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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Hitoshit: Hey I need you to rate my selfies [photo] [photo] [photo]


Katsuki frowned opened the pictures. 1-A had gathered in the main room for movie night and Katsuki was forcibly dragged into it by Kirishima. He had pressed himself into the corner of the couch, and took two cushions for himself and a blanket.

It was a lot later and they only just finished voting. With vacation coming up in a week, everyone decided it was okay for them to be up later than usual—the class prez, too. Everyone also agreed that if anyone fell asleep, no one was responsible for what was drawn on their faces by Kaminari, Ashido, or any other person.

Katsuki shifted, pulling his knees up and the blanket up. He looked at his phone discreetly, because class prez would yell at him if he was caught using his phone during the movie. Two screaming matches already happened about that and Katsuki didn't want to start another. He opened up the photos Shinsou sent him.

The first was a basic one, just from the front at eye level. Shinsou had a smirk on his face and... goddamn cat ears sticking out of his hair with whiskers drawn on his face. The ears on his head blended in with his normal hair a little too perfectly, looking like they actually belong there. The whiskers were just black marker drawn on his cheeks. With the way the picture was taken, you could see the hood of a dark purple sweatshirt at the bottom edge.

The second was from a higher angle, and Shinsou had a neutral expression. Nothing really stood out about it, just your cliché selfie, with maybe slightly better lighting.

The third one was Shinsou sitting on his bed, whole body in the shot. He was wearing a gray sweater that had to be at least two sized too big and black shorts with mix-matched socks on. He had his tongue sticking out and head tilted to the side, hands placed like he was framing his face.

Katsuki glanced up at the people around him. Everyone was getting settled, food and drinks ready. The tentacle and bird guy were on the other side of the couch sitting close, and Katsuki could tell was Sero was “ninety percent sure” they were dating. No one else even tried to sit on the couch, curled up on the floor with pillows and blankets. Todoroki and Deku were next to each other leaning back against the couch.

Todoroki seemed to notice Katsuki looking at them and looked back. Katsuki just scowled at him and went back to his phone, shifting further into the corner. Todoroki blinked, confusion written over his face, and then went back to talking with Deku quietly.


Me: first is good, second is cliche, third is good if u zoom in

Me: the hell dya get the ears tho

Hitoshit: No idea, I found them while cleaning

Hitoshit: Good though, right?

Me: i guess

Hitoshit: Thanks for your feedback

Hitoshit: What's going on over there?

Me: movie night against my will

Hitoshit: Aww poor antisocial u

Me: piss off

Hitoshit: Good luck

Me: wait y u need the pics

Hitoshi: 59k and counting


Katsuki put his phone away in the pocket of his pants and pulled the blanket up to his chin before flopping sideways. He settled on his side, covered by the blanket up to his nose and resigned himself to a night of a boring movie he probably never saw and never wanted to see.

The class prez stepped out in front of everyone and said the rules. No phones, no interrupting, no being obnoxious, and just generally be respectful to the others in the room that were enjoying the movie. When he was done, and got everyone to say a “yes” in weak unison, he rushed over to turn the room lights off, sat down near Deku, and hit the play button on the laptop that was hooked up to the big screen.

Katsuki's phone went off, the buzz of the vibration drowned out by the loud intro. He discreetly grabbed it and hid his head under the blanket to look at it. The brightness was already down, so he didn't burn his eyes out.


Hitoshit: Officially 60k, set off the party poppers cause I'm regretting my choices

Me: good luck


Katsuki drummed his fingers against the counter he was leaning on as he waited for the microwave to finish. Ashido and the invisible girl were sitting behind him, Ashido telling the other about the whole Katy Perry thing.

“But yeah, Bakugou's just selfish and doesn't want to share his friend,” Ashido huffed.

“Shut up, raccoon-eyes,” he grumbled, glancing over his shoulder. Ashido grinned innocently.

“Aw~ c'mon Bakugou,” Ashido laughed.

Suddenly, invisible girl gasped loudly and started squealing. Ashido yelped when invisible girl started hitting her on the arm in excitement. Katsuki frowned at the display as the microwave went off. He opened it and grabbed his food as invisible girl started gushing gibberish and Ashido tried to calm her down.

“What?!” Ashido snickered. “Hagakure, actual words! Why are you so excited?”

“You know that blogger I was telling you about? Insomi-cat?” Hagakure said, after taking a deep breath. Katsuki tensed up and turned around, knocking the microwave closed and grabbing a fork. “He reached 60k followers and did a face reveal! Look! Isn't he in UA!?”

Hagakure turned the phone over to Ashido and the pink girl pouted curiously. Katsuki stabbed his fork into the pasta he heated up and angrily mixed it. Ashido's face slowly changed into surprise.

“That's Bakugou's friend!” Ashido exclaimed. She turned to Katsuki. “Did you know!?”

“Of course I knew, asshat,” Katsuki grumbled before shoving a forkful of pasta in his mouth. “Don't make a big deal out of this shit.”

“What's his name!?” Hagakure asked eagerly, jumping up from her seat. Katsuki just frowned and raised his eyebrows.

“Why the hell would I tell you?” Katsuki snapped. Ashido frowned and drew her eyebrows together in thought.

“Wait, he never told us his name,” Ashido muttered. She jumped up next and leaned forward to stare at Katsuki with wide eyes. “Tell us! Tell us!”

Katsuki flipped the two of them off and walked out of the room. Hagakure snapped indignantly and Ashido went to chase after him. He ran up the stairs two at a time and rushed to his room. Kirishima was just leaving his when he got there. The redhead smiled and opened his mouth to greet Katsuki, but the blond ignored him, yanking open his own door and slamming it shut behind him.

With a sigh, Katsuki slumped against the door. He didn't expect someone in 1-A to follow Shinsou with such loyalty. He grumbled to himself. This was just gonna mean another person tagging along. Could he reset the shitty recent stuff, so that they wouldn't be after Shinsou? He was being possessive, and he knew that, and it pissed him off, but dammit he was the one with a huge ass crush on Shinsou and—shit. Katsuki angrily shoved more pasta in his mouth and sat on his bed. The sun was just setting, and he and Shinsou had agreed to binge another show that morning.

His laptop was on the bed already—it lived next to his bed at this point—and his earbuds were out. Carefully balancing the pasta in his lap, Katsuki slipped the earbuds in and woke up his laptop. Shinsou's contact on Skype said he was on, so Katsuki hit the call button. It took a few rings and Katsuki stared at Shinsou's profile picture in surprise. He never really bothered to look at it since it was always small.

It was a picture of Shinsou with a cat. The cat had black and white spotted fur and was sniffing at the camera closely with Hitoshi smiling in the background. It was sickeningly cute—well, Katsuki guessed if he wasn't in as deep as he was, then it'd be sickening, but now it was just extremely cute.

Shinsou picked up a second after Katsuki realized that, and the blond tried to rub the blush off his face and picked up his pasta. Shinsou was pulling a brush through his hair that was dry and hanging down. It looked... fluffier than the other times Katsuki had seen him with his hair down.

I blowdried my hair, so it like... expanded,” Shinsou said. Katsuki snorted, giving him 'seriously?'. Shinsou stuck his tongue out and changed to brush the other side of his hair. “Come on, your choice.”

“What d'ya got?” Katsuki asked before eating a mouthful of pasta. Shinsou frowned for a second and shifted. He pulled some cases from out of frame with the hand not holding the brush. He held them up so Katsuki could see and kept brushing his hair. “Death Note?”

Detectives, potato chips, and magical note book that kills people,” Shinsou explained. He hissed when he accidentally pulled his own hair.

“Sounds good enough,” Katsuki nodded. Shinsou carefully dropped the case in his lap and tossed the others out of frame. He opened it one handed and put the DVD in his computer, setting it up through the software it need to be through so Katsuki could see it. “Hey, when school starts up again... uh, you interested in that crappy little combat training thing I made you do?”

Shinsou paused and blinked a few times. He looked genuinely shocked that Katsuki cared enough to ask, and that made something in Katsuki's stomach twist.

You're serious about teaching me how to defend myself?” Shinsou asked hesitantly.

“No shit,” Katsuki said, deadpan. Shinsou snorted and went to brush the back of his head. “But, yeah. You're not gonna be a pro hero if ya can't kick ass on your own.”

Yeah, okay,” Shinsou chuckled, looking down at his lap as he put the brush down and picked up a black hair-tie. He pulled almost all of his hair back into a short ponytail, except for a few shorter hairs in the front. He pushed the remaining strands behind his ears. “Tomorrow morning, then?

Katsuki nodded. Shinsou grabbed his usual blanket and pillow, setting up his computer so his could lie down in front of it on the pillow with the blanket over his head. Katsuki leaned back and crossed his legs. Shinsou started the show, and Katsuki went back to eating as it played. He pointedly ignored the part of him that said Shinsou was even cuter with his hair up than in the picture with his cat, and the part that tried to convince him to touch Shinsou's hair the next time they saw each other in person—it looked super soft, and he knew from the fountain that it was decently soft when soaked, but it looked fluffy. He almost slapped himself to snap himself out of it but instead just focused entirely on the show to try and block out his own thoughts.