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Baby Steps

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How could this have happened. It was supposed to be a simple mission. Get in, take out the target then get out. What he didn't expect was the extra baggage he had brought with him back onto the drop ship. Jesse stared down at the swaddled blankets in his arms. There slept a child no older than seven months, peacefully unaware of the danger that they were in. He had forgone his cigar to keep the child out of harm's way from the toxic smoke, and had wrapped his serape around the thin blankets that were around the child. How was he going to explain this to the commander. Reyes was going to kill him, then the baby. Once stepping past the doors of the ship and towards the main meeting area he was met with the other members of the Overwatch team. He saw Gabriel speaking to Jack about how the mission went and what was accomplished while Angela tended to the other agents that had gone out in the field.

"McCree, just the boy I wanted to see." He tipped his head slightly towards the voice that had called out to him. It was Reyes. Shit.

"Ah, Commander. I reckon' I did a pretty fine job out there. Hows 'bout I give you the full report tomorrow. I am feeling a bit tuckered out." Jesse tried to hid the babe by bringing them to his side and leaning on the opposite left while speaking.

Gabriel raised an unimpressed eyebrow, "Boy, what are you talking about. This was one of the easiest missions and you are telling me that made you tired?" Jesse let out a cough when he heard the baby gurgle in their sleep.

"W-well, I haven't been getting proper rest recently..."

Nothing could fool the commander of Blackwatch, "McCree, what are you hiding."

A strangled sound left his throat when the babe in his arms started to stir, "'Aint nothing, sir." He cleared his throat once more and stared at Gabriel who narrowed his eyes with suspicion. Gabriel said nothing and nodded at the cowboy signaling him to leave. Jesse let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and walked past his commanding officer. He was a couple steps away from the exit when a loud wail stopped him in his tracks and made everyone in the room turn towards him.

"Awh, shucks we were so close too." He muttered under his breath. Jesse raised his arms to take a look at the babe who was now wailing in his arms.

"Jesse! Is that a baby in your hands?!" Gabriel shouted, stomping over towards the distressed cowboy. "I knew you were hiding something but not this!" His yelling scared the babe even more making them cry louder. "Someone turn this thing off!"

Angela quickly made her way towards the two men and scooped the child from the cowboys hands, "'Ey! Be careful wit'em!" his cry of protest was ignored when she started rocking the child in her arms and cooing softly. After a couple of seconds the crying stopped and was replaced by happy gurgles.

"Jesse... where did you find this child?" Angela asked softly, not wanting to frighten the child again.

Jesse took his hat off and ran his metal hand through his hair, "Well ya' see..."