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I Can't Believe What He Did For Love

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When Peter opened his eyes to find himself being beams up his first thought was aliens.
When Peter looked around to find men and woman of assorted colours and facial structures staring at him his first thought was confirmed.

They were all wearing similar shades of red/maroon leather and had guns strapped to their hips. A couple of them were sneering at him him, a few were licking their lips like he was a tasty hamburger and they hadn't eaten in weeks but the one who drew his attention was a blue man standing at the front.

He had weird fin on his head and a knee length leather jacket and in any other situation Peter would have thought he was the coolest man alive, but his mother had just died. The man had no visible weapons but he exuded danger and power, this must be their leader.

The blue man opened his mouth but all he could hear was a bunch of weird clicking sounds and a few words he couldn't understand.

“What? I'm sorry I don't underst-” He stopped abruptly when the Captain was handed a weird looking gun thing that had an injection apparatus instead of a barrel.

The man stepped forward, his hand gestures told Peter that he wanted him to stay calm but every instinct told Peter to bolt. He has been kidnapped by aliens and now those aliens wanted to inject him with something using a scary gun thing.

He allowed the blue man closer and when he was standing directly over him he kicked up directly into his groan, he wondered to late if aliens even had balls although from the way he reacted he would say yes. The injection gun clattered out of his hand and he hunched over letting out a shocked yelp. Almost immediately his crew reacted going to grab him but using his small frame he slipped in between them, biting and scratching anyone who managed to get their hand son him. He tried to door but it wouldn't open so he ran up a couple of crates, opened the vent and shimmied inside.

Later when four Ravagers had climbed in after him and various points around the ship and trapped him he found out they had been trying to inject him with a communications chip, but at least they had all been impressed with his skills even if a few were angry at the bite marks he had left on their arms.