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[podfic] Queen's Gambit

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Chapter Length Size Streaming/Download Link Music
1. Prologue  00:09:30  10.9 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "Iron," by Woodkid
2. Through a Glass Darkly  01:04:46  74.2 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "Cops and Robbers," by The Hoosiers
3. Cat and Mouse  01:05:36  75.1 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "Read My Mind," by The Killers
4. Unexpected Meetings  01:07:59  77.9 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "Dark Doo Wop," by MSMR
5. The Die is Cast  01:09:36  79.7 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "All Along the Watchtower," by Thea Gilmore
6. Return to Naboo  01:14:52  85.7 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "The Bullpen," by Dessa
7. No Rest for the Wicked  01:12:43  83.3 mb MP3 RIGHT OVER HERE  "marked man," by Mieka Pauley; SFX snagged via here
8. Aftershocks        
9. The Phantom Menace        
10. Dark Wings, Dark Words        
11. Dig Two Graves        
12. Ride the Dragon        
13. Stars, Hide Your Fires        
14. These Violent Delights        
15. So Darkness I Became        
16. Across the Stars        
17. Between the Shadow and the Soul        
18. A Handful of Dust        
19. Devil's Resting Place        
20. A Madness of Angels        
21. Dura Lex Sed Lex        
22. Blood on the Scales        
23. A House Divided        
24. The Food of the Dead        
25. Look to Your Kingdoms        
26. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven        
27. Put All Your Paper Maps Away        
28. Lines in the Sand        
29. Hell is Empty...        
30. ...and All the Devils are Here        
31. Fever Season        
32. The Time of Monsters        
33. You and Me and the Devil Makes Three        
34. Epilogue: après moi le déluge        
35. Reader's & Author's Notes