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Be My Eyes

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Bakugou should have stayed clear of the new neighbor but then again it felt like it was something inevitable. His mom had been talking about it all week, a close friend of hers was going to move next door. It was directed towards Bakugou that her friend had a son about his age. Bakugou grumbled as he ate his food before heading back upstairs to his room, ignoring his mom shouting, insisting that he would greet them and get along with her friend's kid. Yea right. Bakugou hated when his mom made him introduce himself to new people, he was not someone polite and his mom would always hit him on the head for that. He knew this was going to end badly but he didn't know to what degree.

When he wakes up, he could already hear the stupid moving trucks outside making a racket. He tossed and turns, trying to go back to sleep but the noise downstairs was making it impossible until Bakugou just gave up, muttering curses his mom uses which he doesn't fully know the meaning of. He gets up from his bed and decides to go out to play, he makes it down the stairs and quickly runs off before his mom could catch him and brings him along with her to meet with her friend. Bakugou makes it out the front door, only taking a glance at the truck next door with the workers moving furniture from the truck to inside the house in a line like ants; he doesn't take another glance and runs to his secret place.
One thing Bakugou likes is the nearby park that he would always go to play at. Since it's so close, his mom would let him run off alone to play there but the thing Bakugou really likes is the small forest just past the park. It's not anything huge but to Bakugou it was a big area covered by tall trees, obscuring any unwanted eyes when Bakugou just wanted to be left alone. His favorite part, or secret place, was in the middle of the forest green where the trees part and a small lake is dead center. Because of its location, this was where there was the least amount of noise and Bakugou could just stay there and rest. He was on his way to the lake when he found some sort of metal stick on the ground not far from there. Curiously, he picked it up and examined it. Strange. The last thing you'd expect to find in a forest was a metal stick but when he heard the crunching of leaves, Bakugou was on alert and ready to use said stick. In the times Bakugou had been here, he's seen a couple animals roaming around but the noise was definitely human feet stepping on the ground covered in fallen, dried up leaves. He was a bit unnerved but he was also pissed that someone was in his secret place and somehow that anger pushed him to move to confront the invader without fear...only to stop when he saw a bundle of green hair that could blend into the forest had the person been still enough. What made Bakugou stop was not the green hair but what it was attached to. There was a kid on the ground with his back to him,(about Bakugou's age he guessed) seemingly unaware of Bakugou's presence as they continue to pat the ground around them. It was strange to Bakugou so he kind of stood there watching the stranger's actions as they got up and touched the bushes in front of them....moving forward....Bakugou's eyes widen when the strange kid started walking over to the lake with no signs of stopping. He cast aside the metal rod in his hands aside as he runs over to the boy and yanks him away last minute before he could take a swim with his clothes still on. He spun him around so Bakugou was holding both of the boy's wrist, glaring down at the kid.

"Are you crazy? You want to drown?! What are you, blind?!"

Bakugou didn't know why he was yelling at the kid he just met (?), but he was blaming it on the adrenaline and his heart almost jumping out of his chest from the shock. He probably shook the kid a bit too much while trying to get them to speak (aka throwing more insults). Green-black hair obscured their eyes but when Bakugou stop shaking the poor boy (already shaking like a leaf at being handled so roughly), he could hear incoherent mumbling.

"Hah?! Speak up!"

"Um...I.........I'm sorry....I-uh......."

When the frightened boy finally looked up, Bakugou was shocked to see milky green eyes darting back and forth, unsure of where to focus on. It made Bakugou release the boy from his grasp but his eyes were still fixated on those shifting eyes.

"...Um...You see.....I-uh l-lost my w-walking stick and.....well...I-I-I..I'm new here a-and....well..."

The boy was stuttering and mumbling more apologies while Bakugou stood there, examining the boy's features: Dark green hair that only in light could you see the shimmers of green, Dressed with freckled was pale skin that could almost seem translucent like those milky green eyes. Bakugou forced himself to look away, back to the metal stick he cast aside to the ground and then returned to look back at the to the boy, he didn't have to be a genius to answer his own question from earlier. He ignored the rest of the boy's stuttering and moved to pick up the walking stack, returning it to the owner.


The boy stopped talking but just stood there, his head tilting to the side confused. Bakugou had his walking stick in front of him but when he wouldn't take it, Bakugou got fed up and just shoved it in the boy's chest.

"Take it! It's yours right!"

The boy was a bit startled by the force Bakugou used but now that his fingers ran across the object, knowing it was his missing walking stick, he tried to look up ahead in the direction where Bakugou was and gave a grateful smile.

"Thank you! I was scared I lost it!'"

The boy didn't stutter but that smile threw Bakugou off, he felt like something was squeezing his insides. His frown deepened at the foreign feeling and blamed it on the stupid boy with the bright smile.

"Then don't loose it next time stupid!"

Bakugou yelled back before walking back to his house, no use staying here.


When he heard the kid behind him, he stopped. It was kind of like he had no control of his boy and for a second he thought the kid might have some weird quirk that's messing with him.

"What do you want? Spill it out!"

"U-um, well I was wondering if I could f-follow you- I mean not in a creepy way--I-I'm a bit don't know the area-"

"Fine! Just be quiet! You stutter too much!"


Bakugou sighed and continued to walk, only a bit slower, he can hear the boy behind him start to move and he assumes the sound of the stick hitting the rocks and trees they pass by. He wasn't worried about the brat, he told himself, but when the boy tripped a couple times, Bakugou got irritated and just grabbed the boy's hand to guide him the rest of the way back.


"What is it now?!"


Bakugou didn't stop but just glanced over his shoulder to see the boy looking flustered trying to think of something to say and eventually he settled on something.

"What's your name?"

"Why do you care?"

"Ah w-well you h-helped me and I--"

"Bakugou Katsuki."






"What am I suppose to call you, idiot?"

" Izuku"


Bakugou ignored the fact that their hands were sweaty and just pushed forward, making sure to clear the way so the stupid kid won't trip on him and make this journey any longer. It must have been less than half an hour they were gone but when they made it back to the park, Bakugou heard someone's distressed voice.

"Izuku! Izuku where are you?!"


Bakugou released Izuku's hand as he watched a lady with green hair run up to Izuku, clinging to the boy in relief and trying to be mad .

"I said you could explore but I told you to stay in the park Izuku!"

:"S-sorry mom...."

"Geez....well, be glad there was someone to help you or I don't know what could've happened."

Bakugou felt the woman's gaze turn to him which made him straighten up, unsure of what to do. He wasn't sure what to say but the lady didn't mind and continued to thank him. Bakugou felt a slight swell of pride to be thanked by the lady for saving her child.

"Thank you so much again, Izuku did you thank him already? "

Izuku said he did but thanked Bakugou again anyways when Izuku's mom realized something.

"Ah, are you Mitsuki's son? I knew you looked familiar, you have her hair and eyes! Ah, I hope you didn't get in trouble. Come on Izuku, we still have to unpack."

They walked back where Bakugou Mitsuki was slightly irritated Bakugou had left but became overly happy to be reunited with her friend Midoriya Inko. They introduced their sons, Mitsuki having no shame in smacking Bakugou for his poor matters while Inko calmed her down and told her how Bakugou helped Izuku. Mitsuki was surprised and a bit saddened when she saw that Izuku was blind but she hugged the boy when he introduced himself and told him to call her Auntie Mitsuki. The two moms chatted, catching up on old times and what's happened over the years apart while Izuku showed Bakugou his hero cards that were in one of the boxes next to his door (not yet moved to his room). They were like this until the sky turned an orange hue and Inko noticed the time.

"Oh, my it's already getting late and I still have so much to unpack... Anyways, it was nice catching up, maybe tomorrow we can talk again once I get setting in"

"Sure, if you want I can come by with Katsuki and help you get settled in."

Inko tried to protest but Mitsuki was insistent until Inko gave in. Inko then turned to little Bakugou next to his mom and gave a smile similar to Izuku's except this time instead of feeling squeezed, Bakugou felt a small warmth towards the lady he will call Auntie Inko.

" I hope you can continue to be friends with Izuku and watch over him for me? Izuku is a bit shy so try to help him around please?"

Bakugou felt distaste at the thought of having to watch over the crybaby Izuku but it was hard to say no in fear of disappointing the sweet lady in front of him. He nodded in reluctance and turned to Izuku, the boy still had tears in his eyes when he tripped over the porch of his house and Bakugou calling him a wimp. Bakugou walked to his house, thinking about today's events, he felt like this was going to be such a pain but he also felt a sense of responsibility. He was having weird mixed emotions and he could only blame the stupid clumsy boy named Midoriya Izuku, he almost kicked himself for thinking the boy was some kind of forest spirit the moment they met.This was definitely not what he had planned for today.

Over the years Bakugou had been with Izuku, he seriously though the boy was like a lost puppy or duckling. Izuku would follow Bakugou everywhere, even if he had his stick, he would always search for Bakugou's hand to guide him and Bakugou confusing himself, let him hold onto him. Maybe it was because Bakugou started to feel like Izuku could do nothing without him, it was a slap in the face when he slipped on a rock and fell into the water and Izuku must have heard the water splash because he made his way over to him with one outstretched towards the direction Bakugou would be.

"Are you okay Kaachan?"

Bakugou didn't know what had happened then but he slapped the hand away without thinking, His eyes widened at that realization but he made no attempt to fix anything.

"Fuck off, I don't need your help."


Bakugou got up by himself and tried to walk away, ignoring the look on Izuku's face and the hurt in his voice. The feeling was coming back and it irritated Bakugou when he felt like this, there was something wrong with him and he blamed it on Izuku. He was doing something to Bakugou and he hated it, it was like an itch he could never relief and it was beyond insufferable. He felt he needed to be better, better than everyone else. He always boasted about being a hero and everyone was just a stepping stop, especially Izuku. He felt it was established when he discovered his super powerful quirk while Izuku was classified quirkless. He felt he was supposed to prove his superiority when people begin to talk and he had a reputation that he felt he needed fulfill.

'Don't tell me you're friends with that quirkless weirdo'
'He's so weird, he mutters to himself a lot and he is both quirkless and blind, he is so weak.'
'And pitiful, but I mean, you're not hanging out with him are you? You are so much stronger and you have the best quirk'
'Of course not, he doesn't even defend him,.'
'But they always hold hands.'
'Ew really'

Bakugou felt everyone's comments weigh on him and he felt the need to push away that stupid feeling in him that kept confusing him. He started to push Izuku away. He stopped holding his hand, stopped helping him and instead he attacked. He wanted to rid himself of this feeling but it seemed like it was present every time he was near Izuku so he tried to get rid of him. Whenever Izuku came back, Bakugou would feel more irritated and pushed back twice as hard, his hands sparked in furry. He started to see purple on that pale skin but he kept going and every time there would be a bandage on each wound, holding Izuku together but not healing the wound as it should. Eventually, Izuku had avoided Bakugou but not as much as Bakugou probably hoped because instead, he felt his irritation grow and now instead of pushing him away, he sought the blind boy out just to be able to extinguish any fire that had caused Bakugou to feel on fire. He didn't know what else to do and the past was fading, things could never go back.

"You're so useless Deku"

Bakugou ignored his mom when she asked about Izuku, their mother's were still friends but it seemed like Bakugou and Izuku's 'fall-out' and the broken relationship began taking its toll. They stop going over to each other's house and now their moms had stopped trying to get them to make up but...there was nothing to make up because this is what Bakugou wanted, he wanted to rid himself of Izuku, rid himself of the responsibility, the gossip of others, the suffocating feeling he had just by being in the same room as the boy. Izuku had stopped trying to talk to him and He notice Deku's stuttering had gotten worse, he seemed to lack sleep and the boy looked more like a twig now.....not that it matters to Bakugou. He told himself this when he looks up to his ceiling. He remembers the times Izuku would sleep over and always seemed to end up using Bakugou as a pillow..........the first time when Izuku asked to feel his face and Bakugou let him......Izuku's fingers had ran over his forehead, run over his eyebrows and the outline of his eyes, would trace the outline of his nose and cup over his cheeks where he used his thumbs to gently rub over Bakugou's parted lip...Izuku's ghostly fingers had quickly let go of his face and gave his sheepish smile......Bakugou felt like burning something......

'Dammit, even when the idiot isn't here, he causes me trouble..."

He tries to sleep away his mess of emotions, he needs to think of more important matters, like his application to U.A high. He will be the first out of this no-name place and be the best hero, free of Deku.

During this time Izuku was feeling distressed for different reasons. He didn't know when things had changed so abruptly for him and Kaachan but one minute he was holding onto that hand with security and the next that hand is far out of his reach and he has started to fear that hand that used to bring him the most comfort. He couldn't explain it to his mom because he could not even explain it to himself. He felt like Bakugou had always hated him but Izuku thought that maybe, maybe Bakugou had opened up except....rather than open up, Kaachan had shut himself and added more locks to keep Izuku out. He wanted to ask why...when did things change so much but he was blind not deaf. He heard the other students speak of him and he really felt inclined to agree, he never had a great self-esteem but it became broken after Bakugou left him and now he understood why. Izuku didn't want to involve Kaachan, want anyone to speak badly of him so he could see why Kaachan left in a non-literal way. What confused Izuku more was when Kaachan had become so violent, sure he had a powerful quirk but he shouldn't use it so recklessly and because Izuku tries to stop him from using it on anyone, Izuku is usually at the receiving end of it. He has felt it for a while and his suspicions have grown but perhaps....perhaps Kaachan had gotten fed up with Izuku and is trying to get rid of him. His heart sinks at the revelation but he also wants something more for himself like Kaachan. Izuku has a dream to be a hero like All Might and he is praying on these U.A papers to help him make it real. He's had so many people tell him no, even Kaachan has made it a priority to remind him every day but Izuku just needs one yes.....he just needs someone to tell him yes for once.....just once and he'll be happy.....he doesn't care if he's blind, he would give up any of his other senses if only he could be a hero....he really wants this more than anything.....maybe, maybe then he could also stand on equal footing with Kaachan, just maybe.........Izuku fell asleep clutching his pillow, he needs to convince his mom to fill out his U.A papers for him....he ignores the tears falling from eyes and for once he is glad he is blind because he doesn't want to see how horrible he must've looked if it's as bad as he feels.