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Saving grace

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I sat alone in my office, filling out paperwork that Carmen so kindly left out for me to sign before having to run off. It was my sixth cup of coffee and getting nowhere on these case notes off to my left, I need food. I really need to go home and sleep. Yet i couldn't walk away now. I heard a soft knock, and looked up. Who would be visiting so late?

"Come in."

"I brought food." Just in front of the door stood a beautiful sight, 5 foot 4, dark brown hair with blonde highlights and tipping, grey eyes, a gorgeous lightly tan skin that almost looked just like a suntan and not her natural color, and holding a bag of Chinese take out.... my beautiful sister grace. 

"What's the catch?" I ask.

"No catch, just food and your awesome little sister."

I smiled and stood up, giving my usual sarcastic tone, "have I told you I love you lately?"

"No, your slipping." She sat the bag on the table and gave me a hug before pulling the food, "you work to much."

"Maybe I do it so you'll bring me food at work." I teased.

"Don't even think it. I had a free night and knew you would starve yourself."

"Mami called you, didn't she." I raised a brow as she handed me my container.

"No," she giggled, "you know mami isn't happy with me at the moment."

"Then who?"

"Carmen." She had a smug smile as she sat down.

"Your using my secretary as a spy? No wonder you knew to bring Chinese." I sat down beside her on the couch, "thanks for the food gracie."

Her black shirt sat higher then her usual neckline and jeans actually sitting on her waist, she never dressed up when she came to see me. She said that she felt like a sell out dressing up just to walk to his office, and she wanted to hear a rumor about me having a escort in my office. She never believed me when I told her she didn't look like a escort or hooker, I would kill her before she could walk in my office dressed like what she imagined a hooker looked like. We chatted for about a hour as we ate, anything that came to mind. It seemed like ages when in reality, it had only been a week or two since we ate in my office. Grace always had a habit of bringing food to me at work when I got to involved in casework. She would cuddle on the couch with me and make me leave my work load behind until she left... she was truely my best friend, I loved my sister more then mami.... but I'd never admit it.

She turned my wrist and looked at my watch, "shit, I need to be going."

"Is he picking you up?"

"No," she gave me the infamous Barba 'seriously' look, "Recógeme en frente de un edificio de la aplicación de ley ...eso es loco. (Picking me up in front of a law enforcement building... That is crazy.)" She sighed and stood up, "business as usual. I was planning on the train."

"Nonsense, ride along. I'll get dropped first and you'll get dropped second. On me of course." I stood up.

"Your not gonna let me say no are you?" She stopped and sighed as I kissed her cheek.

"Not a chance."

"Fine, hurry up bro. I unlike you, do sleep."

I chuckled and threw on my jacket and grabbed my briefcase, "yeah, yeah.... let's go gracie."

She wrapped a arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. I just chuckled as we walked out to the waiting uber. I got out at my apartment and told her good night as laughed and hugged me through the open window.

"Night bro, see ya tomorrow." I rolled my eyes and watched her drive away, god I love my sister.


The ride home was fairly long, so I tried to busy myself on my phone. After finally pulling up at the building, I hop out and ran up stairs to find Nevada was already waiting on me.

"Hey cutie, how was work?" I kissed his cheek from behind the couch.

"El trabajo era trabajo. Cómo estuvo tu día, niñita. (Work was work. How was your day, little girl?)" He took my hand and walked me around it to sit on his lap, "hmmmmmm?"

"Good papi. Better now that I'm with you." I kissed him as he rubbed soft circles in the flat part of my hips.

"Your a little late niñita. Dijiste que estarías en casa?(You said you'd be home right?)" He nosed my cheek and rubbed his scratchy beard along my jaw.

"I had dinner with raf. Took Chinese to his office and he insisted I share a cab with him and wouldn't let me on the train." I pulled back and smirked, "Estabas preocupado?(were you worried?)"

"Always. Your brother would kill me if I let anything happen to you." His hand ran under my shirt and unclasped my bra, "I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you Mami."

My cheeks flushed as he rubbed his hips against mine gently, "as sweet as this is... I'd rather have the sex right now."

He chuckled and pushed my shirt off before laying me back on the couch. His hands working quick on my pants as mine cupped his scratchy cheeks. He never looked away from my eyes as he pushed them down and off, then he went to work on his clothes. He always knew which buttons to press, since I was a teen... Though niether of us would admit it. He knew me better then I care to admit, and damn did he make me feel every little movement feeling like a earthquake. The soft kisses down my chest, the way he hitched my legs over his shoulders... The way he slid in slowly, every inch he would stop and Bob just a few seconds before continuing. 

"Fuck vada... Faster." I begged as he scratched my throat with his beard.

"What is with you barba's and rushing? Never taking your time on anything." He rolled his eyes, "prisa. Más rápido. No tengo tiempo para esto ... Debo amarrarte y enseñarte paciencia.(hurry. Faster. I don't have time for this...  I should just tie you down and teach you patience.)"

I whimpered as he finally bottomed out, "god.... Move please."

He shook his head and I whimpered more, "please vada... I need more. Please, pretty please....god please."

He shook his head so I started moving the best I could and he put all his weight on his hips to hold me down, "patience.... All in good time niñita."

"Vada... Don't do this to me." I gasped as he withdrew and pushed in slightly faster then before.

"I love you grace, Solo déjame mostrarte cuánto.(just let me show you how much.)" He moved a hand to stroke my cheek.

The pace was still slow but at least he was moving. He moved my hands above my head and pressed them there as he reached for his belt from the floor. After tying me down, he started to massage and kiss my body between thrusts. It was heavenly but God did I crave more, needed more. Vada always was a gentle soul until you were on his bad side, luckily, I never made it to his bad side. From the moment we first meet when I was a toddler, I had never made it to his bad side. Even when I called him to get me out of school early at 8 and he took a beratement from both Mami's over it. Nor when I was 11 sitting in the cold winter air outside because I didn't want to be near dad and he threw me over his shoulder and carried me in to their apartment to sleep for the night, he stayed the whole night with me on the couch. He really was a gentle soul, if the world didn't constantly piss him off.

He hit a deep spot and I cried out his name, his lips curling up as he sped up finally. God I'm gonna feel that Tomorrow. He angled up and before I could speak, my body was shaking and my vision went foggy... I got light headed. I didn't hear my scream, but I knew I did as he laughed between grunts into my shoulder.

"Buena niña. Esa es mi nińita. (Good girl. That's my little girl.)" He purred as he kept going.

Only minutes later he returned the favor, filling me up and growling out my name in my ear. He collapsed on me and kissed me down from the high. He stroked the hair out of my eyes and looked at me with a big smile.

"Perfección, verdaderamente eres la perfección. Cómo pueden Barbas ser siempre tan hermosas? (Perfection, you truly are perfection. How can Barbas always be so beautiful?)" He cooed.

"The one good thing about dad." I smirked and kissed him, "I really do love you vada." 

"I love you too Grace, always have." 

"Then can we move to the bed? I don't want to sleep on the couch again." I pouted as he chuckled and pulled me up.

"Of course cariño." He walked me backwards to the bedroom, pushing me on the bed. 



"The belt?" He chuckled and undid the belt from my wrist.

He dropped beside me and adjusted us into a comfortable spooning position. He kept me tight against him, even with the abundant heat of summer. He reached back and found the AC remote to cool it down. I sighed and rolled over to look at him.

"Hey vada, I think I'm going to visit Mami this weekend."

"Really?" He looked a little shocked, "your caving this time... And so soon?" 

"It's been a week! Vada I miss her." I pouted.

"Ok.... Why are you telling me this?" He raised a brow.

"I want you to come."

"And have a pan thrown at me again, sorry no deal Gracie. Lucia es una locura. No necesito más cicatrices y ser perseguido fuera de un edificio ... otra vez. (Lucia is crazy. I do not need any more scars and be chased out of a building ... again.)" He rolled his eyes.

"For being Trujillo, your kinda a big baby." I poked his chest as he glared.

"Barbas are also assholes." He mumbled and I shoved him in the chest pushing him back.

"No, no, no... Don't even start."

"Te amo, pero eres un culo. (I love you, but you're an asshole.)" He smirked and I pushed him on his back and use my foot to get the extra force to knock him on the floor.

He tried to grab onto the bed but failed as he went face first into the carpet. I laughed and felt the sheet being pulled off me. While the air was now cold, it wasn't to bad as to do more then pimple the skin. He slowly stood up and smirked at my naked form laying out unafraid of the cold air.

"God I love you Gracie." He crawled over my body, "need some warmth?"

"Like I would ever say no... Love me vada."

He smirked and pulled the sheets over us. He kissed me and tucked me in tight, drifting off to sleep as he stroked my arms whispering that he loved me.