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An Orphan's Choice

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She had barely heard her maker’s voice over the bustle of the fight and the loud crack of thunder that issued from the clouded sky above the city.  However, she had felt his command - a strange sensation caused by the newly-formed mental link she had with him.  It was a forceful push on her mind, while simultaneously it was a planted thought that her mind urged her to follow as if the idea had originated from within herself.  Run away.  Holly shook her head, trying to slip away from the command.  Part of her did not want to leave the dimly-lit alley; it was one of the many new drives and impulses she had now that she was a vampire.  His order clashed with the instinct to stay near her maker; the reflexive need to help him; the urge to protect and defend him from attack.   


No noise from the storm drowned out that voiced demand.  Holly, conflicted and still staring imploringly at her sire, took a few hesitant steps backward along the pavement.  Too late she realized the problem: her maker had partially twisted around to focus on her and that had left him momentarily exposed to their assailant.  As she started to warn him, a wooden stake erupted from his chest where his heart was, driven out through his back by the mortal that had tracked and confronted them in this bricked alley.  Holly let out a quick scream of shock and pain as she felt his death.  The vibrating mental connection with him had been ripped out of her, and a silent wound was now all that remained of her creator’s link. 

The mortal let her impaled maker crumple to the ground and Holly watched as he stepped over the body and slowly advanced towards her.  A quick flash of lighting brightly illuminated his face and the second sharpened stake he was gripping and pointing at her.  She could tell from the man’s expression he thought killing her was going to be easy.  Holly felt her two upper teeth slide down and lock into place, while her eyes stung temporarily as they changed color.  She bared her new fangs and growled as the thunder rumbled around them.  This mortal had just killed her maker and was about to kill her; the drive to survive, enhanced by and entwined to the vampire within her, had surfaced in response to the immediate threat.  The surprised look on the mortal’s visage as Holly hurled herself at him quickly faded away from her conscious awareness as she yielded and let the vampire completely take over.