her by the hips so that the angle changed, his arms bulging. "Like this," he said, and began to move again.

Diana cried out in ecstatic anguish and ground hard against him. "Don't stop," she gasped, "don't stop, don't, don't--"

He pressed his eyes shut. Baseball stats, anything. It wasn't going to work. "Diana," he managed. "Diana. I can't. I'm going to come."

She tightened impossibly hard around him and let out a shriek as she came for the second time, and the sight of her was enough to spur him over the edge. He collapsed forward, clumsily dropping her, and came all over her legs and himself and generally made a hell of a mess before falling next to her, one arm draped over her stomach.

For a minute, the only sounds were heavy breathing and the creaking of the bed. 

"Cleo was very  wrong," said Diana, her voice gone husky. 

Steve couldn't remember how to speak. He rolled over and let out a very low moan. 

Diana sat up and leaned over him, her hands tracing the scars on his arms, his chest. He closed his eyes and the exhaustion from the day returned full force, dragging him under. Somewhere, Diana was carefully wiping him down, lifting him and moving him under the covers, turning out the light, climbing in beside him.

It was very warm. He rolled over and pressed his face into Diana's shoulder, inhaling the warm scent of her hair. "Hey," he said, finding his voice again. 

There was a smile in her voice. "Go to sleep, Steve Trevor," she said, and rolled to face him. "I'll be here in the morning."

"I think another round might kill me," he mumbled, and she kissed him in the dark, soft and slow as honey. 

"I'll take care of you," she promised. "Now sleep."

"You're pulling me leg." Charlie looked indignant.

"I am not! I saw it with my own eyes. Trevor went into her room and didn't come out. I heard screaming." Sameer leaned in conspiratorially. "I think she killed him."

"I dinna think she'd kill a one of us," said Charlie. "You're a great liar."

The door to the inn opened and out stepped Diana and Steve. Diana was smiling, and Steve looked like a cat in a dairy.

That is to say, disgustingly smug and dreadfully relaxed.

"Sammy." The Scot narrowed his eyes."I do believe our Captain's had himself a wee bit of a romp with the young lady."

"You are joking, my friend." Sameer followed his gaze to the inn, where Diana and Steve were having an animated and rather close talk, and he went nearly as white as Charlie. "You are not joking. Oh, my goodness. Outrageous!" He threw his hat to the ground. 

"A deal is a deal," said Chief from behind them, with the horses. "Pay up."

Charlie cackled. "And ye bet it wouldn't be until the mission was complete!"

"You have no honor," said Sameer stiffly, and pulled out a crumpled one-pound note from his jacket. "Collecting on a bet while we are at war. The audacity!"

"You made a bet at war, I collect it at war," said Charlie, and kissed his crumpled note. "That, my wee friend, is the smell of victory."

Sameer picked his hat back up and set it on his head with dignity. "Victory remains to be seen."

"You owe me too. My bet was a pound within the first two days of being on the move." Chief looked impassively down at Sameer. 

"You are all scoundrels," said Sameer, and slapped a pound into the wide palm. 

"And Steve is the biggest scoundrel of us all," said Charlie with a grin. 

Sameer cracked a smile at that, even though he tried not to. "Diana doesn't seem to think so."

"I don't what?" said Diana from behind them, making them all jump. 

"You don't seem tired at all from yesterday's exertions," said Sameer smoothly. "You must have had a refreshing night's rest."

"Well, actually, it was quite the exer--" Diana began, and suddenly Steve began to talk very loudly about the weather and how nice it was for the villagers to loan them the horses for the ride out and they should really get going soon, because it was still early and they had better leave now if they wanted to make good time.

"I still say you have no honor," said Sameer through his teeth at Charlie as they mounted and rode off, Diana and Steve at the head.

"Aye, and you have no money," retorted Charlie with a wicked grin. 

Steve dropped behind Diana and back to them as soon as they reached the forest. "Boys," he said. "I have a story to tell you, and you're not going to believe a word of it."