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Born This Way

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Mr. Schue was excited for the Born This Way performance. He hoped that the kids took his words on the shirt to heart. Little did he know that they did and even more so then he thought.

The first person's shirt he saw was Kurt which said exactaly what he thought it would say. Then came Mercades' (Fat). Her's was… interesting… for lack of a better word. He had known that she had had issues with her weight in the past but thought she had gotten over it. Then again she could just be signafiying it knowing that she is perfect that way. Either way he made a note to check up on that later. Just to make sure wasn't going to take any drastic measures.

Then came Mike's. It litterially made him stop. He thought there would be something about his grades or singing. He never thought that Mike's shirt would say 'Abused'. He knew that Mr. Chang would go to extreme measures to keep Mike's grades up but he never thought he could ever go this far. That is because Will had a feeling it was about his grades but made an urgent note to himself to talk to the Asian* about it. He had to know how far it had gone and made a promise to help Mike get out of their.

Then came Artie's. It said 'Not Good Enough'. The teacher was stumped at that. He didn't know why Artie would think that but made another note to himself to check. At this point he was writing them all down. He wanted to make sure that all his kids got help and vowed to do just that.

Next came Sam's. It was even worse then Mike's. Mr. Schue almost started crying then. It read 'Abused & Anorexic Foster Kid'. It was bad enough that he didn't know that he had one abused kid in his club and didn't know, now he realized he had two. He didn't know how much more he could take. He knew that Sam had a hidden side but he never knew that he might have ANOTHER hidden side. And know that he thought about it there was always a side comment or something that should have stood out but never did. Something about Sam not being hungary and comments on how he had to stay fit. There was also the injuries Sam tried to hide. God, why didn't he realized till it was spelled out infront of him.

The next shirt he saw belonged to Santana. And God why didn't he see this. He has not one, not two, but THREE abused kids in his class and he had no clue. Her shirt said 'Lesbane*** and Abused for it'. He was proud that she came out but was sad for the second part of it. She shoudn't be hurt because of who she likes. This was another to his list of kids to check up on though it seemed more like a list of failures on himself.

At this point he decided to have a group talk with individual talks to each kid. He thought that with this many kids having dark secrets they could use each other. HE also thought that the abused kids need each other that most and maybe Sam could help him get them out of their or at least Sam's social worker. Know that he thought of his plan Will noticed that he didn't know why Sam is in foster care. Or for how long. Then again he didn't know Sam was in foster care till less than a minute ago, so.

Then Rachel revealed her shirt and he couldn't help but gasp. Her's said 'Depressed'. He never thought she would be depressed. Rachel Berry was one of the most lively girls he had ever met. He couldn't comphrehend how she could ever possible be depressed. Another one for the list.**

Next was Quinn who's wasn't suprising. He new that the young mom missed her baby and would proably never get over it but that wasn't going to stop Will from checking up on her. That type of emotional stress can really hurt a person.

Then saw Tina's 'Neglected' shirt and felt horrible. Tina was neglected and he didn't even know. That's almost as bad as being as abused. Tina was so quiet and shy that Will never thought that she could have a secret even though that is the behavior you think a person with a secret would have. Though if today was anything to go by, many different types of people can have secrets.

Next up was Britney's shirt which said 'Love San' which made Will happy that they were willing to come out together and was happy for their relationship. HE had always thought that they might have been more than just friends.

Then Mr. Schue saw Finn's shirt 'Scared For The Future'. H knew Finn was nervous for what was going to come but was determined to help him through it. He was detrimened to help all his students through what was hurting them. He had ignored their problems long enough.

Finally he saw Puck's shirt and was kind of surprised. He knew that Puck was as excited for the kid as Quinn but realized that he had never really talked with Puck before or after the kid. He never asked Puck what he thought or even asked if he was okay when the kid was gone. Mr. Schue had kinda-of focused or Quinn and forgot about the other half of Beth's DNA. He knew what Quinn was going through must have been hard but never once thought about how it was on Puck. He had even checked on Finn when he thought it was his. He knew he had to make this right.

Throughout the performance you could tell no one was giving it their all. They kept stumbling and gasping when they saw another kid's shirt. Most of them were scared or ashamed of their shirts and couldn't believe they actually but the truth on it.

By the end of it Mr. Schus completeled his list and orgaised it in the following way. The first number was when he was the shirt, then their name, then what their shirt said, and the the last number was his priority to get to it. It read:

6)Sam- abused & anorexic foster kid #1

4)Mike- abused #3

13)Puck- misses his baby #10

9)Quinn- Misses her baby #11

12)Finn- Scared of the future #8

8)Rachel- Depressed #4

7)Santana- Lesbian & abused for it #2

11)Brittney- Love San #7

2)Mercades- Fat #9

1) Kurt- Likes Boys #12

5)Artie- Not good enough #6

10)Tina- Neglected #5

He decided to go from the lowest number to the highest on his priority list to get the people he was worried about the most to open up more. He knew that all these problems needed to be talked about so he hustled them all into the choir room and had them sit in a circle. They all followed since they all seemed in a state of shock. Knowing he had let all these problems sit long enough he began immediately.