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The Stories May Change You

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No turning back now, I'm moving ahead toward the way out.

I smirk as I blast the oncoming Galra ships. They blow up after I iced them with my cannon. I used my sonic boom thing, and more ships blew up. The rest of the team was also fighting the Galra. I could see they were doing more than I was. The voices from my head were creeping up on me. I shook my head, as I moved around, leading the Galra towards me.

I huffed as a bunch of them, did move to me. Maybe they knew how horrible I am. The mistakes I've been doing. I started to shoot them down, one-by-one. I smiled cockily, cheering as I destroyed them.

Maybe I could capture one, and start using some machines to torture the information out of them... No! I was surprised of my thinking. I mean, I do hate the Galra, but not to the point of torturing them. Right? I gritted my teeth, and started to fight again, ignoring my thoughts as I went.

Don't you hate how, We get left behind in the fallout.

"Come on guys! It's time to form Voltron!" I hear Shiro say over the comm. I moved my lion over to where the team was and we all formed Voltron. We begin to fight the bigger ships, destroying it, piece-by-piece. 

Look at how happy you feel, when you see these disgusting animals die. They were about to kill all these innocent people, Lance. Kill them before they kill everything. I smiled, a bit more sinister than I was used to. I could see my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were turning purple. I gasped in shock, standing from my seat and away from the control. The blue lion turned off-line, and Voltron disbanded. 

I struggled to stay upright, as the others exclaimed in confusion. What just happened?

"Lance! Can you hear us?" Keith asked, worry evident in his voice.

Listen to them Lance. They need you only for Voltron. Other than that, you're worthless to the team. I struggled to catch my breath, but I did so anyway. 

"Uh, yeah. Blue just turned off-line. No reason why," I laughed nervously, as I sat back down. Blue turned back on-line. The others gave a sigh of relief, and we formed Voltron again. This time we finished the battle.

I won't stand down, As I feel the ground begin to crack now.

I get out of the Blue, as we arrived in the Lion´s hangar. I saw the others complimenting each other. Nobody said anything to me. Not surprised.

You see Lance! Nobody thinks about you. Just leave, and they will not notice at all! I sigh, walking away from the group. I walked, heading to the training deck. I locked the doors, so no one could come up and see me. I growled. I had my bayard on me already, so I set up the gladiator to fight me. Level ten.

I put on my music too, so I could fight with that. I did not like my mind talking to me, at all. 

Gladiator after gladiator I defeated. I fought with long distance, as short distance was with the whole group. I do not need this anymore. I do not need to feel the pain of rejection.

So I cry out, the same call to arms but with a new sound.

I am in my room. 

I found a sharp object when I was looking around. 

It was Keith´s bayard. 

It turned to a blade. 

Not like the Blade of Marmora.

Similar, but it was as thin as the blade, but the hilt thick. Short, not long. Good enough.

Let hope be everything that you need, t o march to a victory.

I should do it quickly. 

I should end it. 

I had enough with no one noticing me.

I look down at my wrist. 

The scars from over the years. 

The scars I made.

Tears quickly pour down my face. 

The silence is hurting me.

When you can't feel the difference between, an inch and infinity.







I started to make new scars, as crimson liquid came out of the now palish arms.

Every part of me catches on fire underneath, when I ignite, you'll see.

I hear the voices of Coran and Hunk outside my door. I quickly hurt myself more, the pain subduing my numbness. 

They are talking about me. I quickly grab the blade. I want to end my life. I want to end everything. 

I am worthless.

Maybe I can light the way, I can light the way back to me.

I stabbed myself, and twisted the blade around. 

The door slides open, and shouts of worry and despair reach my ears. I drop.

I look at Hunk as he grabs me. He does not touch the blade that is in my stomach at the moment. 

He runs with Coran to the pods, tears silently pouring down his face. He looks down at me, and I give him a weak smile.

Before we leave the room though, I see the words painted on the wall with my pure blood.

They go around my head, circling my last thoughts. Those are the last three words I ever think. I will ever write. My last breath leaves my body, and so does the warmth.

Back to me.

I am worthless.


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I swear, it wasn't my fault. I was just trying to protect the poor child. If it wasn't for me, the poor kid would have died. 

Shiro starts yelling at me. My foolishness could break the team, and then we couldn't form Voltron. Huh.

So I'm only good for forming Voltron, then? Alright. Call me when you need me.

As Shiro yelled, I walked away. I just ignored him. The others started to call me out. Shouting at me to come back.

"You guys don't need me. Not really. I'll be in my room if you want to form Voltron," I told them, my voice hollow. I walk out of the room, the automatic doors sliding behind me. 

I walk, corridor after corridor. I finally arrived in front of my room. I enter, and the doors shut behind me. No emotions come forward. Just numbness, and the disgusting feeling of loneliness. I sat on my bed, and grabbed my notepad, where I drew my family. 

I had asked Coran if he had any pencils, pencil crayons, and a notebook. He gave them too, and I was lucky that I could draw and had an artistic past. I was now coloring them, making it look like a family portrait. I smiled to myself, my homesickness growing even more. 

I had drew my new family on the ship. That made me feel sick. I couldn't comprehend how they didn't notice the little Heratian kid. How I saved him.

I sighed, as I went onto another page, and started to draw a marigold. They were my mom's favorite flower. Lilacs were my older sister's favorite, roses for my younger sister, and sunflowers for my niece. My brothers hated flowers, but they really loved sports. Hell, I drew a soccer ball for Mateo, a hockey stick for Daniel, and a volleyball for my nephew, Diego. 

I hear the door open, but I was sitting against the wall, facing away from the door. If it was Shiro, then I was going to find myself another quiet place. I wouldn't even bother listening to him. I continued to draw.

"Hey," it wasn't Shiro who said that. It was Keith. I didn't say anything, but I did pause, my hand in mid-air.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice showing no emotion. I could hear Keith walk, until he was kneeling beside the bed.

"I like your drawings. They're pretty," he said, his voice soft and genuine.

"Thanks," I reply, continuing to draw. Hell, I was surprised. Never knew he had any emotion other than anger. 

He stayed like that, as I continued to draw. It felt like hours, but was only minutes, in this somewhat comfortable silence. 

"I'm sorry," Keith said, his voice filled with sadness. I was confused.

"About what?" I asked, still drawing the volleyball. Keith was staring at me, and I looked back at him.

"Every time I got angry at you. I'm sorry. I'm just never around people, and it's difficult for me to accept anybody in my life. I can see that you help a lot of people around the castle, but they really don't notice you, don't they?" Keith told me, sincerely. I sighed and nodded.

"They don't notice me, yeah. I already know. It sucks, and I hate it, so fucking much. I come from a large family, and I get attached to people quickly. I just hate how I'm the seventh wheel," I blurt out, and I stop drawing. Keith then surprises me. He hugs me, and tears from my eyes slide down my cheeks. He embraces me as I cry, sobs coming from my mouth. 

"Lance, you're anything but the seventh wheel. You help civilians, you keep us in check, you take care of us, even though we're supposed to be taking care of you. You are selfless, and if anything, you make the castle a joyous place to be. Hell, you make me feel alive. So, don't ever think you're a burden or the seventh wheel," Keith tells me, as I stop crying. I just nod, as hope fills my chest.

Maybe I am useful.

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I can't take another hollow point conversation.  It's getting harder to fake.

"Damn it, Lance!" I curse myself, misplacing the keys into my apartment. Today, I was going to talk to Keith on Skype, since we've both been really busy lately. He with work, and I with my exams. I finally got the door open, and I enter.

I close the door behind me, and leave my shoes at the door. The really clean apartment was empty, with no sounds coming from a computer. I frowned, and shook my head. I was going to talk to Keith, even if it was late.

I went into the kitchen, and I grabbed a pot. I grabbed some spaghetti from cupboards, and the sauce from the fridge. I filled the pot up with water, and I put it on a burner, I turned up the heat, and stuck the straight spaghetti in it. I went around the kitchen, grabbing a bunch of food. I lied with my grandmother, and under her roof, she showed me what to put in spaghetti, and to make it one of her own creation. 

She had put chicken, peppers, garlic, and onions even into her spaghetti. When she made it, it was like Heaven on Earth. I smiled, as I cooked up the food, filling the apartment with a smell.

The sound of you, an outlasting vibration. There's something I can't shake.

I smiled softly, as I finished making the spaghetti. I always made a bit too much, since I lived with eleven siblings, and the family reunion's sometimes makes me want to cook for people. I took out some of the food, and I put it on my ceramic plate. I went over to the couch, and I turned on the TV, waiting for Keith to call.

Keith. He was the reason I was happy. The reason I am still alive. The reason for destroying the creeping thoughts over my mind. And he's the one who makes me sad. Makes me feel like destroying my own corpse so he can be happy. He's the one who makes me feel anything.

I watched an episode of Supernatural, since I was bored as heck, and I've already watched all of the seasons like three times. Or more. 

The sweetness of you on my tongue.  I breathed you in, you filled my lungs.

I hear the a noise from the laptop. I pop up, and sprint, almost tripping over my feet. I open the laptop, and quickly putting my password in. I see it was an upcoming call from...


I shake the disappointment from my shoulders, chiding myself. I put on the okay.

"Hey, ol' pal of mine! What's up?" I greet, a smile on my face. Hunk immediately brights up at my words. He smiles.

"Hey, Lance! I'm doing fine! I wanted to call because of something I've been wanting to ask you," he told me, excitement lighting up in his eyes. I brought the laptop over to the couch, and I turned off the TV, cutting Dean off in a middle of him saying, 'Bitch!'

"Sure, what is it?" I say, getting myself comfortable in the middle of the cushions. 

"Well, I wanted to see if you and Keith are able to come to the grand opening of my restaurant!" Hunk exclaimed. My mouth went open with surprise, and it quickly turned into a smile. 

"I'll talk to Keith about it, but don't ever doubt about me. I'm going to see the grand opening my man!" I glowed with happiness. Hunk cheers, and I laugh in response, already excited. 

"Okay, buddy. Tell Keith I said 'hi'. Talk to you soon!" Hunk told me. I smiled, and nodded, and we both said our goodbyes. 

A bitter taste, surrender waste. Another weakness.

I had finished my dinner about a few hours ago. I was slowly falling asleep on the couch. Keith never called me. I felt disappointed, but I knew it wasn't his fault that he was the manager of the new company, that his dad gave him. I already went on YouTube to stop the boredom that was growing in my chest.

I sighed, and I left the couch. I set down the laptop and I went into my room. I quickly changed into my PJ pants. 

You and me are like drugs and candy (drugs and candy, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Take one down for the young and easy (young and easy, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
You've got me out of my head.

I went under the covers, too tired to even cry at the moment. Tomorrow was another day, and I could put up the mask of happiness. I closed my eyes, and quickly fell asleep. 

Perhaps, in the middle of the night, I woke up from the door opening and closing, quietly. I thought it was the neighbour's door, so I quickly fell unconscious. 

I had a weird dream that night. Something that had to do with roller coasters, and giant lollipops. A tiger was chasing me at one point, making me wake up in the morning with a start. I was sweating, and tears were coming down from my eyes. I took a shaky breath. I quickly wiped the tears, and I waited until I was ready to leave the bed.

I fill this space in your bed. High on the beat of the breakdown, breakdown.

I left the room, with my clothes and a towel, I was going to take a shower, and stop the redness from my eyes. I sighed, closing the bathroom door. I took off my clothes, and quickly took a shower. I took my towel and dried myself off, and I put on my clothes in the washroom. I was so used to doing that, I only went back to my room to freshen up. 

I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked like shit. Baggy eyes, pale skin, and messed up hair. I looked dead. I huff, and I put on make-up to conceal the fact I looked like Death in a human body. 

I left my room, looking down at my feet. I barely even looked up, when I hear a cough. Yet, when I did, my breath hitched. 

In the middle of the living room, was Keith, holding flowers, and a teddy bear. I stood still, eyes wide in surprise. 

"Good morning, Lance," he told me. A smile broke out, and I ran to the man I loved. I gave him a hug, as tears started to pour out. He hugged me quickly, dropping the gifts onto the couch that was beside him. We were in a tight embrace, while I was crying and he was drawing patterns on my back.

"Sorry for not calling last night. I was in the middle of a flight, and I don't think the woman beside me would have appreciated me talking to guy romantically," Keith mumbled, and I giggled. I didn't care at this point. I just wanted to be with Keith, in this moment, forever. 

You and me are like drugs and candy (drugs and candy). And I don't wanna give it up.

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"Lance! Come on! Stop messing around!" Shiro sounded annoyed with me. Well, when is he not annoyed with me. I'm the one who messes up. The one who has no self control. The one who jokes around and doesn't take anything seriously.

"Sorry, Shiro. I promise to do better," I responded with a monotone voice. My lips were set in a thin line, and anger was bubbling up inside me. I knew not to let it get to me. Not to blame the anger on my fellow crew. 

Be more like Keith. 

You wouldn't have gotten into this class. If it wasn't for the best pilot in your class to flunk out!

Stop fooling around Lance.

The voices of the past came in and out of my head, but I had ignored them. No. There's no way I was going to fall into anger.

"Okay. Level five, commence!" Shiro commanded the training deck. I was in a crouching position behind Shiro, Pidge, and the hot-headed Keith. Hunk was on the other side of me. Like a star. Like the form of Voltron.

The gladiator fell from the hole, its bow ready for attack. And attack it did. As the other three were fighting it off in offense, Hunk was shooting it from behind. The legs of course. I shot it precisely in the head, timing it perfectly. The gladiator fell through the hole in the ground.

Everyone turned to me. I wasn't used to this. Not by much. I thought they were going to be in awe. But is was only hit with rage. Rage because I couldn't do things right.

"Lance! I told you to stop fooling around! You have to help the others. Aren't you supposed to be defending them?" Shiro scowled. At this point, I knew today was not going to be a good day, as I dropped off my Bayard in front of me. I took off my helmet, throwing it to the side.

Yeah, but I did shoot the gladiator, Shiro," I replied, just tired with the whole situation. Shiro stalked forward, towards me. I could see Coran running around, trying to come down with Allura from the deck.

"Yes, but this is a team bonding experience. You have to work with a team, if you like it or not," he seethed. Shiro was not the one who was supposed to be angry. It was supposed to be me. Yet, hurt must have flashed across my eyes, because he took a step backwards.

"Shiro. Lance is right. He did finish off the gladiator! Let him be. He did was he supposed to do," a voice. Surprisingly, it was Pidge. Shiro turned to see Keith and Hunk nodding in agreement. 

"Yes, but that didn't mean he had every right to that on his own," Shiro replied, frowning. This was the leader I was following? Is this the man I thought was my hero? No. This was not him. Yet, red flashed through out my vision.

"You know what? I'm done. Fuck you Shiro. All I ever do is try and do things to make you happy, but ' oh it's only Lance. He's being a fuck up again' must be going through that mind of yours. I swear, if it wasn't for Hunk or Coran, I would have left the team a long time ago. do you honestly think you're the only one with pinche problemas? For years, I looked up to you as my hero, Shiro. I wanted to be just like you. But, the person I thought is obviously not the person I see. 

"I mean, you can barely keep it on on a good day. You don't even recognize anybody's problems. You barely even talk to me or Hunk or Coran. You choose favorites. But, you don't see the problems. Look at Pidge, the daughter of your commander and sites of your best friend from the Kerberos crew. She has problems with sleeping. And who's the one who has to keep an eye on her because they're afraid that they might die from lack of sleep and food? Me Shiro," I rant. Shiro looks at me surprised, and so do the others. Coran and Allura had just entered the training deck, but I didn't loose eye contact with Shiro.

"Lance, I-," Shiro started to say, but I cut him off. If he thought I was finished with my rant, than he had another thing coming for him.

"There's Keith, who would have been dead if it weren't for me who has to keep reminding him to eat and sleep too. To keep hydrated. To be relaxed. To stop getting pissed at the world because, man, this guy has serious issues.

"Don't you even recognize Hunk and Coran? Those two work around the castle, keeping it together. Hell, they've done more in the whole castle than you. Coran, he jumped in even though he barely had time to mourn for the loss of Altea and his people. That goes with Allura. She lost her fucking father, and she has trust issues because look who decided to fucking throw that trust back in her face! Hunk over there barely has talked to you, even though he does the same amount of work as Pidge, if not, even more. He gets anxiety, Shiro. Fucking anxiety.

"Then there's me. I know I'm annoying, but damn, some recognition from time to time would be nice. You judge too quickly after all. I'm homesick, for crying out loud. I can barely look at myself in the mirror, because, fuck. What would my family think if I show up different? I feel like I'm always outed, and I don't get appreciated for things that I do. I don't get to put my input in things because Lance flirts with people, that must mean he is really childish and won't take things seriously. I know when its time to be serious Shiro.

"Then there is you. You, have PTSD. Yeah, we all know you have your rough days, but that doesn't mean you get to choose favorites and shit. You're supposed to be a leader of the group. You're not supposed to yell at your team. You're supposed to encourage them, and try to help their mistakes. If, you're going to be a leader and the fucking Black Paladin, then fucking act like it, cause at the moment you're bring a complete and total bitch," I finished my rant. I take a few pants, and I grab my Bayard and helmet, leaving the team stunned.

At the moment, I felt nothing but rage. Maybe, this would change their perspective, but at the moment, my only thought was to go to the observation deck.


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"Mullet-brain, hurry up!" Lance shouted from the parking lot. Pidge rolled her eyes at her Cuban boyfriend, and Hunk only chuckled. Keith groaned, as Shiro smiled. 

"Fuck off, Lance. Eat a thorn," Keith replied, stomping towards his friend. Lance only snorted, and Pidge sighed, disappointed. Keith could barely come up with good insults.

"Yeah, I will when I finally understand your fucking Texan talk," Lance added jokingly. Keith rolled his eyes. 

"Alright, then. Lets just go shopping for the costumes. We don't need arguments, right now," Shiro told them. He went to hold Keith's hand, and the Ravenet accepted. Lance shrugged, and Pidge, grabbed onto the taller man's hand, and dragged him through the automatic doors. Pidge's hair was getting long again, to the point where she had to put it up in a ponytail, and let it be a ponytail.

"Why do I even associate with all of you?" Pidge grumbled, as they entered the shop. Hunk only gave her a smile.

"Because we're the only ones who will get your quirky thoughts. Plus, Lance loves you and he introduced you to us when we were kids," Hunk replied, matter-of-fact. Pidge blushed. Keith gave her a sly smile, as Shiro stared lovingly at Keith. 

"Of course I introduced my future girlfriend to you guys! Gotta keep up, my dudes," Lance exclaimed, smiling proudly. Shiro snorted. Pidge only scrunched out her nose, as she stuck her tongue at Shiro.

Shiro and Keith grew up together, because of their parents being friends. Shiro finally had the balls to ask Keith out only a year prior, while Lance asked Pidge out in Freshman year. Bitches better be getting better, cause even the author of this one shot declined her current girlfriend twice, before she asked her out. Funny, I know.

Anyway, after breaking the fourth wall, Keith begrudgingly walked through aisles and aisles of costumes, masks, face paint, decorations and colors. He was way out of his comfort zone, as the Garrison trio (not the originals. Those were Matt, Shiro and Keith), ran around and became a pain in their ass. Shiro pointed out a few costumes, joining in the enthusiastic mood.

"Hun, I know you hate shopping, but can you pleeeeease be on the lookout for a costume, that you deem as good enough to wear?" Shiro looked at Keith. Keith only sighed, frowning that he was dampening the mood. 

"I know, Takashi, but like, all of these people shopping for something you'll only wear once, is just time consuming and wasting your money. Like, why even try?" Keith muttered, as he stared at the mask of the guy from Scream. He rolled his eyes, and looked forward at the other three.

Hunk was grabbing a chef's hat, as Pidge grabbed a headband with the Devil's horns on them. Lance was looking at the glow-in-the-dark face paint, and comparing colors. Shiro chuckled.

"Hey, people may not use those costumes only for Halloween...," Shiro smirked, looking at a particular costume. Keith only gave him a confused glance, until he looked at what Shiro was looking at. His eyes widen. his face reddening quickly.

"Shiro!" He squeaked, slapping a hand on Shiro's bicep. The man was looking onto a sexy cop's costume, and the handcuffs beside them. Shiro looked at Keith, an innocent smile displayed on his face. Keith knew that Shiro was anything but innocent.

"Guys! Hurry up! Or we'll lose you through the crowd!" Lance yelled at the gays, and they looked up. Keith still had a red face, and Shiro still had that innocent smile. Lance assumed the worst, and laughed out a 'whipped!' Keith's face went even redder, but now frustrated and murder glazed in his eyes. Lance expression went from teasing to scared in 0.01 seconds, and he shrieked as Keith ran after the young man.

Shiro secretly bought the handcuffs, as everyone was chasing after the two idiots. Keith was satisfied when they were used.

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Third   POV

Twenty years ago...

"Oh, sir! Please, help me! My child, he's in the building!" A woman cried, latching onto the firefighter's arm, and shaking it violently. The firefighter looked at the woman.

"Alright ma'am, but to do so, I need you to keep calm. It won't help us if we know you're freaking out, alright?" The man said. The woman only nodded, tears silently pouring down her tan cheeks. She let go of his arm, and he put on his helmet, walking quickly into the burning building.

"Sir! Please, my boy's name is Lance!" The woman cried, before the man was able to walk in the fire. He nodded, so she could see that he had heard what she said.

The fire was hot and burning, but the smoke was thick. The man, ran up. He called out the boy's - Lance's - name a few times until he heard a whimper. He looked at the general direction where the sound came from, and he quickly walked over. He was trying not to to step on the weak spots so when he does come back, it would be easier.

He found a boy, huddled in the corner of a room. He was shivering with fright, coughing into his arm. But the surprise that the man had felt was when he saw another boy. This other boy was unconscious, his young pale face covered in soot. The man walked over.

"What's your name?" The man said, gently. He kneeled down, so he was crouching down, eye-to-eye with the coughing boy.

"M-my name is L-Lance. This is my best f-friend, K-Keith," the boy, Lance, had coughed out. The young man only nodded and gave a weak smile.

"Okay, let me check if he's alright," he replied, nodding. Lance only squirmed a bit, and moved his arms away, but still at a safe distance. The firefighter presses his pointer and middle finger against Keith's neck, checking for a pulse.

He found one, but it was weak.

"Alrighty, kiddo. Look, we don't have much time but I want you to put on my helmet, alright? So you can be safe, and so we can bring down your friend with us. You're mom is very worried about you two, and she would be happy if she got to see you guys with her," the man said, softly. Lance only nodded, understanding. The firefighter took his helmet off. He knew it was against protocol, but these were little kids.

"Is Keith going to be alright?" Lance asked, his mouth trembling. The man hesitated. He should tell him.

"Yeah. He will be. But first, I want you to come with me. I'll carry your friend if you want so we can get to your mom faster. Is that alright?" The man said. Lance only nodded, and he stood up shakily. Keith was handed over to the adult.

"Okay. We're going to run. Is that alright?" The man asked, as he stood up. Lance gave a thumbs up in response. The man held on to his hand, and they both started running. Wood was falling down, as they went down the stairs. The smoke was now really thick, and the man could barely see, but he had other senses too.

The sirens were still screeching and the crowd was talking. He quickly walked over, Lance in tow. Carrying Keith was like carrying a feather, and the Man was scared over the boy's health. 
He finally found the entrance of where he came from, and the three of them bursted out of the fire. Before a beam fell on them, of course.

The man cursed silently, but he was holding on to the two kids tightly. Luckily, he pushed them forward, saving them instead. The beam fell onto his legs, and it burned like hell. He screamed in pain, and his partners were quick to put dirt and water on the fallen beam. They were able to drag him out, and put him on a stretcher.

Keith was on another stretcher himself. He was already in an ambulance when Lance's mother came over quickly to the young man.

"Sir! Wait! Can I get your name? Please. I want to know who saved my baby boy and his friend," the woman pleaded. The young man looked at the lady, a small smile on his pale face.

"The name's Alfor," he replied weakly, as he was put in the ambulance. Black spots sent over his eyes, and he fell unconscious.


"Can we go see Keith, momma?" Asked Lance for the tenth time that morning. Lance's mother, Maritza McLain, only looked down at the young boy at her feet.

"I already told you, sweetie. We'll see him soon. Right now, he's not able to have any visitors, since he needs rest and very important people are talking to him about big people stuff," she responded, slowly. Lance only pouted, his shoulders sagging.

Maritza could tell he was upset, but she didn't want make him cry. Especially when she knew what was going to happen to Keith. Especially when she knew what happened to the Korean-Texan's parents.

"Hey, why don't we go to the store and buy Keith some things? I'm sure he would appreciate it," Maritza told Lance, nudging the six-year-old on the shoulder. He was walking alongside the woman, going to their home.

Lance was at a sleepover at Keith's house when the fire started. They didn't hear the alarm, as it was burned through with the heat of the fire. When Lance woke up, Keith was shaking him, shouting his name. Then a piece of wood fell on Keith, enough to knock him out, but not enough to kill him.

Alfor. The firefighter who saved both Keith's and Lance's lives, was in the hospital in critical condition. The smoke filled his lungs, and the beam fell on his legs. At the moment, he's in a coma and on life support.

Maritza knew something was wrong when she saw the firefighters heading over to a burning building where Keith's home used to be. She quickly drove over and screamed for her baby.

Lance squealed in delight, shaking her out of her thoughts. "Momma! You're a genius! Keith looooves swords! And pirates! We could buy him a pirate sword and in his favorite color! He also looooves cats! We can buy him a cat!" Lance rambled, spitting his ideas out. Maritza only blinked.

"Woah there, mijo. Why don't we buy him a cat plushie in his favorite color? And we can buy him a bit of food and candy," Maritza told her son. Lance nodded, agreeing immediately.

They both went to the nearest Walmart™, and they bought the food. At this point, they were in the toy section and they were having trouble finding something for Keith.

"What about this? He likes Transformers, no?" Maritza showed her son a Bumblebee figurine. Lance only shook his head, pouting.

"No! Pidge looooves Transformer's! Plus, that's Hunk's favorite transformer," Lance replied, putting the toy back on the shelf. Maritza nodded patiently, looking around for other toys.

That's when Lance saw the perfect thing for Keith. He ran over to the bin, screeching. Maritza jumped, as she looked at her child in bewilderment. She looked at what Lance was pointing at, and she walked over, smiling.

"Yeah, I think you found Keith's gift. Good job, Lance," she laughed. She got the giant ass, red teddy bear from the ten dollar bin, and she walked over to the check out, holding onto Lance's small hand. She bought the stuffed animal, and they both walked hand-in-hand to the hospital.

They went over to the reception, and was told the patient they wanted to visit was on the third floor. They went up the elevator, and got a few glances as they held the three bags of goods for Keith. They didn't say a word.

Both mother and child walked over the reception desk, where they were told the room number. It took them a few tries finding the hall, but they finally found the room where Keith was in.

They opened the door, and there was Keith, strapped onto the IV and the heart monitor machine. Keith looked up, and saw Lance running in. His pale face went up bright, in excitement and happiness.

"Lance!" Keith squealed as the Cuban boy tackled him into a hug. The heart monitor had started beeping quickly. A nurse popped her head in, and she saw the visitors and the excitement on the patients face. The nurse told the others that the kid had a visitor and they all left, leaving the three alone.

"Keith! Momma told me we couldn't visit you yesterday cause you were resting, so today we decided to come anyway, and we bought you this!" Lance squeaked,moving away from Keith and going over to his mother, where she had the three bags.

Two of which were filled with food and drinks.

"Woah! Is that a red teddy bear?!" Keith cooed, as Lance handed it over to the Asian-American boy. Lance only nodded.

"We also brought food," Lance replied, giving a toothy smile. Keith smiled back and choked out a 'thanks', as he hugged the bear.

They gave the food to Keith, which the little six year old insisted they all eat together. They did. It was peaceful all through out the day. Nothing to bother them.

Yet, when they went to visit Keith the next day, he left without a trace.


He held onto the bear he was given just the day before. The police and a strange woman in a fancy dress had told him he was going to move in with a few people.

Keith was dressed in a polo shirt, khaki shorts, and some running shoes. His hair was sticking onto his neck, as it was slick with sweat. He was nervous, and it was a warm day too, to top it off.

"Okay, Keith. This is going to be where you're going to live for the time being. I'll be back in a week or two, just to see how you're fitting in. I'll see you soon so take care," said the woman as she knocked on the door of the following house. The door opened and there was a boy there. He had black hair and that anime hairstyle that Keith watched with Lance.

"Hi! You must Takashi Shirogane! Are your parents home?" The woman asked, looking at the older child on curiosity. This supposed 'Takashi Shirogane ', only nodded, and turned back.

"Ma! There's someone here for you!" He said throughout the house. An Asian looking lady popped her head out of the kitchen door. She looked up and smiled. She walked out, pride in her stride and a bit of excitement in the bounce of her steps.

"Hello! You must be Takashi's mom. I've brought Keith with me today so he can get used to you. I'll be back in a week or two just to see his process if that's alright," the woman greeted, getting right to business. Takashi only looked confused, but he left the doorway, making his way to the living room.

"Yes, that's alright. I'll just get him up to his room so he can get used to, ah, staying here," she replied to the woman, with a smile. She looked down to the boy, who had been silent and confused, as he listened to the conversation.

"Hello there, you must be Keith. My name is Angie Hamada. How old are you?" She asked, crouching down to the little boy's level. Keith eyed her with his grey-ish violet mix into her hazel-green ones.

"Uh, six," he responded, timidly. He rocked back and forth, his toes to his heels. He was nervous and he didn't know what was happening. Where was his mother? Where was his father?

Where was Lance?

"Awesome. My son, he's twelve at the moment. He would really love it if you were with us," Angie responded, a smile on her face. Keith nodded slowly, still confused.

"Okay Keith. I'll see you soon. Be good, alright," the woman said, nudging him forward as Angie stood up. Keith nodded, walking forward, into the house. He stood by the doorway as the two woman spoke.

Takashi emerged from the living room, bored with his book. He wanted to see what the little boy's deal was. He only knew that he was going to stay with his family.

"Hey there. What's your name?" Takashi asked the little boy. Keith looked up at the older kid, a bit scared.

"Uh, Keith," he squeaked. Takashi smiled. The kid was kinda cute. But not in a romantic way. He was dating this girl named Sophie Heller. And he liked her very much thank you.

"Well Keith. My name is Takashi Shirogane. Although, everyone calls me Shiro. I think we'll be the best of buddies! Wanna watch TV with me? I think The Fairy Odd Parents are on," Shiro spoke, trying to coax the little boy into trusting him. Keith nodded, liking the idea instantly.

"Keith doesn't know his parents are...," the woman, Nancy, told Angie. Angie nodded, a bit depressed od the thought. She would have to tell him soon, so he could get used to the fact that his parents were dead and their bone remnants were found in the ashes.

"Alright. I'll tell him if he talks about his parents. I'll be expecting you in a week because two weeks from now, I've got an important meeting with a few others and I don't want to miss it out," Angie told Nancy. Nancy nodded.

"Alright. I'll be back in a week to check on Keith's progress with the family. I hope you have a good day, missus Hamada," Nancy smiled brightly. Angie smiled back.

"Thank you, you too. Goodbye!" Angie waved as Nancy turned and walked to her car. Nancy said a goodbye back with a wave, as she got in to her car. Angie watched her drive away, before she went inside the house.

She thought that Keith would be nearby,but she didn't spot him. She gave out a worried squeak, and she popped her head in the living room. What she saw next melted her heart, and she knew that having Keith was a blessing in disguise.

Keith and Shiro fell asleep as they were watching Spongebob.


Keith was now nine years old. He knew what happened to his parents, and he accepted it. He knew having them gone, was hard, but he learn to live with it. He had a person who loved him as if he was her own. And he's got a brother, to keep him out of trouble.

At the moment, Keith was being a little shit to the fifteen year old boy, who he was talking to on the phone.

"Do you really want to let your nine year old brother going on a shitty bus, all by himself, with older people who could kidnap the child you are responsible to take care of, while mum is having a mani-pedi we forced her to go to? Cause, I don't think mum would appreciate that," Keith smirked. He knew he had reason, but he also loved making Shiro's life hell. Last month, he ruined a date, since Shiro was taking care of him while Angie was at a meeting.

"Fuck," responded Shiro, obviously pissed, but he knew Keith had reason.

"Language. I'll be waiting. And you better be here with iced coffee or I'll tell mum that you swore in front of me," Keith snickered, ending the call. Might have been dramatic, but damn, he needed some coffee after that ball hockey practice. Possible so does Shiro.

Keith sat down on the bench. He grabbed his phone, and started to text a few people from his class. Hell, he was pretty bored so he eventually went onto some game apps when he stopped getting texts.

He was into Temple Run and Zombies Vs Plants. He was caught off guard when he got a text from Shiro, telling him that he was going to be there soon. Keith rolled his eyes and continued playing his games.

He got the feeling he was being watched. He let it slide for a few minutes, but he couldn't help the temptation. He looked up from his phone, and his stomach twisted.

Just on the other side of the street, was Lance. Lance looked at Keith. Keith looked back. Surprise, anxiety, anger and sadness were shared between the two boys. Plus the hint of excitement.

"Lan-," then a vehicle was in front of them, blocking their view From each other. It was Shiro. Yay.

"Get in you little turd bucket. Here's your iced coffee. We have to go home, now. Or I'll tell mom that you had your first kiss. And I've got proof," Shiro blackmailed the kid. Keith opened his mouth and closed it back like a fish.

"I hate you, Shiro!" Keith squeaked. Shiro rolled his eyes at the small flair of dramatics. Keith entered the car, and Shiro drove away, both boys listening to Green Day.

"Mom! I saw Keith!" Lance squealed, shaking his mom's hand. Maritza looked at her son, a small smile on her face.

"So did I, mijo. Now, let's get you into that arena so you can practice your soccer moves," she told the boy. She did see Keith. His eyes were wide, curious. You could see anger behind those eyes. His jet black hair was growing into a mullet, that would look good on him in a few years.

In all seriousness, he looked like a cute boy. Plus, the ladies would be trailing off after him, if they weren't already.

Both mother and son went into the arena, thinking, where was Keith now?


"I can't believe this! Amanda has a crush on me, but she outright rejects my so gracious offer! I don't get woman, Hunk!" Lance complains into the phone. He was buying some food for his parents, since they forced him out of the house to get groceries.

"Well, you did stand up on a table to ask her out, at school, in front of everyone. And everyone knows how shy she is. She could have said no because she was scared," Hunk replied, thinking of the positive for his best friend.

"Yeah, you're right. Anyway, I gotta go. Can you meet me at the park at six? I wanna go skateboarding," Lance sighed. At the moment, he was checking some vegetables and putting them into the plastic see through bags. His mind was wandering too and he needed a distraction.

"Sure thing buddy. I'll see you soon," Hunk told him, and they ended the call. Lance put his phone at the back of his pocket, huffing. He quickly went into the junk food aisle, grabbing some chips and candy. Lance put the stuff into the basket he was holding, and as he went to move, he bumped into someone.

"Oof! Hey, watch where you're going," Lance exclaimed, rubbing his chest. He saw jet black hair and a pale face.

"Sorry," was the reply, as the guy walked around Lance. Lance looked at the guy who bumped into him, and he saw violet-grey eyes looking straight ahead. He recognized the male easily at that point.

"Shiro, for fuck's sake, you should have came with me to buy whatever shit you need. I'm not your damn servant," Keith growled into the phone he was holding as he grabbed some chips. He left the aisle spitting out curses to this 'Shiro' person.

Lance stood there, surprised at the encounter. Who knew he would bump into Keith, the boy who was his best friend at birth until six, and saw coincidentally at nine.

His heart was beating faster and faster at the thought of seeing Keith. Lance left quickly after that, buying the things he needed. He didn't see the stare of surprise coming from Keith's face when he saw Lance at the cashier and in the parking lot.

Those two boys didn't know what was coming at the age of seventeen.


"Congratulations Lance! You're a firefighter now!" Lance's little sister, Emilia, shouted as she jumped into Lance's arms. Lance twirled her around, a scream of joy coming out of the both of them. Maritza looked at her boy, as she was now forty-three. Her grey hairs were coming out now, and she saw the twenty-two year old smiling.

Twenty-two years ago, she had this boy, at the age of twenty-one. She was enlightened when she heard he got the job as firefighter. He was going to be a hero in people's eyes. Just like Alfor the firefighter was when he saved both Lance and Keith at six years old.

Alfor's family couldn't pay for his life support anymore, so fifteen years after he went into the coma, he never woke up again. Last year, Lance and Keith met, just to say how grateful they were towards Alfor for saving their lives and sacrificing himself for them.

It was an awkward reunion, as Maritza cried into Keith's shoulder, happy that he was doing good. Lance only smiled as Keith patted her back, barely knowing what to do.

"Woo boy! I'll be saving cats and people from burning buildings in no time, little sis! Now, cmon. Were going out to Pizza Hut and celebrate this happy day!" Lance exclaimed, happy with his progress on life.

They did go to Pizza Hut, and damn, it was an awesome time. Yet, at the other side of town, Keith was there, tracking down a killer.

"Damn it! Pidge, what did you get from the print?" Keith asked Pidge. Pidge, who was actually 'Katie', but since kids, they called her Pidge for her love of Pigeons. Pidge was also a friend of Lance and Hunk, but she was close towards Shiro and Keith since her older brother Matt, is very close friends with Shiro.

"Okay, this shit of a guy is a dude named 'Jason Dale'. At the moment, he has killed ten people, both men and woman at the age of forty to fifty. Something about how we need more kids than adults. Like the Canadian 'Baby Boom' age from the 1960s to early 80s. Last week, he killed a woman a town over, brutally stabbed in the heart five times at a point in a star shape. Then, another brutal stab wound in the neck, the knife most likely twisting the vocal chords in the woman's neck," Pidge replied, typing furiously on the laptop that was on her desk.

Keith growled, using the flashlight on his side, to look throughout the house. Pidge is a member of the FBI, and she works in murder investigations. Luckily, knowing that Keith was a cop, at his young age, she asked him to investigate with her.

"This guy is a white male, with blue eyes, and red hair. Looks like the comic character from the Archie comics, that you were obsessed with at one point in your life. Anyway, he's the same height as you! Look at that, we're not the only small people in this world!" Pidge cackled, looking at his medical information. She can hack into shit, and leave without a trace. Those were one of the reasons why the FBI hired her as investigator in the murder department.

"Fuck off, Pidge. Stop bullying me, and help me on this case, or Allura will have my head. And you out of everyone know how she can get when she is pissed," Keith hissed, crouching down. He heard noise just ahead. A man from the description Pidge had just listed off, was coming out of the house next door. His hands were covered with gloves, and a knife was in the movement of getting concealed in his boots.

"Pidge, I found him. Get Shiro to get an ambulance at my current location. The house in grey. I'll be chasing this dick, and trying to capture the fucko before he gets away," Keith quickly spoke, turning on the GPS. Pidge squeaked in agreement, and Keith left the house quickly. The man was getting into the blue truck, that was parked in the driveway.

Keith got into the car that was disguised as a normal one. It was a police car in reality, and he waited for the truck to move a bit, before he turned on the sirens.

When he followed the truck, he put on the sirens. The man in the truck, quickly made the truck move forward, much more faster. Keith knew that this was the guy. He quickly got on the intercom.

"Allura, this is Keith. I got the guy who's been killing people the past few weeks. Get a few of the gang to cover the next few blocks from my location, quickly. Were going to block this guy's passage," Keith spoke. The intercom crackled to life.

"Copy that. And Keith, please be careful," Allura spoke. She immediately went to work sending out the message to others to get to a certain location to block off the dick's movement. 

Block after block, the guy some how maneuvered away from the police, yet at this point, the male had about five police cars chasing him. Keith was still on his tail. That's when the dude jumped from the truck, which was still moving.

"Fuck!" Keith screamed, stopping his car. The police that were with him stopped theirs too, and they started chasing after the guy. Keith only watched in horror as the truck rammed into the window of a McDonalds. People screamed in pain and horror after the window went smashing down.

"Allura, we need an ambulance ASAP at my car's location," Keith spoke, his voice hollow. He turned to where the other cops were running, and he started to follow them too.

Lance's phone started to ring at this point, and he answered the call. "Hello?" He said. He heard huffs of breathing coming from the other side of the call.

"Lance?" Keith asked into the phone. Lance's breath hitched a bit. Why would Keith call him? How the fuck did he know his number? Lance stopped walking, shooing his mother and sister forward, quietly telling them to go home.

"Keith? What the fuck do you want?" Lance asked into the phone, confused. His family nodded, walking quickly. They were going to go home and wait for him.

"Look, sorry I haven't talked to you in like, our whole lives since we were six. But, I need help. Like, lots of help," Keith puffed out. Lance scrunched up his nose.

"Yeah, I'm listening," he replied. He went walking to the fire station. He might as well get in.

"You're a firefighter, right? Get one of those trucks and shoot water at the burning McDonalds nearby. The fucking guy I'm trying to capture just smashed his truck into the damn thing," he responded. Lance started to run when he heard. Hell yeah, he would help.

"Gotta go tell my boss. See ya soon, Samurai," Lance ended the call. He quickly went inside the station, and into Coran's office.

"Coran! There's a fire," Lance spoke. Coran looked up from the radio.

"I was just about to call you to go. Now shoo, and save those civilians, boy!" Coran told him. Lance left without a word, rushing to get his gear on. He grabbed his helmet, and rushed to the truck. Rolo and Nyma were waiting for him.

"Finally! Let's go!" Nyma shouted, getting into the driver seat. Lance went on the pedestal at the back, as Rolo went into the passenger seat.

Nyma was ... A quick driver to say the least. Rolo, was good at shooting the water out, and yelling. A lot of yelling. Both Nyma and Rolo were married to each other, and they became firefighters after two tours in Afghanistan. Nyma came from Illinois while Rolo came from Canada. Both met on their first tour together.

They arrived at the scene, fire going in an uproar. Lance quickly got off and grabbed the wrench, so he could go to the nearest fire hydrant. He grabbed the hose, on the way. He uncovered the lid with the said wrench, and the end of the hose onto the hydrant. Water spurred to Life, and into the hose that Rolo was now holding.

"Lance! Go into the Building, and check if there's any survivors in there! Be careful," Nyma told Lance, as she walked over to hold the hose, which was on the hydrant.

Lance nodded, leaving the scene outside quickly. He quickly got a few masks, and left, going inside the burning building. The steady but thick stream of smoke over powered a lot of oxygen. Anyone in the fire for more than twenty minutes were most likely dead. Lance shuddered at the thought, even if it was hot.

"Hello? Anybody there??" Lance shouted into the building. Nothing. Just the flames cracking, and the building crumbling. He cursed silently. He heard his phone ring to life, but he ignored the sounds emmiting from the device.

"Help ... Please," was the almost silent voice that spoke throughout the fire. Lance turned toward the voice. It was a little girl, and what looked to be her older sister. He quickly went over, stepping on the stronger spots.

"Hey guys. I'm here to help you out. Luckily, this part hasn't toppled over. Put these masks on, and I'll get you out," Lance said, handing over the masks. The kids nodded, putting on the mask quickly. Lance beckoned for the younger kid, and the little girl was now getting carried into his arms.

He heard the ambulance nearby, the sirens blaring out. He held onto the older girl's hand, and he maneuvered their way, away from the corner into the exit. He saw glass, and he set down the girl.

"When I break the window, I want you to go first. I'll hand her over to you once you're there. Then, I want you two to run as fast as you can to the ambulance. Let them check you over. Be careful and don't look back," Lance explained to the kids. They nodded in agreement. Lance found a block of wood, and he smashed it against the window. The glass cracked, and soon there was a hole big enough for the girls.

The older one went through first, and Lance handed the younger one out. Lance saw them run, and he continued his search in the fire. He heard shouts of happiness, and a shout calling for his name. It was faint, and Lance didn't know who it was from.

He kept on searching.

And he found no one else.

The heat and smoke was getting to him, and he found the entrance in where he came. It was caving in on itself, but Lance made it out before it did cave in. Lance cursed silently, as it grazed against his legs.

Wincing, he limped back over to where the ambulance was. The lights were flashing, and he could barely see through the smoke that was coming out.

"Lance!" He heard shouts of excitement and worry. Lance only weakly smiled, as he fell into someone's arms. Keith's to be exact.

"Hey man. Did you get the guy?" Lance asked, looking at Keith with a daze. Keith nodded, not wanting to talk. Lance only smiled.

"We are a good team," Lance said before he passed out.


For a year,both men worked together. Hunk sometimes joined in, and Shiro did too. Pidge always contacted them when they were in need of a good case.

Yet, every good thing must come to an end.

How this ended, was with a dead family member, in the form of Lance's dad. It was Keith's job to find him. It was Keith's job to protect him.

He failed Lance.

Words were thrown. Some nasty words.

"You're the worst police officer ever!"

"Yeah? Well guess what dumbass? You've been working with me for a year now, and you haven't complained a bit!"

"Well I should have told you sooner!"

"Fuck you, you weak ass cunt!"

"Fuck you too! I should have left you to die with your parents when we were six!"

Silence. Keith processed the words that came out of Lance's mouth.

"Keith, look I-," Keith cut him off.

"Yeah, you're right. You should have left me to die. You should have left me to die with my parents, who are dead because of someone who burned the building. You should have never let me live. I was bullied for being the orphan. People used me, over and over again, and I hated it, so that's why I became a cop. I studied hard to be one so I could show them what I'm made of. I should have never invited you over that weekend so I could be dead. Thanks to you, I suffered most of my life. Fuck you, Lance McClain," Keith spat out. His expression was pained and cold. His voice was furious.

Lance always regretted the words that came out of his mouth so that Keith would say those things to him. To leave him to mourn and pack it away in two years time.

To leave and bring back the pain of what he regretted after those two years.

And it all started because of a fire when they were six.

Chapter Text

Lance groans, as he starts shooting at the Galran empire. He'd rather be at a beach, or sun-tanning his already tan body. Heck, he'd rather do anything but fight. He was forced to mature at the age of seventeen, as a soldier of a war.

"Come on, Lance!" The Korean yelled at the Cuban. Lance scrunched up his nose, and blasted more of the Galras. Keith did the same thing with his fire power, and both defeated there side of the Galra bots.

They both didn't say anything, as they went over to where Pidge and Hunk were, vines everywhere and a crushed Ion cannon in their way.  Lance wordlessly started to hunt the Galra and the others did the same.

Lance was tired. He was tired from the way they treated him, the way they made him feel. They made him cover up. Cover up the way he actually feels. That's why he hates Keith. Lance was only a shadow in Keith's place.

Iverson was correct about how he was never going to live up to his title. He was the leftover. The second choice. Maybe that's the reason why he's piloting Red. A shadow.

Although right now he was in Blue, and she gave him a comforting feeling, after purring a soft thought in his mind. Red was there in the back of his consciousness, purring away orders.

"Let's get in!" Hunk said, grunting right after. Poor Hunk. He couldn't even see what was wrong with his best friend. How blind could he be?

Pidge and Lance entered the ship, unnoticed. The blue and green lions were fighting without pilot. Autopilot.

They were on a mission to find Pidge's brother, Matt. Lance was all for it, knowing how bad the feeling was when your sibling doesn't return. Lance sighed, as they both speed walked through the halls.

"This way! This is where the prisoners are held!" Pidge squealed, grabbing onto Lance's hand. Lance smiled a bit, and both of them ran towards the prisoners.

"Matt! Matt!" Pidge exclaimed, upon entering. Aliens looked up at the two humans, with confusion. Then a head popped up. Looked like an older Pidge.

"Matt!" Pidge cried out, running to her brother. Matt, looked at her, and smiled.

"Katie... Is that really you?" Matt asked, embracing her. Pidge nodded, squeezing her brother.

"I really love your little dreams, paladin. Hilarious is it, that you won't ever be able to see that!" Haggar cackled, as she stabbed through Pidge, Matt and the aliens. Lance winced, not getting used to the sight of pure murder.

He was captured by the Galra. Well, not really. He gave himself up for Shiro, which for some reason, the Galra had. Lance didn't regret his decision a bit. Although, he became a little bit numb each day. He barely felt anything, but that didn't scare him. He couldn't feel the fear he was supposed to feel.

"Now, I am making you the perfect soldier, Blue. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be where you are today! You're much better than the Champion himself, and you've been here for a few weeks at most," Haggar cackled. Lance nodded. He was about to go in the arena again.

And he was barely keeping it together.