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Hello there & welcome for visiting this horribly written, dry fanfic writing of mine!

Before you proceed i feel like you should know that there will be some grammatical errors as i cant spot all of them, but don't worry. I'm that type of person who will go back & fix some stuff!


Also, I'm sorry that the first few chapters are cringey (i feel like) & dry, but don't worry, the dry-ness in my writing is permanent so hopefully you'll get used to it ;)


Here's a playlist i created for this fanfic, i hope you get to listen through it & you can see where i got my inspiration:

Playlist is here !

Lastly, this song was partly inspired by Pink Floyd's "Time" & just in case if you didn't know, Pink Floyd makes me feel depressed. So, yeah, don't expect a happy ending, it may or may not happen lol idk yet.