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Seattle Memories

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"Woe is me. Woe, O, woe is me!" Sofia says as she enters through the back door of the house.

"Problem, Sofia?" Sam asks her as he is taking his medication for his OI.

"Yes." Sofia says. "It's my hair - it has split ends, it's dull and listless, it makes my face look-"

"It's age?" Harriet says.

"My sister!" Sam cheers.

"If you're gonna make fun of somebody, make fun of Bailey!" Sofia snaps.

Bailey looks up from his paperwork, visibly annoyed at her statement.

"I need the professional care of the most talented hairdresser in Seattle - Keri Knauff. Oh, she's so brilliant. Do you know he was the first one ever to use coconut oil?"

"I'd check my facts if I were you, Sofia. Thousands of people have been using coconut oil for their hair ever since it came into existence. Plus, it'll keep your hair in check for as long as it need to."

"I just don't believe you, Bailey!"

"Ask Zola and everyone else." He tells her. "She's a phone call or a plane ride away."

"The problem is, Keri charges $475, and it's just not in my budget this month. Oh, that's the trouble with being beautiful - the maintenance will kill you."

The Avery's roll their eyes at Sofia.

"I have an idea, Sofia." Bailey starts. "How about moonlighting and making some extra money?"

"Another job?" Sofia says in disbelief. "Bailey, I already work my fingers to the bone 40 hours a week at the daycare. "Don't eat the paste, Morgan. Don't sit on the rabbit, Peter. Stay away from the monkey bars, Alex." It's a wonder I'm not an alcoholic."

"Yet." Sam chimes in.

"Ugh. What I meant was, how about working for me? I'm swamped with this project for media arts class, and there is money for an assistant." Bailey says.

"Tell me more." Sofia says, suddenly interested.

"Well, we're creating spectacular pieces of art, that ranges from computer animation, digital art, internet art, etc. There's about 20 or so choices."

"For someone on the look out for something new for their hair, it's not a matter of life and death. I mean, you excel in communications, so picking one of the given options shouldn't be a problem." Harriet says.

"It really shouldn't." Sam concurs.

"By "Tell me more," I mean, "Does it pay  about $500?"

"Well, I suppose that'd be OK." Bailey sighs.

"But I can't believe, with something this important to Bailey, that you are still so self-centered." Sam says.

"No wonder your moms cut you off." Harriet says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever." Sofia says, as she is pulling a compact mirror out of her purse and a tube of lipstick. "Count me in." She says as she starts to put on her lipstick.

"Harriet, Sam, can one of you drive me to the mall Friday night? They're giving free blood pressure tests, and some of the girls and I have a high-low bet." A frail April says as she enters the kitchen.

"Mom, honey, don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" April asks her daughter.

"Friday night we're planning on having dinner at Joe's Stone Crab." Sam states.

"Oh?" She asks them, confused.

"It's your wedding anniversary." Her kids tell her.

"Oh, yeah, right. Sounds nice." April says.

"Mom, you didn't forget, did you?" Sam asks her.

April huffs semi-angrily.

"April-" Bailey starts, but she cuts him off.

"Oh, forgive me, I forgot something." She tells them. "Maybe you should ship me back to one of those ill-equipped nursing homes. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the living room being feeble."

Sam sighs.

"If I can find the living room!" She says as she exits the kitchen.

"Sam, what just happened?"

"Well, weren't you listening?" Sofia asks. "April came in and asked one of these two, to drive her to the mall for a blood pressure test. And then Sam told April that they had a date to go out to dinner Friday night, and then April said-"

"Um, Bailey, would you hand me the newspaper, please?" Sam asks him.

"Oh." He says, handing Sam the paper.

"No, the "Metro" section." Harriet says.

"Here you go." He says as he hands Sam the "Metro" section.

"-that she and the girls-"

Sam whacks Sofia in the head with the newspaper.

Harriet and Bailey laugh.

"Hey, don't kill the messenger." Sofia says.

"It's Ma." Harriet sighs.

"She's becoming more forgetful. And she denies it and she gets mad." Sam says.

"How bad is it?" Bailey asks them.

"Bad." Sam says. "We never even took her to a nursing home at all."

"It's not just a matter of small things anymore. I can't believe she forgot this dinner." Harriet says. "I mean, every year since our dad died, we've been taking her out to dinner on her wedding anniversary, because she's lonely."

"Maybe you'd better talk to her doctor about this." Sofia says.

"You're right, Sofia." Sam says. "I guess I've just been hoping that things would improve by themselves."

"You know, I never thought Ma would lose her memory at all." Harriet sighs. "Of course, I never thought Beyoncé would get on my nerves." She says.

"For real. She is one overrated ho." Bailey states while rolling his eyes.

"I'm gonna go talk to mom." Sam says as he's about to leave the kitchen.

"Me too." Harriet says as the leave the kitchen.

"Ma, can we talk for a minute?" Sam says as he and Harriet sit next to her.

"I'm going through the family album. I thought I'd pay your father a visit." April tells her kids as she looks through her album.

"Look, here we all are! Your sweet sixteen party, right?"

"Right! Look at that beautiful lace dress." Harriet says.

"Yeah, your always did like to make a splash at parties." April says fondly.

"Ah, look! The Jersey shore, summer of......" Harriet exclaims.

"2031. July 2031." Sam says as he looks at the photo.

"Pop sure loved playing with you kids. But why on earth do I look so upset?"

"Oh, Ma, don't you remember?" Sam says.


"Pop was a big fan of Ginuwine's back then. You hated it when he wrote "If you're horny lets do it, ride it, my pony" in the sand, in front of the children. It is truly an awesome song!" Harriet says.

"He was really some character. And it was a good song to-" Sam starts, but April looks at him. "Who are you to judge?"

"Oh, look at us at your birthday party, Sam!" Harriet says.

"Oh, boy, your father sure looked stupid."

"'Stupid?'" Ma, this was one of your favorite pictures." Sam says, looking at his embarrassing Christmas photo.

"Oh, Pop looks so proud." Harriet says.

"The idiot's dressed like an crazy go-go dancer, drunk of wine."

"Remember, we had lot's of fun at that party, wasn't it Sam?"

"We sure did, even if I needed to take my own breathers from everything that happens." Sam says.

"Oh, look, there you are, stirring sauce." Harriet says, pointing at the photo.

"Ah, my old kitchen in Seattle."


"And there are the potholders Grandma made, your pasta maker." Sam supplies.

"Ah, the pantry. I loved that part of the kitchen."

"Remember what Pop kept behind the pantry door?" Harriet asks Sam.

"Yeah, he had a height chart for the both of us, Bailey and his siblings, and Sofia."

"No he didn't. Your father carved a giant heart there that said "Jackson loves April."

"No, Ma, it was our height measurements. He kept track of them on the back of the pantry door." Harriet tells her.

"Stop! Look, that was my kitchen, that was my Jackson, and he put the heart there because he loved me. That I remember!" April snaps at them.

"I'm sure you do." Harriet says sympathetically.

"Listen, Ma why don't we talk to your doctor and see what he has to say, hmm? Just to see that everything is alright with you?" Sam asks.

"Yeah, well maybe." April concedes. "I don't remember half these photos. I honestly don't remember Moline or Seattle." She says as she closes the photo album.

"I'm sorry." Sam says hugging her.

"I don't even remember you going off to your senior prom." She says as she gets up from the couch.

"Ma, I never went to my senior prom." He says. "I had minor complications with this damn OI, remember?"

"Yeah and I had the flu, remember?" Harriet says.

"Actually, I did remember that, but why should I be the only one here to feel like crap?" She says as she is walking away from her kids.

Sam and Harriet simply shake their heads.

"I can't believe she's 85 and feisty." Sam says once their mom is out of ear shot.