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Fresh Blood

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Encre P.O.V.

           I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the warm midsummer sun on my eye sockets. So peaceful… I think sleepily. Then I realize… It’s midday! I’m late! For my first day in my new village! I leap out of bed, my bones rattling loudly. I pull on my favorite cream-colored dress with blinding speed and shove my sketchbook and pencils into my satchel. I can’t be late! This is my first time out of France!

~~Time skip brought to you by TeMmIE fLAkeS~~

           On my way to the village from my small house in the forbidden woods I sense an evil aura. It feels… Hungry… And full of Bloodlust… I quicken my pace until I break into a sprint. By the time I arrive at the village I am completely out of breath. Panting, I make my way to the center of the town and begin to draw.
At sundown, I finish a picture of the bakery and I realize, looking up, that there are no other monsters. Great. The only one. Again. Most monsters decided to stay underground when the barrier broke, but not me! I had to see the surface, one way or another. Everyone is staring at me in horror, but some in fascination. That’s good. Better than last time at least! Then I see a woman shooing her children inside. Shops close. People turn on me. NONONONONONONONO!! This is very bad! If they turn on me, I’ll have to leave! Like before, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before—My thoughts are interrupted by a large, muscular man grabbing the collar of my dress and lifting me into the air.
           “What’s a creep like you doing in a place like this?” He growls.
           I shudder. But I manage to squeak out, “W-Well, I’m new h-here and I d-don’t w-want any trouble, monsieur… I just came to-“
           “I didn’t ask for your life story! I asked for the reason why a demon from the underworld would rear its hideous face above ground?!” He roars. Demon?! Hideous?! My soul nearly shatters when I realize that people are just staring, some cheering. How could they egg on such an inconsiderate moron like this?!
           “Well… I j-just-“I start, but the man cuts me off.
           “Time’s up!” He bellows, and he throws me to the ground, skull first. I hear a sharp crack and I clutch my head. He gives my enough time between other blows to let me bring my phalanges in front of my face and see… Blood! How can I bleed?! I’m a skeleton for Asgore’s sake! The man realizes this, pulling out a knife, and yells, “See?! She’s a demon! Sent from the devil’s lair to kill us and our children in our slumber! I say we leave this skeleton, if that is what she truly is, to bleed to death or until the vampires get her, or BOTH!” Shouts and hollers of agreement rise from the crowd that has gathered to witness the unfair beating of someone different from them.

~~Time skip brought to you by Papyrus’s spaghetti!~~

           I lay there, cold and scared. Eye sockets half open and dazed. Faithful satchel wrapped around my shoulder blade. At least I’ll die next to the thing I love most. Art. Then I hear the flap of large, leathery wings. A vampire has scented my blood. I hear soft footsteps as the vampire lands next to me. I look up at him. Every bone in my body screams at my actions, but I don’t stop. Now I see him fully. He’s wearing long and tattered black cape with blue on the ends, but I can’t see anything else, his cape is wrapped around him tightly. I stare at his face and see… A skull! But it’s waving in the back, like hair. With surprise filling his eye sockets. Both sockets, instead of being filled with black like a normal skeleton’s, are filled with red. One socket has a small white spark as a pupil, the other a white spark surrounded by blue, surrounded by yellow. Blue markings around his eye sockets go to the sides of his skull. His bones are black. He staring too. I’m not surprised there aren’t many skeletons aboveground, or any skeletons period.                        
He kneels down and says, “What? No begging for MERCY?” He chuckles.
           “P-Please…” I whisper hoarsely, coughing up blood, “Please… I beg you…”
           “Alright, that’s enough.” He bends down further so that I can now feel his breathing on my neck.
           “Please…” I whimper, “Kill me… End the pain for good… Please…” And I black out.

??? P.O.V.

           I bend down to the pretty skeleton’s neck. “Please… Kill me… End the pain for good… Please…” Lift up my skull and stare at her. She wants to die? “What do you mea-” I start, but stop when I see her half opened sockets. Pitch-black. She’s passed out, still in the pool of blood that drew me here. Curiosity trumps instinct this time and I pick her up. Much lighter than I anticipated. In fact, she’s so light I use too much strength and fling her ten feet in the air! I fly up and catch her, then head to the castle.

~~Time skip brought to you by Blueberry’s unfathomable amount of pure kawaii!~~   (I regret nothing!)

I arrive at my castle. The castle of the vampires. I land the door and burst inside. “Suave!” I bellow, “Have other servants prepare a room for our guest! Get the medical kit! And here, take her satchel! Evaluate her wounds and tell me everything!”
“Of course, milord.” He replies calmly. He takes her satchel and rallies other servants to help him. How is he always so calm? He’s a child! Barely 4, yet so mature. Too mature. Even if living with predators, which he is, (he’s the only mortal here) he’s completely cool. I shove my thoughts aside and rush to the room he’s prepared. I set her down on the bed and leave. It’s up to the servants, their magic, and the pretty—PRETTY?! What am I thinking? She’s prey. Once she tells me what she meant by ‘end the pain for good’ and why she even bleeds, I’ll drink her blood and be done with it. But, then again… her blood smells so sweet. It’d be a crime to be a one-time thing! Maybe I’ll keep her around… Have her blood for dessert every night.

~~tEm sKIp!!1!~~

Suave P.O.V.
After King Fallacy leaves the girl’s room I rush in with a medical team not far behind. I take note of her wounds and leave the team to do what they may, reminding them on my way out not to drink any blood. His Majesty must be first. I may be a 4-year-old mortal, but I’m more intelligent than most people, and I know what Lord Fallacy would do if anyone got blood before him.
           I find Lord Fallacy and tell him of the wounds. “Milord, most of her ribs are broken, her arms are cut deeply, her legs are broken, her skull has a large crack in it, and some of her vertebrae are out of alignment. She’s lucky to be alive. Her bones are very frail, and could easily turn to dust if not treated quickly enough. Thank goodness you found her when you did.”
           He stares into space grimly before growling, “Who—or rather what would do such a thing to such an innocent and defenseless creature? What was in her satchel? A weapon? Something to make someone attack her? Or is Innocence worth NOTHING when you’re a monster?”
           “No, your majesty. Just a sketchbook and some pencils.” I reply. “It appears we have some questions to ask. Well…” I cut myself off, not wanting to step out of my place. He whips around and stares at me.
           “What? What is it Suave?” He inquires, his gaze never leaving mine.
           “I’m sorry, Sire. I cannot say, it is none of my concern.” I shift uncomfortably.
           “Go on, say it!” He practically yells. I flinch and sigh.
           “Why did you bring her here? I will understand if you do not want to answer this, Sire.” I prepare for the familiar lecture of not getting into something that I shouldn’t care about, like the child I am, but it doesn’t come.
           Instead he sighs and says, “I found her in the town square of the village just south of here. She was laid in a pool of blood, beaten by humans, I’m guessing. They left her for dead, and when I came for her blood, she begged me to kill her. She begged me to ‘end the pain once and for all’. And…” He trails off.
           “And what, milord?”
           “And…” A light yellow blush takes over his face and he looks down. “And I…” He looks back up at me. “I thought you could use a companion or a mortal caretaker…” He turns back around and walks away. “Go back to your job, Suave!”
           I can’t – No… Won’t believe this…
           Our king, the king of the vampires…
           May be in love with a mortal.
Encre P.O.V.  (Get Google Translate ready!)

           Evil laughter. That’s all I hear. The darkness churns beneath me, never stopping. I’m falling… Falling into the darkness. I scream and thrash around, trying to escape, but to no avail. Invisible hands clasp around my throat. My phalanges grab them and try to rip them off, but the hand just get tighter.

I wake up screaming and shoot up in bed, sheets tangled around me. I instantly regret it. Pain shoots throughout my body and, somehow, I scream louder. Collapsing on the bed again, I groan in pain and look around. The room is lit only by a fireplace on the corner. There are heavy crimson drapes over the large windows, not permitting any light to come in. There are many other decorations, but I don’t have time to study them, as someone bursts into the room. “What’s going on in here?!” They yell.
I start to answer, but I end up coughing. My phalanges reflexively cover my mouth and when I pull away, blood covers them. A lot of blood. It drips and I feel dizzy. NO! I can’t pass out again. “Nightmare…” I rasp weakly, squeezing my eyes shut to block the dizziness while also hiding my bloody hand. “Bad one… Tangled in sheets... Pain.” I squint, tears running down my face, and look at the figure in the door. It’s the vampire from the village.
“Oh…” He walks over and I shy away. He notices this and stops. “I’m Fallacy.” He says and smiles.
My eye sockets widen as I recognize the name. “Tu es le roi des vampires?” He looks confused. “Sorry I speak in French when I’m scared or too excited… I said, ‘You are king of the vampires?’.” He nods. “I’m E-Encre…” I reply. “W-Where am I?”
“You’re in my castle, the castle of the vampires.” He answers calmly. “You need to heal. I advise to stay still.” He chuckles. I manage a weak smile.
“Why am I here?” I rasp. “Why didn’t you kill me like I asked you to?”
He looks down quickly. Was he blushing? “Well… Another mortal is here and he needs another mortal for a companion.”  (Author-Chan Says: NO! Not like THAT! This is Encre x Fallacy! Srsly?!) “And… I’m curious. Why do you bleed? You’re a skeleton! And…” He looks like he’s searching for a way to say something. “Why did you ask me to kill you?”
I stare at him for a moment before replying, “Well, I have had to move over and over again because humans are still wary of us monsters. Some even beat me. But not as savagely as this…” I gesture to myself. “And as for the bleeding… I have no idea. I wish I did, though.” He stands in the doorway a moment before approaching again, faster this time. I yelp and scamper away. “S’il vous plaît ne pas me blesser!” I yell. He doesn’t stop. “S’il vous plaît!” I scream. He hesitates, but continues. I whimper in pain, shivering from fear of what he’ll do now that he has the information he wanted. I squeeze my eye sockets shut and await daggers of more pain in my collarbone when he’ll bite me. It doesn’t come. I squint and see him sitting on the edge of my bed, looking at me with concern in his eye sockets.
“What’s wrong? More pain?” He asks. I shake my head no. “Then what is it?”
I hesitate. I’m still scared when I answer, “J-Je pensais que v-vous alliez à me m-mordre...” I wince at my stupidity. He can’t understand French! “Sorry. I t-thought you w-were going t-to bite me…”
“That’s ok! Seeing as it is what I’m going to do…”
“QUOI?!” I screech. “VOUS ALLEZ ME MORDRE?! NON!” I begin to scamper away again. However, pain stops me and I collapse. Why now?! Before I know it, he’s in front of me. He pulls me into an upright position, grasping my arms so that I cannot escape. “NON! NON!” I plead. I break down sobbing quietly. “S’il vous plaît… Ne pas…”
Then I feel something on my neck. Not a bite, but rather… A nibble? A couple licks follow. “Your blood is delicious!” He exclaims.
“M-Merci…?” I say questioningly. He lets go and I begin to hyperventilate.

Fallacy P.O.V.
           Her blood is amazing! It’s much sweeter than anything this world has to offer! I let her go and she begins to breathe deeply and rapidly. Oh no…
           “Hey! Are you okay?” I ask. Oh God, she’s hyperventilating. Do I really scare her that much? All I had was a few drops of blood! She shakes her head no. “What do you need to help you?” I really don’t know. No vampire has ever hyperventilated. Her beautiful eye sockets are ruined by the fear that clouds them. The one pupil that is normally a golden star is now an aquamarine square. The one that is normally a blue diamond is now a red teardrop.
           “Need… nothing… I’ll… be… fine…” Encre rasps between pants. Heavy coughs begin to jar her delicate figure. Her hands cover her mouth. I pat her back, praying that she will be okay. WHAT?! Why?! Why should I care what happens to an injured mortal? The lights in her eyes begin to fade and her coughs and hacks get weaker and weaker. Oh no! No! This is bad! Is she dying?
           “SUAVE!” I roar. “Bring the medical team! NOW!” They rush in almost immediately.
           “What’s wrong your majesty?” They all ask. I gesture to Encre. Rushing over to her, they pull out a bag and tell her to breathe in and out of it. She does as she’s told, and moments later she’s fine. Well… For the most part. Blood drips from her phalanges and the medical team stares hungrily at it.
           “You may take your leave.” I growl protectively. They leave and Encre begins to thank me before I pull her into a tight embrace. She yelps but I don’t stop. “Never do that again.” I demand. “You scared me. You are my guest and I would hate to have you die your first day being here.”
           “Bien sûr, votre Majesté...” She mutters. I stare at her quizzically. What? “I mean, ‘Of course, your majesty…” she smiles awkwardly, hiding her obvious fear.
           “No need to be so formal. Just call me Fallacy.” I chuckle. “Now… I shall have the servants get you cleaned up and then I will carry you to the dining hall for dinner.”

~~Time skip brought to you by Sans’ Megalovania~~

           “Fallacy! I’m ready!” I enter the room and see Encre. She’s stunning! She’s not wearing her old, tattered dress anymore, but instead a cream colored one with swirling green vines throughout the fabric. She wears a matching beret as well. I feel my face heat up and a golden blush appear on my cheeks. I pick her up and carry her bridal-style to the dining hall. Her eye sockets widen in shock and wonder. I set her down in the large silk-covered chair that is right next to mine.
           After eating I carry Encre back to her room and lay her down on her bed. She falls asleep immediately. I sigh and teleport to my room.  (Author-Chan Says: BECAUSE I CAN!!) I land on my bed and fall asleep as Encre did. But I am willing to guess that she didn’t have dreams like mine.
I stand there, awaiting her at the altar.
    Then I see her. Glittering in the moon’s dim glow.

Her white, diamond-encrusted dress billows in the cool summer’s breeze.
    Encre smiles brightly and everyone rises.
    Soft music plays as she walks down the aisle.
    It ends and she turns to face me.
    We say our vows and we are about to kiss when…
    Lightning rains in sharp spears from the sky.
    The altar catches fire and everyone runs away screaming.
    Everyone. Except. Encre.
    I turn back to her to see her dress alight.
    She’s still smiling, though her eyes tell a different story.
    ‘Help Me!’ They cry.
    But I’m too late.

Flames engulf my bride and when the smoke clears I see one thing.
A small monster soul rises from her dust and I grab it.
    When I look at it in my cupped hands it is no longer a soul.
A small, black boned baby bones stares at me.
Its skull is like mine, waving in the back.

Small orange markings start at its sockets, stopping an inch away.

Its sockets aren’t black like a normal skeleton’s either.

They are pink with one a starry golden pupil, the other a blue diamond.

Like her mother.

‘Jasper, no one will ever hurt you.’ I promise.

No one would ever DARE harm or steal a vampire’s daughter…


I wake up sweating bullets. (Author-Chan Says: Don’t ask me how that works!) My sheets cling to me in a tangled mess. I teleport to Encre’s room for fear that what I had seen was real. Thank god it wasn’t. She is still asleep. It must be midday. I can’t believe she fell into our sleeping pattern so easily. I lay in bed with her, clinging to her with everything I have. And I realize… I Love Her.