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Kisses Through Time

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                Leonard feels Sara shifting next to him in the bed, knows without opening his eyes that she’s leaned up on her elbow watching him. “Morning Sunshine,” he can practically hear the grin in her overly cheery tone.

                “Sara,” he groans. “It’s Saturday.” He shifts to glare at the clock on his bedside table. “And hardly past seven AM.” He turns to look at his blonde partner, “Why are you up?”

                “Things to do, besides –” she places a quick peck to his lips. “The sun is up.” Before he can pull her back into his arms she’s bounced up and out of bed.

                He’s in no hurry to follow, and remains in bed for a while yet. But he knows better than to try and return to sleep; he’s far to accustomed to her smaller form snuggled against his chest. Eventually he gets up, taking the time to shower and dress before padding his way through the small house. He makes coffee, pouring two mugs before moving toward the open room Sara has renovated into a training space.

                Sunlight pours in through the large windows to where she stands on a small mat. He rests his hip against the doorframe, watching as she moves from one pose to the next. Yoga pants hug her hips and the sports bra allows the light to play across the scars on her stomach and chest. And then she’s smiling at him, and he can’t help but return it.

                “Care to join me Leonard?” she invites easily.

                “No thanks,” he smirks at her, “I’ll watch.” She laughs; the pulls one leg up before placing her hands in a triangle above her head. He’s not sure how long he watches her; not that he minds. Eventually she moves toward him, and he pushes off the door, placing the mugs on a small table before meeting her half way. Her arms lock around his neck as his settle at her waist. “Now,” he drawls, thumbs tracing lazy circles under her waistband, “It’s a good morning.” He leans down, capturing her lips easily with his.