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[podfic] The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation

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Coverartist: reena_jenkins

Pairing: Tony Stark/Virginia "Pepper" Potts, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, Tony Stark And His Bots, past Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, hinted Clint Barton/Phil Coulson

Warnings: Angst, Character Backstory, Hotory, Tony Stark Has Issues, Bot Feels, Paternal Feelings, Emotional Break-up, Spoilers for Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Signifcant Spoilers for The Avengers, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Poor Decision-Making Skills, Nightmares, Tony Stark Is The Best Robot Daddy, Dummy Is The Best Robot Matchmaker, Jarvis Is The Best Robot Babysitter. For more specific and in-depth discussion of potential trigger warnings and content notes within individual chapters, please see the attached audiofile

Length: 10:41:11 (eight chapters)

Download link: You can download this podfic as a zipped folder of mp3s right over here or as a two-part podbook compiled by dapatty right over here (part 1) and right over here (part 2)  (Sorry - the podbook links are borked, stick with the zip file for now)