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Gods & Monsters

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This is stupid, why the fuck am I in here? I just wanted to go into the city and shop, this is so fucking stupid. Nikolai is stupid. Yakov is stupid. Mila and Georgi are fucking stupid. I just-  

“Yurochka, get your feet off my desk. I’m not going to tell you again,” Nikolai said in a rather bored tone. Yuri looked back at him with a challenging look but quickly let it drop as he watched the old man rub his temples. “Listen, if you just sit quietly and pay attention to what I have to say this’ll be over soon and then you can leave, okay?”

“...Fine,” Yuri muttered, looking down at the floor as Nikolai sat up, pushing papers around on the large mahogany desk before folding his hands and setting them upon the desk, seemingly muttering to himself under his breath.

“You know what’s been happening between us and the Nikifrov family, correct?” Nikolai waited for a response as Yuri sat there stubbornly before nodding in acknowledgment of the current ongoing predicament. “Alright, then you’ll understand why I’m assigning a new bodyguard to you. He is to be with you at all times, even in the house.” 

“Woah what?! You’re shitting me right? I can’t even be left alone in my own fucking house?” Yuri yelled as he sat up straight. Nikolai didn’t even flinch as he watched Yuri, letting him go through his little tantrum before speaking again. 

“It’s just until this all blows over, which will hopefully be soon. Don’t you try sneaking out of the house again. After what happened last time, we can’t afford to have that happen again. They’d be sure to kill-” Nikolai stopped talking as the large doors to his office flew open, Mila coming in with Georgi on her heels.

“Sir, there seems to a meeting of importance that your presence is requested at in the city. A car has been pulled up to the front for you but we must leave now,” Mila said, glancing over at Yuri who only scowled at her.

Nikolai nodded in understanding, rising from his chair as he looked at Yuri.

“Send Mr. Altin in and have him acquainted with Yuri here. Mr. Altin already knows his job so we can leave,” He said, walking out from around the desk as he headed to the door. Mila nodded as she quickly disappeared from the room and Georgi took his place near Nikolai. “I’ll be back soon, Yurochka. Be nice to Mr. Altin.”

 With that, both Nikolai and Georgi disappeared from the door frame and Yuri sat there alone, the only sound being the chirp of a few birds outside and the low hum of the air conditioning that was on low throughout the whole house.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me...” Yuri said sarcastically as he stood up, kicking at Nikolai’s desk as if it would create any satisfaction in the current situation. “Dumb piece of shit, I don’t need a fucking bodyguard...”

Jus then there was a light rap of knuckled on the door and Yuri groaned loudly. 

“Whaaaaaaaat....” The blonde groaned as he turned about but instantly froze. The dark eyes that stared back at him caught him off guard as well as the rather fit build of the man standing, and almost filling, the door frame.

“Might want to close your mouth before you catch flies, Yuri!” Mila said, peaking around from the man’s shoulder and smiling widely.

“Shut up, you hag!” Yuri grabbed a pen holder from Nikolai’s desk and chucked it in Mila’s direction. She squeaked and ducked behind the new bodyguard who moved both Mila and himself out of the way just in time to miss being with the projectile object.

“Yuri, you should remember that first impressions are important,” Mila said with a wink before patting Otabek on the shoulder and making her way do the hall to attend to other matters. Yuri stood still practically seething as he bit down on his tongue, his glare turning to Otabek who didn’t seem fazed by anything that had just happened, not even in the slightest.

 “My name is Otabek Altin, I’ll be your new bodyguard. It’s an honor to work for you and your family,” Otabek said, bowing his head slightly. Yuri regained his composure as he stared at the other.

 “I want to go out,” Yuri said sharply, crossing his arms over his chest. Otabek quirked his eyebrows up slightly before nodding.

 “Alright, I’ll have a car brought up to the front for you.” Otabek said before leaving the room. Yuri let out a breathe he didn’t know he had been holding and let the room, going to his own bedroom to change.

 He searched around his his closet, pulling out a few items and tossing them on his large king sized bed. He wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit that was worth less than ten thousand dollars, just his personal preference for a normal shopping day. The blonde smirked to himself as he grabbed his favorite pair of black Miu Miu heels and a shirt that showed the entirety of his back, wondering how his new bodyguard would react to the rather feminine way he dressed.

 In the past, a couple of the new bodyguards had refused to go out with him in public, complaining about his attire and saying that it was completely inappropriate. Then again, they weren’t the grandson of the Pakhan of the Plisetsky family and usually their complaining about Yuri’s attire got them a one way ticket to being in hot water with the family.

 Regardless of Yuri being Nikolai’s grandson, he was treated like a mafia boss all on his own. His power in the family was great of course but there were restrictions on what he could and could not do. Everything Yuri did was looked over by Yakov, Nikolai’s underboss, to see whether it would be alright or if it would just cause a problem for the family. Many of the things Yuri did were formed mainly from his rage, so he didn’t get much approved by either Yakov or Nikolai.

 Throwing on his risqué shirt followed by tight leather pants and a black fur coat, he heard the same rapping of knuckles on the door as Otabek appeared in the doorway.

 “The car is ready and waiting for you,” Otabek informed as Yuri pulled on his shoes and stood up, running his hands through his longer blonde hair and smirking at the other.

 “Perfect, let’s go.” Without another word, Yuri brushed past Otabek and sauntered down the hall, swinging his hips as he walked. Otabek quickly followed the other, pulling the holsters on his shoulders just a little tighter.

 The ride into the center of the city was rather long as Yuri stared out the window, one leg crossed over the other and bouncing lightly as they rode down the streets in a parade of two black Cadillac SUVs. Occasionally he’d look over at Otabek who sat in the seat next to him, his arms crossed loosely over his chest.

 He took those moments to really look at Otabek, to notice the dark brown color of his eyes and the way it looked like there was gold flecks in them when the light hit them just right. He noticed the soft curve of his nose contrasted with the sharp jawline and strong chin. When Otabek turned his head, looking at Yuri he quickly turned his face away.

They sat in complete silence for a couple minutes before Yuri cleared his throat and spoke up. 

“Where are you from?” Yuri asked, still facing the window but he heard Otabek shift in his seat a little.

 “I’m from Kazakhstan.” Otabek said, unfolding his arms as he unbuttoned his blazer to relax a little.

 “Why did you come here?”

 “To find a job, make money that I could send back to my mom and my little sister so they wouldn’t have to worry about not having money.”

 “Where’s your father? Isn’t he supposed to work?”

 “He died when I was little.”

 Yuri stopped talking, he felt just a little remorse as if he had crossed a line. He didn’t know how Otabek felt when it came to personal questions but Yuri didn’t really have a filter on his mouth and said pretty much whatever he thought. He didn’t expect Otabek to speak again.

“What about your parents, Yuri? I’ve only met Nikolai and Yakov but not your parents.” Otabek asked softly. It felt like all the air in the car had been vacuumed out and his lungs no longer worked. It was an innocent question really, when Yuri looked at Otabek he saw the sincerity of the question but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

 He turned away, ignoring the question and opting to going to back sitting in silence for the remainder of the car ride.

 They walked around the shopping centers, Yuri buying whatever he thought he wanted without trying anything on or giving it a second thought and handing the bags to Otabek to carry. They didn’t stay long, receiving word from a few other bodyguards that Nikifrov soldiers were in the area and they should leave immediately. Yuri didn’t put up a fight with Otabek as he ushered him back to the cars and they started on their way home.

 “I was told that you usually like to put up fights with your bodyguards if you don’t want to do things. I knew you didn’t want to stop shopping but you didn’t put up a fight with me, would you mind if I asked why that is?” Otabek asked part way into the drive back. Yuri took a sip from a water bottle, capping it and looking at Otabek for a second.

 “Dealing with the Nikifrovs isn’t something I enjoy. It’s tiring and...” Yuri started, running his hands through his hair as he closed his eyes. “’s more dangerous for me seeing that previous encounters have resulted in the deaths of three of my bodyguards as well as being kidnapped myself and held for ransom.”

 The space between them seemed to become tense as Yuri looked down at his lap, his hands gripping on his coat sleeves tightly. He didn’t like talking about that. Regardless of it happening over a year ago, it still made it hard for him to sleep at night and seeing anyone that remotely resembled Viktor Nikifrov even in the slightest sent him into a panic attack. Oh the joys of living the mafia life.

 “I won’t let that happen,” Otabek said. Yuri looked up at the other, an almost doubtful look on his face. “I promise. I’m here for a reason, I was chosen to be your personal bodyguard for a reason and I’m going to do my job even if it means laying down my own life for yours. Yuri Plisetsky, please believe me that I will do everything I can to protect you.”

 Yuri could only stare in shock at the man next to him, the one practically pledging his whole being to a brat like him. He was never good when it came to things like this, he was always unable to do the whole “feelings” thing. For years he had shut out emotions, ones other than rage, so things like this were hard so he turned to what he did best.

 “It’s not like you’re going to marry me, don’t act like this is some special proposal bullshit,” Yuri spat, turning away from him. Anyone who knew Yuri well enough could tell that there was no real venom behind his words, it was all just a front for something he couldn’t do himself.

 Surprisingly, Otabek had already caught onto that and sat back in his seat with the smallest of smiles tugging at the corner of his lips. Before starting this job, Otabek had learned a lot about Yuri from both previous and present day bodyguards. Many said he was the worst child they’d ever met, that he was pretty much an embodiment of the devil himself.

 Otabek was a rather neutral person, he didn’t believe one side over the other. He would just take things as they came, he’d learn about Yuri through time and he’d form his own opinion of him. Regardless of the first impression and much else that happened today, he didn’t believe that Yuri was all the bad.

 He glanced over at Yuri who was still staring out the window as the lights of the city flew by, casting yellows and reds over his pale skin and blonde hair. His striking green eyes still stood out regardless of the lack of any real light.

 Otabek was caught off guard when Yuri spoke up near the end of the car ride.

 “They were killed.” Was all Yuri said, his voice way softer than Otabek had yet ever heard from him. He recalled their conversation earlier in the car, when he had said his dad was dead and then had asked Yuri about his own parents.

 “I’m sorry to hear that, Yuri,” Otabek practically whispered. He didn’t want to speak any louder, sensing that Yuri wanted it to stay quiet and that it was definitely a subject he rarely ever touched on.

 They pulled up to the front of the house but Yuri made no moved to indicate that he wanted to get out of the car.

 “They were both incredibly smart and talented people, many envied them for their wealth and power in the mafia. When I was born it caused more harm than good. Other family’s now had something to use over them and many did. On more than one occasion there were attempts to kidnap me and even more attempts on my life in exchange for money. One night, the Baranovskaya family sent in their soldiers when my parents and I were celebrating my tenth birthday and they....”

 Yuri stopped talking, taking in a deep, shaky breath as his hands tightened around his water bottle. Otabek understood, reaching up and placing his hand lightly on the other’s shoulder.

 “Yuri you don’t have to continue, I understand. It’s okay to stop,” Otabek whispered. He had unbuckled himself and had scooted closer to Yuri, unbuckling him as well. Yuri was stubborn, he wanted to continue but knew it wasn’t smart for him to, not yet anyway. He only nodded weakly as the door was opened for him and he slowly slid out of the car followed by Otabek.

 Nikolai still wasn’t home but the fireplaces in multiple rooms were lit and the house was warm. Yuri made his way to his room, Otabek following him silently as they both entered the room and Yuri dropped his coat on the floor. Crawling onto his bed with all his clothes still on, he closed his eyes.

 Otabek took off his blazer, setting it on the chair in the corner of his room before walking over to the bed and gently taking Yuri’s shoes off and setting them down. He removed Yuri’s shirt as well as his pants before bringing him some of his pajamas from his closet and helping him dress in those.

 “I’ll be here if you need me, Yuri.” Otabek said quietly, pulling the large comforter over Yuri who was pretty much already asleep. He sighed quietly as he made his way back over to the chair in the corner and turned off the lights in the room before sitting down, settling in for a long night and hoping for the best when morning came.