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2017 Comment Fic_May

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"There's only two bites left. One for me and one for you."

"If I eat that I won't be able to fit into my pants tomorrow."

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"I made you chamomile tea." Raymond set the mug on the desk next to the stack of papers Kevin was slowly working his way through.

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Duo had more than once been described as layered, but the truth was he was more like a house of mirrors; funny and deceptively innocent on the outside while on the inside, he had the ability to disorient, confuse, and change the way you perceived reality.

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Smiling brightly, Honey held himself back and so that Mori could select his piece of cake first, even though the beautiful confection was calling his name in a voice so seductive it physically hurt to deny it.

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Thailand was the last place anyone expected to produce a world class figure skater and yet when Phichit stepped onto the ice for the first time as a small boy he that was exactly what was going to happen.

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Quatre studied the situation from his position behind a haphazard stack of crates. After one more round of shots were fired he had a bearing on both of the shooters. Taking aim he fired off two rounds, taking out one than the other.

Silence filled the warehouse for a minute as he listened for sounds of movement before calling out "All clear."

After another minute Trowa cautiously slid out from when he had taken cover under some shelving. "Thanks, Quat." He called, a smile ghosting across his face.

Quatre holstered his weapon then stood so that he could see over his makeshift shelter. His nod of acknowledgement was sharp, but there was something much softer in his eyes. "I wasn't going to let them kill you before we had a chance to finish our discussion from earlier."

Trowa flinched slightly then sighed, his eyes darting to side as if to say he would rather have been left to fend for himself in a losing firefight than that.

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"I found it under the rumble." Wufei opened his jacket just enough to show the smooth golden head of a puppy. When it yawned then slowly opened its eyes they were still a dark blue. "It was the only one to survive."

Quatre nodded solemnly, running a gentle finger under the tiny animal's chin. "Orphans are the cost of war." He sighed, tilting his head to the side to study Wufei. "What are you going to do with him?"

"Her." Wufei sighed and shook his head. I can give her a home, but I don't know how to care for her. Perhaps a shelter would be the best option." He shifted his hands, moving carefully as if he was holding a priceless artifact.

"Shelters are overcrowded and don't have the resources to take care of babies that need a lot of care." Quatre smiled sadly, shaking his head as if he could make the pain go away like a dog shedding drops of water after a bath.

"If you want to keep her we can help you." Trowa stepped away from the doorway that he had been leaning against. In two steps he had joined the group, wrapping one arm around Quatre and reaching out to stroke the puppy with the other hand. "It's going to be a lot of work, but doable." The puppy yawned, showing a tiny pink tongue then settled back into Wufei's embrace with a sleepy huff.

"Yes. I would appreciate that. Nataku and I are going to need all the help we can get."