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Does and Stags

Chapter 0ne


Today was no different to any other day for James Potter, in his fifth year, all he could think of was playing pranks with the guys or his dream of being an Auror. He was at that conflicted age where he was not quite a man but his childhood had an expiery date that was running out... His first few years had been spent slacking off, creating the Marauders map - their greatest work, using magic so complex from such a young age. James was very talented. But as Professor McGonagall often commented; 'he wasted it with his childish behaviour'. When in reality, James was just a typical boy. His obsession with Lily Evans still apparent and Sirius was getting sick of stalking her with him using the map everyday and night. Remus would comment and tell him it was unhealthy. But James wouldn't listen... He was captivated by that fiery red hair and forgiving heart. So forgiving that she could even be-friend that disgusting creature - Severus Snape. His poor Lily was deluded, if only she could see that Snape was nothing more than a greasy, hook-nosed cretin who never bathed and wasn't going anywhere in his life. She was wasting her time with him; it angered James to see Severus talking to her.

"He's a disease, isn't it? Like a pigeon or a fly?" James grunted under his breath to Sirius as they waited outside one of the classrooms, their Professor not here yet to begin Charms class. James chucked some chewing gum in his mouth and chewed angrily; Lily was stood with that fucking Snape, her hand's held together in front of her sweetly as she shared that smile with him. That disgusting rat... "I know Prongs, it makes you sick just looking at it." Sirius agreed. "Then don't look." Remus perked up, idly flicking through a text book. He was a little irritated, the full moon would be up this week and his patience was running thin. "What’s with you, Moony? Got your tail in a twist!" James laughed, shoving his friend. Sirius laughed too, joining in.

“There is nothing wrong with my tail thank you and if you remember Sirius you are the one with the fluffy tail here” Remus said with a smile as he closed his book and looked up at James and Sirius seeing his friends try to hold back there laughter with know luck as they burst into laughter in the corridor.

“Alright boys that’s enough standing around into class” there professor called as she neared the class before ushering them inside and close the door behind herself. “Please take your seats and take out your text books, today I want you to partner with someone. If there is not enough of you I’m happy for you to go into threes” she said as she stood at the front of the class and began writing things down on the board as she waited for students to pick there groups.

“Sev, you’ll be my partner wont you?” Lily asked as she looked at Snape with the warm smile that she always gave him and he gave her a nod.

“Of course I will Lily, you know I love working with you” he smiled back at her as they drew out there text books from there bags and opened them.

James overheard the exchange of word's between them and a look crossed his face that made Sirius groan from across the classroom - James Potter was beyond annoyed now, he was pissed off. He wanted to work with Lily; Severus should realize his lack of worth and excuse himself from her presence but no, like a fly buzzing around a piece of shit, he couldn't just fuck off could he. He'd get what was coming to him though. Getting in between him and Miss Evans was inexcusable.
James took a seat with Sirius and Remus, they decided they'd be in a group of three.
"I know that look..." Sirius muttered as he pulled out his half destroyed text book. "That's the Prongs is going to get himself put in detention for abusing Snivellus look..."
James scoffed, fastening his specs on the bridge of his nose. "You bet it is. Detention is worth putting that cretin in his place. Look at him, looking at Lily like he even has a right to... We need to do something."
Before either of his friends could stop him, James had jumped up and had waltzed right over to Snape, he leaned on the back of Lily's chair purposefully, flashing a charming smile. "Hey Miss Evans, you look beautiful as ever this morning."
Lily blinked up at him, flushing but smiling knowingly; James always showered her with compliments. Every single day. She was used to it by now.
"And you, Snivellus... have you bathed at all this week?" He teased, looking directly at the dark haired boy.

Snape scowled at James hating the very sight of him and wishing that he would just go away and play with his little friends. “I have if you really wish to know my bathing schedule Potter” he said looking darkly at James as Lily looked between them knowing that this would lead to a fight, it always did one way or another.

“James don’t be mean, Severus is perfectly clean and you would know that if you ever got to know him properly instead of always picking on him” Lily said as she looked to James. James was very handsome and charming but she wasn’t going to sit back and allow him to insult her best friend.

James feigned shock, putting a hand to his chest. "Miss Evans, I am appalled! I could never be mean to Snivellus. You must be talking about another James Potter, maybe one a little less attractive than myself." The affectionate sarcasm dripped off his tongue and he graced her with one of his charming smiles.
Lily battled herself for a moment before she couldn't help but smile. The smile didn't last long as James continued. "I was merely concerned for your health sitting so close to Snivellus like this, he has cockroaches in his underwear, they've in bedded in the piles of dirt that cover him." He spat his words, turning his glare on Severus. "Don't worry Snivellus, I'll buy you a bar of soap for your birthday."

Lily scolded at James before smirking. “Oh there is know need for that James, I can assure you Sev is very clean. In fact I washed his hair for him last night while we were in the shower together and I saw no cockroaches just very nice pale skin” she smiled at James. “Oh and a nice bum as well.”

“Lily!” Snape said looking at her his face bring red, it was all lies of course but the way she had said it sounded convincing as if it had actually happened and he found himself glancing away half in embarrassment, especially since Lily said he had a nice bum and wondering if she really thought that.
James looked mortified. Devastated. The hurt him... angered him. He felt his body prickling with the magic in his veins, the candles around the classroom's flames flickered from it.
James lent down to Severus' ear, the opposite one to Lily, so she couldn't hear and whispered. "Tonight, you're dead. Do you hear me? Laugh it up... You'll be the one to break in the end." And he walked back over to Remus and Sirius who noticed the dark look on James' face - he was so hurt, so livid. Sirius swallowed.
“You…okay there James?” Sirius asked hesitantly wondering if it was even safe to be talking to him when he was in this state. Snape really did have a way in bringing out the very worst in James. “Come on Prong’s cheer up, it’s are last lesson after this we can go flying and you can chill out a bit, what do you say?” he asked giving James one of his bright smiles.

Quidditch did sound good right about now. He always felt a sense of freedom when he kicked off his broom and went pummelling into the air. But... He was so bristled by Severus. The greasy Slytherin had gotten under his skin and he couldn't get him out. "I'll catch up with you later, Snivellus just agreed to go on a date with me after class." He smirked sadistically.

“A date?” Sirius asked with a raised brow feeling confused, “James is there something you’re not telling us? Have you gone gay on us?” he asked with a grin knowing that probably wasn’t the case but he still couldn’t help but poke fun.

“Does this mean you want us to stay up to let you back into the dorm?” Remus asked as he looked up from his text book. “You know how the fat lady gets when you wake her up or come back late.”

James grinned appreciatively at his boy's. They'd been with him since their first year and even though he never showed it; he was grateful. He knew he could be a bit of a wanker and they still stood by him - especially Remus, who was exceedingly smart and didn't need to put up with his antics. "You know me, Padfoot, I'll probably be dragged back by one of those poxy prefects but you'll see me on the map if I'm coming back."
The rest of the class past smoothly, James pulled a few pranks but for the most part it was okay. It was later on that day when Severus was making his way hastily to his dorm. That James pounced. Appearing from around the corner and standing in Snape's way. Snape tried to get by him but James kept standing in his way. "Where do you think you're going? to disease Lily some more?"

“No, I’m going back to my dorm and I didn’t do anything to Lily” he said looking at James as he continued to try and get past him with no luck. “She’s my friend Potter has been for years so why don’t you just deal with it and go play with your little friends” he said watching James and preparing to move himself if James should happen to lung for him, as he had done on more than one occasion since they had started at Hogwarts.

James looked like he was going to let Snape go for a moment. He'd taken a step to the side, allowing Severus to walk by him cautiously. But he was severely mistaken. When Severus was far enough. James pulled out his wand from his trouser pocket and rose it in Severus' direction.
"Incarcereous!" He yelled and before Snape could react, ropes sprung out of no where and threw themselves at Severus, binding his ankles, wrists and neck, flinging him into the hall of the corridor, constricting him completely. James descended on him with a victorious smirk. "You're building up a bit of an attitude with me Severus, I don't like that..." He purred his words, running a hand down his wand.

“Why? Is it because it’s less fun if I’m not cowering at your feet?” he asked as he struggled against the ropes and just feeling them tighten in his struggles. James looked pleased with himself at having Snape tide up and unable to move, obviously an immobile Snape was a lot more fun to bully and throw around. “Your just pissed because of what Lily said aren’t you? Sorry that she’s not falling for your nice guy act Potter” Snape all but spat in James direction.

James' eyes darkened. "It isn't an act, Snivellus!" He grit his teeth and stepped closer, eyes meeting Snape's. "I am in love with her. You just keep getting in the way because she feels sorry for you..." He pointed his wand at Snape's face. "You take advantage of her good nature Snivellus! There's nothing you have to give her. Having you around brings her more stress because she worries about you. If you were really a good friend... You'd keep the hell away from Miss Evans!" He prodded Severus' overly large nose with his wand.

“She’s only stressed because of you” he said quickly moving his head to remove James’ wand from touching his nose. “She is my friend Potter and if you cared about her at all you would stop bullying me and thinking that I’m doing something to keep you apart, this is all your downfall for how she feels. And you can’t make me stay away from my best friend!” he yelled as he looked at James and struggle against his ties again still with no luck and unable to reach his wand.

"Do you want a bet?" James purred, a wicked glint in his eyes. "I can do anything I want Snivellus. I can antagonize you every single day with the Marauder's until you break apart at the seams..." He dragged his wand down Snape's cheek, to his neck. "I can ruin you..." His lips twitched into sadistic smirk as he took a step closer, right in Severus' face. Their nose grazing. "Why can't you just disappear back into the hole you crawled out of?" He hissed.

“And why can’t you just run along home, rich boy?” Snape asked as he glared at James feeling his wand dig into his neck as James glared at him. “Cause lets face it, the only reason you think you can get away with things is because you are a spoiled only child who thinks he can have whatever he wants…well you cant.”

"Shut up!" James growled, pushing the tip of his wand harsher into Severus' skin with bruising force. "You don't know the first thing about me Snivellus. I have a good home life, my parent's have been good to me. But I am not spoilt! I'm just good at magic. I ace all of my classes and I love quidditch! I'm not a bad guy... You just get under my skin!" His hazel eyes darkened as he spat out his words.

“Why?” he asked. “Why do I offend you so much? Is it because I’m friends with Lily? Sorry to tell you but we were friends long before Hogwarts as you know from are first day on the train. And I don’t need to know your life history but if we are sharing mine was shit if you really want to know and with you around it’s even worse!” he yelled at James not caring about the wand stabbing him in the neck.

"Oh, poor Snivellus!" James scoffed. "Look at all the fuck's I give... oh wait, there's none!" He threw his dark, scruffy head of hair back with laughter. Lowering his wand from his neck, sliding it down over the ropes, getting dangerously low. "I could make it worse, if I wanted..." He trailed off, lips twitching.

“There is nothing that you could do to me that could be worse than what I have already been through” Snape said as he watched James’ every move and felt his wand as it left the ropes and touched the thin fabric of his shirt. “What is it you want from me Potter? Do you just get some sick pleasure over making my life a living hell here?”

"That's your forte Snivellus! You are lingering around Miss Evans. How will I ever get a chance? She feels sorry for you. She cares about you because she is a good person. That's what I love about her! But from day one, you've always been in the poxy way!" James grit his teeth. "If you just stayed away from her, this wouldn't happen. Don't you get it? She's MY girl!"

“She’s not yours! She doesn’t belong to anyone, she’s not a piece of property that you think you can just own! She is a living breathing person and no one has rights to her!” he spat hating to hear anybody talk about Lily like that especially James Potter. “Why don’t you just go after one of those other girls that seem to throw themselves at your feet because Lily isn’t interested.”

The next thing Severus felt was pain, James had brought back his fist and slammed it straight into the side of Severus' face, snapping his head to the side with a loud crack. "Shut up!" He screamed.

Severus let out a groan before spitting out blood onto the floor, his thin face unable to take the impact from James’ fist. “…make me” he said turning his head back to look at James not willing to give him the satisfaction of thinking he had got Severus to do as he was told.

Severus Snape had an irritating way of fuelling James' temper; he hadn't wanted to be a bully. It'd never been intentional. But after so many years he'd grown angrier and angrier at the boy who never seemed to fuck off or back down. He wanted to break Severus. Once and for all. He was so done. So fucking done.
"Maybe I will..." He growled under his breath, "maybe I'll ruin you so much you'll drink a potion and kill yourself..." It was such a nasty thing to say, even for James. But something was different in his eyes; it was darker, angrier.
Taking a step closer, James pressed into Severus' chest, he cast a spell under his breath which dropped Severus' trousers and underwear to his horror.
Before Severus could say anything, James' fingers were cupping his soft cock. Menace in his bully's eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing?! Get off of me!” Severus yelled as he struggled to get away from James, but he just held him closer making it impossible for him to move and his insides froze. What did James think he was doing? What was he going to do? His thoughts were a mess of question as he continued to struggle to try and get away from the situation.

"Hexing you doesn't seem to be teaching you any lessons..." James purred as his fingers snaked around the soft organ; his fingers were rough from quidditch practice. "If I have to take measures like these, I will... I am confident enough in my sexuality to touch you like it's nothing. Try not to like it too much..." He purred, eyes glinting as he shifted his thumb down to Severus' tip, stroking it in circles. "You may as well... no one else is ever going to touch you, are they?"

Severus gritted his teeth. “As if I would ever like the feel of you touching me…you just make me feel sick…and I could care less if anyone ever touched me…I’m not an animal like you Potter” he growled as he grit his teeth and tried to stop his body from reacting instinctively to James’ hand touching and stroking at his soft prick but finding it hard to do before he let out his held breath and his body started to react.

"You keep telling yourself that Severus..." James purred, amusement in his eyes which only heightened when he felt a slight twitch from the cock in his hand. "Your cock is betraying your mouth," He smirked, circling his fingers around the sensitive slit at the top of his cock before dragging them back down along the vein of his shaft where he cupped his balls, massaging them in slow, firm circles. "You're getting hard..." James' mouth was at Severus' ear there, his breath tickling the lobe. "Faggot..." He whispered.

“You are the one doing this…who is the real faggot here?” he hissed trying to think of anything besides James’ hands touching his erection and balls. “What’s the matter…run out of hexes to use on me? …or maybe…you’ve always wanted to touch me…they say that bullying is a way of showing love…gets the others attention, is that it Potter? Do you love me? Because I noticed you just called me by my real name.”

James didn't respond and Severus almost got the impression that he was unsure of a come back for once but then he felt two (very warm) lips part on his throat and James sunk his teeth into his skin, hard. He didn't stop biting until he felt the skin break under the pressure and the taste of copper flowed into his mouth. At the same time James tugged hard on Severus' foreskin, pulling it back from the head of his cock, painfully hard.

Severus let out a scream of pain, he could feel the blood from his neck starting to trail down past James’ lips and get soaked up by his white (now turning red) shirt. His cock ached and felt like it was going to break under the force James was putting on it. “Stop it! STOP IT!! You bastard!!”

Severus' screams were cut short as crimson red lips pressed themselves to his, silencing him into shock. James tasted of butterbeer mixed with blood. He was confident. He never faltered.
Severus' lips were still parted from his screaming so James took advantage and shoved his tongue inside, giving Snape a taste of his own blood. James' fingers circled his cock and started to stroke him again, bringing the dirty grease ball's cock to full hardness. He liked this. They both did. Maybe there was something wrong with James, a screw loose somewhere tonight...

Severus moaned in the kiss hating the taste of his blood in his mouth and the intruding tongue that seem to want to force it’s way down his throat. But the hand that was stroking his cock felt so good that he ignored the taste of blood and the invading tongue as much as he didn’t want to admit that James’ hand on his cock was disgusting to him, it did feel good and he leaned into the kiss slightly before quickly pulling away and coming back to his senses about what was happening.

Pulling back from Severus' lips, James trailed his own down his jaw, back to his ear, he sucked the lobe into his own mouth and exhaled into it. "Admit this feels good..." He husked breathlessly. "You hate me so it makes it better, doesn't it?" He smirked against that ear, noticing the faint flush of pink on Severus' usually (very) pale cheeks. All of James' fingers were wrapped around Snape's cock now, tightly squeezing it in his hand; he'd never tossed a guy off before (obviously) but he'd done it to himself enough times over Lily to know what felt good. He swiped his thumb over the tip which he noticed was beginning to weep with pre-come against Snape's will. He took pleasure in that and smothered the clear fluid all over Snape's cock. "Tell me it feels good or I'll take this further..." He hissed into Snape's ear, his glasses pressing against his head.

Severus turned his head away from James unable to feel his hot breath against his ear any longer as he bushed and let out a shudder of a moan. But James wasn’t going to allow him to turn his head away as he grasped Severus’ chin with his free hand and turned his head back. “…I wont say it Potter…I wont say anything to you.”

"You will learn to respect me Snivellus, you will realize your place..." As James spoke, he started to move downwards, feeling Snape freeze beneath his restraints. "It looks like it's going to be the hard way, doesn't it? Pity... you could have escaped yourself further embarrassment." He looked down at Severus' cock as it became level with his face. For a moment James wondered if he was going too far. He was confident in his sexuality, he knew he loved Lily. But still this was... No. He'd humiliate Snape. He'd make the bastard like it. He'd ruin him to an inch of his life in every way possible. Until the cretin learnt.
Taking hold of the base of Severus' cock, James' tongue slid up the side of it, feeling his pulsing vein on his tongue. The slight prickle from Severus' dark pubes at the base. It didn't taste bad... it just tasted like, skin. He expected Severus' cock to be foul since he didn't bathe.

“I…will never submit…to you” he breathed as he bit into his bottom lip to keep himself from moaning or calling out. The feel of James’ tongue running up his cock was like nothing he had ever felt before, it felt really good and sent sparks running up his body in excitement and pleasure. Something had to be wrong with him, he was enjoying another man touching him, James Potter touching him no less the one person he hated the most and he now felt such overwhelming pleasure from him.

Just as the pleasure began to mount in Severus' cock, James pulled away, a line of spittle connected the head of his cock to James' lips. He poked his tongue out to pop it. Two devilish eyes darting upwards to meet Snape's glazed eyes. He noticed his flushed complexion with a smirk.
"You could have fooled me Snivellus..." He purred. James' voice sounded deeper than normal, with an edge of huskiness to it. Was he aroused to? Did he like this? No fucking way!
"Your slit is weeping..." He purred, getting to his feet, "you're making such a mess..." As James spoke, he leant forward to kiss Snape. His left hand took hold of his chin, using his thumb to pull his mouth down and open. With a squelch James slipped his tongue inside his mouth.

Snape let out a moan in the rough kiss and the tongue that was invading his mouth and exploring every inch of it before he bit down hard on it, if James though he was just going to lean back and allow this to happen he had another thing coming.

James' eye flew open and his face creased with pain. With a yelp, he yanked his tongue back, tasting the faint traces of copper. The bastard had made him bleed! "You little shit...!" He growled. His fist slamming into the opposite side of Severus face (to the one he'd already hit) James heard the satisfied crack of his jaw as it connected with his knuckles. But that wasn't enough... Before Snape had a chance to recover from the pain in his face. James was un-doing his flies and dropping his trousers.

Snape moaned as he coughed and spat out a mouth full of blood, his jaw ached painfully as he moved it trying to find out how bad the damage was before looking back at James and seeing his trousers down. “You put that near my mouth…and I will bite it off” Snape growled trying to ignore the pain in his jaw and really wishing that he wasn’t tide up.

"I don't doubt that..." James purred back in response, a malicious glint his eye. "I don't intend to put it there but here..." He emphasized by sliding his hand behind Snape's ball sack, in between the crease of his cheeks.

“Don’t you dare you bastard!” Snape fell as he managed to shuffle backwards without falling down. “I always knew there was something sick about you Potter, now I see you are finally letting your true colours show. Sorry but I’m not interested in being your little fuck toy!”

James scoffed. "I'm sorry but I wasn't aware you had a choice." As he spoke those word's, it was clear how much he resented Severus. Because of how much he wanted Lily and truly believed that Snape was doing everything in his power to make James suffer. When really Severus wasn't doing anything, not intentionally anyway. It was a muddled up situation. How was this even happening between them?
It didn't matter because James Potter was flicking his wand again, which tightened the ropes drastically around Severus. He muttered another spell and the dark haired man was lifted up into the air against his will. James took them straight into the nearest boy's toilets, levitating him down into one of the cubicles and locking the door behind them. It was tight and compact. Severus couldn't breathe, let alone move.
"There's no escaping now..." James smirked. "It's just you and me down here..."

“You bastard” Severus growled out wishing that he could punch James or push him away, anything to stop the situation that was happening right in front of him even as his hard prick gave a small jolt of excitement. “You come near me and I’ll scream bloody murder and you’ll be out of the school so fast you wont know what happened Potter!”

James cocked up one perfect brow. "Is that right? You can guarantee that can you?" Scoffing, he rose his wand up to Snape's eyes, making him go cross eyed as he stared at the piece of the wood. James watched Severus' eyes widening as he muttered a silencing charm. The feeling was uncomfortable. It felt like a ball of material was being shoved down Snape's throat, preventing him from breathing let alone speaking.
"What was that?" James sneered, licking his lips and setting his wand down.

Snape let out a small murmured sound that could barely be heard by himself let alone James as he seemed to grin at Severus’ lack of voice.
Well if screaming wasn’t going to work he would just have to thrash around in the confined space until James gave up or he managed to hit him with any part of himself and knock him out with any luck.

James' eyes made contact with his and held, piercing into Severus like a thousand needles. "If you're so sure of yourself and comfortable with your sexuality then why is this effecting you so much? Why are you so flustered Snivellus? I can do this to you and know it doesn't mean a thing to me, it's about putting you in your place, teaching you a lesson about who's the top dog around here..." He trailed a hand up Severus' thigh, edging dangerously close to his cock again. He felt Severus tense at his touch. "Fucking is fucking, right? Or are you a homophobe?" He teased.

Severus gave a slight growling sound against the spell that silenced him, he was not homophobic but the last person in the world he wanted anywhere near him was James Potter. He would rather it be anyone else than James Potter, he would even rather it be his werewolf of a friend when he was transformed at a full moon than him as he squeezed his thighs together and drew his legs up at an awkward angel to stop James’ touch.
James, may not have been the most intelligent wizard in the world, he also might have more muscle that brain cells but because of Quidditch he had a very strong physique, a lot of muscles under his Gryffindor jumper. He spun Severus around, put the toilet lid down and sat on it. Prying the greasy Slytherin's legs open again with ease; he yanked his trousers, hooked in with his boxers right down to his ankles. Much to Severus' humiliation. But things were about to get a lot worse, James was pulling him onto his lap, pulling his own cock free from the restraints of fabric. He hissed as his moist tip hit cold air.
"I'm going to use your body like I would my own hand, I'm going to get myself off inside your arse..." He grinned raggedly, cheeks a little flushed with excitement. James was sick with enjoyment.
Snape made a small sound as he struggle against James hold and doing nothing but stimulating James more as he rubbed up against him in his struggles to get free and away from him and wanting to yell at the top of his lungs for James to fuck off.
He heard James let out a moan in his struggles, obviously enjoying the friction that he was getting from Severus as he moved around on his lap.

"You're only making this worse for yourself Snivellus, it's going to hurt so much less if you listen to me." James commanded authoritatively, like he would if he was on a Quidditch pitch. Once Snape was forced securely onto his lap, his cock was exceedingly close to James', who took advantage of the situation and wound his hand around both of them, squeezing them together, hard flesh on hard flesh. The dirtiness of it and their whereabouts made him groan deep in his throat.
James also took satisfaction in the knowledge of Severus' cock being an inch smaller than his, James' was thicker, beefier, like himself. He squeezed their cock's and moved his hand, fisting them both as he pushed it open and down, his foreskin catching on Severus' perfectly, causing him to grit his teeth at the feeling.

Severus squeezed his eyes shut and grit it teeth, trying to think of anything else than what James was doing not wanting to give the Gryffindor the satisfaction of thinking he was actually enjoying this when really he was. The skin to skin contact was making his insides burn in excitement and if he had his voice he was sure that he would be letting out small moans against his will.

James' eyes shot down when he felt something moist on his fingers and blinked in satisfied surprise when he noticed the slit of Severus' cock beginning to weep with clear, white pre-come. His cock practically pulsing against his hand.
"You like it..." James accused in a husky voice that was much too sexy for someone as arrogant as James Potter. He kept his free arm around Severus' waist and tightened his grip, leaning up to press his wet mouth to Severus' earlobe, he grazed his teeth down the edge and flicked his tongue forward to delve into the shell, breathing heavier through his nose. His fingers beginning to move again, jerking them both off against each other in one, big hand. He bucked off the toilet and into his own touch. "Sh-shit..." He grunted against Snape's ear.

Severus turned his head away from James’ invading mouth, not wanting to open his eyes and see what was happening around him. James was stroking him hard and fast now and he feared he might actually break and cum all over him, if he did he knew James would never let him hear the end of it even as he let out a gasped breath feeling James’ silencing spell starting to wear off.

James had originally planned to shove his cock inside Snivellus' arse, fuck him raw, without preparation or lube. But somehow, in some crazy universe, he was enjoying this more than he'd planned to.
He'd lost himself. In this. In Severus. How? Fuck... "Your face is so hot..." He purred, mouth dropping to Snape's neck when he moved his away, he exposed it more, which meant James could drag his mouth up the hot skin, feeling his pulsing vein beneath his tongue, he parted his lips and bit into Severus' skin. Breathing heavy out of his nose. He was close too. His hand didn't stop moving. It was faster. Desperate. He was beginning to tremble under the pleasure of it.
"So hard, Snivellus..." He teased sexily against his skin, he could be felt smirking. "Your skins so hot because of me."

Severus grit his teeth painfully trying to hold back the moan that was threatening to explode out of his throat before he couldn’t hold it back any longer and he let out hard breaths mingled with a moan as he moved his head causing his head to fall onto his neck and block James access to it.

James' eyes widened at the sound, his own cock throbbed at the noise. "Snivellus..." He drawled, so thrown off guard by such an honest and raw noise of pleasure. "Do it again..." He hoarsed, sliding one of his fingers around Snape's soaked slit in circular motions, stimulating the most sensitive part of his cock.

Severus grit his teeth again but finding it harder and harder to keep his mouth shut when James touched him like that and he let out a moan his head starting to lull back as he panted trying to relax his over sensitive body as his cock gave a jerk in James hold as he cheeks turned pink.

The temperature in the cubicle had definitely heated up. Beads of sweat had formed on James' forehead, his scruffy hair sticking to it, glasses in disarray. He neglected his own cock and fully grabbed hold of Severus', eager to hear more, SEE more; his own pleasure left behind as he grasped hold of his thick shaft and started to jerk desperately. With flushed skin and his black hair out of his face, Severus actually looked... pretty decent. Fuck.

Severus moaned as he panted, his head tipped back in pleasure as James stroked his cock before hearing a click from the door and hearing someone walk into the toilets and Severus bit into his bottom lip to try and stay quiet as his body trembled wanted to yell and moan as the two boys in the toilet talked and he hoped that they would leave quickly.

James' eyes snapped towards the cubicle door when he heard them enter, he held his breath, trying not to pant, when he looked back at Snape, he met his eyes in warning. But as much as he should stop for a moment, wait for the boy's to leave, he couldn't stop himself. His fingers tightened around Snape's cock and he started to stroke him again, biting the inside of his cheek as he watched him, studying his expression this close up. He'd never see Severus in this light. He looked so... different. So human. Flushed with colour like that.
James' thrusts became more firm now, tugging back the foreskin with each jerk, he massaged his swollen head with the pad of his thumb. He'd wanked off enough times in the common room to know what felt good.
"Snivellus..." He breathed in his ear, in a quiet but breathless whisper so no one else could hear.

Severus shudder and tried to struggle again his restricting ropes, he wanted to cover his mouth with his hand to stifle his pants and moans. He could hear the two boys moving about outside of the cubical as they moved over to the sinks.
“Please…please stop” he panted into James ear finding it hard to keep his voice low before a moan escaped his lips and he quickly bit down on his lip hoping the two boys hadn’t heard him.

James' eyes shot up in warning, telling Severus to shut up with the intensity of his stare. But truthfully, he liked the danger. The adrenaline getting caught sparked in him. Even if it could potentially ruin him and his reputation. He was enjoying this more than he thought he would even if it felt sinful.
Snaking his free hand around his own cock, he hissed at how sensitive he was and grit his teeth, beginning to jerk them both at the same time, pumping Severus with the urgency he felt within himself. "Fuck..." He hoarsed through grit teeth.

“Did you hear that? Is someone else in here?” one of the boys asked as he looked around the apparently empty toilets with a raised brow.
“It’s probably just the old pipes in this place groaning or something, that or someone is taking a really big shit. Come on lets get going” the other boy said before heading for the door and out of the toilets.

Severus shuddered and panted before hearing the door click shut again and moaned freely. “Please…please untie me…it hurts” he panted feeling the ropes biting into skin and leaving marks as his hips jerked up into James hand.

"No..." James snapped breathlessly. "You will try and escape." He squeezed Severus' cock harder, massaging the sensitive parts of his cock with his thumb, rubbing the weeping pre-come from his slit all over his cock. "You suit the ropes." He breathed, jerking himself harder too. "I don't trust you... You'll run before you get off even though you need to come..."

Severus clenched his teeth to prevent a moan escaping him finding the action hard to maintain before throwing his head back in a moan his cheek flushed pink. “n-no more…I can’t take it” he panted jerking his hips up to meet James hand and the touch that was making his insides boil with heat and excitement. “Potter stop…stop.”

James' insides clenched at the begging, it really got him off. "Oh fuck, Snivellus...!" He bowed his head forward, panting violently, his hands ached from the speed he was using to jerk them both off at the same time. "Move into my hand and call me James... I might stop if you do!" He panted.

Severus shook his head in defiance. “I…I wont…I wont call you by your name…you bastard!” he said trying to sit still on James lap and not give him what he wanted, he wasn’t going to jump just because someone had told him to, he wasn’t like that but with what he was feeling he would gladly bark like a dog if he kept getting pushed closer to the edge of madness like he was.

"You're so stubborn when your body is screaming at you... But, if you hated it that much, you would do anything to get it to stop..." James purred breathlessly. "You like it... admit it?" He nipped Severus' ear, biting the lobe and giving it a tug, breathing heavy into it out from his nose. Letting go of his own cock momentarily to reach down and fondle Severus' balls, massaging slow, firm circles into them.

“No!” Severus yelled. “That’s …ah…that’s not true, I hate it!” he yelled moving on James lap as if to try and get away from the touching only to let out a moan as the tip of his cock rubbed against James’ sending delicious shocks right down his cock.

"Don't you know-" He pushed one finger in between each of Severus' arse cheeks, feeling them tense, he forced his finger up through the crack with ceasing to jerk his cock. The cubicle was hot now, condensation steaming up the small window above it. It felt like one of Professor Sprouts greenhouses. "-Love and hate come hand in hand baby...!" The pad of his index finger grazed the tight, puckered hole of Severus' arse. "Call me James..." He demanded breathlessly, sucking Severus' lobes.

Severus shook his head and clenched around the finger hoping if he did it hard enough that maybe he could break James’ finger. “…if I do…will you stop” he breathed as he focused on clenching around James not wanting his finger to go any further than it already had. “And don’t…call me baby.”

"I will stop," James drawled. "But you have to say it like you mean it..." He smirked against Severus' earlobe. Pushing one finger inside Severus' foreskin, stroking it around his cock in a circle, following it right round.

“Ahh!” Severus moan out loudly throwing his head forward till his hair draped around his face and hid it from James’ sight as his body shook. “J….J-James” he murmured out with a pant, but James didn’t stop obviously not satisfied with the response that he gave. “James” he said in a half moan as his hips bucked.

James' eyes widened and his nostrils flared. He was pretty sure Severus had never called him that. Ever. It sounded so... different, coming from his mouth. "Again..." He demanded, not keeping to his promise, but of course, he never intended to. "Remember my name because one day soon I will make you scream it," He purred seductively. James was a beast in Quidditch and a beast in sex. "Come here," He commanded, retracting his hands and shifting their position, he set Severus down onto the toilet and got down in between his legs on the dirty, tiled floor. He pushed his legs right open with his arms and leant down to take him in his mouth, right down to the base, breathing in deeply through his nose. Finding his wand at the same time, he flicked it, muttering a spell against Severus' cock, some of the restraints loosening so they didn't hurt Severus, but they didn't vanish completely. Showing the slightest inkling of compassion. It was surprising.

Severus moaned leaning his head back until his hair brushed against the dirty wall behind him and he looked up at the ceiling. James’ mouth was around his cock and sucking him, the feel of James’ wet mouth was intoxicating and felt a lot better than his hand. “You…you lied…you said you would stop” he panted at the ceiling not wanting to look down at what James was doing to him and he moaned as he spread legs wider apart.

James hummed in response, sending vibrations up through Severus' cock, he dragged his teeth lightly down his shaft then focused on his tip, which was flushed red with wanton. "White lies that benefit the greater good aren't so bad..." He teased, exhaling against the organ. James took hold of the base of it and retracted his mouth off with a pop. Tilting his head, to lick right up and down the side of it, burying his face in his dark hair and inhaling the musky scent. Closing his eyes to enjoy it. "Don't you want to come, Snivellus? Be honest... for once?" His eyes looked up, remaining embedded in pubes, he licked his lips. "You're never honest..."

Severus bit his bottom lip before finally looking down at James and his cheek flushed red at the sight. “I…I want to cum” he panted as he watched James and gave a slight wriggle in his ties. “And…and I…don’t call me that” he murmured finding it unfair that James had made him call him by his name and he was still being called the dirty nickname of Snivellus.

James' hazel brown eyes had never looked so bright, piercing up into Severus' like fire, they burned holes in him. His glasses a bit askew. Cheekbones defined. The faintest traces of stubble growing along his jaw if you looked close enough. He was growing well and truly into a strapping young man. "What? You don't like that?" He purred playfully, breathing in Severus' scent once more. "You don't like baby, or your special name I've given you... you're hard to please, aren't you?" He laughed huskily, it was such a handsome sound and his breath sent tingles up Severus' cock.

Severus looked away from him. “I hate it” he murmured before looking back as James and quickly moving one of his long thin legs to kick James away and send him flying into the bathroom door. “I hate it! And I hate you, you bastard!” he yelling sitting up on the toilet and drawing his legs up and away from James as he panted.

James' back connected with the toilet door, followed by his head. He groaned from the pain and reached back to grip his head. "Fucker..." He grit his teeth, massaging his scalp. "You're such a little prick!" Looking up, James looked fierce, the previous affection gone. "If I touched up any other bloke, they'd be fucking soft, you don't hate it, quit fucking lying, for once in your pathetic life!"

“I’m not the pathetic one! You are the pathetic one thinking I’m in the way of you and Lily and then you tie me up and almost strange me with these damn ropes so you can do this to me!” he yelled struggling against his ties. “I hate being used like this and I hate you I hate all people like you who think they can take whatever they want even when the other person says no!” he yelled glaring at James with fierce dark eyes.

James' head bowed at the mention of Lily, his scruffy hair casting shadows over his eyes. He was tense. Jaw clenching, the sound of his teeth scraping together could be heard inside his mouth. "You don't have to bring her into this..." He muttered, voice low. "This isn't about Miss Evans, it's about..." He looked up, staring at Severus, his voice travelling off.

“What is it about!” Severus yelled as he looked at him. “Tell me! Come on where has all that Gryffindor pride and stubbornness gone to?!” he asked wanting to hear James reasoning for all of this if it had nothing to do with Lily.

Pushing himself up to his feet, James wouldn't look at him as he yanked up his own trousers and did up his flies. "I suggest you shut the fuck up... or I will shut you up, Snivellus." He warned. "Don't stick that big nose of yours where it doesn't belong, I guess you'll never know will you." He scoffed, straightening his glasses and running a hand through his wild hair.

“I didn’t expect to ever know, cause lets face it I’m just dirty, greasy Snivellus to you aren’t I and that’s I have ever been. You have never seen is as an actually person with feelings not once in your life” he said as she watched James straighten himself up and look like his usual cocky self like he was around his little marauders friends or whatever it was that they called themselves.

James slid his hands into his pockets, thumbs nagging on the edges of them; he slouched in a casual, lazy position, putting weight onto one leg.
"Maybe if you acted like you had feelings, you might be treated better. I've never seen you act the slightest bit human. In fact, this is the most human I've ever seen you!"

“Oh and I wonder why I act so dead inside when I’m around you an your stupid friends” he said as he looked at James not breaking the angry ask he had put on. “And I don’t see why it should matter if you get to see my emotions, all you want to do is make my life here a living hell as if I don’t get enough of it at home! …why don’t you just run on back to your tower and rejoice with your friends about how you kicked the crap out of or something…” he said looking away from James.

Something snapped in James and he leapt forward, slamming Severus' shoulders into the back wall from where he sat on the toilet, James was leant over him, putting all his weight on Severus' shoulders, holding them into the wall. "Do you think I like myself after I've beaten you up?! For fuck sake's Snivellus! I don't!"

“Well you have a funny way of showing it!! You seem to always go out of your way to find me and do it to me!!” he yelled winking at the pain in his shoulder from being slammed against the wall. “If you hate it so much why do you do it?! You’re the damn ring leader of your little gang, do you just find it easier to attack the weakest guy in school to show your power off to them?!”

Severus was unnerving him, pissing him off, riling him up, making him think about things he didn't want to think about. He was lucky James didn't punch him in the face to shut him up.
"I know how to be with everyone in school, I'm good with people. I'm popular. I know how people work. But I've never known how to be with you! and I hate seeing you with Miss Evans, it makes me angry!" He admitted, blurting out shit he was sure to regret later on, but he was so pent up with emotion. Severus was practically dragging it out of him. "This is just who I am, I don't mean to be a bad person... I don't want to be. I want to be an Auror, I just want..."

“Then be a fucking Auror I’m standing in your way, I don’t want to be one and if you really want to know me so fucking badly then talk to Lily your in the same god damn house!” he yelled watching James, he could see that he was starting to get under his skin and angel him but the filter on his mouth seemed to stop working.
“She has know me since before Hogwarts, she can tell you whole history if you want to know it that badly and “get to know me better” if that’s really what is pissing you off about me.”

"I don't want to get to know you!" James fumed defensively, getting his back up. "Why the fuck would I want to?!" He snarled. "And if I did, it's better coming from the person themselves than another! I wouldn't spend the precious time I do get with Miss Evan's talking about you, would I?!"

“How the hell would I know, you are in the same house everyday and night do you ever actually talk to her because she still cant seems to stand you when you talk to her!” he growled. “So if you don’t want to spend your so called precious time with me why are you still here?”

"That's because I don't talk to her, I can never puck up the fucking courage in the common room!" James shouted in anguish. Because it was true, it was easy in front of his mates, or when he was around Severus, teasing him in front of Lily. But when it came to them both being alone in the common room, he couldn't go up to her, he'd say the wrong thing, he'd fuck up. He cared.
"Because... because I don't fucking know just shut up Snivellus!" They were yelling bloody murder each other and to anyone overhearing it might have been quite comical.
Releasing the pressure on Severus' shoulders, James stood up straight. "You make me feel so angry, all the time..." He ran a hand through his hair, curling it in his brown locks.

Severus said quietly as he stared at the toilet walk. “” he murmured not looking to see James reaction. “Lily likes flowers and gardening…if you talk to her about that you will be fine” he said quietly as he moved is shoulder slightly to try and relax them.

James mentally groaned at the thought of talking about flowers. "I don't know the first thing about flowers, Snivellus... I don't have a damned hope in hell." He exhaled. "The only thing I know about them is that her name is a flower and she's one of the prettiest!" James sighed at the thought of her long red hair and kind smile. But remembered himself and flushed. Realizing he'd just said something so humiliating in front of Snape of all people! "Fuck this..."

“We have a library, try picking up a book for once and finding out some things. Heck just holding a flower book near her would be enough to her talking to you” he said moving on his seat not liking to give help to James on how to talk to Lily but somehow he felt so sorry for the poor git that he took pity on him.

"I can't be seen in the library!" James scoffed. "I'm naturally talented with magic, I don't need textbooks. But if I got caught researching FLOWERS in a library! Merlin's beard..." He shook his head in disbelief, generally shocked that Severus would suggest him to go there. But he looked up suddenly. "Can't you? Get me some books."

Severus scoffed. “Unlikely, you want those books an to talk to her so bad you do it yourself I am not your lap dog” he shook his head at the thought of James using him to get book out of the library. “Lily is in the library a lot to you know…but I guess you would know that if you ever stepped a foot inside it’s doors.”

"She is?" James asked, a little too quickly, his eyes brightened some what. "She is..." He repeated thoughtfully, stroking the faint traces of stubble on his jaw. "I suppose... I could sneak in there." After a moment or two, he looked back up at Severus. "I'm not using you, Sniv-... Severus." He forced out, trying to break the habit. "I'm asking for your advice... from man to man."

Severus raised a brow at hearing James use his real first name before shaking it off. “Really? Because a moment ago you were yelling at me and looked like you were about to hit me” he said watching James. “And asking me for advice would waste your time and how do you no I’m not lying to you? I am a snake of Slytherin after all” he said making a gesture with his tongue like a snake.

The gesture sent tingles straight downwind, his cock gave a throb inside his boxers and James swallowed before brushing it off.
"You could be lying, but I know you're not..." James informed matter of factly, taking a step closer to the Slytherin. "Because even though I'm a Gryffindor, I'm not always brave... I'm shit scared of talking to the most beautiful girl because I know I'll fuck it up." He admitted. "That makes me a pussy, yeah?" He scoffed. "I'm pathetic when it comes to Lily..."

“Yeah you are pathetic, because she is actually the easiest girl in school to talk to” he grinned. “But I guess not all guys can be good with the ladies, like your mate Sirius Black who ladies just seem to throw themselves at” he said shaking his head in disgust at the thought.

James looked up sharply. "I could get any girl in this school Snivellus... but I don't want to!" He snapped. "I'm not bad with girl's... just her. Because I actually care about her, because I care about what she thinks..." He trailed off, having said enough tonight. Snape was already tapped into his thoughts far too much for his liking.
"Fuck, I need to get myself off..." James groaned, rubbing the back of his neck. "I was so damn close. But you ruined it."

“Oh so sorry I didn’t want your hands on me or your finger up my arse” he said with a small shudder and a disgusted look on his face. “Well better get back to your dorm room and deal with it then, or maybe find some other poor unsuspecting person to drag into the toilets with you.”

James grit his teeth, clenching them until they made a painful scratching sound. "Do you know what? Go and fuck yourself!" He slammed both hands into Severus' chest, sending him backwards (again) painfully hitting the back of the cubicle wall. And this time, James didn't feel bad for it.
"You deserve that. I'm attempting to be civil to you, which is hard for me. Then you make your unnecessary comments. You're practically asking for it."

“Oh yes because I just love getting beaten up” he said moving away from the wall and feeling his back ache. “Why don’t you just go already, get yourself some sleep since tomorrow you wont be getting anyway” He said watching James and seeing him lift a brow as Severus rolled his eyes and looked out one of the high windows. “Full moon tomorrow.”

James turned his back on Severus and grabbed the lock on the cubicle door, opening it with a click. "And there's me... thinking you were attempting to be kinky," He smirked over his shoulder at Severus, meeting his eyes. "What a disappointment as ever, Snivellus..."

Severus gave a snort. “As if I would ever be kinky with you Potter” he said turning his head away from him. “You will have to find someone else who will want to crawl into your bed with you.”

"Wouldn't that make you jealous?" The ever cocky Potter asked with a raise of his eyebrow and a smirk still plastered to his face. He regarded Severus with amusement, noting how tense and uncomfortable he was. He definitely had an effect on him.

“As if Potter, I could care less about who you were sleeping with in the school. Now if you would kindly untie me I would like to pull up my trousers and go back to my dorm to see how badly you have bruised me this time around” he all but growled knowing his pale skin would be painted black and blue by the morning.

"Maybe I'll just leave you here..." James hummed in amusement, licking his bottom lip before he turned back to face the cubicle, gripping either side of it. "See it as a reminder of our wondrous evening together, I took you out for dinner and brought you roses!" He teased playfully. Stepping closer to Severus who's eyes widened at the immediate closeness again. "I have had a swell time... we should do it again sometime..." His eyes glinted, then his wicked smirk descended on Severus before he had a chance to move, James' mouth was on his, kissing him, firmly. And James was grabbing either side of his neck, holding him there. "...And don't even think about biting me." He whispered as he lent back.

“Do that again and I will bite you again” Severus said glaring at James and wanting to back away from him but having know where to go except into a wall and that was only going to make matters worse for him not better. “So don’t think about trying something like this again because I will bite and kick you again like I did this time. Despite how I may look to you I am not into guys Potter.”

"I never said you were..." James teased, swiping his tongue across his bottom lip, tasting Severus there. "But you've felt the need to clarify that so I'm guessing you're insecure about your sexuality? Have I made you question yourself?" James asked. Forever arrogant.

“No you haven’t you arrogant git!” he yelled glaring at James, he liked girl he was sure of it and he didn’t need something like James making him think differently. Snape screwed his face as a piece of hair fell into his eyes. “It’s my hair isn’t it? Does my long hair somehow scream gay to you? Is that why you dragged me in here to have your way with me?”

"More like how fucking hard you got and how quick?" James scoffed, rolling his eyes. He pulled out his wand from his pocket and aimed it at Severus, with a flick of his wrist, the ropes fell loose around his body and tumbled to the floor. "Go on, get the hell out of here, go to the Slytherin common room and try and convince yourself you didn't like this. Maybe you'll actually make it true." He smirked cockily.

Snape scoffed at he pulled up his trousers and did them up before rubbing at his already bruised wrists. “Enjoy your empty bed up in you tower while you run past Lily” he said walking past James and out of the cubical. “And you might want to wash your hands. Don’t want you to have any of my disgusting germs on you, right?” he said as he headed for the door to leave.

James clenched those very same hands into fists, bowing his head as Severus passed him. But just when he had, James' arm shot forward and he grabbed his wrist to stop him. He didn't say anything, or move. He just stood there...

“…let go of my wrist, your hurting me” he said in a blank voice as he looked at James wondering why he had stooped him this time. “If you have something you want to say to me Potter say it because I would like to leave.”

"You're not...-" He paused to lick his now dry lips, moistening them. "You're not disgusting."

Severus just blinked at James. “Funny, because you have been telling me that for years…you and the rest of this school” he said snatching his wrist back angrily and taking a few steps back so James couldn’t reach for him again.

"I'm trying, alright?" James grit his teeth, this wasn't his forte. "I don't want to be like this, I don't want to be a wanker to you".

“Really? Because you have done a great job over the years making me your number one target for all forms of stress relief” he snapped clenching his teeth. “Now if you will excuse me I want to shower before bed. Yes that’s right Potter I shower and wash my believe it or not and I would also like to see how many charms I have to have on all day to cover up your rope marks. Thank you very much for them” he said giving a sarcastic salute to James.

"If you don't watch yourself, I'll have you back in those ropes and--"
"Prongs!?" James' head snapped towards the bathroom door just as the familiar faces of Peter, Sirius and Remus appeared in their pyjamas.
"There you are! We've been watching you on the map, it's really late!" Sirius frowned.
"All the prefects are out watching the halls, we brought the cloak..." Remus held it up.
"Well, well... I thought Snivellus would be covered in blood by now or unconscious - you've been ages!" Sirius scoffed.
"Yeah, well... Just leave it." James grunted, grabbing his cloak off of Remus.
"What the hell is up with you man?" Sirius grabbed his arm then looked at Severus warningly.

“Why does it smell weird in here?” Remus asked, his wolf senses starting to heighten close to the full moon as he looked in the bathroom expecting to see the source of the smell.
Severus stiffened on the spot, Remus could probably smell what had been happening in the cubical and he hopes that Remus wouldn’t figure out what the smell actually was.

James eyes widened at the comment. He swiftly wrapped the cloak around his shoulders, partially blending in with the toilets. "It's a bathroom, Moody! What do you expect it to smell of - fucking roses?"
Sirius scoffed. "Definitely not with Snivellus in the room, eh Prongs?"
"Just get under the cloak."
"What's got your antlers in a knot?!"
"Nothing, I'm tired. I have quidditch tomorrow, so come on!"
As all of the boy's slipped under the cloak, James glanced at an uncomfortable looking Severus.
"Do you want to get under?" He asked uncomfortably, knowing if they got caught after hours they'd be in detention.

“As if, I will take my chances. Once I hit the dungeons I know all the places to hide, plus Slytherins don’t care about things like curfews Potter” he said watching James’ floating head and finding the scene a bit unnerving. “Better run off to your tower now before you get into trouble, especially with all those fun staircases” he smirked.


Needless to say, that night James didn't get much sleep, and not only because of his hand down his pants.
He didn't have much of an appetite at breakfast and didn't practice as well as he normally would at Quidditch. His heart just wasn't in it today. He was tired and knew he'd be in the shrieking shack for the best part of tonight.
But his luck changed as he noticed Lily walking towards the library, a handful of books in her arms, he made a move to walk towards her but stopped dead in his tracks as Severus pondered out, walking alongside her...
Anger seethed inside him and he marched forward, following them in.

“Sev do you think you could get me a book?” Lily asked in a whisper as they set there book and bags down at one of the tables. “I know where it is but I cant reach it and I know if I start jumping up and down try to reach Madame Pince is going to have a go at me for making noise and accuse me of trying to damage on of her book” she said looking at Severus with pleading eyes, she knew he couldn’t say no when she did that.

Severus gave a sigh and smiled at here. “Alright tell me where it is and I will get it for you” he smiled as she pointed at a line of shelves and told him where the book was and it’s title before he walked off to find it.

When Severus wandered off from Lily and left her alone, James eyes lit up. This was his chance!
He pulled out his wand and muttered a quiet spell under his breath; the spell made a soft poof and then a bunch of white lilies were in his hand. He'd taken Severus' advice, remembering what the Slytherin had said last night. He didn't particularly want to see Severus, but he couldn't pass up opportunity - he should come to the library more often!
With a deep inhale of air, he pushed himself to walk over to Lily.
"Uh, hey..." He greeted, extending the bouquet towards her. "These are for you."

Lily looked at James stunned before taking the flowers from him. “Uh…thank you James. There lovely” she smiled smelling them lightly, she loved the smell of lilies and felt grateful she was names after the beautiful flowers.
“It’s not like you to ever come into the library, what are you doing in here?” she asked as she smiled James holding her lilies close to her chest wanting to enjoy there smell as long as possible.

James stammered under the beauty of her smile, very rarely was it directed at him, usually he was greeted with a scold for mistreating Severus. So this completely caught him off guard, he tugged at the collar of his shirt and swallowed, walking smoothly over to one of the little desks and pulling out the chair for her to sit down. "E-exactly... I've never been in here. I thought it time to change that. I do want to be an auror after all..." He said sheepishly and that last part wasn't a lie.

“Really?” she asked taking the offered seat and sitting down, placing the flowers on the table next to her. “You better study really hard then, I hear that you need really high grades before they even consider you for auror training” she said watching James and realizing this was probably the longest they had ever talked, excluding her yelling at him of course.

James nodded, he knew that much. "I think I'm going to cut down on quidditch, I mean... I love quidditch, flying my broom is one of the best feeling's in the world. But, there are things I love more..." He stared at her a little too long when he said that, his ears burning. Like you, his mind finished for him. Merlin, she was so beautiful. James was about to say something else when he heard footsteps and looked up to see Severus appear, clutching a book to his chest.

“Well, well. What a surprise to see you in her Potter” Severus said as he looked at James feeling amazed that he had actually come into the library. “I got your book for you Lily” he smiled as he placed the book down on the table showing of a bruise on his wrist from what the ropes had cut in the night before.

“Thank you Sev you are a life saver” she said a little louder than she meant to as Madame Pince shushed at her and she apologised silently.

James watched from beside Lily and clenched his jaw, begging his word's to not escape him against their will. He'd come this far, he was in the library, if he got his back up and said something abusive to Severus now it wouldn't end well...
"I'm very unpredictable," James said charmingly, flashing his perfect, white teeth as he smile at Severus. "I want to be an auror, I don't want to play games anymore." James looked between Lily and Severus before walking over to one of the bookcases, his Gryffindor robe hung perfectly around his beefy shoulders. He scowled at all the names on the books and grabbed one in particular about potion's.
"Severus, maybe you can assist me... potion's is your strongest point after all?" He glanced over, noticing the shock on Lily's face at him calling Snape by his real name. He could do this!

Severus raised a brow at this to not liking how casual James was being with him. “And do tell why I should help you after everything you have said and down to me in the past?” he asked crossing his arms. “I honestly think that you should just do it yourself. I’m not going to be your helping just because you asked me to.”

James clenched his jaw, fingers clutching the text book harder. "But, I'm really not very good at potion's, you are," He walked over to the pair, standing right in front of Severus and making eye contact with him. "You're brilliant at it." He complimented.

“Indeed I am but that still doesn’t mean that I’m going to help you, beside that friend of yours Lupin. He is rather skilled at potions as well if I remember rightly” he said, he didn’t want to give James the chance of getting close to him again like last night. If he wanted help he was going to get it somewhere else.

The feisty Gryffindor seeker was getting worked up, his anger boiling beneath the surface of his skin. His teeth crunched as they scraped together painfully inside his mouth.
"Fine, don't worry about it. Forget I asked." Lily looked between the boys from where she sat and sucked in her bottom lip. "Sev, maybe you could give him a han-"
James smiled handsomely. "No, don't worry about it Miss Evans. He is far too pent up on the past, he won't allow me a chance to change," His eyes snapped to Severus' face out of the corners. "How is someone expected to if no one gives them the chance?"

Severus looked at Lily as he lifted the sleeve of his shirt while Lily wasn’t looking to show the angry dark bruise around his wrist as Severus mouthed ‘You haven’t changed’ before rolling his sleeve back down again.

James stared at the bruising; it was a dark purple with tints of red and brown, really prominent. His stomach clenched with guilt. He swallowed it down. "I don't gain anything from being horrible to you, I'm sorry." He said aloud, shrugging his shoulders and glancing down at the old, dusty book in his arm. He really did need to grow up and change. But there was something about Severus that got to him, it had been there from their first year.

“Sometimes it’s to late for apologises Potter” he said turning his gaze away and opening his own book of potions as he took out some parchment.

“Maybe you could sit and study with up for a while. I’m not as good as Sev but I can try and help if you get stuck on anything” Lily offered as she gave James a smile and pointed to one of the chairs at the table for him to sit at.

James was about to curse or throw something at Severus when Lily's kindness caught him off guard; his eyes snapped to her face and his throat immediately tightened. "Miss Evans, you... really?" When she nodded and continued to smile, he flushed and went to sit down opposite her and Severus, setting the book down and opening one of the pages, staring at the words in disdain. It wasn't his strongest point, by far. He usually just ran in and did whatever came to his mind.

“…Are you alright James?” she said looking at him and seeing the puzzled look on his face as he stared at his text book. She blinked at him before looking at cover of the book and she giggled. “James that book is for advanced studies. Here I will go get you one you will understand better” she smiled taking the book from him and heading to the shelves.

Severus glanced up from a moment before looking back at his book. “See you got her flowers” he said quietly having noticed the Lily’s on the table and he tucked a piece of hair behind his ear.

"Why the tone of surprise?" James asked, cocking up a brow and leaning back in his chair, balancing it on two of it's legs. "I listened to your advice. Got a problem with that?"

“No, just didn’t think you would actually listen to me” he said scribbling a few notes before pulling out his wand and casting his firth glamer of the day on his wrist and neck were his bruising might been seen. “Next time I will have to keep quiet, cant have you thinking I’m helping you.”

"Severus, I said I'm sorry." James snapped, slamming his hands on the desk, leaning forward over the table. "Why don't you ever get over things? I'm trying and you keep shooting me down! You're purposefully being a dick."

“SSSHHH!!” Madame Pince hissed loudly as she glared at James.

“Please don’t use my first name you have to right to it” he said looking up at James as he set his quill down on the desk. “And you cant say you are trying if you tie me up and force me into a toilet” he said in a low voice not wanting anyone to hear his words.

James took off his glasses and set them down on the table, running his hands over his face, up into his hair. "If it was so awful, why did you get hard?" He asked bluntly.

“Sadly it’s the one bad thing about being a guy, even if it’s something you don’t want once your body is stimulated and touched in a way no guy can stop himself from getting hard” he said blankly crossing his legs under the table. “But it seems you needed no touching on my kind. One look at my body and you were standing to attention as it were.”

"Maybe I just like sex?" James offered with another charming grin, cocking up an eyebrow and leaning forward over the table. "The noises you made, that look on your face, you were so flushed..." He teased.

Severus leaned back in his chair not liking how close James suddenly was to him. “I’m surprised that you have ever had sex Potter” he said looking at him and blushing slightly at James’ words knowing he wouldn’t see it without his glasses on. “What would Lily think of you, more so what would she think to know you got excited by…what was it? The noised I make and how I looked?”

"You wouldn't tell her..." James informed, "because you're in love with her, too."

“You’re right I wouldn’t tell her, but still” he said looking at James before uncrossing his legs and lifting one to push James back and away from him. “I don’t like you being that close to me” he said removing his foot from James’ leg now his chair was back on all four legs.

"Why?" James purred, lifting a leg under the table and sliding one of his in between Severus', prodding his groin with the tip of his shoe. "What are you so afraid of?"

“I’m not afraid of anything” he said reaching under the table and pushing James’ foot away. “And what do you think you are doing we are in the library” he said looking around wondering if anyone had seen, as it was the library was virtually empty.

James huffed a scoff and rolled his eyes, "come on, live a little, just relax..." He mused, sliding over from one chair, to the next, until he was sat beside Severus, who was tensing up at the close proximity of their bodies all of a sudden. James was inside his bubble again and to make matters worse, he was taking hold of the potion's book Severus was looking at, pulling it over a bit so that he could see, his hand brushing Snape's on the book, his own skin considerably warm in comparison.

Severus pulled his hand away. “I am happy not living thank you” he said before realizing what he had said and mentally slapped himself for saying something so very stupid. “You know what I mean and do you really have to sit so close to me? Why don’t you sit on the other side, you know where Lily will be when she gets back.”

James' mouth was dangerously close to his ear then, not intentionally, it just was, in his attempts to lean over and look at his book. "What if I want to sit next to you?" He emphasized the word 'want' by brushing the side of his leg against Severus' under the table.

Severus gave a jolt at the touch and his chair scrapped against the stone floor. “Don’t do that” he said glaring at James not liking to be touched. “And if you love Lily you would want to sit next to her not me…you are not going to get anything out of me Potter I can promise you that.”

James didn't say anything and for a while it looked like he might have given up. But just as Severus started to relax a little, he felt the warm hand of the Gryffindor on top of his thigh.

Severus stiffened at the touch before glaring at James. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” he asked in an angry whisper brushing the hand away only to have it come back again. “I already told you Potter I’m not into guys and I’m certainly not interested in you.”

James' hand nudged up an inch, tips of his fingers ghosting over Severus' inner thigh. "What if it's me that's interested in you?" He whispered, voice a little ragged and strained.

“I would want to know why” he said shifting his leg, what had gotten into Potter lately? Was he having a very early mid life crisis? Severus just couldn’t understand, was James just getting some sort of sick pleasure out of taunting him like this. “Potter if you don’t remove your hand right now I’m going to-“

“Hey I’m back, sorry I took so long someone had moved the book” Lily smiled as she headed over to the table before raising a brow at the fact James had moved and it looked like he was sharing a book with Severus. “…is everything alright here?” she asked placing the book down before sitting.

James looked up at Lily, smiling. "Alright? Everything's fine, isn't it Severus?" He asked the dark head boy next to him. Emphasizing the 'isn't it' by pushing his hand up higher on his thigh, fingertips touching the edge of his crotch.

Severus glared at James and the invading hand at his crotch. “I told you not to call me by my first name” he said looking at James and wanting to stab the invading hand. “…I would rather he wasn’t so lose to me. I don’t like him inside of my bubble.”

"Miss Evans, you'll have to beg my pardon for asking," James said politely, looking at her affectionately. "But I'd appreciate it if you could help me, I know I have been an arse, to Severus. I want to be a changed man but he won't allow me to make it up to him..." He cupped Severus fully, stroking over the soft bulge with his thumb, moving it in circles. "I just want to start afresh, do something... different, make a change, Severus is stubborn, he won't give me a chance to make it up to him or give him anything nice."

Severus clamped his legs together at the touch to know real success of stopping James all it seem to do was make the touch stronger as he was pressed closer. Severus said nothing as he grit his teeth trying to show that what James was doing didn’t matter and he was not going to get a rise out of him and he was not going to moan or squirm for him.

“Oh I see, well Sev maybe you could try and give James a little chance. He has been nice to you since he has been here. And I’m sure he will grow up and stop being so mean to you, wont you James?” she asked looking at him.

"Of course, Miss Evans!" James said over enthusiastically, white teeth glinting as he smiled. James pushed his strong hand right in between Severus' thighs, there was no stopping him, Severus was trapped, unable to do anything without making a scene in front of Lily in the library. James kneading the soft bulge, pushing his fingertips in circular motions around Severus' soft cock, feeling it twitch within the fabric. "I won't be 'mean' to you anymore..." James said, looking at Snape now, eyes ablaze from behind his glasses, fondling him like this, in here no less, there was a thrill in that...

“Oh I think that you will be mean” he said taking a hold of James’ hand to stop his but finding it hard to push the strong hand away from his groin. “Stop it” he whispered at James as he glared at him.

“Did you say something Sev?” she asked looking at him sure that she had heard him whisper something under his breath but guess to we probably an insult aimed at James and tried not to worry about it.

It had never meant to go this way, never had James intended for this to get so serious, touching Severus had meant to be his next fucked up plot to warn him away from Lily, so why was he still continuing on? The plan clearly hadn't worked. But he just couldn't help himself, his fingers were clammy and hot for the greasy haired Slytherin with his pale skin and large nose. He wanted more of him, groping his twinging little prick through the fabric of his trousers just wasn't enough. He couldn't get to him, reach him, not in the way he desired. James realized he'd been lost in his own thoughts, Lily and Severus had been talking and he couldn't recall their conversation, to make matters worse, his touches were getting needier, he was stroking firm circles against Severus' groin, wishing the trousers weren't in the way then wishing he would stop thinking so filthy about Snivellus of all people. He should want to get into Lily's pretty little knickers and yet he was fondling Severus under the bloody table. James felt a bead of sweat roll down his forehead, he swallowed. Lily was looking between the boys, noticing the slight pinch of red to Severus' ivory skin and James' glazed eyes. "Is something wrong?" She asked worriedly. "Are you both feeling unwell?"

“Yes, I think I’m feeling rather sick. Sorry Lily I think I’m going to have to miss out on are study session, I hope you don’t mind if head back to my room for a while to lie down” he said as he smacked James’ hand away and stood up and feeling glad that his robs covered him, he piled up his books and moving to put them in his bag only to drop them all over the floor with a series of loud thumps. “Damn it” he said kneeling down and starting to pick them up.

“Sev you alright?” she asked moving to help him and she touched his forehead. “You feel really hot Sev, maybe it would be good if you went for a lie down. Let me go these books checked out for you okay” she smiled taking the books and moving over to a scowling Madame Pince as Severus remained on the floor.

Moving without much thought as soon as Lily's back was turned, James was on his feet and beside Severus, taking hold of his arm and pulling him up to his feet and yanking him around to face him. His eyes were intense behind their glasses as Severus caught a glimpse of them, James was studying the look on the Slytherin's face, trying to make sure he was alright without the humiliation of asking. He was too close to him, noses nearly grazing, Severus' breath brushing against his lips. His stomach clenched...

“Let go of me Potter” he said lowering his head so he didn’t have to look into James eyes as he went to take a stop back but being held firmly in place by James’ strong hands. “I don’t like you touching me Potter…so let go before you bruise me again” he said keeping his head lowered his hair draping around his face.
The impact of those words effected James far more than he dare admit, his chest ached. "I just..." He started but didn't finish, surprising himself when his left hand touched the side of Severus' face, lifting his head up against his will. His touches were softer today. Was he ill?
"I can't stop, the way I am with you... I can't help myself..." He hoarsed, voice ragged, staring at Severus so intensely it should be illegal.
Severus eyes glanced away unable to keep the eye contact. “Well maybe you should try, I already said I’m not interested in you Potter” he said his voice sounding very small. “Please just let me go already…I don’t feel good and want to leave…and get away from you and your perverted hands.”

"Let me take you, to the Slytherin common room," James offered and as Severus opened his mouth to profusely decline, he added, "I won't touch you, or do anything. The corridors are full of students right now too." He pleaded. "I will walk you straight there then leave you be. Just let me do this one thing." Why was he so desperate?

“Why do you want to? Why don’t you just stay here with Lily like you really want to do” Severus said as he finally looked at James, his eyes looking glazed over and he let out a breath. “I am capable of walking down to my common room without assistance…just stay here and study with Lily…it will be better.”

In that moment, James felt the change; something shifted inside him. All because he realized over staying here for a few hours with Lily alone and simply walking with Severus to the dungeon... He wanted the latter. "If you don't let me walk with you, I'll use my invisibility cloak to follow you either way..." James shrugged those broad qudditch player shoulders, a playful glint in his eyes now.

“You are really that pathetic that you would follow me like that?” he asked wondering my James was so needy to be with him, didn’t he want to stay with Lily and be near her without him ‘in the way’ as James would have put it. “Do what you want…I’m not going to stop you” he said weakly pushing James’ hands away as Lily ran over.

“I got your book done. Now I want you to go straight to bed Sev okay no pushing yourself and making yourself more sick” she said putting his books in his back and handing it to him. “And I’m going to make sure you have stayed in bed to by asking one of the Slytherins so I will no mister” she smiled at him.

“Thank Lily, I will go to bed don’t worry” he smiled as her. “See you later then” he said before slowly heading to the double doors of the library.

James looked between Lily and Severus, torn. When Lily glanced at him, he smiled. "Y'know what Miss Evans? I'm going to accompany him, he really doesn't look too good and if I'm on the road to change..." He trailed off, reaching over to take her hand, so small in his own. "Maybe sometime this week, I'll write down a few subjects I'm struggling with and run them through your brilliant mind," He said, squeezing her hand and turning when she opened her mouth to respond.
The seeker bounded off energetically after Severus, catching up to him in the outside corridor.

Severus glanced and looked at James before focusing on the hall ahead as it seemed to sway in front of him. “I told you to stay behind with Lily, Potter” he as walked and noticing some of the students as they walked past whispering obviously making a comment about James following him, probably thinking that he was going to suddenly attack as he always did. “And would you please walk further away from me, I don’t want you within hearing distance of me.”

James slid his hands into his pockets, thumbs latched over the edge, he walked in a casual slouch beside Severus, unphased by everyone. "Do I smell or something?" He commented dryly, "and you say I'm the bully," He drew his arm up and smelt his armpit to emphasize his point.

Severus shook his head wondering how a fool like James was so popular in the school. “You don’t smell Potter…I just don’t like people near me” he said quietly as he walked and let out a few breaths wondering why a normally easy walk was seeming so hard. He did normally feel this bad if he got sick, was there something wrong with him? Or was it just nerves at having someone following him.

James was so different to Severus. He walked so casually, so laid back. Shoving some wizard gum in his mouth from his pocket. His shirt hanging out beneath his jumper, sleeves rolled up to show slightly sun kissed skin from quidditch. "Why don't you like people being near you?" He asked, catching Severus off guard.

Severus turned his head to look at James before turning away him again. “I don’t see that it is any of your business, the only one to know why I don’t like people is Lily” he said as he felt the room suddenly sway and he staggered sideways into the wall, breathing deeply as he slid down it to the floor.

James' head snapped round and his hands shot out of his pockets. "Severus?" He called uncertainly. In seconds, James was knelt beside him, a hand touching Severus' back. "What's wrong? Do you want me to take you to the hospital wing?"

“Don’t touch me” he said weakly trying to swat James’ hand away. “I’m…I’m fine just got a little dizzy” he said even with the side of his head resting against the stone wall and his hands where shaking lightly in his lap. “I need to…get back to my dorm…just need to lie down.”

Very aware of all the sets of eyes on him, James reached inside his Gryffindor robe and pulled out his thin, silky cloak from within one of the pockets, he threw it over the pair of them. Not because he was ashamed to be seen with Severus but because he didn't want the attention on the Slytherin, he knew it'd attract it. Especially when he took hold of one of Severus' arms and lifted it up around his neck, supporting him back up to his feet against his will, holding the cloak securely with his other hand. "Take a step forward, I'll walk you, put your weight on me if you need and don't be a pansy about this, I'm just helping you."

“I don’t want you touching me Potter” he said even as he struggled to keep his balance and stay upright as James all but carried Severus down the hall his head starting to droop how and then as he took deep breaths. “I just want to go to my dorm…I want to be in my bed” he said clumsily trying to turn James towards the dungeons where the Slytherin common room was located.

"Alright, alright... jeez, I'm trying to get you there," James scolded playfully, "keep your knickers on." As they wound down the stairs then a long corridor to the dungeons, Severus reluctantly said the password in front of James, he didn't really have a choice and with a click they were let inside. It was still the middle of the afternoon so a lot of students were in classes, the great hall or lounging on the dark leather sofa's of the common room by the fire. Stealthily, under the cloak James shimmied around them, pulling Severus with him. Never had he been in here before, other houses weren't allowed but he felt very pleased with himself. "This is your common room, huh?" He muttered to an out of it Severus. "Where's your bed?"

Severus pointed weakly to one side of the room where there was a short corridor that lead off to the boys dorm rooms. “It’s down there…mines…the one at the back in the corner” he informed as he tried to keep his head and himself upright as he allowed James to move him the room and into the dorm where no one was. “It’s that one” he pointed to his bed and if James had any doubts it was easy to see Severus’ trunk at the end of his bed.

The idea of being in a bedroom with Severus felt intimate somehow, something he never could have imagined. It made his throat tighter than he'd have liked.
"Right..." He wet his lips, voice ragged as he approached the pristine bed, the poles that held the bed frame together were a solid black and the bedding was a mash of greens and silvers, so different to the patchwork quilts in the Gryffindor tower. It was definitely colder down here but it was a dungeon. Glancing to the left just to be sure, James yanked off his cloak and chucked it onto the end of the bed, able to use both his arms now to slowly lift Severus onto his bed and lay him down, oddly gentle when he needed to be. It was bizarre to see the great James Potter like this.

“I…I have to…get my night shirt on” Severus said struggling just to keep his eyes open as he managed to sit up on his elbows and pull out an oversized white T-shirt from under his pillows and held onto it for a second before sitting up with it. “Can you…can you turn around…for a second while I change?” he asked already allowing his black robs to fall off his slim shoulders.

Could he? That was the question. His heart was pounding, damn his adolescence. James was about to turn when he caught a glimpse of those shoulders, seeing their outline and more skin than he was used to with Severus, he inhaled sharply, nostrils flared. Oh shit. Severus seemed to be having a battle with his robe, unable to get off it enough to get out of it, his eyes mere slits, not open at all, not concentrating. James grit his teeth. "For Merlin's sake... come here," He knelt on the edge of Severus' bed, feeling him tense. "I-I’m not going to-" He snapped, irritated (mostly at himself) as he helped tug the Slytherin robes away and reached for the bottom of his knitted jumper.

Snape tensed but didn’t have the energy to try and fight back or stop James as he allowed him to pull off his jumper slowly. “I can…I can do my shirt” he said raising his shaky hands and slowly undoing the top 3 three buttons. “…they…they came back again” he said looking at the bruises where the glamer had worn away having exhausted his magic trying to keep the glamer in tact all day. He looked at the bruising for a moment before trying to pull off his shirt over his head leaving his chest exposed along with the bruising from the rope where it had bit into his sensitive skin. “I…I need my shirt” he said weakly seeing James had sat on it.

James didn't respond. His eyes were fixed on bruises. Seeing them didn't please or satisfy him, he didn't feel smug about them at all like he might have done in his first year. Guilt prickled at his innards and he didn't think as he leant forward...
The next thing Severus felt in his dazed state was warm lips ghosting over one of the bruises on his chest, James' eyes were closed behind his specs but his lips lingered there.

“What…are you doing?” he asked weakly trying to push James away but just having the push turn into a weak stroke, he didn’t have the energy to fight him off. Severus felt venerable and weak and he didn’t like it one bit, especially around James and especially when he was half naked. “You…you said…you wouldn’t touch me” he breathed.

James exhaled against Severus' stomach at his words. "I know..." He said in a quiet murmur. "I know I did but seeing these bruises..." I feel awful. He gave the bruise another graze of his lips then moved his head up to kiss one nearer his neck, nuzzling the bruise with his button nose sensually. "I've never seen so much of you before..." He breathed.

“That’s no reason…to do this” he breathed turning his head away from James’ touches before feeling dizzy and falling onto his bed, his head hitting his pillows as he looked up at the canopy of his bed as he breathed. He felt cold and exposed without if night shirt on even so his skin was heating as his fever moved through his body. “Potter…I want my shirt” he breathed looking at James with glazed eyed, his hair draped around him on his pillow from the fall.

James swung one leg over Severus, hands going either side of his head on the bed, he didn't put any weight on him but he was very much on top of his body, gazing down with those intense, piercing eyes of his, even with glasses, there was something undeniably handsome about James Potter, he suited his specs. "I will give it to you, just... just let me..." he struggled with himself, fighting his urges, barely. James was pretty sure Severus had never looked attractive to him, ever, quite the opposite in fact but right now...
James just had to do something. Merlin have him. Balancing all his weight on one arm, he cupped Severus' chin with the other hand, lifting it up some as he swooped down, capturing his lips in a deep kiss.

Severus remained still unable to focus on what James was doing to him. James Potter was in his dorm, in his bed and kissing him, the thought and reality seemed observed but it was happening and he could do nothing about it but just lie there and let it happen as well as weakly tapping at James wrist with his hand in an attempt to make him stop as he gave a shudder to the chill of the room.

Putting pressure on Severus' chin with his thumb, he pushed down, forcing his mouth to slowly open against his. Taking full advantage, James slipped his tongue inside, greeted with the taste of Severus' tongue. He exhaled breathlessly against the open mouth, heart hammering. He found Severus' tongue and gave it a sensual, slow lick, it made a dirty slurp. Fuck. He tasted so good. Letting go of his chin, James took Severus' hand and moved it upwards, placing it on his face, letting him feel the faint traces of growing stubble against his fingers.

Severus hand twitched against the strange sensation of James stubbled face before turning his head away unable to breath. “…stop it” he breathed before turning his head back to look at James now he had broken the kiss. “Just…just stop…I cant…I cant stop you like this” he breathed lifting his free arm weakly and covering his mouth with it in am attempt to try and stop James from kissing him, though he knew he couldn’t stop James from just moving it and continuing.

"Severus, I can't..." James breathed, flustered and ragged. "I know I should..." But you don't understand. "Please, let me..." Taking Severus' arm and moving it above his head, holding it there and capturing his mouth in a kiss again, inhaling, the kiss was deeper, passionate. There was something there. Different. James kissed down from Severus' lips, grazing his mouth over his jaw, over to his ear, flicking his tongue inside the shell, exhaling shakily against it. "Severus..." He breathed, kissing the lobe.

Severus panted as he squirmed weakly on his bed, the sheets rustling beneath him as a small moan escaped his lips. “Please…stop” he pleaded through ragged breaths. His skin was heating under James touch but he felt cold to the bone he couldn’t understand why James was doing this he was sick and it was obvious he didn’t have the strength to fight off the already stronger than him Gryffindor.

James knew he was getting in way too deep with this, 'too far Prongs, too far' his mind warned but he banished those thoughts away. Severus had never looked so vulnerable and that was another reason he should walk out of his bedroom right now. But he couldn't. He didn't know why his legs wouldn't move but they stayed glued in position. "I'm sorry," he husked, unoccupied hand sliding down in between them, "I can't stop now, I need this..." Hoarse and rough, his voice broke into a crack at the end. Grazing Severus' stomach with his fingertips, he slid down over the undeniable tent in his black trousers. Severus was hard, like before. "Fuck..." James swallowed, grabbing the bulge and squeezing.

“Ahh” Severus moaned out weakly as he head tipped back a fraction, he wouldn’t deny that the touch pleasant but he didn’t want it, not now in the state he was in. “S-stop…please…I don’t feel well” he said trying to roll onto his side to get away from James’ touch only to be moved back onto his back again with the gentlest of pushes as James continued to palm at the bulge in his trousers.

"I'll make you feel better, baby..." James purred back in that arrogant voice, only he could call another man a pet name like 'baby' and make it sound so rough and erotic. "Let me..." He unzipped Severus' flies and slid his hand inside. His cock hot against his palm, even a little damp at the tip, his boxers moist against the back of James' hand. "You do like it..." You're so wet, his mind finished. James swiped a finger over the weeping hole at the head of the Slytherin's cock. His eyes locked onto Severus' just as he withdrew his hand and slipped the sticky finger inside his mouth. "Mm..." He hummed.

Severus averted his gaze unable to watch the scene as his cheeks turned red. “Don’t do that…it’s gross” he said in a broken voice as he managed to roll onto his side and draw his legs up, hoping that the action would somehow protect him. If he was curled up maybe James wouldn’t be able to get to him and he would give up and leave even if he thought it unlikely. “I don’t…want you touch me…right now…please just stop it.”

"Right now, hm?" James played. "So, another occasion Severus?" Smirking at the attempts he made to shield himself and hide. "When do you want me to touch you? Or where?" James remained leaning over him, staring at the side of his face as he withdrew the wet finger from his mouth and ran it down in between the crack of Severus' arse cheeks, grazing over his puckered little hole. "Here?" He pushed half an inch of his wet finger inside Severus without warning.

Severus let out a startled cry at the invading finger and tried to move away from the touch. “Stop I don’t want it” he half cried out as he panted, there was nothing he could do to protect himself against James his mind was set on his target and didn’t matter what Severus said to him if his words never reached. “I don’t…want you touching me...ever…please stop touching me” he said his voice starting to sound broken.

In a sick, masochistic way Severus begging him to stop turned him on. His own cock gave a painful throb in his trousers and he pushed his finger further inside, when Severus cried out again, he felt precome weep from his own slit. He was messed up.

“Stop it hurts!” he called crawling up the bed in an attempt to get away from James only to have him following him up the bed. “Why are you doing this…why?” he asked beginning to fear the worse if James didn’t stop his advancing on him.

"Why?" James repeated, pausing. The question threw him off. "Because I..." He grit his teeth. "I don't know! I just want to have sex with you. Alright? I don't get it either, it doesn't make sense to me. Whenever I look at you..." He glanced up, wriggling his finger to see Severus squirm. "I get so hard."

“And it would…give you pleasure…to…to rape me like this?” he panted also unable to breath, his eyes stung and his limbs shook. Was having Severus so weak and venerable really a turn on for James? Or was it just more fun for him when he knew there was no way of being stopped.

The word 'rape' froze James. "I'm not raping you, Severus." He snapped. "You want it, you know you do. You just keep fighting it," He yanked his finger sharply out of Severus and backed up on the bed, defensive and angry. "Why do you have to ruin it? I wasn't restraining you or trying to hurt you. I just wanted to..." He trailed off before his words ran away with him. "Fuck this." He grabbed for his wand, flicking it towards Severus without even saying a spell; his night shirt fell in Severus' hands, the empty glass beside his bed filled up with cold water. "Fucking rapist..." He clicked his tongue, shaking his head, bewildered as he got to his feet.

“It’s rape…if the other person…says no” he murmured lifting the white shirt over his head and letting it fall to cover his body showing only his trouser covered legs and his bare bruised arms. “…thank….thank you…from bringing me here” he murmured glancing at James before looking away from him his head rolling weakly on him neck before feeling his stomach clench and shot to all fours and the edge of his head where coughed and threw up, his body heaving and shaking at the action.

James had just picked up his cloak when he heard the wretch. His head snapped around. Eyes wide with surprise. "Severus?!" He called in alarm. Dropping the cloak and reaching for his shoulders as he swayed with nausea, nearly falling forward into his own vomit. James kept him steady and pushed some of his dark hair away from his face, trying not to look at the vomit all over the floor. "You must have a virus, you can't go to classes like this."

“But…I…only have…one more…class” he panted as his body shook and a cold chill ran down his spine as he couched and dry heaved and his arms shook with the weight of supporting himself.

James frowned. "You're not going," he informed matter of factly, holding Severus up right with one arm, he grabbed his wand and accio'd the bin from across the room, it flew over and levitated in front of Severus as James got him to lay back, propped up against the headboard. Pushing his hair away from his vomit covered lips, stern expression plastered on his face. He used his sleeve to wipe the spit and vomit off of his lips. "My kissing must be awful..." He teased trying to lighten things up.

Severus let out a light laugh as he panted. “N-not really” breathed reached out for his bedside table and touching a red hair band there as he picked it up and held it on his lap as his eyes tried to close on him. “Sorry…about…this” his body save a shudder and he tipped his head to the side. “I’m sure…you didn’t…want to…see me vomit.”

"Don't worry about it, Moony always vomits the morning after, well... You know." He shrugged. Grabbing the red hair band, he scooped all of Severus' black hair up and tied it up into a ponytail out of his face. He leant back to admire his work, receiving a jolt as he realized how (dare he admit it) cute Severus looked with his hair out of his face and those flushed cheeks. "H-here," he cursed as his voice faltered and grabbed for the glasses of water, putting it against Severus' lips. "Drink. You'll get dehydrated." He was being so soft, so kind. A side to James like this was almost hard to believe.

Severus looked at the offered glass of water before slowly starting to drink it, feeling grateful the cool liquid as it ran down his throat and into his now empty stomach. “Thank you” he said leaning back against him pillows with a sigh. “I guess I…pushed my magic to far…today” he breathed closing his eyes, they felt so sore that they just wouldn’t open.

"Maybe. You don't need to over do it like you do, it's not like you need to study, you ace all your exams..." James set the glass down, casting a spell to evaporate the vomit from the floor before perching on the edge of his bed. "I'll tell Professor Sprout you can't make it to class, so stay in bed. Yeah?" He gave him a half smile, patting his leg.

“…alright” he said slowly, dawning his legs up and tucking them under his blankets as he moved to lie on his side and nuzzle into his thick pillows. “Can you…ask Lily…to take notes…for me” he breathed his eyes still shut against the room as his leg touched James under his duvet.

James' piercing eyes softened, a helpless smile on his face. "Yeah, I'll ask her." He assured him, leaning over to hesitantly press a kiss to Severus' lips whilst his eyes were closed. It dawned on James that Severus had just puked up his guts but realized it didn't phase him much. "I could be so good for you..." He whispered, voice barely audible to a half knocked out Severus. James leant back, stood and wrapped the cloak around himself, glancing over his shoulder as he walked towards the door, only his head was visible.

Severus was half asleep but he was sure that he had heard James says something to him, he didn’t know what but he soon heard the soft click of the door as it shut and he pasted out into sleep.


“James there you are, is Severus alright? You were gone for so long” Lily said as she looked up from her book seeing James enter the library and walk over to her. “I bet he was fighting you all the way down to his common room till you left him alone wasn’t he” she smiled at James.

James let out a sheepish laugh, "something like that," he grinned as he sat down beside her. His grin slipped. "When I got him there, he puked everywhere, said something about overdoing it with magic. But he does the same lessons as us," He made eye contact with her and grabbed both of her upper arms. "I know he was meddling in the wrong magic out of curiosity with that Malfoy before. You don't think he's still doing that, do you?" His eyes bored into hers.

Lily shook her head. “No he’s not doing that anymore. The only times I’m known Sev to over use his magic are, was when he was messing around with the dark arts or…” she trailed off shaking her head. “I’m sure he’s fine, Sev normally gets better ones he’s rested but I’ve never known him to throw up before. Guess you were just following him to closely and it made him tense up, Sev doesn’t like people near him it makes him all jumpy and nervous.”

James listened closely, not taking his eyes away as he digested what she said. "I see..." He murmured, feeling deflated somewhat. "I didn't mean to make him unwell," He glanced down at his legs, hands dropping from her arms. "I'm tired of tormenting him, sure... It was a little bit funny with the guys in our first year but I didn't see Severus as a real person then, I do now, very much so... It's just hard to break a habit. The school sees me a certain way now, a joker, the popular bully, the leader of his pack... I don't want to be popular because I've bullied someone else. I want to be acknowledged for my spells or intelligence. I do want to change Lily..." He narrowed his eyes, burning holes through his legs with them. "I'd like to earn forgiveness, however long that takes."

Lily listened quietly as James spoke before sliding a piece of parchment over to James. “Here, right down things you are have trouble with when it comes to Sev and I will see if I can help and you didn’t know about the way Severus gets so your not to blame for him being sick” she said trying to reassure James that it wasn’t his fault and if he was really willing to change then she would help him.
James stared at Lily, astonished as ever by her kind heart. She was so beautiful. He smiled with a nod and reached for one of the quill’s on the desk, dipped it in ink then started his list. When he was finished, he handed it back to her and all the paper said was 'everything' James watched the amusement on her face as she read it, she knew Severus better than anyone and knew how difficult it was for him to let anyone in. She had met him younger and out of school. His exception.
"Every time I'm around him, he's tense. I get that he's like that with everyone but I guess I just wish I could do something to help that. To show him I won't aggravate him anymore. Or go out of my way to a complete arse." He leant back in the chair with a creak, head flopping back to stare up at the ceiling. "He's a good person..." He murmured thoughtfully, "I just didn't see that before."
“That’s because you just weren’t looking for it James. He was you target the minute we stepped on the train in first year” she said finding it amazing that James had openly admitted that he had been a complete arse to Severus for no reason. “And he’s not tense around everyone James. If you ever watch him walk down a hall you will see that he only really tenses up around guys, he won’t do it with girls and there is a reason for it…but I cant tell you because Sev would hate me for it” she said before quickly changing the subject. “Just give it time James, give him space an allow him time to relax around you. The more you push him the more withdrawn and tense he’s going to get.”

Her words sparked up suspicion in him like the ignition of fire. He looked down and directly at her. "Has something bad happened to him Lily?" He asked in a hushed whisper. "You don't have to tell me what, I respect that. But is he tormented by something?"

“I…I can’t say. If you change your mind and use this against him he’ll never forgive me” she said looking at him. “I do trust that you want to change James really I do but…this is something really big in Severus’ life. No one knows about it except me” she whispered.

James exhaled in defeat. "I get it, don't worry, don't hurt yourself Miss Evans, I'm cool with it. You're being loyal to your friend," He reached over, idly running his fingers through strands of her long, red hair. "You're a true Gryffindor."

“I’m loyal to my friends no matter there house and me and Severus where friends before here” she smiled looking around at the old castle before letting out a sigh and looking at James.
“Do you really want to know about him? I will tell you…but only if you promise never to say anything to anyone you have to keep it to yourself forever” she said looking at him sternly to show she was serious.

James thought about it then stood up slowly, getting to his feet. "You can trust me... Why would I betray you off all people Lily, you're-" He paused, flushing. "Yeah, I won't... You can say I slipped you a potion." He smirked.

“Alright, but let for a walk on the grounds, I don’t want anyone to over hear” she said looking around at the other students in the library as they walked around with books. “And it’s a nice day, no reason to be inside when the sun is shinning” she smiled as she stood and began packing her books away into her back and throwing it over her shoulder.

Jumping to attention, James grabbed her bag, "I-I'll take it!" He flushed, glaring off in another direction as he put her bag on his shoulder and made his way towards the door. He was spending time with Lily, like friends, it was casual, what he'd wanted since his first year. Once they got out to the grounds, the sun hit his face and he rose it up to the sky; he'd spent a while in the dungeon and library today when he was an outside, sporty kind of guy.

Lily gave a light giggled to James’ reaction to being outside as she started to walk on the grass heading down and away from the castle and hearing James follow her. “So…what do you want to really know about Severus?” she asked looking at James. “I can tell you what I can but if you ever breath a word of it I will hex your tongue off” she said smiling at James meaning every word she said.

James rose his hands playfully, feigning fear. "I don't doubt you will, Miss Evans," He laughed as they walked across the grounds, heading closer to Hagrid's hut but not too close, near the Whomping Willow (but out of reach of it's violent branches) James took off his robe and lay it on the grass by the tree. "Sit." He beckoned politely, really trying to impress her.

“Why thank you” she smiled moving to sit on James’ robe her stretching and breathing in the fresh air around them. “it feels so nice being outside again” she smiled brightly as she looked up at the blue sky and enjoyed the gentle breeze. “So. You want to know the reason why Severus tenses up around people?” she asked turning to look at James.

James flopped down beside her like a typical boy, not caring as his trousers got muddy from the dirt, he let her have his robe all to herself, dropping her bag down next to her too. He lent back on his arms and glanced towards her, breeze blowing his scruffy hair to the side. "I don't know if I do but go on..."

“You see Severus’ mom was a pure blood who married a muggle and a bad one at that. He did Severus and blamed him for a lot of things” she said pulling up her knees and playing with her fingers. “His dad was a drinker and when he got mad he would hit Sev…it’s the reason he doesn’t like going home for the holidays. When we are home and I get to see him he’s normally covered in bruises from where his dad has hit him, he always tries to cover then up with glamers though so I don’t worry and it’s how he exhausts his magic at times from where he is trying to keep it going for so long” she said sadly thinking times that she had seen him at the park at home with his shirt ripped and a bruise on his cheek. “It’s why he gets tense around guys and doesn’t like being touched in anyway.”

James listened to her with a stern, serious face. Probably the most serious he'd ever been since finding out about Remus' time of the month as they called it jokingly. His jaw was tense, locked into place. He struggled to respond. Struggled to think. But one thing he was certain of was that... He was an awful person. If Severus had been suffering at home then by him at school... James closed his eyes, trying to shut away the truth of his convictions. "I can't imagine it, my parents are so good to me, when I go home to Godric's Hollow every time my mum always gets over emotional and dad's super proud, wanting to take me out for a cheeky drink at the pub even though I'm underage, 'man time' he calls it..." He scoffed, not opening his eyes.

“Sev doesn’t get any of that” she said sadly. “Sometimes he’s not even allowed out of the house and looking at his home just from the outside it looks like a place no one would ever want to go near” she said thinking of the rubbish outside and the overgrown grass as well as the chunks of wall missing from the house. “I don’t know what goes on inside of the house…and honestly I don’t want to think about it. Severus was never a wanted child that’s why none of his clothes fit or match and the reason he’s so thin when you look at him. I’ve never seen Sev take his shirt off but I’m worried if he did all I would see are ribs.”

"His ribs are really defined..." James murmured without thinking, his eyes flew wide open as she looked at him, confused. But before she could ask the embarrassing question out loud he answered quickly, "Padfoot ripped off his clothes in our first year." He lied. Earlier on, he hadn't been specifically looking at Severus' ribs or weight, just the bruises on them...
"Fuck..." He hoarsed, dragging a stressed hand through his hair. "I feel so shit. Do you think me and the boy's could go round his, beat his Dad up?"
Lily shook her head. “It wouldn’t help, the minute Severus got home he would probably be beaten worse and blamed” she said looking at James with sad eyes. “I had him stay over my house once you know when we were in are second year, we had a sleep over and it was really great we slept down stares and played games watched movies I had never seen him so happy but after he went home I didn’t see him for 2 days…his dad had pushed him down the stairs and put him in hospital…all because he stayed at my house for one night” she said wiping away a tear from her cheek.

James' mouth fell wide open, practically hitting the floor like in one of those cartoons he watched at home. "You can't be serious..." He hissed. "But that's his Father, his Dad, his guardian?" James gaped. So naive to the real cruelty in the world, he lived a life of luxury after all. "That's so fucked up..." James whispered but noticed her wiping her face and reached over to squeeze her arm. "Hey, don't get upset. I don't want to upset you by talking about this..."

Lily shook her head. “It’s alright…I just…it’s so hard to think that he goes though that. Severus is a good guy he takes a while to open up to people but he would never hurt anyone…I just wish there was something I could do to keep him safe” she said looking at the ground as she squeezed James’ hand. “I just hope, no I prey that his father has never tried to…sexual abuse him…I fear that the most of all for him.”

James made a choking sound. "What? No way! Of course that'd never happen, that's still his Dad, you don't have sex with your children!" The naive teen blurted, horrified at the concept, shaking his head, refusing it. "No... definitely not..." He squeezed her hand a little tighter, "don't think like that Lily. Besides, he has you. You're his light. He probably thinks all that suffering is worth it to come to school and see you every term..." He half smiled.

“It does happen though James” she said looking at him. “Some parents I don’t know why but something inside them tells them it’s okay to do things to there kids like hit them…rape them” she said shaking at the thought. “Severus’ mom isn’t around anymore she left a long time ago, I actually saw a picture of her once and Sev is the spitting image of her right down to his straight black hair…well except his nose…his bad could blame him for his mom leaving and that could lead to Sev getting raped by his dad…because he looks like his mother” she sighed sadly. “I’m happy when he’s here though because I know he’s away from that man and somewhere a little safer.”

James clamped a hand over her mouth, muffling her words. "Let's just stop talking about this..." He hoarsed, throat closing up. If this were true or a possibility which he doubted (and refused to accept naively) what did that make him... The same as his own abusive sorry excuse for a parent? The thought crippled him, his heart gave a painful clench and adrenaline tingled in his veins. "Whatever is going on in that house, he won't have to stay in it forever, when he becomes of age, he can leave, get away from it all."

Lily gave a nod. “He’s already started saving for a place of his own” she murmured around James’ hand. “He makes potions and sells them to clients, but it will still be a long time before he has enough money to get out of that house” she said taking hold of James’ hand and moving it away from her mouth. “But now you know everything. Why Severus tenses, doesn’t like being touched even when he slows right down when he gets near stairs. So don’t take offence if he tells you to back off and get away from him, it’s just how he keeps himself safe at school.”

James nodded slowly. "Thanks for telling me, I know it's been hard for you to talk about it, I understand a lot more about him now." He tried to smile but it was short lived; the atmosphere around them was gloomy and he just couldn't smile after finding out something like that - no one deserved it, let alone Severus. The breeze blew through them, all of Lily's long, ginger locks blowing to the side with it. The Whomping Willow gave a creak of complaint somewhere behind them as birds flocked across the skies above. He needed to change the topic, he just had to get out of this grim conversation, Lily looked so down and...

"Lily, go on a date with me." James blurted verbal diarrhea without thinking. Shit. "I... I know you don't think that much of me. But I will change, I'll show you. So please give me a chance." Merlin's beard James you sound like a pansy, Sirius would be pissing himself.

Lily looked at James with wide green eyes caught off guard by the request. “You…want to go on a date with me?” she asked looking at James not knowing how she should answer before taking a deep breath. “Alright I will go on a date with you. But no kissing” she said and blushed the moment the words had left her mouth and she mentally slapped herself for saying it.

James looked horrified by the openness of her words. Being around Lily wasn't the same as Severus. He felt something strong for each of them but hadn't figured it out yet. He was still young. With Severus he could be rough and boisterous, they were both men. But Lily - she was his gentle, kind flower. And she was beautiful. So beautiful. James laughed nervously. "Not even at the end?" He teased, wiggling his eyebrows in a play manner.

Lily laughed at the action the mood around them seeing to brighten like the sun over head. “Well I don’t know about that, we will just see how the date goes I guess” she smiled still giggling before breathing a sigh. “I wish we could stay out here all day. To bad we have a class soon I think I might melt in the greenhouse today if she doesn’t open one of the windows.”

James scoffed, watching her the entire time. Captivated. Every crease on her skin from smiling, the twinkling in her eyes... He stayed quiet for a while, enjoying the warm sun on his face before an idea popped into his head. "Lily, how daring are you willing to be?" She looked over and he smirked. "Tonight, do you want to sneak into the Slytherin common room and visit Severus? We can bring him some food from the great hall."

Lily blinked at him. “But James there common room has a password just like ares, there’s no way we could get unless another Slytherin was coming or going” she said looking at James even if she did want to go and see how Severus was doing and make sure that he was alright and drinking plenty.

"Then we'll wait there." James said firmly. "I don't mind, if you don't? We'll wait under my invisibility cloak. I'll use the map to see when students are coming. You can bring Severus' favourite food and give him notes on what he missed in Herbology. On top of that... You'll be getting to spend more time with me." He gave her a wolfish grin.

Lily gave a light laugh. “Oh you, you just don’t quit” she smiled pushing him over with one hand playfully as she laughed. “Alright then lets do it, I would like to see him and be sure he’s alright and I wouldn’t mind seeing what his common room looks like…though I hope he would mind me being in his room. I just hope he did actually get into bed” she said imagining him passed out on the floor.

"We'll make it look like we've gone to bed then meet at eleven in the common room, yeah?" James grinned and when Lily nodded he grinned further. "That's my girl. So daring." He jumped to his feet and grabbed hold of her hand, pulling her up too. "Let's get to Herbology."

“Aright” she smiled picking up her back and James robe as she handed it back to him. “Oh sorry I seem to have got it really dirty” she said handing his the muddy robe apologetically before frowning. “Hey isn’t tonight the night you normally disappear?” she asked looking at James, it was a full moon tonight and she knew James and his friends always went somewhere.

James' face fell. Shit. "You know more about my life than I do." He teased half heartedly, rubbing his neck as they walked back up the pathway to great front doors. "What we normally do... starts at Midnight. If we meet in the common room at ten instead of eleven, hopefully no one will be up. I can sneak out straight after I've dropped you back under my cloak."

“Alright sound good” she smiled. “We have to be careful to in the Slytherin dorms, we don’t want anyone to hear us there” she smiled pushing open a door and thinking how bad she must be if she was getting excited about breaking school rules by sneaking out and going into another common room that wasn’t her own.