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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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“Oi, Bakugou,” Shinsou said, getting Katsuki to look over at him. He had his phone held up, camera facing the blond. “Say cheese.”

Katsuki scowled, turning away and giving him the finger. Shinsou just snorted and there was the flash of the camera. Katsuki frowned, climbing up the bleachers to look over Shinsou's shoulder to see the screen. He crouch on the bench Shinsou was leaning back against, energy drink in his hands.

Shinsou had already finished the coffee, and the thermos was haphazardly put in Katsuki's bag. Midoriya and Kirishima were there today, too, but Katsuki had let them run ahead of him so he could stop without them following him. So the two of them were going around the first corner, and it would be a little bit until they got back to the bleachers. It had been a later start for all of them—Shinsou included—so they might have been cutting it a little close with when the rest of the students showed up.

Katsuki shook his head to clear the thoughts and looked down at Shinsou's screen, moving so he was sitting next to where Shinsou's upper back was against the bench. Some other app was open and Shinsou was drawing with his finger on the picture he took of Katsuki. He had it zoomed in on Katsuki's face and was drawing what looked like a poorly done surgical mask to hide the bottom half of his face.

“Why?” Katsuki asked, leaning closer like it'd help him figure out what Shinsou was doing.

“Are... Are you telling me you don't look at every post I make?” Shinsou said, acting fake insulted and glancing up at Katsuki while putting a hand to his chest. He tutted and Katsuki rolled his eyes. No way in hell was he telling Shinsou that he did look at almost everything—save for a few odd ones. “I am insulted. I mentioned you a few times, no names or anything, but enough apparently. People are curious.”

“Then I'll send you a decent picture when I'm not sweaty and shit,” Katsuki protested, flicking Shinsou in the side of his head. “And when I'm not flipping you off.”

“Nope,” Shinsou said, popping the p and swatting Katsuki's hand away. “Accuracy of your personality is important.”

“Oh screw you,” Katsuki huffed. He took a sip of the drink and looked over at the track. Kirishima and Midoriya were just past halfway around, and Midoriya was picking up the pace—probably realizing that Katsuki was alone with Shinsou. He scowled. “I don't get why the hell they're still sticking around.”

“Maybe they fear for your safety,” Shinsou shrugged, switching over to the blog app and starting a new post. “Or mine... probably mine.”

“I don't hit people unless they piss me off, then they earn it,” Katsuki said. Shinsou snorted as he typed. “And you might piss me off a little but not enough to earn getting the shit beat out of you.”

“You tried to 'teach' me, and I'm using the word very loosely here,” Shinsou started. “To fight and might as well've beat the shit outta me. My arms hurt worse than my eye when that happened.”

“That's 'cause you were a wimp,” Katsuki grumbled. “But... sorry and shit.”

“Little late, but thanks, asshole,” Shinsou said. He reached up and patted Katsuki on the face without even looking over. Katsuki frowned at the hand casually tapping him on the cheek, but Shinsou had both hands on his phone again when he went to smack it away.

Katsuki looked back up as Midoriya came to a stop next to the bleachers. He glanced up at Katsuki and Shinsou only for a second, catching Katsuki's glare then looking back at his bag quickly. Kirishima was a few seconds behind him, Katsuki's look didn't stop him from giving Shinsou and Katsuki a confused look.

The red-head was smart enough not to say anything, but still gave them a look. Katsuki looked back down at Shinsou's phone. If he really didn't want Katsuki looking at his, phone he would've turned the screen away, instead he had it tilted towards to the blond. Shinsou had the picture and text in the post that Katsuki couldn't read. He leaned in closer, squinting as he tried to read it as Shinsou kept typing. If Shinsou was shifting the phone as he typed, he would've been able to make it out, but he doubted Shinsou would stop just so he could read it before he posted.

Shinsou only stopped one second to proofread it, before hitting the post button and switching over to his feed. Midoriya and Kirishima were talking about whatever, and Katsuki was glad for their chatter because it drowned out the sound of his phone going off in the bag with the notification Shinsou posted something. He told himself it was because the app automatically set it up and he didn't know how to change it even if he could look it up. He'd look at the post in the small gap before class or at lunch.

“Well look who's still here!” a new voice said. Katsuki looked over and glared. The copy-paste guy and few other guys from 1-B had walked into the area. Maybe they were out there later than he thought. “Were you trying to hide? That's not very heroic of you, but at least you have your friends tagging along now.”

Katsuki growled and set off a small explosion in the hand without his drink. Shinsou jolted at the sound so close to him, but then relaxed.

“Hey, you're Monoma,” Kirishima piped up, interrupting what ever kind of staring contest the two of them were having. Katsuki took a long sip from the can. “I know you have a grudge or something, but no need to pick a fight. You're out here to run like us, no big deal.”

Monoma scoffed and one of the other 1-B students looked at Kirishima angrily.

“I could make him piss himself right now,” Shinsou whispered to Katsuki.

The blond choked on the drink he still had in his mouth. He coughed loudly, slamming a fist against his chest as he gagged. Shinsou grinned smugly, going back to his phone like nothing happened. The others there all turned their attention to him. He put the can down as the coughing slowed to a stop.

“Bakugou, you alright?” Kirishima asked.

“I'm fine, shitty hair,” Katsuki snapped, waving his hand as he caught his breath. He let out a sigh and then smacked Shinsou on the shoulder. The purple-blue haired boy snorted loudly, covering his mouth and keeping his eyes on his phone. Katsuki leaned forward, putting his face in his palms and his elbows on his knees. “God dammit .”

Midoriya and Kirishima went back to talking with each other. The 1-B students went over to the other bleachers, one of them holding back Monoma from making any more comments. Katsuki glared at Shinsou from between his fingers and the other gave him smirk.

“Well, I'm gonna get to class, later,” Shinsou said, jumping to his feet and grabbing his bag. He leaned down to Katsuki and whispered again. “Seriously, just give me the go ahead. I'll do it at lunch.”

Katsuki closed his eye and bit his bottom lip against the grin that was trying to spread across his face. Shinsou hopped down the bleachers and headed back inside the building. After a minute or two, Katsuki got up, grabbing his bag and throwing the can away. He went inside without a word to Kirishima or Midoriya. They barely paused in their conversation as he passed them.

Pulling out his phone, he unlocked it and opened the blog app. The first thing on his feed was the post with the picture of him.

In response to popular demand, have a lovely picture of blasty. I told him to say cheese. He told me to take a better picture when he wasn't sweaty but accuracy is important .

Katsuki rolled his eyes and hit the button to look at the comments. Half of them were variations of “same” and “me.” There were a few talking about them loving Shinsou's account, and some complimenting Katsuki's appearance even if they couldn't see any part of his face. Then was one that caught his attention.

kopfa5673: he does have hair like an electrocuted pomeranian.

He stopped in the middle of the locker room and frowned. He switched over to Shinsou's contact and quickly punched out a message.


Shinsou: Ah, I've been found out.

Shinsou: I have no regrets.


The power of friendship? ...You're kidding me .”


Hell no... You call me an angry pomeranian I'm complaining .”

“Bakugou I swear to god.”

“... Fight me, shithead .”

Hitoshi groaned and paused the show, burying his face in his hands. It was his idea, and now he had regrets. Bakugou's quiet laughing could be heard despite the so-so quality of the audio through Skype . It had seemed like a decent idea, skyping Bakugou so he could make the blond watch an anime Hitoshi had been watching. The share-sharing made it so they both saw it at the same time without having to be in the same room.

Bakugou didn't want the other hero students being nosy, and Hitoshi didn't want to be near any of them more than he had to, so they wouldn't meet at Bakugou's dorm. They also had a mutual agreement that it would be a bad idea for Bakugou to go over to Hitoshi's dorm.

The blond only sat through four full episodes, before he started commentating. Even during the first four, Hitoshi got him to shut up, but at this point Bakugou just wouldn't shut up. Plus, from where Hitoshi could see Bakugou from the blond's webcam, he was getting tired. Almost on cue, Bakugou yawned and stuffed a pillow under his chin where he was lying down on his bed, facing the laptop.

“If you're going to mock my show, then just sleep,” Hitoshi said, taking a deep breath to keep from snapping. “You're tired and being more of an ass than usual.”

Hell no... If you can stay up, then I can ,” Bakugou mumbled. “ 'Sides, it has to suck being up with no one to talk with...

“I'm swooning, trust me, but seriously,” Hitoshi sighed, rolling his eyes. He crossed his arms and propped himself up. He had his legs bent up behind him, blanket pulled over him and laptop set up in front of him. “You have hero training tomorrow which actually has risk of broken bones and fatal injuries. Just sleep and don't die tomorrow.”

I'll be... fine .”

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow at him and Bakugou grumbled, burying his face in the pillow. Hitoshi bookmarked the page he was watching his show on and made sure it was on the bookmark-bar.

Keep watching your stupid show... Power of friendship, dragon roar, ice and shit ,” Bakugou said, yawning halfway through the sentence.

“Nope,” Hitoshi said, glancing at the clock in the corner of his screen. It was a little before midnight. “If you want to stay awake and talking to me, I won't hang up. No more show though, that kinda stuff keeps you awake.”

D'ya study that... shit or something? Try ta figure out why ya can't sleep ?”

“I tried, but then I learned it was insomnia. Or probably was.”

What ya gon do then ?”

“Work on a paper due in a few days.”' that don't keep you awake ?”

“It won't keep you awake,” Hitoshi said, turning off the screen sharing. Bakugou glanced up at the screen. Hitoshi watched as his little box in the corner switched over to the image of him from through the camera. Just the light from his laptop illuminating his face. “Crap I look like a ghost.”

Bakugou smiled, half burying his face in the pillow again to cover another yawn. Hitoshi looked at the image of him, and frowned.

Yeah, ya do... 'specially with that lighting .”

“Gotta work on my contour.”

Bakugou snickered, arms shifting around the pillow. Hitoshi smirked and opened the document. The blond yawned again, grumbling incoherently before slumping down, face still half buried in the pillow.

Hitoshi moved closer to the laptop and kept typing where his paper had left off. It was some history essay that he already wrote the entire outline of because he had nothing better to do. Bakugou's eyes were slowly closing, but he was obviously trying to stay awake as Hitoshi went on with his paper.

How the hell 're you not tired yet ?” Bakugou mumbled, words starting to blend together as his eyes fully closed.

“Insomnia,” Hitoshi answered simply.

Bakugou grunted and then went quiet. Hitoshi looked over at the box where Bakugou's picture was. The blond's shoulders were rising and falling evenly. Hitoshi smirked a little and rolled his eyes. He kept typing with the call still on, waiting until Bakugou started snoring lightly. He moved the cursor over to the end-call button. He hit the button and the call finished, giving the little time marker. He frowned a little at the high number, but dismissed it.

He typed a quick message in the chat bar and sent it.

Me: Night, asshole. Hope your laptop was plugged in. Maybe bring coffee for yourself in the morning, looked like you'll need it. Also, you snore like a kitten