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Not my chocolate, you bitch!

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"Draaaaaaaay. I wanna get laid."

Harry whined while plopping down on his boyfriend's lap.

"My shift started today"

"Oh Merlin. I am so sorry. I thought it was in two days. "

"I thought so, too"

Harry stood up and stretched.

"Tinky" He called.

The house elf appeared in front of him. Dobby had told her to take care of Harry if something happened to him.

"How can I help you, master Potter?"

"Can you get us some of muggle chocolates that Draco likes? Oh and,honey,"
He turned to the boy who was sitting on the couch
"What would you like to read?"

"I don't know. Maybe something funny will do."

The raven haired boy turned to the house-elf,

"Can you get us something from a muggle bookstore?"

"Anything for master Potter. "

Harry grabbed a stray piece of parchment from a table and a quill.

"All right. Those will do. Tell me if they don't sound attractive, Dray. "

"Tell me what you've got, Potter"

"Adulthood is a myth.
Diary of a wimpy kid.
A Study In Scarlet
Alice in wonderland "

"If any of them are not interesting, you hold full responsibility for that."

Harry chuckled and gave Tinky the parchment and muggle money. She disappeared with a crack and left the two boys be.

"Come 're. I am cold."

Harry sat beside his boyfriend, who just climbed on top of him, put his head on Harry's chest and closed his eyes. Harry nuzzled the blonde hair with his nose earning a sigh of satisfaction from the slytherin.

"OH MERLIN ON A BROOMSTICK. what the heck is this?"
A voice boomed from the direction of the dorm rooms.