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Rock and Roll

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Jensen had never believed in love at first sight, and meeting Jared at the audition for Supernatural certainly didn’t change that. Lust at first sight, however…

Jensen had experienced that before, but never to the extent that he was right now. The kicker was, it wasn’t Jared’s looks that had Jensen so deeply enthralled just minutes into their introduction—sure, he was hot, if a bit young and green. No, it was something else.

It was his lazy Texas drawl, one Jensen recognized right away, making his stomach roll and his heart squeeze and his brain think home, one that Jared didn’t even try to tamper down the way Jensen had so painfully learned how to many years ago. It was his ripped jeans and pink (pink!) tee shirt, a direct and stark contrast to Jensen’s pressed gray pants and sharp black button-down. It was how, when he smiled, his eyes scrunched up just a little and those devilish, up-to-no-good dimples came out to play. It was those long, tan muscles, lean and lanky now but just waiting for a few years and a few pounds and…

Okay, so maybe Jared’s looks were partly to blame for the whole lust-at-first-sight thing. But who could blame Jensen? The guy was hot. For a twenty-two year old kid. Who was most likely going to be playing Jensen’s younger brother.

No, Jensen thought, Jared was off-limits.

And fuck if that didn’t make Jensen just want him that much more.