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new beginning

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when they let ed out of the asylum, the first thing he did was wonder his way to back to harvey's old hideout.
he slept in harvey's bed,he gotten used to this. it was still hard though,because harvey was gone and he missed him like crazy.
somehow dick found out and called ed up. they met up at Bugsy's diner. ed was intrigued,he wasn't sure what the boy wonder wanted.
"So your out." dick said sipping from his milkshake. "yeah,i am." ed said looking around the diner.
"bruce isn't here." dick said motioning for the waiter. "he's in metropolis on business."
"so he left his sidekick in charge?" ed asked. "i am not bruce's sidekick." dick said getting annoyed." i'm his partner."
"so what is the meaning of this meeting?" ed asked. "i mean your a alright kid,but this is not what i want to spend my time doing."
"you mean besides laying in harvey's bed and crying your eyes out?" dick answered. "what do you want,grayson?" ed asked again.
"i have a proposition for you." dick baited. "i'll bite,what did you have in mind?" ed was really curious.
"a chance to do some good." dick said."change people's lives in a positive way."
"like how you do or the police?" ed asked. "yeah,you might actually like it,eddie." dick said."so why don't you go talk to chief o'hara."
ed wasn't stupid and what he thought would happen,happened.
"you work here?" o'hara tried to keep himself from laughing." as what,a janitor?"
"nightwing thought it would be a great idea for me to come here and see if I could help in anyway." edward said.
"nygma,it's best if you leave." jim said, "i think your right,comissioner." edward walked out of gcpd defeated.
"if i can't do it here, then i'll do it on my own," ed said determined."I don't need them."
while driving back to his home he drove pass a building. that's when edward got an idea.
when he was safely back at home he started making some calls.
the first time eddie was at a crime scene as a private investigator and not the one committing those crimes, he was working for Illiana Cornerstone.
she had come to him because her husband, coffee Tycoon, Rick Cornerstone had gone missing.
"nygma,what do you want?" Officer ruiz asked."is that cornerstone?" edward asked. "no,it's his old business partner, rick holloway." harvey bullock said.
"why are you asking about cornerstone,nygma?" bullock asked. "i'm working for his wife,she's worried sick." edward said."gotta go harv."
ed went to back to gcpd and talked up the receptionist,eric. he knew the guy had a crush on him .
that was how ed found out about the second house that rick had bought seven years ago.
which is where edward found himself next, knocking on the door of this modest 1-story with a garage.
a guy who looked to be the same age as dick answered the door. "can i help you?" he asked. "i'm looking for rick." ed said.
the guy left and rick came to the door. "can i help you?" rick asked. "my name is Edward Nygma and I'm a private Eye." eddie said.
"why is a private investigator looking for me?" rick said. "your wife,Illiana." ed said. he kept looking between the two men.
"she hired me after you didn't show up at home." ed said slowly. "Illiana and I haven't talked since we separated a few years ago." rick said.
"it's Herbert,rick." the younger guy said visibly frightened. "whose herbert?" ed asked. "her father." rick mentioned.
"listen, we got married because it was what's expected of us." rick said. "jamal,is the love of my life."
"i caught her with a guy a few weeks ago." ed said.
"that's her boyfriend,joshua." rick said. "my parents owned a coffee shop deep in the heart of downtown gotham."
"i was betrothed to illiana from the time we were 16." it all started to click for ed at that moment.
"she must be worried because her dad threatened to have me killed."
"i know a place we can meet with her." ed said grinning. that's how the three of them ended up in the batcave.
"what is this?" jamal asked. "The Batcave." dick said. "it makes sense,that you are batman." rick said to bruce.
"don't worry,your secret is safe with us." jamal promised. "were not meeting with her down here are we?"
"nope." dick said. "we will be meeting with illiana upstairs." the batphone rang. "yes alfred, we'll be up shortly." bruce answered.
"go with dick upstairs." bruce told them. the two men followed dick upstairs. "eddie." bruce said." private eye,huh?"
"GCPD didn't want me, this felt more appropriate." edward said." the bonus?"
"you're working out of the old law office on freedman,it's where harvey first started out." bruce finished.
"it feels like i'm meant to do this." eddie said. "i'm glad you have found something good." bruce said."i miss him too,edward."
"of course you do,you,ethan and harvey were inseparable. " eddie said." i remember hearing about the things you three got into."
bruce and ed made their way to the elevator and then up to bruce's office.
once they walked into the living room that's when illiana came through the front door with her boyfriend joshua.
rick picked illiana up and spinned her around. it was like two siblings being reunited after 30 years apart.
"you did good,nygma." dick said clapping eddie on the back. "couldn't have done it with your help,so thank you dick." eddie said."i mean it truly."
ed walked through the door and went into the living room he found soaking wet clothes on the floor. they were harvey's.
the clothes he wore the night he died,the last time edward saw him. Just then he heard the water turn off in the bathroom.
eddie ran into the bedroom and that's when the bathroom door opened. steam feeling the room.
harvey came into the bedroom and when he looked up he saw eddie. "hey kiddo." harvey said. "long time no see."
eddie blinked once and then walked up to harvey. he put his hand on harvey's chest and felt wet skin.
"how are you here?"eddie asked."bruce visited me at arkham and told me you fell into the rocks."
" i swam my way to the docks and that's where i've been." Harvey grabbed a pair of sweatpants and put them on.
"where have you been?" eddie asked."at gotham general." harvey said. he grabbed eddie by the arms and brought him in front of harvey.
harvey looked eddie straight in the eyes. that's when the other man's defenses shattered. eddie grabbed harvey by the collar and kissed him.
harvey greedily and just as passionately returned the kiss. in that moment edward no longer felt empty and incomplete.
he felt whole.