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Then peace will guide the planets, And love will steer the stars

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Soldier No2187 could almost hear his commander’s voice, warning the soldiers before they left the barracks.

„Whatever you do, avoid those idiots. Don’t pick up a fight with them. It’s not worth it. The protests they’re organizing are just some parades for lunatics. No need for you to get involved. Don’t mind their business, find yourselves pretty girls, casinos, whatever, and then come back a week later. You have one week, don’t forget it. If you’re late, you’ll face the consequences. We need you here. Your country needs you. Your people need you.”

He certainly didn’t want to come across „those naive schoolboys”. Not that he knew much about them. Not that he cared, either.
They were fighting for peace, equal rights, for love, and other bullshits; that’s what he’d heard about them, that’s what captain Phasma had told about them. She’d also ordered to stay away from the protestors. So he would do that. He was used to do what he was ordered to do. No questions, no doubts. It was a lot easier this way.


Soldier No2187 came from a background he wasn’t proud of. Parents? God knows where they were, not even him, maybe. He didn’t even remember his mother’s face.
His first memory, his only happy memory was from an era long time ago, a soft voice calling his name, laughing. Finn.

Then a chaos of years came, full of tears, fear, strangers shouting, growing up without a chance to discover the world, discover himself. There were times when he had a house to return at the end of the day, there were times when he didn't. New families and schools came and went by.

Through the long years his name had got forgotten, with all those memories from another world where happiness replaced fear.
So when he turned 17, there wasn’t really a choice to make. The only future he saw ahead was the military. In the army they didn’t ask about his parents, childhood, friends, not even his name. He became a number, like everyone else around him. For once in his life, he wasn’t the odd one. He was happy there.

When soldier No2187 stepped out of the bus, the last thing he wanted was to meet anti-war protesters.

Fate is a funny thing though. You never know when or how it will play a trick.