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Night's Children

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Prohibitions. Soon, world will rely solely on them. You cand do this or that or whatever else. You and I, living in this abnormal reality will soon break them all. One by one.
Again, I'm sitting in a window in a room that used to be ours. Now it's only yours. First she, then he. Two stupid unhumanly being, who took away my life and gave me a new one. If you could call that life. It's more of an eternal, futile and pointless existence lit up by moonlight and leading nowhere. Life was a thing that she took away from me. Something beautifull, you could cherish. And now? I'm sitting on a windowsill, looking at your sleeping face, because you've been sick lately. That climate and white fluff behind the window got you. Like always.
Your breath isn't calm, but at least you can perform that normal, but beatifull thing. I wonder, when someone will come here and check if you're alright, feel better or need something.
I touch your forehead. You're hot, like always, when you're sick. Without more thinking, I lay next to you. How tired you have to be if you're not reacting? You're a conqueror, just my presence here should cause you chills. That damned "cold" of mine, which you feel for whatever reason. Mine... It sounds so weird.
I like the ability to walk on walls only because I can get into your room like I did right now. Strenght is also usefull, because everyone knows, they can't ignore me. But why the speed, those auras surrounding humans and non-human beings, like stupid Night's Children? And all the other abilities I don't understand nor want. And those levels. Why do I have to take someone's life to save my own? I do it, because I'm to weak to go out into sunlight. And I don't want because of you. If I'd do that, I would never see you again.
Sometimes I wonder, why I understood that I love you, when I gave my life for you. Why couldn't I realise earlier, there's a reason, you're not leaving this room? You fell in love with me, and I didn't notice. Even when you layed your head on my chest and started listening to my heartbeat, I only thought, that you went crazy. What's weird, you also were sick that day.
Sound of heels draws me out from my thinking. Going out through the window I wonder if it's Hime* or Chiyo*. It's not important right now. Soon, sun will rise and I'll turn into ash if I won't hurry up.
They look at me and ask me, where I've been. Why they ask those questions? And Shitsune* with a sad face, missing that traitor, who changed me. I realise, I start to miss him too.
A week passed. I'm sitting on a windowsill, starring at the moon. It's fullmoon. I don't even notice, when you open the window, and I fall into you room like in some stupid comedy, and look at you, embarrased.
- What are you doing here, Shinohara? - you ask calmly, helping me to get up. I don't say anything. I only look at you. You sigh. I would like to do that too, but I can't.
You push me on the bed and lay next to me, holding delicate fabric, from which my coat is made. We lay like this for a moment, listening to the surrounding us silence.
- Where is everone? - I ask after a while.
- On missions. I lied to them that I'm still sick - you reply.
- Why?
- Because I knew, you'll come - you explain. - Not hearing your hartbeat is weird
- Naoki...
- Don't call me Naoki - you say. I start to think about good way to shorten your name.
- Can I call you Yamiyo? - I ask. You smile lightly.
- Shino, you can call me even Yami-chan. You can everything.
I wonder if that thing you just did isn't forbidden. But in those times, we are living... No, we are not living. In times in which you live and I exist, world relies on prohibitions. So our lips touching in a kiss aren't that bad. Then we broke that first ban. We mate our bodies meet under the white bedsheets.
Moon is shining behind the window. Snow starts to fal. Me and you exist in this abnormal reality. At least we are in it together.