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Coffee Cans and Energy Drinks

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Hitoshi would never get used to dorm life. Being around everyone he went to school with was painful most of the day. People had always been cautious with him because of his quirk. He kept it quiet about it after he left middle school. There wasn't a point in talking about it. After the Sports Festival came and went, and the rest of his class learned about his less-than-heroic quirk, almost none of the friends he made during his time at the school talked to him confidently anymore. The few that had called him a “hero” of the Gen Ed were nice to him, and then it stopped. A few people talked to him now and again, but it was a lot quieter now.

There was also just the living in the dorms on its own. He was used to his privacy—small family, average house, and he was always kind of reserved anyways. At least at home, he could get conversation out of his parents when they ate dinner. Now? Silence from almost everyone. He got small words and phrases if he was lucky.

The coffee machine sucked, too. He bought his own stuff, but that ran out far quicker than expected because the new place didn't help his sleep problems. All his stuff was there, but he could always hear people talking through the walls when he tried to go to sleep early in an effort to get decent sleep at all.

Hitoshi grumbled into his pillow and kicked the blankets off him. He dragged himself into a sitting position and looked at the clock sitting on the end table next to his bed. It was at least human hours. By human he meant the crack of dawn. Better than midnight. Waking up at midnight was the worst. He rolled out of bed and set his clock so the alarm he set wouldn't go off. He didn't know why he set it at all. He sighed. It was probably because he hoped one of these days he'd actually sleep until it went off.

He stretched his arms out over his head and yawned. It was before five, which was almost two hours before everyone else was supposed to get up and start getting ready. He got dressed in his school uniform, and double checked his bag. There was a couple vending machines in the school building that had hot coffee in them. That was the best bet. Sure it was from a vending machine, but it was a lot better than the trash that the Gen Ed students drank. He'd tried every mix they brought, and he could see why those types don't run out, but his did. It was the worse thing he ever tasted. That's probably where his coffee went—selfish jerks.

The building was mostly silent. There was some talking but no one was out of their rooms. Hitoshi hopped down the stairs, lazily strolling out of the dorms towards the main UA building. The campus was completely silent. The few people that were up and around were quiet ones. They all had some kind of agreement that silence was bliss and they'd preserve it until the masses swarmed the building

Hitoshi passed a girl in the hall and they just nodded at each other in acknowledgment. No words, which he was thankful for. He was always tired, even with coffee, but without it the tiredness was worse. He walked down the large hall towards the entrance to the outside gym.

This one was opened to all the students, a place that most kids just hanged out around and didn't actually use for exercise. There were white bleachers either side of the door that lead out of the building. A red and white track ring circled the area and there were a couple of fields inside it and around it. Two vending machines were pressed against the wall next to the exit.

Hitoshi walked up to the one on the left. It had all the hot things. He skimmed over the... meals? Seriously? Shaking his head, he pulled out money from his bag and fed it into the machine. He hit the button and grabbed the canned soda when it fell. The exit door clanged open and he glanced up. A person had a towel on their head, dressed in work out clothes with a duffel bag on their shoulder and an empty, crushed water bottle in their hand. Hitoshi raised an eyebrow when he recognized them as the explosive blond from the hero course. He didn't bother remembering anyone's names from the hero course, except for Midoriya and that was only because the green-haired boy made it a point to say hi to him every chance he got.

The blond only glanced at him once before going to the other machine. Hitoshi opened the can and took a large gulp and sighed as the warmth went down his throat and spread through his system. He was probably exaggerating, but got punched a few times the day before, so he blamed this particular level of exhaustion on the energy he had to use to make the bruises. The blond got his own can of some sports drink and leaned against the wall.

Hitoshi looked at him for a moment before walking away without a word. He knew the other was staring at him for whatever reason, but the feeling went away halfway down the hall and he heard the doors open and close again.


When he woke up even earlier than yesterday, he cursed out loud. Screw the rooms next to his if the people in them were awake. They didn't exactly shut up even if Hitoshi asked them to keep it down a little bit. Hitoshi dragged himself out of bench, set the clock again, got dressed, grabbed his bag and money, then left.

The school was still quiet. He didn't pass the girl that day. He made his way to the machine and payed, hitting the button and grabbing his drink. He opened it and leaned against the wall next to the machine. The blond walked in again, towel on his head, dressed in work out clotehs, and duffel bag over his shoulder again. He dug around in it for a second before he started cursing and digging around more frantically. Hitoshi watched the display with a slightly shocked expression. The blond cursed loudly and smacked his hands against the machines. He turned, dug his fingers into his hair, yelled and paced away from the machine.

Hitoshi glanced in his own bag. He still had some money. Normally he'd save it, but it was pretty obvious just from the Sports Festival that the blond was always angry, and that'd probably be worse on the other hero students if he was already upset that early. Hitoshi frowned at his own idea, looking over at the blond again. He was growling not-so-quietly to himself about stupid vending machines with a lot of curses in between. Hitoshi decided it would be best to just help him out to keep any of the students who didn't know how pissed the blond could get not be murdered when they tried to calm him down.

Pulling the money out, he walked over to the machine. The blond looked over his shoulder and went silent.

“What do you want?” Hitoshi asked flatly, putting the money in the slot. The blond blinked then scowled.

“What makes you think I want your goddamn help?” the blond hissed. Hitoshi rolled his eyes.

“You want something or not?” he asked again. The blond turned to fully face him, glaring at him with his arms crossed. “If you don't say anything, I'll get something for myself and I won't try to be nice to you again.”

The blond frowned at him for a few seconds before looking to the machine. He angrily pushed the button and grabbed the drink that fell. He still was glaring when he looked back at Hitoshi.

“Thanks,” he grumbled. It was barely audible. Hitoshi really wanted to make fun of him there, but decided that it was already good that the blond accepted him paying for the drink. “Who're you?”

“Who are you?” Hitoshi said right back. The blond snarled.

“You don't recognize me from the shitty Sports Festival?” the blond said, eyes narrowing. “It's Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Shinsou Hitoshi. And just for the record, I do recognize you, I just didn't know your name. I was in the Sports Festival tournament, too, you know? You don't know me, though.”

“...Wait you're that mind control guy who got beat up Deku,” Bakugou said suddenly, jolting. He looked shocked only for a second before it turned into anger again. “If you control people, how the hell did you lose to him?”

No idea,” Hitoshi sighed, taking a sip from his coffee. “He broke his fingers... somehow. I'll count that as a win.”

“He always breaks his damn fingers,” Bakugou snarled. He opened the can and took a large gulp. “Shitty Deku can't even control his own quirk.”

Hitoshi snorted and hid his smirk by drinking more. He glanced up at the clock above the door that led outside. There was still a lot of time before anyone else showed up. He sighed and turned on his heel, going towards the library where he could sit down and read something. Bakugou didn't say anything else and neither did Hitoshi. They didn't even really acknowledge the other leaving. At least Bakugou seemed to pick up on the idea of a mutual silence in the building after his cursing fit.


Hitoshi was forty minutes earlier than the past two days on the next. After he got his coffee, he opened the exit door. Bakugou was running along the track ring. His stuff was sitting on one of the tiers of the bleachers. The bottle sitting next to it was probably one sip away from being empty. Hitoshi watched as Bakugou kept going, not even glancing in Hitoshi's direction.

The purple haired boy frowned at the thought that crossed his mind. He sighed, thought and decided to go with it. He placed his can on the bench above the one with Bakugou's things and walked back into the building. He fed a dollar into the cold machine, hit the button Bakugou hit yesterday, and grabbed the drink. He held the can behind his back as he walked back outside.

Bakugou was slowing down as he reached the place where his things were. He frowned and glared suspiciously at Hitoshi. He stopped in front of his things and picked up the water bottle. Hitoshi waited for him to realize there was nothing left—which was pretty instant—and Bakugou curse, crush the bottle in his hand.

“Catch,” Hitoshi said, throwing the can at him. Bakugou reacted immediately, snatching the can out of the air with ease. He blinked at the can before turning to glare at Hitoshi again. Hitoshi grabbed his coffee and took a sip calmly.

“Why the hell d'ya buy me this?” Bakugou growled as he opened it.

“It's called kindness,” Hitoshi answered blankly. Bakugou rolled his eyes and sat on the bench of the bleacher next to all his stuff. “You know, I thought you'd curse a lot more.”

“I'm tired, shithead, piss off,” Bakugou snapped.

Hitoshi snorted. He lifted himself up onto the bench where he had put his can and sat down, leaning back against the one behind him.

“The hell you out here for, anyway?” Bakugou asked after a long minute of silence. He stood up and started stretching out his arms.

“Can't sleep. Plus, there's a giant project due like... tomorrow, so library's full of people trying to get it done,” Hitoshi said. He narrowed his eyes bitterly at the thought of that usual silence getting interrupted. He passed that girl in the hall again, and they both exchanged a look that shared the same annoyance. “Too many people for the crack of dawn.”

Bakugou grunted as he stretched his arms over his head, leaning a little as he did so. Hitoshi stared up at the sky. It was barely sunrise, so the sky was still dark and that meant the area was, too. There were a few lights around the campus that were on at all times, just in case something happens. The outdoor gym was only a little better lit than the space near the dorms.

Hitoshi watched as Bakugou threw the now empty can in the trash and started running again.

“You're welcome,” Hitoshi said, loud enough for Bakugou to hear even as the blond ran down the track. Bakugou looked over his shoulder, face twisted up in a scowl. He shouted something similar to a threat, setting off a small explosion in one of his palms, and went back to running—even faster. Hitoshi snickered and took a slow sip of his coffee. “Ass.”