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From The Outside

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Bianca notices the green-eyed guy as soon as he enters the bar.

She watches intensively how he looks around, scanning the room with a scrutiny you don't find very often, and finally approaches the counter, his steps determined as if he's on some kind of mission.

Bianca's interest perks up instantly. She actually just came to this place to enjoy the surprisingly good beer and hang out with her work colleagues to bitch about their new supervisor, but she wasn't averse to make this night extra special.

And it's been a while since she allowed herself some treat.

So she immediately gets into motion because the guy is hot and sexy and the better part of the female (and a few male) patrons are already eyeing him up, probably considering whether they should take a shot or not. And Bianca is not in the mood to miss her chance.

At close range the man is even more gorgeous than from the other side of the room and Bianca inwardly high-fives herself while appreciating the beauty right in front of her. Freckles, long eyelashes, chiseled jaw, light stubble – just perfect!

“I'd ask you if I could buy you a drink, but I see you're already covered,” she just jumps in without much preamble, pointing at the beer bottle in the guy's hand and smiling brightly.

The stranger turns around, stiffening a bit, and blinks a few times as though he's completely unprepared for the concept of someone speaking to him at a place like this.

“Um …” he says, obviously not certain what the appropriate response would be.

She chuckles, relishing the look on his face. “I'm Bianca,” she introduces herself. “Nice to meet you.”

A tentative smile tugs at the corners of the guy's mouth. “I'm Dean.”

His voice is ridiculously deep and makes Bianca picture some very naughty things in her mind.

“Pleasure,” she answers, winking mischievously while really hoping he will give her right that sometime soon. “I'm always happy to get to know new people.”

She leans a little closer. She's trying not to come on to strong since that occasionally backfired in the past and she honestly doesn't want to chase Dean off, but it's quite a challenge to keep some reasonable distance between them.

“So … do you have any plans for tonight?” Bianca asks, attempting a flirty smirk that hopefully doesn't look as stupid as it feels. “Because I'd have some suggestions otherwise.”

Yes, does she have some suggestions.

However, her hopes are crushed instantly when Dean tells her, “Actually … I'm waiting for someone.”

He sounds a bit hesitant, as if he can't really believe it himself, but there are some strong emotions flickering across his face within a split second and Bianca knows straightaway that she is witnessing something vastly deep and meaningful.


Nonetheless she finds herself asking, “A date?”

There is still a possibility he's meeting up with his long-lost sister after ten years of no contact or an old high school friend he missed rather dearly since graduation or something like that.

But once again Dean disappoints by saying, “Yeah, it is.”

Bianca suppresses a sigh because she's a polite person and she wouldn't pout into a guy's face for waiting for his dream woman to turn up and rock his world.

“That's nice,” she says instead. “And you chose this place as your venue?”

She raises his brows skeptically and lets her gaze rove over the room. It isn't exactly a dump – she wouldn't be here otherwise –, but it's far from date material and Bianca already starts to feel sorry for that poor girl before Dean shakes his head vehemently.

“No, of course not.” He snorts. “We're just meeting here. I might not be overly classy, but I still have some standards and that's really not the place for a first date. Or any date at all. Cas deserves way more than this.”

And then Dean blushes as if he revealed far too much about himself and Bianca can't help being charmed by it. He looks far too endearing to be actually true.

That Cas is quite lucky.

“Well, then I'm really sorry for interrupting your night –”

“Don't be,” Dean cuts in, smiling. “I'm actually really flattered. Usually I would have bought you a drink immediately. It's just …”

“Now there is Cas,” Bianca summarizes.

Dean's whole demeanor gentles. “Yeah,” he breaths. “Now there is Cas.”

It's more than obvious that Bianca – or any person in this bar, hell, on this freaking planet – never stood a chance. The guy is a lost case.

And he seems to be rather happy about it.

It shows spectacularly just a moment later when his face suddenly lights up as though something – or, more likely, someone – turned a switch. Bianca frowns, confused for a second, before following Dean's line of sight and setting eyes on the person just entering the bar.

Messy sex hair, the bluest eyes Bianca has ever seen, rumpled clothes, a trench coat at least two sizes too big – and definitely a man.

Yeah, Bianca never had a chance.

“Dean, I'm very sorry for being late.” The guy's goddamned voice is truly impossible, so gravelly it sends shivers down Bianca's spine. “I hope you didn't have to wait too long.”

Dean chuckles. Every sign of nervousness he showed before is now vanished like it never existed in the first place. “Cas, you're ten minutes earlier than you said you would be.”

Cas looks rather bewildered confronted with that information. “Really?” He glances at the clock on the wall, looking like a confused puppy puzzled by the world. “I didn't realize. The human concept of time can be rather strange sometimes.”

Dean is still laughing quietly, his eyes gleaming so freaking fondly Bianca can't help feeling envy. She can't remember anyone ever looking at her that way before – so full of affection and love and forever – and it's so fucking beautiful and fiercely painful all at once. Her chest tightens and for a few moments it seriously takes her breath away to be in the presence of something so powerful.

Dean gravitates toward Cas like it's second nature, never once averting his gaze or even blinking, and in no time at all they're standing ridiculously close to each other.

“Let's get out of here, Cas!”

Cas beams as if these are the words he waited all his life to hear, looking almost supernatural in his apparent happiness. He grabs Dean's hand and gently tugs him to the exit while obviously enjoying the blush on Dean's cheeks at the same time.

Right before they leave the bar, however, Dean seems to suddenly recall Bianca's existence, shoots a quick glance over his shoulders and calls, “Bye, Bianca!” before disappearing through the door.

She heaves a deep sigh and stays frozen at the spot for a while, just staring at the exit and wondering whether someday she would find something as wonderful as these two men have with each other.

They're a pair of very fortunate bastards.

“No luck with the hot guy?” Megan, one of her colleagues, asks as soon as Bianca finally returns to their small group.

Bianca shrugs. “He's taken,” she explains, dropping onto her seat. “Stupidly in love, so it seems.”

Megan pulls the corners of her lips downward, appearing all sympathetic. “Shame.”

Bianca shakes her head. “Actually, no,” she disagrees, smiling slightly. “Lucky him.”

Lucky him indeed.